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Bonus Chapter 4-

Gray, despite his chat with the bartender, was still unsure that he had been truthful with Juvia when he had told her that he loved her. He frowned as he strode down the street and he didn't even notice that he had stripped down to his boxers again. His apartment was in sight now and it cranked up the swarm of butterflies fluttering in his stomach.

I'm such an ass, he thought bitterly. He berated himself continually as he approached his apartment and wondered if it was even possible that he could be in love with Juvia when he actually knew so little about her.

Well, a voice in the back of his head said, you just need to put some effort in and learn about her, you already know all of the most important stuff, that she's loyal, caring, intelligent and strong.

As he reached out for the handle of his apartment door, apprehension inexplicably surged inside him and ran cold through his veins. He pushed open the door and warily stepped inside. He glanced around as he closed the door behind himself and then frowned as he couldn't immediately spot Juvia.

He slowly made his way over to the couch and placed the bag of food on a small table nearby. His jaw then dropped. He had found Juvia.

Sprinkled all over and around her, were the remains of all the tissues she had twisted up between her nervous hands. She was staring blankly and muttering something unintelligible under her breath as she sat against the wall between two shelves.

Shit…has she snapped or something? Is this my fault?

He quickly moved around and crouched beside her, he could now hear what she was mumbling.

"Juvia has ruined everything, Gray-sama will hate Juvia and Juvia will be alone again. Juvia has ruined everything…"

Ah shit. It was as if someone had kicked him in the gut so hard that his stomach knocked his heart up into his throat. He reached out shakily and brushed a lock of her blue hair away from her face.

"I'm sorry I'm such an idiot, Juvia," he whispered.

The woman's lost blue eyes slowly found his face. He had had some nasty wounds over the years but this, this awful, soul crushing feeling, was more painful than all those wounds combined. He pushed it down as much as he could in order to have a chance to fix the situation, he could kick his own ass later.

Juvia needed him now. He loved her and he was going to look after her no matter what.

Of course I love her, it's pretty damn obvious.

"Juvia?" he asked, trying not to sound too worried.

She blinked and, thankfully, seemed to regain herself.


He gave her a small smile as he nodded. Juvia looked down and flinched.

"Juvia has made such a mess!" she cried, beginning to frantically try and sweep the fallen tissues into a pile, "Juvia will clean it up right away!"

He grabbed her forearms and tried to hold her still.

"Hey," he protested, "Don't worry about it."

She struggled and continued to eye the white chaos with distress clearly written on her beautiful face. His chest ached at seeing how upset she was.

"Come on," he said softly, adjusting his hold and pulling her slowly up.

The fluffy tissue debris fell from her simple, pale blue dress like a tumble of snow, but a great deal of it clung to her. Gray carefully stroked it away and then he just pulled her into his arms, wrapping himself around her and holding on tightly.

He pressed his face into her neck and inhaled deeply as he ran his hand soothingly down her back. Though at that point, he wasn't sure who he was trying to comfort, Juvia or himself.

His heart then leapt as the woman in his arms began to tentatively respond. She lightly hugged him back and then, almost as if she realised he was real, held him tighter.

"G-gray-sama?" she whispered.

He pulled back to look into her apprehensive blue eyes.

"I'm here," he promised.

She turned her eyes away from him and they fell back to the mess she had made. She immediately tried to get out of his embrace and exclaimed, "Juvia is so sorry!"

He refused to let her out of his arms, "Hey, I said it doesn't matter, okay?"

She continued to squirm and stare at the tissues.

"Juvia," he said firmly, trying to get her attention, "Juvia, what's your favourite colour?"

She frowned in confusion up at him, unable to comprehend the sudden topic change, "What?"

"Favourite colour," he repeated, "I want to know what yours is."

Juvia blinked a couple of times, her expression smoothing out with each one.

"Blue," she answered with surprising calmness.

"Really?" he asked, quirking an eyebrow, "Not grey?"

He was rewarded with a small smile from her as she said quietly, "Well, grey is not really a colour…"

He shrugged and slowly stepped to the side, pulling her with him and then walking them both towards the kitchen.

"Favourite food?" he asked.

Juvia frowned, "Why does Gray-sama want to know?"

Feigning hurt, he mumbled, "Am I not allowed to ask you things?"

"Of course you're allowed, Gray-sama," she quickly put in, "Juvia is just confused about why-"

"I bet your favourite food is Gray-bread," he remarked teasingly, cutting her off and stopping her from spouting some self-deprecating talk.

