Author's Note- Hello, this is my first Fairy Tail fanfic, its also the first anime one i've done and the first that could even get vaguely limey or whatever, I'm just wanting to try out things and see how things go. Was just going to be a One-shot but now im not sure how long it'll end up being. Ekk, im scared. :/

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Chapter 1- The Request

A fresh wave of panic accelerated her heart as her eyes frantically and fruitlessly raked over the guild request board. Where was it? She was certain it had been there! She groaned and slapped her hands to her cheeks, trying to cool down her rising agitation.

"Juvia!" called an all too familiar female voice.

She glared over her shoulder at the blonde mage who was approaching her.

"Stupid love rival," she muttered darkly, "Juvia wouldn't be in this mess if it wasn't for you..."

Lucy Heartfilia, oblivious to the dark aura being produced (likely because it was now a common sight), stopped beside the blue haired girl.

"What's the matter? You seem conflicted," Lucy asked her, "Are you stuck trying to pick a job?"

Juvia's eye twitched in annoyance as she thought back to the blonde's 'great' idea…

"I know something we can do!" exclaimed Lucy, "Why don't we all write pretend requests!"

Juvia and some of her fellow female guildmates; Erza, Wendy, Cana, Levy and Lisanna, all tilted their heads in curiosity.

"What do you mean?" Erza asked, her tone bordering on 'This sounds like something I won't approve of'. Lucy's eyes widened and she threw her hands up and shook her head.

"I don't mean we should actually put them up!" she said earnestly before muttering, "Then people might take the job and we'd have to pay them…"

"I…don't really get it," Wendy put in shyly.

Lucy shrugged, "Well, just think, if you could get the guild to do something for you or get you something you wanted, what would it be? What would you get them to do?"

An image of Gray bursting out of a large gift box sprung to Juvia's mind and she felt herself getting lightheaded while the other girls contemplated Lucy's question.

"I know!" cried Erza unexpectedly, an unnerving grin lighting her beautiful face. Everyone cringed and she laughed for a moment before turning serious.

"Well, Lucy," she began authoritatively, "this was your idea after all, so get us all some paper and something to write with."

The blonde pulled a face but nevertheless she hopped out of her chair and searched for the items they needed.

"Juvia?" the girl asked nervously, "You've been grinding your teeth and glaring at nothing for the past five minutes, are you alright?"

The blue haired girl forced herself to become serene; she dipped her head to Lucy.

"Juvia is fine, thank you for asking love rival. Juvia is returning to her home now."

"Alright, well, take it easy," said Lucy slowly, she then shouted, "But I'm not your love rival!"

In a daze of fear and with her hands clenching and unclenching and her breaths coming in uneven spurts, Juvia walked out of the Fairy Tail guild hall. Her rapid heartbeat thundered in her ears even as her overactive imagination tortured her with the many possibilities of what could've happened and what could happen next.

She envisioned someone tactless, in the shape of Natsu Dragneel, finding the request that had someone gotten itself pinned to the board. In this scenario, Natsu reads the paper in an obnoxiously loud voice, catching the entire guilds attention; he then expresses his disgust by saying something along the lines of 'Yuck! Who the hell would want him?'

"Juvia," she groaned to herself, "must be more careful."

She was, at that point, in the lobby of Fairy Hills and dragging her feet as a new idea bloomed in her mind's eye. This time, the request was found by Gray Fullbuster himself. Juvia squeaked and covered her face with her hands in mortification as her imagined Gray sneered at her and told her that she's disgusting and that he's 'not into that.'

Finally at her the door to her room, Juvia sighed heavily. She really needed to learn to control herself when it came to Gray, she knew she freaked him out and annoyed him…but she just couldn't help it!

"Juvia will be different now," she vowed as she gripped her door handle, "Juvia will try and leave Gray-sama alone and be a good girl."

She yanked open the door.

It took a few seconds for her to fully comprehend what she was seeing.

"Gray-sama!" she gasped, "Why are you tied to Juvia's bed!?"

AN: Eeep! Sorry its so short a chapter, but i wanted to end it on a kinda excitingish..thingy. Sorry if it's awful, no excuses, i just suck and wanted to torture you all, mwahahahaha! Also, since yeah blah blah OOC blah blah okay? (i've reached a new level of laziness here i think)