Chapter 1.

Tree climbing

Kakashi was impressed to say the least. Sakura Haruno, the little girl who lacked any strong noticeable attributes turned out to have the best chakra control of the whole group. She managed the climb the tree completely to the top, unlike Naruto and Sasuke…but that was nearly two hours ago. Kakashi made his students continually try to climb the tree, even Sakura who did so every time. He just wanted to make sure that Sakura got a good feel for controlling and funneling her chakra to the point where it would be second nature, so she wouldn't have to stop for a second to concentrate. Doing something like that in battle would leave her wide open for attack. Which is more than one could say about Naruto and Sasuke. They needed to learn how to get up the tree before worrying about it being second nature. If they couldn't even reach their target then they would surely be killed in a heartbeat. Kakashi looked to the sky and hummed to himself. Maybe he was over thinking things? It'd be several years before these kids got themselves into a situation that requires such chakra control right?

"Kakashi," Sasuke's angry voice snapped. The mask Jonin looked down, seeing the Uchiha boy walking away with his hands in his pockets. "I'm going back to get something to eat."

"I didn't say you could," Kakashi replied.

Sasuke didn't bother turning around as he just kept walking away. Kakashi sighed and rolled his eyes at the fact he couldn't do anything to Sasuke. It wasn't the fact he was leaning on a crutch. If he wanted to hurt the boy Kakashi could still beat Sasuke with the crutch, and with his other arm tied behind his back. It was the backlash of the Konoha elders that Kakashi worried about. The last of the Uchiha clan, how precious Sasuke was to the village, blah, blah, blah, blaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Kakashi sighed then looked to Sakura and Naruto.

"Does that mean we can leave too Kakashi sensei," Naruto asked.

"No," Kakashi replied sternly. "Sasuke can at least get a few inches up the tree with his chakra. Naruto, you get one step only because of your physical momentum from running so quickly. You need the most practice out of the entire group."

"So can I leave," Sakura asked quickly, looking past the Jonin towards her crush: Sasuke.

"Uh, no. Sakura you have the best understanding out of the three of you."

"Yeah, and you just said Naruto had to stay cause he didn't know squat!"

"Right, but Naruto learns from a combination of seeing the lesson and having it broken down and simplified for him. Since I've got this crutch I can't really show him much. You on the other hand can explain to him and you can show him how to get up the tree."

"I'm no teacher Kakashi sensei! That's your job!"

"I wouldn't be too sure of that." Sakura raised a questioning eyebrow towards her sensei. "Sakura, I think out of the three of you, you'd be the best teacher."

"Yeah, I knew that Sakura-chan! Believe-," Sakura punched Naruto in the face, eyes shut tightly.

"Don't finish that phrase idiot!" Naruto fell onto his back, half conscious.

"Uh…right. Anyway, you'd make a better teacher than Naruto, because Naruto is well…a knucklehead. Sasuke on the other hand is very talented, but most of it comes naturally to him and with little hard work for him, so he wouldn't know how to explain the specifics to students. You balance out: you're talented and intelligent, but you don't look down on everyone else like Sasuke does." Sakura couldn't help but smile a bit. Kakashi smirked under his mask. "Don't worry, in five hours if Naruto's hasn't gotten to that branch," Kakashi raised his crutch to a high up branch. "Then you can both come home."

"What if he does get to the branch," Sakura asked.

"Then you stay and keep doing it." The kunoichi groaned, throwing her head back. "Hey, I know it's not the ideal thing you'd want to be doing, but you have to keep pounding it into his head. Naruto isn't the type of kid who can take a break for a few hours and then come back and remember everything he did before. You've got to keep pushing him if he's got it. If not…then just come back."

"Alright sensei," Sakura replied quietly.

"Thanks Sakura," Kakashi said with his visible eye smiling at her. The Jonin turned and hobbled off. 'Whew, got myself out of that mess. As much as I hate to admit it: I don't know how I could explain anything to Naruto that wouldn't go right over his head. Hopefully Sakura can teach him…'

"Come on Naruto," Sakura snapped, kicking her teammate in the side lightly. "Kakashi sensei says I've got to train you so stand up already." Naruto got up quickly with a huge goofy grin on his face.

"This is great Sakura-chan! You get to teach me!"

"Yeah, yeah, shut up and listen alright? Do you know anything about concentrating chakra?" Naruto gave a blank stare at the pink haired kunoichi. Sakura sighed and shook her head,'What have I gotten myself in to?'

Sasuke and Kakashi made it back to the bridge builder's house, had some dinner and sat outside, staring into the ocean. "Kakashi…I need to know how to focus my chakra better." The masked Jonin simply stared out into the distance. Sasuke snapped his head over, his eyes hardened on his teacher, "Did you hear me Kakashi?"

"If you wanted to know more you should've stayed and trained with Naruto and Sakura." Sasuke scoffed and turned his head away. "Remember what I said Sasuke? Different isn't better. Sakura managed to focus her chakra better than you. Or maybe that's why you didn't want to train with them." Sasuke's fists balled up, clutching his shorts tightly. Kakashi huffed then looked up at the sky. "Heaven forbid someone could be better than the great Sasuke Uchiha." Said Uchiha stood up suddenly then headed inside.