"What?" she gasped, "No it isn't."

"Really?" he drawled, pleased he had distracted her, "So what is it?"

Her eyes met his, "It's…um..."

His warm gaze shorted her mind, she couldn't even remember what her name was and she didn't care. All that mattered right then to her was that Gray was holding onto her and that if she just lifted herself up a bit, she could kiss him, it would be so easy. She quickly stretched up and pressed her lips to his, then she blushed and pulled back.

"Oh, I see," he said, smirking at her even while his heart raced excitedly, "Not 'Gray-bread' then, just 'Gray.'"

Her blush deepened and his smirk grew as she tried and failed to give an explanation. He posed another question.

"What kind of books do you like to read, Juvia?"

She bit her lip, nearly ruining his focus.

"J-juvia l-likes the r-romance b-books," she stuttered, looking away.

"Really?" he chuckled, moving his hold so his hands were on her hips, "Any certain parts of those books that you like?"

She stubbornly stuck her bottom lip out and he almost gave into the temptation to suck on it.

"Juvia doesn't know what Gray-sama means," she lied, embarrassedly.

"Is that so?" he purred, bringing his face closer to hers, "I guess I should explain then…do you like the parts when the characters do things like this?"

He pulled her up against his hardening erection as he began to trail lingering kisses from the corner of her mouth, down her neck and to her collarbone. Each touch of his mouth left a spot of heat on her skin, beginning the slow simmering of her blood.

"So?" he questioned, raising his head to see her eyes.

"Hmm?" she asked dazedly, causing him to laugh quietly.

"I guess that's a 'yes' then…but, what else do those characters do, Juvia?"

He brought a hand up to cup her neck while the other felt along her back for the zipper of her dress. He touched his lips to hers and flicked his tongue out to taste her before he pulled himself back and released her. He figured that the fact her dress's zipper didn't want to work had to be a sign. He mentally kicked himself and then sighed.

It's a good thing too, she's vulnerable at the moment, it'd be like taking advantage of her.

Juvia tilted her head in confusion and she said, "Gray-sama, the characters don't usually stop at this point."

He laughed, "It's alright, we're not them."

She chewed her lip thoughtfully for a moment, "Maybe we should be, they love each other and are happy."

His chest tightened as he stated, rather than asked, "And you're not happy, are you, Juvia."

"J-juvia i-is…" she hesitated, not wanting to say anything that might hurt him, "J-juvia is worried."

"Worried about…?" he prompted gently.

She turned away from him and said quietly, "Everything…Juvia worries about everything, annoying Gray-sama and r-ruining things…and Juvia worries that Gray-sama is unhappy."

He sighed sadly and stepped forward, placing his hands on her shoulders.

"Don't," he said, "Don't worry about any of that. You and I…we're still just figuring things out and…I'll be happy when you're happy, got that?"

She didn't say anything in response and so he twisted her back around to face him.

"Juvia," he exhaled loudly and winced, "I'm not so good with all this…talking about feelings stuff, but if you want me to spout something poetic…I'll try, for you."

To his surprise and horror, he noticed tears springing to Juvia's eyes. She suddenly threw her arms around him, rubbed her face against his bare chest and mumbled something in a watery voice that he almost didn't catch.

"Juvia thinks that is just what she needed to hear."

They stayed like that for several long minutes, soaking in the peaceful feeling of being so close with a soft warmth in their chests. He stroked his hand down her back as he had done before and then he moved to cup her hips. He tried to keep out the voice in his head that kept pointing out that he could so easily touch Juvia in other places; his body was already hot enough as it was.

He then tensed as Juvia slipped her hands down along his sides and curled her fingers around the waistband of his boxers. She stepped back and to the side, beginning to lead him in the direction of the short hallway past the kitchen, the one that would take them towards his bedroom.

A brilliant and slightly mischievous smile curved her lips. He couldn't help but grin as well.

"Don't you want to have dinner, Juvia?" he asked playfully, his body heating further at the look in her eyes.

The water mage slowly licked her lips, sending a bolt of desire down along his back.

"Juvia would much rather skip straight to dessert."

He groaned low in his throat and then provoked a delighted squeal from Juvia when he lunged forward and picked her up, heading into the hallway. She immediately wrapped her arms and legs around him. He stopped for a moment to enjoy the sensation of having their bodies so intimately positioned, then he stared down at her slightly flushed face.

