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For the 'Amnesia' challenge at grangersnape100 (4 x 100)

Hermione hurried to the infirmary when she heard about Severus. The potions accident… the amnesia.

Severus looked puzzled, then wary when he saw her approach.

"Severus, are you all right?" she asked gently.

She saw him frown at her familiarity.

"Miss Granger?" he said slowly and her heart sank.

"Not for a while," she replied and lifted her hand with its engagement and wedding rings.

"That ring was my—" Severus started saying angrily and then stopped abruptly, his face pale.

"We are married?" he said hollowly. "I remember you as sixteen, but now I'm told ten years have gone by."

* * * *

Severus stood in his quarters, his mouth tight. Signs of Miss— no, Hermione were everywhere. The red scarf on the back of the sofa, a green glass bowl on a shelf. After one glance, he avoided looking at the photo of himself and the Gryffindor together.

Ignored his wedding ring.

He cautiously rubbed the scar – new to him – on his neck. The war was long over, for which he was relieved beyond measure. Severus had only just survived it, thanks to Hermione who had tended to him. Love had apparently blossomed.

He was grateful to her, but… marriage?

Hermione had hoped the sight of their shared quarters would help trigger Severus' memories. But he was looking at anything new as if it was dangerous. Unwelcome. When she had talked about their life, he had listened politely, but with no flicker of recognition in his guarded black eyes.

Already she missed the love and the wicked looks from those eyes… she missed her husband. When would he return?

Would he?

"I can sleep on the couch tonight – turn it into a bed," Hermione said carefully.

"No, I shall do that," Severus said abruptly. He was accustomed to sleeping alone.

Severus woke in an unfamiliar bed and frowned, perplexed.

Memories – all of them – filled up his mind unforgivably. That wretched potions accident that had made him forget years of his life… everything had seemed strange.

He had treated his wife, Hermione, like a stranger.

Severus flinched and hastened to their bedroom door. Hearing movement inside and feeling ashamed, he knocked on the door.

"Hermione, I remember everything… I'm sorry, wife."

Hermione opened the door and stood there warily, eyes puffy from weeping.

"Is it true?" she questioned.

"I even remember our Fijian honeymoon… my cursed sunburn."

Hermione smiled.


A/N: Waking in his quarters - but not his own bed with his wife - is what brought his memories back (for the purposes of this story, anyway).