"If you won't teach me then I'll learn by myself!"

"Going to rejoin Naruto and Sakura?" Sasuke remained silent, heading into town instead of the forest. "Guess that's a no…" Kakashi tossed a pebble out into the ocean, making it skip lightly across the water's surface.

"No, no, NO!" Naruto was lying on his back, looking up to an annoyed Sakura. "Don't you listen to ANYTHING I say!?" Naruto simply gave a wide eyed gaze at Sakura. The kunoichi gave the blonde a confused look. "What?"

"You're cute Sakura-chan."

"What does that have to do with ANYTHING," Sakura shouted, her face burning a bright red. "Focus Naruto! You've got to learn how to control your stupid chakra!"

"Right," Naruto replied, jumping to his feet. "I won't let ya down Sakura!"

'Yeah right…' Sakura looked to the sun, realizing that three hours had already passed by. 'Two more hours and we're out of here. Oh my poor Sasuke, he must be so lonely without me…'

"Sakura, watch," Naruto shouted. The kunoichi groaned then turned around, seeing Naruto with his eyes closed and his hands clasped together.

'Well…he's got the right seal at least…'

"Here goes!" Naruto ran forward as quickly as he possibly could, feeling the chakra flowing through his legs. 'This is it! This is it! I've got it! I'm so gonna impress Sakura-chan!'Naruto's foot hit the tree and pulled him up. The other foot landed and Naruto ran up the tree towards the branch. "GOTCHA!" Naruto reached out, but in his excitement, his foot slipped out from under him and caused the blonde to fall from the tree and land on his back with a thud. "Damn it!" Naruto groaned as he rolled onto his hands and knees. "That hurt! And I almost had it too!" Sakura's eyes were wide with surprise.

'That wasn't half bad actually. AGH! What if he makes it to that branch!? I'll be stuck here even longer and I won't get to see Sasuke-kun! I CAN'T LET THAT HAPPEN!'

"Here I go!" Sakura snapped out of her trance, realizing Naruto was once again rushing towards the tree.

"Damn it," Sakura muttered as Naruto's feet hit the tree once again.

"I got ya now!" Naruto reached up, but once again his foot slipped as his fingertips grazed the bark of the branch. "DAMN IT AGAIN!" Naruto fell down, but this time he landed on his feet. "Come on!" Naruto slammed his head against the tree. "Why can't I do this?!" The blonde slid down, kneeling in front of the tree he had his forehead pressed against. "Why can't I get this stupid technique down? I'm so stupid!" Sakura's face showed surprise and genuine concern for her teammate who slammed his head into the tree once again.

"Hey, don't beat yourself up okay," Sakura whispered, walking towards him slowly. "It's hard I know."

"No you don't! You and Sasuke, you're both just good at everything! I'm so stupid and UGH!" Naruto once again slammed his head into the tree.

"Stop that," Sakura ordered, grabbing Naruto by the shoulder. "You're not stupid! You're just not talented like Sasuke, and I'm just smart and pretty."

'Wow, THAT didn't make you sound vain,' inner Sakura stated.

"I can help you Naruto, but you've got to listen to what I say and you've got to focus. And slamming your head into this tree won't help either!" Naruto lowered his head, staring into the ground beneath him.

"I know…but it's hard. I really try to listen to you Sakura-chan, but it's just that…" Naruto averted his eyes, his cheeks becoming red.

"What?" Naruto gulped with fear then moved his eyes to the ground.

"I can't concentrate because I think you're so beautiful…" Sakura's face became as red as a tomato. She placed a hand on her cheek and turned her head, moving her eyes back and forth to and away from Naruto.

'He can't concentrate because I'm hot! CHA!'

"I seriously don't know how to make myself focus! I tune in and out while you're talking, but I get so distracted!"

"And you couldn't learn when Kakashi was explaining it to us either. So you think Kakashi sensei is beautiful too Naruto?" The blonde's face lit up as he looked over to his crush.

"No way!" Sakura threw her head back, holding herself up by one arm as she started laughing uncontrollably. Naruto looked down bashfully, just then realizing it was a joke. Sakura finally stopped laughing, letting out a winded sigh and wiping the corner of her eye. "I'm serious though. And just then, the last two times I went up the tree, all I could think about was impressing you Sakura-chan." The pink haired kunoichi's face softened a bit, listening to what the boy had to say. "You're head over heels in love with Sasuke, but he hasn't done anything to impress you. He left and he's the reason you're stuck with me right now, and he doesn't even notice you like I do Sakura-chan!" The pink haired kunoichi smiled then placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder, causing the blonde to blush.

"Thank you Naruto." Sakura stood up suddenly, putting her hands on her hips. "But if you really want to impress me then listen to what I tell you and get to that tree branch already!"

"Yes ma'am," Naruto replied, jumping to his feet. "I'll try my hardest to listen!" Sakura's eyes narrowed. That wasn't the answer she wanted to hear. "I-I'm sorry, but it's hard to focus when I'm looking at you…"

"Alright, well what do you think about when you're looking at me," Sakura questioned. Naruto blushed brightly, looking down immediately. "Tell me and maybe I could help you." Naruto swallowed the lump in his throat, gathering the courage to look Sakura in the eye.