"Really?" he questioned, his expression intense and serious.

She ground her body against his and leaned to whisper in his ear, "Yes."

His fingers dug into her hips and he inhaled sharply. His heart rattled against his ribcage and pumped scorching desire through his veins. He strode towards his bedroom, each step causing Juvia's delicious heat to rub against his aching cock; he thought he was going to explode.

Juvia tangled her fingers into his thick, black hair and pressed herself as close as she could, needing every bit of contact she could get. She found the pulse point on his neck and kissed it before running her hot, wet tongue along the skin and sucking hard enough to mark him.

She could feel an approving growl rumble up through Gray's chest and then she had to give one of her own as he pulled her hips tighter against his body while he walked them over to his bed. The rocking motion of his steps was triggering a sinful friction that had her gasping and digging her nails into his firm shoulders.

One of his hands slid up her back in search for the zipper of her dress and, unlike the last time, the zipper glided down and the soft material parted.

Gray carefully lowered Juvia onto his bed; she stared up at him with lust filled eyes that made him nearly groan. He watched her expression raptly as he took hold of the shoulders of her dress and began to slowly peel it down her arms. She blushed as her light blue, lace bra was revealed and he smirked, leaning forward to nuzzle into her neck as he pulled her dress down further.

While he lifted her hips and removed the article completely, he nipped at her neck and sucked it as she had done to him. She moaned quietly and the sound travelled straight through him and stirred up the desire swirling in his lower belly. He moved his hands to either side of her so he could brace himself while he looked at her.

His burning gaze roamed all over her, starting at her waves of soft blue hair and moving down past her parted, kissable, lips, lingering over her rounded, perfect breasts and drifting along her flat, toned stomach. Then his eyes became caught on the scrap of lace between her shapely, biteable thighs.

White-hot need lanced him and he had to fight the urge to just bury his face in there. A desire fuelled shudder ran through him and his hands clenched in the blankets beside her. He grinned cheekily at her and then lowered his head, running his nose over the curve of her breasts, gaining a cute little giggle from her.

"What do you think, Juvia?" he asked her in a husky voice, "Should we take this off?"

She nodded coyly and affection burst over him for her because he knew that, ordinarily, Juvia was rather shy about her body. He couldn't resist kissing her and so he captured her lips and slid his tongue into her hot, sweet mouth, leisurely exploring until they both had to break away to catch their breath.

Juvia squirmed, feeling hot and achy; she arched her back and quickly unhooked her bra, unable to stand the feeling off it on her sensitive skin. Gray's eyes darkened and he helped her drag the lacy garment down her arms, like he had done with her dress. He kissed her lips lightly before whispering in her ear.

"You alright there, Juvia?"

She shivered and nodded even as her skin flushed with embarrassment. He smiled at her and then turned serious.

"Am I allowed to touch you, Juvia?"

"G-gray-sama c-can do whatever he likes," she said breathily.

He smirked, "You sure you want to say that?"

She gave him a blushing smile, "Yes."

He chuckled against her neck and began to slowly kiss a path down towards her tempting breasts. Her hands came up and stroked along his shoulders, sending tingling waves along his skin as he shifted his weight onto his right forearm and moved his left hand to curve over her breast.

Juvia moaned and swivelled her hips when he began to idly play with her hardened nipple. She clenched a hand in his hair and made a strangled sound when he pulled her other nipple into his warm mouth and sucked strongly. Heat rolled through her and throbbed intensely at her core, it made her want to grind up against him and try to find some relief.

"G-gray-sama," she panted.

He curled his tongue around her nipple and savoured the needy sounds she made before he began to drift his left hand down her taut stomach. He teased along the top of her underwear and laughed softly as she raised her hips desperately. Gray pushed himself up so he was kneeling; licking his lips appreciatively at the sight her lush body as her hands fell from her shoulders.

"Gray-sama," she mumbled, her cheeks adorably pink.

He noticed her hands twitch, as if she was fighting to stop herself from covering up and so her grabbed them and grinned at her.

"I have an idea, Juvia," he said in a tone that made more desire rush through her, "I'll take mine off if you take yours off."

She giggled and bit her lip, "But Gray-sama, you don't mind taking off your clothes..."

He winked at her, "And I don't mind taking off your clothes either."

