Chapter 19: Pack Attack

"Darling, you need to keep track of your doppelganger."

Ally rolled her eyes at the greeting her old friend gave her. "Well, good afternoon to you as well, dear Elijah." As much as she loved to hear Elijah's silky smooth voice, she desperately wanted to finish her dissertation before she failed out of her psychology degree. Needless to say for the first time since she met Elijah she was not pleased with this interruption.

"Hello, my dear. Do you know where your dear Elena is located?" Elijah had a no nonsense tone to his voice. A tone he rarely used with the woman he found so amusingly irresistible.

Ally sighed. Knowing she was going to get anymore work done at this moment. "No, but I'm assuming you do."

Elijah ignored Ally's sarcastic comment and continued with his calm explanation. "I just received word from one of my informants that there is a doppelganger hoping to turn herself in."

Ally groaned. "I didn't think she was suicidal."

"You are coming with me." Elijah continued with his no nonsense tone.

"I am assuming you are not giving me a choice in the matter."

"You know me so well. I'll see you in one hour."

"Until then."

Elijah promptly ended the call, leaving Ally to sigh one last time. She closed her laptop in frustration, making sure to save her progress. So much for finally finishing her dissertation today.

"These stupid teenagers are going to be the death of me one of these days."

"Talking to yourself again. That's the first sign of madness you know," Bonnie said as she walked into the house.

"It is because of your little friends, I am being driven to the brink of insanity," Ally complained, noticing Bonnie was not alone. "Hello, and you are?"

"Hi, I'm Luka," the dark skinned male introduced himself. He stuck out his hand for Ally to shake.

"What are your intentions with my Bonnie," Ally asked, crossing her arms over her chest not taking the young man's hand. He slowly pulled his hand back.

"This is Ally. She's a friend of the family," Bonnie explained, amused at Ally's reaction to the boy. "She's getting her Master's degree in Applied Behavioral Psychology, or something like that.

"Nice," Ally scoffed. "So Luca, you didn't answer me. What are your intentions?"

"You don't have to answer her," Bonnie intervened, trying to protect Luca from Ally's over protective tendencies.

"Of course he has to answer. I find it highly unusual when my friend brings home a stray warlock. Do you even know where he came from?"

"How did you—" Luca was a little shocked the older woman Bonnie had introduced was able to tell he was of magical decent. Usually people who were not magical themselves were not able to pick up on those who were.

"I can smell it on you," Ally smiled, knowing she was intimidating Luca. She couldn't help it, he had to know Bonnie was not once to be trifled with.

"You can smell it?" Luca stared at her. There were only two types of beings on the earth who would be able to smell his magical abilities. That would mean she was either a vampire or a werewolf. He was not trained well enough to know the difference without someone telling him.

"Werewolf," Ally said pointing to herself. "And you are a warlock who has associated himself with vampires… a very specific friend of mine, infact."

"Luca, don't pay her much mind. She likes to freak people out by making them believe she is all knowing," Bonnie intervened once again. Although she didn't want Luca to be scared away by Ally, she was curious about why Luca was hanging around with vampires. "Although, she does know a scary amount about vampire lore."

"That's only because I enjoyed telling you scary stories when you were growing up. Fat load of shit that did, considering the vampire mess we are currently in," Ally said, waving a pointer finger in the air to indicate the whole of the town. "Now, if the two of you will excuse me. I must go change otherwise my impeccably dressed friend, Elijah, will force me to come back in to change into something more 'presentable for public.' He is not a man who likes to be kept waiting."

"You do know Elijah." Luca's eyes widened.

"I had to have learned my werewolf and vampire lore from someone, including the tales of the sun and the moon curse." Ally got up from her seat, closed her books, and left the room to get ready for meeting Elijah.

Ally went into the room she was occupying for the time being. After raiding the closest for a good pair of jeans, fitted shirt and jacket, Ally picked up her phone.

"I'm kind of in the middle of something," the gruff, annoyed voice said.

"This isn't something I want to alarm Stefan with, but have you seen Elena. I think she's gone missing again."

"Let me check." There was a sound like wind and the Damon returned to the line. "Well, she's not here and Rose is missing too."

"Rose," Ally questioned, pulling on a pair of black wedges onto her feet.

Damon's voice softened. "She's no one. Just someone we have been crashing at the boarding house."

