"Sasuke, I'm at point B."

"Sakura, I'm at point C."

There was a pause, "Naruto, I'm at point A, believe it!"

"You're slow Naruto. Okay squad seven-hmm?" Kakashi's voice crackled over the headset. "Target has moved! Follow it!"

I took off after the shadow. I could hear Naruto and Sasuke doing the same. I was already sick and tired of this mission, we had already spent about an hour searching for this useless feline.

"Over there." Naruto's voice whispered inside my ear. I was going to need to get this thing out of my ear really soon.

We quickly hid behind some trees as cover.

"What's your distance from the target?" I heard Kakashi, he sounded oddly serious. After spending two weeks with him living at my house and training with him I had gotten to know his lazy personality very well.

"Five meters. I'm ready just give the signal." I was starting to get a head ache. I got them a lot since my eyes had changed.

"I'm ready, too." Sasuke's voice had always unnerved me. It was too low for a twelve year old who hasn't had his balls drop least I don't think he has.

"So am I." I said taking a small peek around the tree looking for that devilish cat.

"Okay.." There was silence, "Now!"

I grabbed the ear piece out of my ear and flung myself out from behind the tree towards the wayward cat.

I heard Naruto's war cry as the three of us pounced on the cat. Naruto wrapped his arms around the cat. "I got him, I got him." The cat was meowing loudly and turned to claw Naruto's face off.

Naruto and the cat struggled loudly, "Can you verify ribbon on right ear?"

"Affirmative we got a positive ID." Sasuke said simply letting Naruto struggle some more with the cat. I sighed and rolled my eyes.

"Right, lost pet Tora captured. Mission accomplished." I grabbed the cat by the scruff of it's neck effectively detaching it from Naruto's face. It calmed down instantly.

"CAN'T WE GET A BETTER MISSION THAN THIS?! I HATE CATS!" Naruto screamed. I'm so glad I took out that ear bud. "Sakuraaaa! How come that beast isn't attacking you?!"

"Call it being a woman." I chuckled and stuck my tongue out at him, "Mother cats always carry their young like this, they must be submissive. Therefore this cat is being submissive to it's mother."

I watched in horror of the woman cooing and crushing the poor cat. Thank God I never was 'born' into a cat. I heard Naruto laughing, "Stupid cat. That kitty deserves to be squashed."

"No wonder he ran away." I muttered.

"Now then." The Hokage's very deep aged voice ran took a hold of our attention. "For squad seven's next mission we have several available tasks. Huh? Among them babysitting the chief councilors three year old, helping his wife to do the shopping, digging up potatoes and-"

"NO!" Naruto shouted, Sarutobi looked up from the paper he was reading from. Naruto crossed his arms in front of his body shaping them like an X. "I wanna go on a real mission! Something challenging and exciting, not this little kid stuff. Come on old man!"

I knew Sasuke was probably agreeing and I felt my blood beginning to boil from the lack of disrespect he was openly showing for our Hokage. I heard Kakashi sigh. He was probably thinking something along the lines of 'I knew this was coming.'


"ARE YOU SERIOUS?! BABYSITTING IS NOT A MISSION! IT'S JUST STUPID CHORE!" Kakashi punched his head making him fall to the floor.

"Will you put a lid on it?" He asked in a very bored tone. This was the Kakashi I was used to.

"Naruto." Sarutobi called and Naruto let out a pained shout, "It seems as though you do not understand the tasks you have been given." Naruto's whining finally stopped, "Listen, many different kinds of requests come into our village everyday, from babysitting to assassinations." He gestures to the scrolls and paper work that rest on the desk in front of him, "These requests are carefully recorded and analyzed then ranked A, B, C, or D depending on their difficulty. We ninja are also ranked by ability Hokage top, Jonin," He gestures to Kakashi, "Chunin," He gestures to Iruka, "And Genin at the bottom. At the highest level we select the missions and assign them to ninja who have the appropriate skill and experience. And if the mission is successful we receive a fee that is towards our village and our work," He points to the Diaymo's wife who was handing a man a wad of cash. "Since you are untried Genin just starting down the shinobi path you are given the D level assignments of course-hmmm?" He looked out to see Naruto trying to communicate with me, Sasuke, and Kakashi.

"So I had this tungatsu ramen yesterday and I'm thinking miso ramen today-"

"Silence." Sarutobi called out in anger.

"Oh, sorry." Kakashi said rubbing the back of his head sheepishly even though I knew he could careless.

Naruto jumped around to face him with a loud below of outrage, "You always lecture me like your my grandfather or something! But I'm not the little brat who used to pull pranks all the time! I'm a ninja now and I want a ninja mission." He harrumphed at the end. He was throwing a fit. My eyebrow twitched in annoyance.

Kakashi sighed and let his head droop a little bit more, "I'm gonna hear about this later." He muttered still rubbing the back of his head.

I looked over at Iruka when he began to laugh, then the Hokage started to laugh I glanced at him, "Naruto wants us to know that he's not a brat, he's a for more brat and he wants a mission..So be it." Naruto snapped out of his pout.

"Huh?" I heard both Naruto and Sasuke utter. I faced surprisement and instead wanted to cry in torment. This was it, the damned Wave mission.

"Since you are so determined I'm going to give you a C-ranked mission. You'll be body guards on a journey."

"Really?" Naruto asked turning his attention back onto Sarutobi. "YES! Who, who?" He reminded me of an owl, "Are we guarding a princess or some busy councilor?"

"Don't be so impatient." Sarutobi said sucking on his pipe that sat between his teeth. "I will bring him in now. Send in our visitor," He called off the the right side of us.

We turned around to see who this man was. The door slid very slowly open. The first thing I saw was that blasted Sake bottle. Instantly I felt like killing this man. "What the..? A bunch of little snot nosed kids?" He asked highly offended.

I glared at him, a vein in my forehead throbbed from my anger. He took a huge swig of the bottle, some of the liquid escaped his mouth and ran down to join in his beard. I wanted to hit him so badly right now. His glasses slipped a little bit more on his face, "And you the little one with the idiotic look on your face, you really expect me to believe you're a ninja?"

Naruto started to laugh, "Who's the little one with the idiotic look on his face?" I blinked and stood up taller, Sasuke did the same. We both were taller than him.

"I'll demolish you!" Naruto shouted angrily as Kakashi held him back with a sigh.

"You can't demolish the client, Naruto. It doesn't work that way," He said over the top of Naruto's screaming profanities and threats towards the one and only Tazuna.

Tazuna let out a breath after chugging some more of his vial liquid. "I am Tazuna a master bridge builder and I must return to my country. I'm building a bridge there that will change our world and I expect you to get me there safely even if it means giving up your life."

I think I'm getting used to leaving you all on cliffhangers :D Don't worry I will have the next chapter out in about a day or two.

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