Letting go of her hands, he then hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his boxers and raised an eyebrow at her. Her heated blue eyes raked over his muscular form and grew darker as they settled on the proud bulge in his boxers. She sat up.

"Alright, Gray-sama," she answered huskily, "You first."

He laughed, "Oh, I don't think so, little raindrop."

She pouted and then her eyes widened and she tilted her head, "Little raindrop?"

Gray blushed and inwardly cursed while Juvia was nearly overwhelmed by a wash of love for him. She reached down and swiftly removed her lacy underwear. Her boldness deserted her though and she quickly covered herself up with her hands.

Gray waggled his eyebrows at her and she giggled. She wanted to grab him and hug him tight, she knew he was trying to put her at ease. Instead, she beamed up at him and looked pointedly at his hands poised to remove the last piece of clothing.

He shrugged and then slowly, painfully began to pull his boxers down. Juvia's hungry gaze made his straining cock twitch eagerly and, after it was free, Gray grew tired with teasing and he stripped his boxers off, throwing them to some distant corner of the room.

"Mmm," Juvia mumbled happily.

The hot, captivated expression she wore reminded him of all those days ago when they had gone for ice-cream. He groaned as he remembered the way she had sucked and licked at her spoon, he was sure she would be just as…thorough with his body if she got the chance. His body pulsed and throbbed impatiently.

Juvia's heart jumped excitedly and she couldn't stop herself from tracing every inch of his large erection with her eyes. She wanted to touch, taste and stroke the hard flesh before her. She lifted one of her hands away from the junction of her thighs and raised it up to see what he felt like. He caught her before she could and she jumped, her eyes going to meet his curiously.

"Maybe next time," he told her, his voice tight with his repressed desire, "If you touch me now, all the fun will be over too soon."

She stuck her bottom lip out disappointedly, causing him to laugh lightly as he released his grip on her wrist and her hand returned to between her legs. He placed his warm hands on her soft thighs and slowly spread them wide apart, making her squeak nervously.

His hands then skimmed up her body to her shoulders and he eased her back down before staring and the erotic picture she made just lying there like that.

She's all mine, he thought possessively and with a hint of amazement.

"Gray-sama?" she asked in concern after he did nothing but stare at her for several moments.

He smirked and leaned down, bringing their faces close and bracing himself with his right forearm as he had done before.

"That's right," he purred, "Say my name."

He nipped playfully at her lips and then covered her hands with his left one.

"Gray-sama," she gasped, sensing what he had planned.

He licked and kissed his way back down to her breasts and teased her nipples with his lips and tongue again. She bent back and moaned in response, making heat pool low in his belly. He grinned over her pale skin and focused on her completely, unwilling to miss the next sound she would make. He pressed her hands against her hot, wet opening and rubbed firmly.

She let out a choked groan that caused his erection to pound demandingly.

"G-gray-sama," she breathed.

He sucked her breast again as he moved their quickly dampening fingers along her delicious slit. Her heels dug into the bed and she moaned wantonly while she bucked her hips. Waves of heat continually assaulted him with every move and sound she made, it was incredible the power they had over each other. He kissed her soft skin and lifted his head.

"Hot damn, Juvia," he groaned, seeing her flushed cheeks and how her hair was wild from the way she kept tossing her head about.

He grabbed one of her hands and easily pulled it up so she could see the sheen on her fingers. He stared into her eyes, his own gaze sparkling, and he deliberately licked up each of her digits. He was powerless to stop the sound of approval he made her at the sweet taste of her.

I could definitely get used to this kind of dessert.

He was surprised and immensely pleased when she shakily brought up her other hand and stared absorbedly at his mouth. He smirked at her fascination and sucked on each of her fingers, swirling and stroking his tongue around them, making sure he lapped up every bit of her desire. He could feel her shifting her hips about in need and longing.

"Still alright there, Juvia?" he questioned, his voice rough with lust.

She answered by cupping his face and pulling his mouth up to hers. She moaned hungrily when he let her tongue glide along his. As she deepened their passionate kiss, he snuck his hand back down to her waiting wetness. She jerked and tore her lips from his, gasping at the contact.

He raised an eyebrow at her and then kissed her heated cheek before nuzzling her neck and rubbing a certain sensitive spot between her slick folds. He tried to memorise the unintelligible sounds she made, his chest swelling with pride at making her so uninhibited in her responses.