"Doesn't matter. Contact this Rose and see if she is with Elena. I have a feeling Elena is going to something really stupid." Ending the call, Ally went back into living room.

Bonnie and Luca were still on the couch, talking. It looked like Luca was trying to teach Bonnie a couple of spells.

"I don't mind you channeling each other's magic in the house, but stay away from the bedrooms."

"Ally," Bonnie yelled in embarrassment.

The doorbell sounded. "Be good, children," Ally called out, running out the door before Bonnie could use any sort of magic against her. She nearly crashed into the well dress man on the doorstep. "Hello, darling."

"Eager to leave, darling," Elijah smiled, taking in the woman in front of him.

"I'd go anywhere with you, Eli."

"Now, now. No need to lie. I know how stubborn you can be from time to time," Elijah replied, placing a hand on Ally's lower back and guiding her to the silver car sitting by the curb. "We are going to Redmond. That where your Elena was last located."

"So that's what, about an hour drive from here."

"As much as I adore your lovely legs, do not even contemplate placing your feet on the dashboard," Elijah said as he ushered the younger woman into the passenger seat of the car and closed the door once she was safely inside.

"It is frightening how well you really do know me. One of these days, that will get you into trouble," Ally retorted once Elijah had taken his spot behind the driver's wheel.

"Merely knowing you causes me much trouble." Ally scoffed and rolled her eyes as Elijah continued to speak. "Now, to get down to business. We are going to have to put stricter guidelines on how to protect your doppelganger."

As the car ride continued, the two former lovers discussed the best way to protect an impulsive teenage doppelganger. It took them nearly the entire trip to agree with a proper plan due to Ally's stubborn nature and Elijah's need to control the entire situation.

"I'm not sure who will be up there, but you might have to run some interference if those friends of yours turn on me," Elijah explained when the parked in a dark garage under a pretty exclusive looking apartment complex.

"Don't worry about little ol' me. I'll be fine, my bite is much worse than my bite."

"You've mentioned that before. However, that will not be entirely true until tonight, love. How about you let me do the talking. Only follow me into the apartment unless I signal for you." Elijah got out of the car, walked around the vehicle and opened Ally's door. Taking her hand to assist her out, he led her into the building, knowing she was not going to stay in the car like she knew he wanted to ask.

Neither said a word as they searched for the right apartment. Ally had a feeling Elijah had been here before because he seemed to know his way around the building too well. Finding the correct door was not difficult because they were able o hear people talking about doppelgangers.

"You wait here," Elijah spoke low. "I don't want you to be involved in this unless absolutely necessary."

"I already am involved," Ally argued, but crossed her arms and sighed when she saw the challenging look from her companion. "Fine, fine. Do your thing. I'll stay here until you send up the bat signal." Elijah chuckled quietly, kissing Ally on top of the head.

Ally waited in the hallway to make her grand entrance. She heard Elijah ask the two vampires if anyone else knew they were here. When they replied in the negative, there was the distinct sound braking bones and two large thuds followed by two much smaller ones.

"Gross," Ally muttered. She could only assume Elijah had ripped out the hearts of the two lacky vampires.

There was a rush of air and a light pressure against Ally's cheek. "I'll see you soon, my dear."

"Elijah," Ally hissed, into the empty hallyway. She quickly realized the vampire she came with was not the vampire she was going to leave with. "Why bring me here if you were just going to abandon me. Jerk."


"Damon," Ally turned, coming face to face with the eldest Salvatore.

"What are you doing here," Damon asked. He looked unsure if he wanted to come any closer after his confession the other night. "You didn't happen to see a vampire phase out of here did you?"

"Tall, smartly dressed," Ally questioned in return. Damon did take a step towards the woman this time. "He ran that way and I have a feeling we will be seeing him again soon."

"He didn't hurt you did he?" Damon started to reach out to Ally to caress her face, but pulled his hand back, flexing his fingers.

"How do you know we will be seeing him again," Rose asked. She already knew Elijah was going to return.

"Because I have met him before," Ally looked to Elena. "He was at the Gilbert house the other week trying to get information on the town."

"You met him and you didn't tell me?"

"I don't tell you everything, Elena."

Rose was flicking her head back and forth as they watched the conversation. She was intrigued by the concern the vulnerable human was showing towards the female werewolf.

"Anyway, we need to clean up the mess before we leave," Ally said gesturing towards the now abandoned apartment. The she turned towards the red head she didn't recognize. "You must be Rose."

