Tell Me How To Fix You

By: The Duchess of Arendelle

A large rusted moving van went rolling along the concrete streets. There was a stench in the air, it smelled like ten day old piss and rotten food. The smell of a big city. Anna Summers sat in the passenger's side of the van, staring out the streaky window, while the greasy mover guy spoke to her rapidly in his thick New York accent.

"So where you comin' from sweetheart?" The hairy mover looked over at her. Anna had forgotten his name the moment he told it to her in a very flirtatious manner. He was loud, dirty, and smelly. She was so not interested. But he was nice enough and Anna was raised to never be rude, it wasn't in her nature anyway.

"Arendelle." She responded in a pleasant enough tone. The mover gave her a brown toothed grin. Ew. And he chuckle while looking at her again. "Arendelle huh? Where the hell is that? Fairytale Land?" He laughed at his own joke seeming to think it was the funniest thing in the world. Anna had heard this joke before. Whenever she visited another town and someone inquired about where she was from, the minute 'Arendelle' came out of her mouth people would laugh hysterically and ask her if that was even a real place. Arendelle was very real. And it was no fairytale land. She shuttered at the thought of her home town. It was a very small town in the Midwest. Always cold and it always seemed to be snowing. Don't get her wrong, she loved the snow. Making snowmen was her favorite activity as a child, and even now as a 21 year old adult. But Arendelle was not the place for her, she longed for excitement and adventure. Everyone back home seemed so content with their lives and Anna was labeled 'weird' or 'strange' because she longed for more. No one understood her. No one but… "No Anna. Don't start. Don't go down that path again." She thought to herself as she gave her head a little shake. Goodbye Arendelle and good riddance.

The beat up moving van finally came to a stop outside an enormous old imposing building. It was one of the nicer apartment complexes and was in a fairly decent neighborhood. Anna was very lucky to have found it, and at its price? It was a steal. "Here we are sweetheart." The greasy mover opened his door and got out, moving around to the back of the van to start unloading her items. Anna quickly opened her own door and got out of the van. It was very stinky in that van, a musty order that Anna prayed did not soak into her clothes. As she stood outside the building she peered up to the top floor. She thought she saw someone looking out the window but it must have just been a trick of the light. Anna decided to make her way inside so she could already have the door unlocked and opened for the mover to start moving her things in. There was not much. The moving van was barely full, she reminded herself to take a trip to the nearest IKEA to pick up some furniture and other necessities. Right now all Anna had in way of furniture was a Queen sized bed, an old wooden desk, and an antique armchair her grandma had given her years ago. Anna went inside the building, she immediately spotted an elevator and strode over to it. It looked safe enough. As she pressed the button and stepped into the lift, she saw someone running towards her, shouting for her to hold the door. Anna quickly stuck her arm out and the doors opened once again. The stranger finally made it to the elevator and he climbed in. He looked over at her and smile. Wow, he was gorgeous. He had soft, fluffy ginger locks with amazing matching sideburns. His beautiful green eyes stared at her and his blinding white smile made her heart skip a beat. Just then she noticed he was speaking to her.

"Wait, what?" She asked startled. "I'm sorry, I totally blanked! What was it you were saying?" Anna was so embarrassed but the stranger just smiled. "I said thank you for holding the door. I can tell you're not from around here. Most people would have ignored me, or pressed the door close button just for meanness." He chuckled, he was a little breathless. "My name's Hans Anderson. And yours?" Hans stuck out his hand for Anna to shake. Anna grabbed his hand and eagerly shook it. "I'm Anna. Anna Summers. It's so nice to meet you!" Anna responded to Hans, shy grin splayed across her face. Hans chuckled and again showed his glorious smile. "Well Miss Summers, what floor?" They had just been standing there, no one had bothered to press the button on which their floor was on. Anna mentally faced palmed. "Oh! Right….sorry. 4 please." Anna responded and Hans grinned. "Really? I live on 4 as well! It must be kismet." Hans said charmingly as he pressed 4 on the panel. Only then was it that Anna realized she was still holding on to Hans's hand. She giggled sweetly and tried to slowly remove her hand from Hans's gentle grip. Hans just gripped the hand a little tighter and brought it to his lips just as the elevator doors opened on their floor. "It was lovely meeting you Anna, I hope our paths will cross again soon." And with that he gently kissed her hand and sauntered out the lift, leaving Anna breathless and swooning. Out of nowhere she heard an exasperated scoff and an "Oh Brother…" to accompany it. She stepped out the elevator and turned her head to see a young man with tasseled blonde hair, a grey beanie and a huge brown lab panting with its tongue stuck out at his side.

She looked at the young man and scoffed. "Excuse me?" She said agitated by this stranger's audacity. He was carrying a basket full of dirty laundry and he looked down at his dog smirking. "Looks like "Prince Hans" just reeled in another sucker." He spoke to the lab and then responded to himself in a strange, goofy voice. "Poor girl, I hope she doesn't get her heart broken like the rest." He then looked back up at her. Anna's face was almost as red as her hair. She was angry. How dare this stranger? How dare he…. How dare he…. She didn't know. Just how dare he! "Who are you and why do you presume to know my feelings or intentions!" She spat at him, voice laced with venom. He just smirked that same stupid, over confident smirk and said, "I'm Kristoff and this is my dog Sven." He gave the dog a much appreciated behind the ear scratch then held his hand out to Anna. The girl was still furious but took the proffered hand anyway. "Anna. Anna Summers." She sniffed. Kristoff shook his head. "Nice to meet you. Look I'm sorry about what I said. It's just… you should be careful around that guy, okay? He seems nice and charming at first glance but the guy can be a real… what's the word?… ass wipe… douche nozzle… OH! I got! Cunt." He finished. Anna humpfed. "You kiss your mother with that mouth?" Anna sneered. "I would if I knew her." He responded cheekily. He then walk passed Anna and onto the elevator, Sven in tow. "Goodbye Anna, it was lovely meeting you, I hope our paths shall cross again." He said in an exaggerated Shakespearean voice, obviously mocking Hans's previous farewell. And with that the elevator doors closed. Anna was left alone again. She shook her head and made her way down the hall to her apartment. She took out the shinning silver key and stared at it. She let out a deep sigh. This is it. As soon as she put this key in that door her new life would officially begin. She took a deep breath in and let it out slowly. She put the key into the lock and turned it. "Here we go…"

AN: Okay, I'm going to take this story a little slower than my first one. Not update wise but storyline wise. Elsa's going to make an appearance soon, maybe next chapter but it won't be a big one. We'll eventually make it to both Anna's and Elsa's back story but one step at a time. I hope you enjoyed and please review if you get the chance. Peace. :)

UPDATE: 3/10/14