A Happy Anniversary?

Summary- Minerva loves her husband very dearly so why does she not look happy to celebrate her anniversary?

Minerva woke early like she does every morning; but something was different about this morning. Today was her and Albus' anniversary. She smiled as she began to get ready for the day. Minerva will have to teach all her classes without suggesting there was something unordinary about today. After putting on her emerald robes she went into her bathroom to freshen up and put her hair into her customary bun. While she was in the bathroom a vase with red and gold roses appeared out of thin air on the coffee table in her sitting room; a small note was propped against the vase. When she saw the vases she smiled. When she glanced at the clock she saw it was only 5:50 in the morning but Minerva knew her husband would know she was already up and getting ready for the day. Minerva picked up the card and read:

My Dearest Minerva,

Happy Anniversary my love, I love you with all my heart. I will come to escort my beautiful bride to breakfast at 6:30.

Love Forever,


Minerva sighed and sat down on her couch and looked at her flowers. There was a bang as Minerva's door burst open and in came her three best friends Poppy, Rolanda, and Pomona.

"Minerva what's wrong you look down?" asked a concerned Poppy sitting down beside Minerva on the couch.

"Minnie you don't get to look sad today it's your anniversary you should be joyfully enjoying it with Albus" said Rolanda throwing herself into an armchair.

"Ro can't you see something is troubling her" Pomona said shooting a glare at Rolanda before sitting on the Minerva's other side.

"Min please tell us what's troubling you. You can share it with us" prompted Poppy.

"Well… everywhere I get the same feeling on our anniversary. I love Albus but I can't help this feeling. You guys wouldn't understand."

"Minnie, whatever it is you are feeling it might help you through it. We have always had your back" said Rolanda.

"I… it's just another reminder that no one knows of our marriage. Everyone knows Poppy and Alastor, Rolanda and Severus, and Pomona and Filius are married but my marriage is still a secret. The only people who know are my parents, you girls, and your husbands."

"Oh Minerva! I can't imagine how that must feel. But you must remember that the people who love you the most know and isn't that all that matters?" asked Pomona.

"Yes, I suppose that's true! I feel rather foolish feeling bad about a thing like that now." confessed Minerva.

There was a knock at the door and Minerva knew it was her husband coming to take her to breakfast. Poppy got up and opened the door. Albus waked in and the three other visitors left waving their good-byes and the door shut.

"Thank you for the flowers Albus!"

"Your most welcome my dear." Albus said sweeping Minerva up in his arms and gently kissing her.

"I think we should go to breakfast" Minerva laughed as Albus' stomach made a funny noise.

"As you wish my dear" Albus said smiling. He opened her door and offered her his arm and the couple went on their way to breakfast. There wasn't at sad thought in Minerva's mind as she walked arm in arm with her husband to the Great Hall.