"Um, yes," Rose answered unsure of where the conversation was going. She could tell that the young woman had many secrets and from what Damon had said, was one of the children of the moon.

"It's nice to put a face to a name. Now, let's do something about the bodies before we go back to Mystic Falls," Ally said, walking around all of them into the apartment. "A little help please!"

The four loaded the three bodies into the back of the car. They left the human girl, who was mourning the loss of her ticket to eternal life, passed out on Slater's couch. All traces of any foul play had been erased from the apartment.

"So when do you think Elijah is going to show up again" Elena wondered from the back seat.

"As long as you keep yourself out of trouble—" Damon said as he turn onto the Mystic Falls exit.

"Elijah will come back for her, Damon," Rose interrupted, leaning forward so her head was in between Damon's and Ally's in the front seat. "Elijah may be a noble, but he is an original. He is protecting Elena for a reason and I'm guessing that reason is not for the good."

The car ride back to Mystic Falls was silent. No one was ready to mention what went on in Slader's apartment or they were too shocked at what happened. Damon would periodically look into the backseat using the rearview mirror to glace at Ally.

When they were nearing town, Elena was the first to break the silence causing Damon's looks shift from Ally to Elena.

"Well, then there is no reason you need to protect me twenty-four, seven. So you can just take me to the Grill," Elena said. "I don't need constant babysitters."

"It is because of your stunt today that proves that you do need babysitters," Damon snapped. "How do we guarantee you won't go all suicidal on us again if we let you out of our sight?"

"It's my life," Elena pointed out stubbornly.

"Believe it or not, kid. Your death affects everyone around you, not just you. Do you even know what would have happened if you allowed yourself to be taken today," Ally asked. She wanted to make it clear to Elena that her actions didn't just affect her, but everyone involved. Ally would know from experience that the actions of others changed her entire world.

"All of you would continue to live on. I can't just stand idly by while everyone I care about gets hurt trying to protect me."

"We would move on, but at what cost. Klaus is not a vampire to be trifled with. He believes that the only way to get what he wants, to truly be happy during his long existence, is power," Ally explained, turning to see the back seat so she could look Elena in the eye. Elena looked as though she wanted to say something, but held her comments for the time being.

It was Rose who spoke up instead. "How do you know what Klaus wants? Have you met him before?"

"No," Ally said, "But I have met one of his brothers."

"You have met one of his brothers? You mean like blood brother," Rose questioned. It was obvious she didn't even know the full story of how the Originals came to be born even though she had been alive for nearly five centuries.

"I mean biological brother, as in they shared the same mother," Ally explained, turning towards the front of the car once again to indicate that was all she was going to say on the matter.

"You have to tell us who his brother is," Elena protested.

"You will find out when he wants you to know," Ally said, a small smirk on her face because they had already met the brother in question.

Damon's phone began to ring, cutting off any further conversations about original vampires. Two of the three passengers were able to listen in on Damon and Ric's conversation. They listened intently to Ric on the other side of the line explain how there was a new woman in town looking for Mason Lockwood. He suspected she was a werewolf and wanted Damon and Ally to meet him at the Grill to check it out.

First, Elena and Rose were dropped off at the Boarding house with much protest from Elena, stating she didn't need a babysitter. Then Damon drove himself and Ally to the Grill to meet up with Ric.

"That's her over there," Ric pointed out when Damon and Ally joined him at the bar. "Goes by the name of Jules. She has been asking a lot of questions about Mason and planting ideas in the Mayor's head that Mason did not leave to go on a surfing expedition. She's also been sniffing around Tyler, trying to get information out of him as well."

"Tyler is a new werewolf. She is probably trying to recruit him to her pack while he is still susceptible," Ally explained, taking a sip of Damon's drink. The vampire glared at her, grabbing the drink out of her hands before she could taste anymore.

"The full moon is tonight," Ric explained, "So I brought some wolfsbane with me. I thought we could put it in her drink to weaken her and get her to confess why she is actually here. I have a hard time believing she is here for the sole purpose of finding Mason."

"She must know about the moon stone then," Damon said, sliding his drink away from Ally as she tried to take the glass again. "If you keep trying to steal my drink then I will put wolfsbane in it."

"Fine, I'll get my own drink," Ally muttered, gesturing for the bar tender to bring her something.

