Eight kids Most of these poems seem more appropriate if you think of the characters from the Japanese versions.

Eight Kids
by Leto

~eight kids without ties
in a confusing world
find each other and their friends
and start on a journey
not knowing the destination~


~eight kids, bound together
by threads of destiny
and lead by courage~

Sure, I'm impulsive!
What else? Insensitive? Reckless?
Sure, I don't mind those insults
I'm all those things
I just know...
I'd rather get hurt myself
than let you.

I want to be impulsive
and jump into things from the heart
with enthusiasm
not thinking too closely, if I can...
because if I do think
I'll realise how hopeless
it can all seem sometimes


Who needs that?
We need action!
To save the world,
I'll do anything
even get you mad at me
or ignore your feelings
but I won't put you in danger
if I can go instead

Still, don't you get it?
There's something more important than us
Surprised to hear me be so serious?
Don't be...
I'm not as happy-go-lucky as you think...
I do know this isn't a game

Digivolve again!
Our hearts and spirits, too!
Teamwork's important
if we're going to reach our goal
and win
which we will!


~eight kids, bound together
by threads of destiny
and guided by knowledge~

I boot up
search, scan, download...
This is the perfect puzzle
for me to solve, but...
it might cost lives
I have to crack the code

This is my adventure
when there's nothing but curiousity
it guides me, but...
am I going the right way?
I think I'd enjoy it
if only the world weren't waiting on me

I know I should be happy
because my role does help everyone
but when it comes to strength
how can I measure up?

Can't I do more to help?
Yet, I won't...
I'll trust the leader to lead...
and I'll just follow
we all have our place
after all

I won't make waves
maybe afterwards, I'll break down
but not now
even if I'm sad
or furious
or have my thoughts scattering
in a logical panic,
I can't afford to rock the boat

Tell me what to do -
my IQ might be higher
but I can take orders
it's better than taking responsibility
and getting it wrong

I'll be your background support
standing here
I'll be as strong as I know how
you can be the hero
but I'll solve the puzzle

~eight kids, bound together
by threads of destiny
and motivated by love~

Please stay with me, my friends
I want to help you, but...
I kind of secretly
wish you'd help me too

It's not exactly easy
being here and all
I'll take it in my stride
because there's no other choice
if I fell, what would happen?
I'm sure I have some purpose
some terrible overwhelming responsibility
so I can't shirk it -
I'll just survive for now
but when I think about my role...
it scares me

I want to be like Mimi
and follow love instead of war
but I'll go where I'm needed
IF I'm needed
When it comes down to it...
the strength of love can't compare
to courage or friendship
or light or hope...
am I helping those greater lights to shine?
or am I no good here?
I'll pretend to be a support
so they'll want me

At least you don't need to love yourself
to love others
Otherwise my crest would be dead

~eight kids, bound together
by threads of destiny
and surviving by hope~

I'm glad I'm not here on my own
I'm glad there are big kids to take charge
but I can take care of myself
I'm not gonna drag the others down
my brother doesn't have to look out for me
he should fight himself

Please don't treat me like I'm useless
or helpless, or needing protection
I mean, we all do...
I know I can't make it on my own
but I know if you always take me by the hand
I won't know how to walk without help
I want to help out a lot
but sometimes I don't know what's going on
and I just have to trust the others
they want the same thing I do
and I know they'll take me the right way
towards the danger

It will be alright
even if my brother's gone
and my parents aren't around
to look after me
I guess I can get used to it
because you can always find someone
to take the place of family
in your heart

At least for a little while

I'll wait, 'cos I just know
I'll meet up with everyone again
and we'll fight together
and win, of course
and get to go home again

~eight kids, bound together
by threads of destiny
and strengthened by reliability~

Nobody really listens to me
they think I'm a joke
It's no joke, I'm not pretending
I never lie about what I mean
In this nightmare
I'll stand tall, though
and you can depend on me
whether you want to or not

Don't worry about me.
I won't inhibit you
heck, I'll just inhibit myself
but that's okay
I'd rather keep you safe
When this is all over,
I don't want anyone to say...
I didn't do my job properly

My chosen characteristic
it's not always easy
I want you to be able to count on me
even if it's just being predictable
or being afraid
hey, I'm not joking, it scares me a lot
not acting, I feel sick
at the thought of doing what we do
but I'll do it anyway

And if I die, well...
at least nobody can say
I didn't do my job

~eight kids, bound together
by threads of destiny
and supported by light~

You know what?
It doesn't matter what happens to me
Please take me with you
so I can help you
a light will show me the right path
and I'll run down it
without looking around

I'm sorry if I'm weak sometimes
I'll try to do better
I'll get up, I will...
I won't let myself fall
I won't let you fall either
I'll stand up against them

I'm so sorry for all the trouble I've caused
I wish I could turn back time
instead, I'll go forwards
and try to erase the bad stuff
with my light
even if it's scary

I have to say, though...
just under my breath...
that it makes me kind of nervous
the way my mind changes
when the light shines

~eight kids, bound together
by threads of destiny
and empowered by sincerity~

The people around me...
how did I end up with them?
Alien life forms, really...
Nerds and tomboys and jocks
yet they were so much more
yet I worked with them
yet they became more real friends
than any of the people like me
So, are the girls I thought my kind,
really so?

When I first came, it was a real shock
no surprise there!
no malls, no fluffy pillows, no pepperoni pizza
but worst of all
nobody to make a fuss over me
or be impressed by me

That was what hurt, I guess
going from princess to a nuisance
and nobody paid attention to me
except to tell me to stop whining
so, after a while of that...
I did

Now, I'm still the same person
but without the insincerity
I know I can make it without being pampered
but I can't make it without friends
none of us can
that's where our strength is

I secretly love what my crest is
I'm proud to own it
and proud of my destiny...
if only the friends that helped us
weren't sacrificed
they suffered because of us

I wish, I wish I could do more
to do something to help -
apart from fighting, and killing
and seeing our friends killed
when I think that...
my crest glitters
and I know my power
no, our power
will save the world!

~eight kids, bound together
by threads of destiny
and united by friendship~

Friendship, foeship
You might get on my nerves sometimes
okay, most of the time
okay, all the time...
but if you mess up, everything's messed up
you know that, don't you?

Yeah, you know
I've seen that look in your eyes
you're taking this so seriously
and even if you don't know what the best thing to do is
you won't do nothing
I like that

You know, I'll follow your lead
although you wouldn't guess it
I understand you care
even about me
who's always such a jerk
and you always
know how to treat my brother

Better than I do...

I know you don't understand
my lone wolf stance
it's not that I want to be alone
just that I need to be able to look at myself
I need to change
to become a better friend, brother, fighter, person
my crest couldn't do it
I have to do it myself

So one day
I can deserve the crest I hold -

But the way is so dark...
how, how, how?


~eight kids, bound together
by threads of destiny
and courage, hope, friendship
their motivation
their personal strengths
and the strengths of their friends
giving them the power
to save two worlds~