The orange light faded into a dull glow and the being it had taken over gasped loudly. Breathe found itself regained, hearts returned to normal speed, the tension in the room returned to a somewhat normal level and as the last traces of the glow left the figure before her, Clara's eyes widened. Well. She'd not expected that.

The Doctor looked over at Clara, reading her body language for a moment.

"What? What is it?" Oh. That was surprising. A frown furrowed itself on the Doctor's forehead, eyes looking to Clara for confirmation that this has happened, that it wasn't a dream. For a few, still moments, the Doctor and Clara stared at one another in a state of shock, until the tension within the TARDIS became overwhelming and a little too overdramatic and laughter soon filled the control room.

"I didn't even know you could do that.." Clara spoke after the laughter had ceased and the Doctor began rooting around for the mirror that was definitely here ten minutes ago.

"Yeah.. Neither did I. Or maybe I did.. I don't remember knowing I could do it, but apparently I can.." Clara bounced forward, frowning as she studied The Doctor's face.
"You know.. I would kill for cheekbones like that.."

"Ah ha.." The Doctor spoke, ignoring Clara's comment as the mirror was recovered from it's hiding place. The reflection staring back at the Doctor was not something that had been expected when regeneration had first began. Silence returned to the TARDIS as the Doctor began to study the new face that was now staring back from the looking glass. Impressive cheekbones, certainly, Clara was right about that. Perfectly groomed eyebrows, well, that was a first. Not the only first for the Doctor, of course. Fingers began to run through the short hair when Clara's voice broke the silence.

"For what it's worth.. You're a very pretty woman.."