"That's not a bad idea, putting wolfsbane in a drink," Ric said, receiving a glare from Ally. "I don't mean your drink, I mean hers." Ric discretely gestured to the new werewolf in town.

"That's a horrible idea," Ally replied. "It is a very stupid thing to provoke a werewolf just before a full moon. All werewolves have anger issues and they get worse as the full moon gets closer. Plus she probably didn't come alone. Wolves tend to travel in packs."

"You don't have a pack," Damon pointed out, swirling the alcohol in his glass. "I'd say you're a bit of a lone wolf."

Ally rolled her eyes at Damon's pun. "Not all packs grow fur and howl at the moon, Damon. Now excuse me, I need to use the ladies room. If you even think of drugging my drink I will not hesitate to tear you to shreds tonight."

"Hmm, sounds rather enjoyable," Damon smoothly replied with a smirked.

Ally huffed and rolled her eyes again, leaving for the bathroom. When she returned, Ric had moved to the end of the bar near Jules. He was acting like a total drunken idiot. Damon remained in his original seat pretending not to notice anything unusual happening. An empty glass sitting next to him.

"You are a horrible person," Ally spat at Damon for consuming her drink.

"Just returning the favor," Damon smirked. Another drink was placed in front of him and when Ally went to grab it, he slapped her hand away. "No, no. This is not for you."

Ally ordered another drink, watching on as Ric made a fool of himself in front of the woman at the end of the bar and Damon pretended to be the hero. She saw Ric slip some wolfsbane into the woman's drink when Damon acted as a distraction. Ally smiled at the fact that the woman would not take a sip, instead just swirled the small straw causing the ice to clink against the side.

"She's not going to drink it," Ally chuckled, knowing Damon would be able to hear her.

"Maybe you should assist," Damon muttered under his breath.

"I am not going to help you poison a werewolf," Ally said covering her lips with her glass so no one could see her talking to someone.

Damon and Ric continued to try talking to Jules with no success. Jules was still not touching her drink. When she stood, wanting to leave, Ally finally decided to intervene, but not before Jules visibly threatened Damon, splashing her drink in his face.

"Hey, Jules, right? I am so sorry for them. I think what they two idiots are desperately trying, and failing, to accomplish is figure out what you are looking for," Ally greeted.

"What are you playing at, spending time with a vampire and a… drunk," Jules seethed. "You of all beings should know not to trust vampires."

"Listen, don't worry about who I associate with," Ally said with a wave of her hand, hitting Damon hard in the arm. "There are much bigger things to worry about, like a new werewolf who needs some guidance."

"I was threatened and I have reason to believe someone killed Mason."

"Yeah, well these two have no tact, but seeking revenge for Mason is not the answer. Helping his nephew is the priority right now."

"And why should I listen to you. Your loyalties are obviously not with a pack anymore. You have turned your back on your birthright"

"I wouldn't call being a werewolf a birthright, more like a family obligation."

"What do you know of family? You have obvious turned your back on yours."

"Actually, I haven't." Jules scoffed, not believing Ally had not abandoned her family.

"Yeah, right," Jules said. "Consider all of you marked."

"Oh, honey, you can't mark an alpha. So consider yourself marked." A look of fear crossed Jules' face at Ally's threat. She picked up her purse and left.

"Did you just call yourself an alpha, as in alpha wolf," Ric questioned. He had heard that Ally was a werewolf, but he hadn't heard anyone refer to her as an alpha. She didn't seem to have that kind of dominating presence because she was always causing trouble and joking.

"That's because I am an alpha," Ally replied. "Now listen, I may have gotten out of the mark, but both of you are still at risk."

"We can handle ourselves," Damon said dismissively. However, his dismissive mood was short lived because Tyler Lockwood entered the Grill pushing past Damon with a hard shove of the shoulder. "Watch it, Lockwood."

"You watch it, vampire," Tyler snapped. His entire body seemed to be shaking with angry energy, waiting for someone to pick a fight with him.

"Whoa, there buddy. How about you drop the attitude and keep quiet about the vampire talk." Damon muttered the last part so no humans nearby could hear.

Tyler ignored Damon when he saw Ally and turned his attention to her. "You need to come with me."

Damon stepped forward to prevent the woman from leaving. "She is going nowhere with you."

"Damon, I don't think now is the time to argue with him," Ally said, easily reading the cues of the full moon affecting Tyler.