He inhaled deeply, trying to saturate his insides with her scent as he carefully inserted a finger within her. Her silken walls immediately clamped around his digit and they both groaned. He couldn't wait to have his hard cock surrounded by that warmth. He lightly bit her shoulder.

"You're too good, Juvia," he ground out as he twisted his finger around inside her, "You're too much for me."

She made an earnest sound and tilted her head back into the bed as she rolled her hips urgently, her breaths becoming more and more ragged. He slipped a second finger inside when she relaxed and then ran his tongue over her frantic pulse. She cried out and then begged.

"P-please, Gray-sama."

His lips curved up in a bright grin as he removed his fingers from her willing body and quickly licked them clean. He shifted around and supported most of his weight with his forearms on either side of her while he positioned his pulsating erection right where it needed to be.

The sensitive head brushed against her tingling entrance and he had to lock all of his joints to stop from giving into his urge to slam into her. He paused and listened out for any odd sounds, but he could only hear his and Juvia's quick breathing. He smiled; nothing was going to stop them this time. Her passion filled blue eyes met his and his smile morphed into a smirk.

"What do you want, Juvia?"

She actually growled at him and he thought it was the cutest thing when she grabbed his hips and tried to pull him in.

"Come on now, Juvia," he teased, not budging an inch, "You just need to say it."

"Gray-sama," she complained.

He narrowed his eyes as a mischievous look then danced across her face. One of her hands slid away from his hips and he let out a strangled moan as that hand wrapped around his aching flesh.


"Gray-sama," she sighed in his ear, sending shivers down his spine, "Stop teasing, Juvia."

"You win," he said hoarsely after she stroked his erection lovingly, "This time."

Juvia glided her hand back to his hip and tugged, bringing out a little chuckle from him.

"So impatient, aren't you?"

He slowly began to enter her and his breath rushed out of his lungs at the exquisite sensation; he heard her gasp and he buried his face in her neck. He inched in further, pausing after every small movement, allowing her to get used to the feel of him.

When she enveloped him completely, he kissed her neck affectionately and experimentally flexed his hips. Her nails dug into him and so he ground against her. She moaned his name and her inner muscles gripped him, sending heat spiralling along his spine and settling low. His erection had a pulse of its own and demanded he pick up speed. He sucked her skin as she snaked up a hand to grip his hair.

Juvia rolled her body, causing him to hiss and give up his plans to stick to his slow and steady pace. He withdrew from her wet heat and drove right back in. They both groaned in pleasure, fire racing over their bodies and covering them with a light layer of sweat.

Gray suddenly flipped them over and grinned at having her sitting on top of him. Juvia planted her hands on his abdomen and raised herself up before letting herself slide down his hard length once more, giving a throaty groan. He caressed her thighs and settled his grip on her hips, aiding her in creating a mind blowing rhythm that had them breathing heavily and making all sorts of noises.

Gray could feel it, the concentrated heat coiling low down inside him and he could tell Juvia was feeling it in herself as well. Her body squeezed his, the coil tightened and their movements became more frantic, their dampened skin rubbing together and making Juvia moan louder than ever before. His fingers pressed into her soft flesh and hers clutched his shoulders desperately while they reached for the peak of their pleasure.

So close, they were so close. He pumped into her faster, harder and she tightened further around his straining cock. They slammed their eyes shut as the coil sprung free and they fell over the edge, her muscles contracting and milking his releasing cock. Lights dancing behind their eyelids as delicious spasms ran through them.

She collapsed against him and panted, resting her head over his thundering heart. His, now semi-hard, cock twitched inside her and he smiled contentedly as he began to stroke her back while they caught their breath. After a moment, she lifted her head up and rested her chin on his chest, staring at him with her big blue eyes that had warmth shining out of them.

"Juvia loves Gray-sama," she whispered, "And Juvia knows he loves her too."

"Good," he grinned, "Make sure you remember that the next time I'm an idiot, okay?"

She beamed back at him, "If you say so, Gray-sama."

He sighed, "I don't know why you put up with me."

"Because you're you, Gray-sama."

He laughed, remembering his conversation earlier with the bartender.

"And you're you," he said, playing with a strand of her blue hair, "And this is getting a bit too cheesy for me so…"

"Dinner time then," Juvia chirped, but then she didn't make any moves to leave, "Even though Juvia likes cuddling with Gray-sama."

She blinked and giggled before exclaiming, "Cute, Gray-sama! You're blushing!"

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