Tyler grabbed Ally's arm, not enough to cause her pain, but enough to pull her away from the majority of people. Damon tried to follow, but Ally signaled to him with a shake of her head for him to stay put. "I'll be fine, Damon. Don't do anything stupid tonight. Don't go looking for werewolves tonight."

Damon merely rolled his eyes before Ally left with Tyler.

"I've asked you once before, why do I feel so drawn to you," Tyler said once they were out of the Grill. "I feel it now stronger now. Ever since I-I—"

"Killed someone.," Ally replied nonchalantly.


"Tyler, we have to get you out of here."

"I know. I know I triggered the curse. That's why I need your help. Mason was supposed to get me through this. Caroline and I found Mason's old journals and videos."

"Did you read any of it?"

"Yeah. That's why I'm so freaked out. You're the only one I could think of to help me."

"It's because we have a familiar connection. Not only by species but by blood as well," Ally explained. "Think of me as your long lost Aunt."

"We're related?"

"The Thomas Lockwood's sister was married to a Whitworth. Because the Lockwoods had the werewolf gene, it was passed onto the Whitworth line as well. Hence…" Ally pointed to herself. "It is because of that familial tie that you now feel a strong bond to me."

"That is why you are able to have some kind of control over me. Make me stop doing things when I'm in my anger blackouts."

"Yes, but now that you have triggered the curse—" Tyler stopped suddenly and bent over in pain. "We have to get you to the Lockwood cellar before the moon reaches its peak."

"You know about the cellars?"

"Not what you should be focusing on right now."

Ally wrapped an arm around Tyler's waist and pulled one of his arms over her shoulder. The draw of the moon was getting more intense causing Tyler to feel more of its effects.

It took them a few more minutes before they arrived at the cellars. Stumbling through, Ally was no longer able to keep Tyler upright through his writhing pain. He spilled onto the dirt floor of the cellar as Ally moved forward to the chains bolted into the walls.

"You said you and Caroline went through Mason's journals and videos. Is that how you knew to set everything up," Ally questioned, pulling a brand new chain towards Tyler and cuffing it around one of his torso.

"Yes," Tyler spat out in pain. "We also have wolfsbane in the backpack in the corner."

"You are not going to be using wolfsbane for your first transformation," Ally said, securing two more chains to his legs. "It draws everything out longer. Some weres don't even fully transform when they drink that stuff the night of a full moon. It may lessen the pain you go through, but it increases the duration of pain."

"That's why Mason couldn't… in the video," Tyler screamed out as his limbs began to twitch in unnatural directions.

"Breathe through it, Tyler. Channel that pain." Ally set the last chains around his wrists and neck. "Once you are able to channel it, control it, it will be easier to handle."

"I can't. It's too much."

"Tyler, I know this is painful. It's possibly the worse pain anyone could feel."

"Please, don't make me do this."

"It cannot be helped. Once the curse is triggered there is no going back."

"You don't have to go through this. Why aren't you changing?"

"Because I have magic to protect me. Tyler, listen, this will be over once the moon is at its peak."

"No! You pretend to know what I am going through… ah! But you have no idea." His bones were beginning to snap, forcing their way into the twisted angles of his limbs.

"Tyler, you have to relax. The more you resist the change, the more pain you will go through," Ally tried to soothe as she crouched down next to him.

"So much pain." He was pulling hard against the chains, trying to loosen the tension.

"Tyler, relax!" Ally noticed the bolts in the walls were starting to give away. If Tyler didn't calm down soon he could pull the chains completely free of the wall causing himself more harm.

"Tyler, relax!" Ally tried again which seemed to anger Tyler. He lashed out, snapping his jaws and newly formed teeth at woman trying to help him. "Tyler, stop! Snapping at me won't do you any good."

A growl erupted from his throat and he turned away from Ally, trying to get to the cellar door. He howled in response to the other wolf cries in the distance.

Ally stood up. She knew those cries. The werewolves, no doubt Jules' pack, were chasing something… hunting. And Ally had a sneaking suspicion what was being hunted.

The cellar door flew open and Tyler went crazy. Barking, snapping, growling, straining against chains. The two restraints on his front paws pulled free as he fought against them trying to get at the figures that appeared.

"Damon! You and Rose need to get out of here," Ally yelled over Tyler. She was trying to keep him at bay, but was having difficulty getting through his untrained werewolf mind. "It's harder to control a newbie werewolf."

"We have bigger problems. Jules and her pack of rabid dogs are after us," Damon hurriedly explained, taking a step towards Ally.

"Hey," Ally yelled in offense and Tyler growled, barring his teeth.

"I didn't mean you," Damon said to Ally. Tyler strained harder the closer Damon got.

"Mm, hm," Ally vocalized. Tyler took that moment of her distract to launch himself at the two vampires. "Tyler! Stand down!"

However, Tyler did not do as he was told. He had jumped on Rose, snapping his jaws at her flesh while she struggled to push him off. Damon ripped the vampire hating hound off of Rose causing Tyler to fly into the metal bars at the opposite end of the shelter. As soon as his feet touched the ground again, Tyler charged after the vampires once more.

"Ally! Control him or I kill him," Damon yelled over the snarling and barking. "I didn't come here just to be bitten by teenwolf."

"He's new, Damon. He's resisting the alpha demands," Ally explained, trying to stand between the new werewolf and the two vampires. "Right now he is responding more to the cries of the pack. They are saying to attack the vampires. Attack you."

"Then make him listen to you," Damon yelled, grabbing Ally's shoulders and shaking them.

"The only way for me to do that is to physically show him I have the power over him," Ally explained, forcing Damon to take a couple of steps backwards away from the crazed wolf.

"Then do it, if you don't he will tear Rose and I into little vamp meat cubes."

"There's a way you can stop him," Rose chimed in, looking back and forth between the arguing couple and the angry animal.

Ally shook her head. "I'm pretty sure I'm not strong enough to fight a new werewolf. It's not the nineteenth year."

"I have no idea what the hell you are talking about, but you better do something before I kill your new protégé," Damon said looking Ally straight in the eyes. He still had not let go of her and was quickly trying to think of what else he could do to survive the night.

"You kill him and you are good as dead. The pack Jules' belongs won't be as lenient as me," Ally tried to reason, with the stubborn vampire. However she knew him well enough to know he had something up his sleeve. "They are protective of their own kind and Tyler, being blood related to Mason, is considered to be one of their own."

"Then use your weird wolf connection and make them back off."

"I can't like this!" Ally gestured to herself in human form, finally getting some distance away from Damon's arms.

"If you won't do anything about this," Damon said closing the gap between them once more, "Then I will." He reached forward, yanking the necklace from Ally's neck.

Ally's eyes flashed yellow. "You Ass!" Ally clenched her teeth as her canines elongated and fur erupted across her body. She let out a scream of frustration when her bones snapped into different locations and her muscles where shredded, only to be rewound in a different weave of tissue.

Damon watched in awe as her nose was drawn out and her hands shrank into paws. He could see the flickers of pain in her eyes and felt the slightest bit of regret having been the one to make her go through the transformation. He had never seen a wolf turn before and he couldn't even imagine what she was going through at that moment.

"You'll get the necklace back once we are out of this mess," Damon said, rushing over to Rose and getting her situated back on her feet.

Ally growled at Damon in irritation before turning to Tyler and running at him. Trying to rescue the two vampires, Ally tackled Tyler in midair. Both went falling to the ground. The new wolf landed on his side, unable to control his fall, while the experienced wolf landed on her feet, poised and ready to fight.

Tyler immediately turned to fight against his own kind. To battle for dominance. The natural instincts to be alpha kicking in sent Tyler into full attack more. However, Ally was more than ready. She was able to anticipate his every move, even when he broke completely free of the chains.

The two wolves snarled and slashed. Gnashed their teeth at one another, making contact with only the edges of their canines. Tyler made another leap at Ally, but she easily dodged. Ally flashed towards him once his feet were on the ground. Unaware of the speed a werewolf was capable of, Tyler was caught off guard by Ally's speed. He was flung into the nearest wall.

Ally let out a ferocious growl barring her teeth towards Tyler as if warning him to stay down. Tyler tried to resist by slowly standing but the older wolf clawed at each one of his attempts. After multiple attempts of resisting and trying to stand the new werewolf bowed his head, lowering his body to the ground in a bow of submission.

The female wolf straightened up from her threatening stance. She let out a huff, allowing Tyler to stand as well.

"Impressive fighting, she-wolf." Ally glared at Damon for his comment. She crouched down and sprang at him, knocking him onto his back. Simultaneously Tyler let out a bark and Rose screamed Damon's name.

Damon looked into Ally's yellow eyes and bared white canines from his position on the ground. "Alright, I won't call you a she-wolf," he whispered, running a hand gently through the fur at Ally's neck. She bounced slightly on Damon's chest causing him to grunt before licking the side of his face.

Tyler interrupted the moment by letting out another bark. However, this bark was an alert. Jules' pack had finally located them.

The two wolves and the two vampires quickly got into fighting stances. They waited for Jules' and the other wolves to break through the door, which only took a matter of seconds.

Soon the small cellar was filled with wolves for a total of eight. They were sizing each other up, circling. Damon and Rose followed the pattern of movement as not to be stuck on the side of the enemy wolves. Ally appeared to be vocalizing various warnings. None of the opposing wolves seemed to backing down. Some of them seemed conflicted, but Jules' and a male to her right were standing their ground.

One of the conflicted wolves in the back, flew forward in excitement. The movement threw the entire party into chaos. Multiple wolves jumped at Damon and Rose. It was difficult to tell Ally and Tyler apart from the flurry of fur. Therefore, Damon and Rose did not discriminate against which wolf they threw.

"Enough," a man yelled from the doorway. He held out his hand and the eight invading wolves dropped to the ground.

Damon pushed the unconscious wolf to the side and sat up. "Who the hell are you?"

"My name is Jonas and Elijah sent me. It appears you have a mutual friend," Jonas explained.

"Who," Damon questioned, standing.

Jonas ignored the question and walked over to Ally draping a soft blanket over her shoulders. "For your transformation back."

"Tell me who—"

"Elijah says he will be in touch with you soon." Jonas didn't say anymore. He left without saying another word.

"Come on, Rose. Let's get Cujo and her band of eager beasts into the cage." Damon and Rose pulled each wolf into the cell. "Now let's get out of here before they wake up. I'd rather not have a repeat of that near death experience."

The rest of the evening faded into morning. Ally had led Tyler into the forest much to Damon's irritation. Rose had convinced him to leave the wolves to their own devices until the sun changed them back.

Once the sun was visible through the trunks of the trees the two wolves changed back into their human forms. Ally, wrapped up in the blanket Jonas had given her, took Tyler back to his told. Explained to him she would be in touch with him after he rested. The first transformations always took a stronger toll on the body. Tyler was resistive, but relented after threat of Ally using the Alpha bond to make him wear one of his mother dress suits to the Grill. She left him to go back to her place to change before heading to the Boarding house to get her personal property from Damon.

"Damon's upstairs," Rose said when Ally entered the house.

"Are you doing okay," Ally asked Rose, who had gone back to her reading. "You weren't bitten, were you?"

"I'm alright. Thank you for your concern." Rose said with a smile. "I can see why Damon likes you. You're a good person, Ally. You're good for him."

"Thanks, Rose," Ally said, turning to the stairs and starting the short journey upstairs to find the dark haired male vampire.

As soon as Ally saw him coming out of his bathroom, she ran at Damon with inhuman speed. Not being as fast as him, Damon could have easily gotten out of the way. However, he was caught off guard for the second time and was forced to the ground with Ally sitting on top of him pinning him down.

"If you ever repeat what you did last night, I won't hesitate to bite your sorry ass. You had absolutely no right to force me to do something like that."

"I would have died. Wouldn't you have been sad if the Lockwood kid ate me? I know you care about me otherwise you really would have bitten me last night."

"How do you know I wouldn't have torn you limb from limb once I was a wolf?"

Damon flipped the two over so he was the one on top, pinning Ally to the floor with her hands above her head. He leaned forward to whisper in her ear. "Because you couldn't live without my devilish good looks and sexy voice in your life."

Ally scoffed. "Yeah, right. How did you know by taking my necklace off would trigger my werewolf side."

"That for me to know and you to dot dot dot."

"So Stefan told you."

"Hmm," Damon smiled slightly confirming Ally's deduction. Continuing to smile, Damon released one of Ally's hands so he could brush a stray hair behind her head. He dipped his head down and captured Ally's lips.

They kissed on the floor for a few minutes. Their hands were gently roaming each other's bodies as they continued to kiss until Damon was flipped onto his back again with Ally's arm pressed against his neck. She held up a slivery moon necklace she had pinched from Damon's pocket.

"Next time you take this," Ally said dangling the necklace over Damon's face. "I will not hesitate to bite you. Bye, Damon." Ally pecked Damon's lips one more time before leaving Damon laying on the floor.

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