"I…think about us kissing…and uh…doing…um…"

"Doing what," Sakura asked, tilting her head to the side. Naruto's knees and hands began to shake with fear.

"Stuff…" Sakura's head still remained tilted and her eyes remained oblivious. "Uh…naughty type stuff…"

"OH," Sakura turned her head away so fast she almost spun her whole body around.


Sakura blushed at her own thoughts. She was enjoying the fact Naruto was having dirty thoughts about her? She would've punched anyone else in the face, but why was she giddy at this thought.

'Damn teenage hormones,' Naruto and Sakura thought at the same time.

"Alright Naruto," Sakura said breathlessly. The kunoichi shook her head slightly. She never realized that she had been holding her breath. "Tell you what, if you can get up to that tree branch I'll…kiss you."

"WHAT?!" Sakura smiled a bit, feeling a bit embarrassed. "Are you serious Sakura?!"

"Yeah," the kunoichi replied hesitantly with a nod. "Get up to that branch and you get a kiss." Sakura turned and ran up the tree with ease, sitting on the branch with her legs dangling off. "Hurry it up. You've got less than two hours."

"You got it Sakura-chan!" Naruto jogged backwards, spun around then charged forward. "Here I come!" Sakura watched the blonde with a smile on her face.

'Is he gonna make it?'

Naruto's foot hit bark, and he flew up the tree in the blink of an eye. Sakura closed her eyes and shielded her face as the wind that followed Naruto's incredible speed blew towards her. She opened her eyes, and saw that Naruto was nowhere to be seen.

"Hey Sakura-chan!" The kunoichi looked up, seeing Naruto hanging onto the branch above her with one hand. "I get a kiss now right?" Sakura's eyes were as wide as humanly possible. Was she that good of a motivator or what? Naruto dropped down next to Sakura in a crouched position. "Sakura-chan?"

"Right," Sakura replied dumbly, shaking her head. Naruto tilted his head in confusion. "R-right, you get a kiss…or…"


Sakura blushed a bit then looked Naruto in the eyes, "Or if you can make it to the top of this tree…we could maybe do some of those naughty things you're thinking about." Naruto's eyes widened, his jaw dropped, and his nose almost bled.

"Y-you're joking right Sakura-chan?"

"Nope," Sakura replied firmly, surprising herself even. This wasn't like her at all. She always wanted her first kiss to be with Sasuke, and her first time too. But after all the sweet things Naruto said to her, this kunoichi's got her eye on another man. "Get to the top of the tree Naruto. I'll be waiting." Sakura leaned forward and gave Naruto a slight peck on the cheek, causing the blonde to nearly faint as he fell off the branch and land on his head. "Oh crap, Naruto are you okay?!"

"This isn't a dream," Naruto replied, his leg twitching.

"Naruto, are you okay," Sakura called out. "Do I need to get Kakashi sensei?" Naruto flipped to his feet, completely thrilled about the deal that was just made.

"No way Sakura-chan! I'll be up there in no time at all!" Sakura smiled then stood up on her feet.

"I'll be waiting." Sakura turned and simply walked vertically up the tree, blushing to herself. 'What's the matter with me!? I never act like this! This is something that Ino would probably do, but me!? This is crazy!' Sakura giggled a little bit, and skipped up the tree now. 'But I like it!'

"Oh man, this is gonna be great," Naruto exclaimed. "If I actually get up there…me and Sakura-chan…" Naruto drooled, already getting mental images in his mind of what he would do. "Right, no time to waste! Here I come Sakura-chan!"

Kakashi sat in his room, reading Make-out Paradise for the umpteenth time. He stopped for a moment then looked out the window, realizing it was nighttime. 'They only have about an hour left. This must mean Naruto is actually making progress, otherwise Sakura would've just given up and came back by now.' Kakashi smiled under his mask and closed his book, falling back into his futon. 'Ah Kakashi, you certainly know how to get things done…'

Naruto screamed as he charged up the tree again, getting one third of the way up before falling back towards the ground. The blonde stabbed his kunai into the tree and slid down to a stop, landing on the ground softly. He panted heavily, then pulled the blade out of the wood. Naruto looked up, trying to pick Sakura out within the tall tree, but to no avail. Even if it wasn't a pitch black night, Naruto doubted he could spot the kunoichi through the leaves and branches.

"Hey, loser," a voice called out. Naruto turned his head, seeing Sasuke walking up to him with his hands in his pockets. "Where's Sakura?"

"Why," Naruto asked bitterly.

"I want to talk to her about chakra control." Naruto narrowed his eyes angrily.

"She and I are training. Maybe you should've asked her before you walked off like a baby." Sasuke scowled angrily, his eyes hardening.

"Where is she loser?"

"What business is it of yours," Naruto questioned. "She's not going to talk to you so just beat it!" Sasuke looked up into the tree for a moment before scoffing then turning his back.

"Whatever loser. I'm sure she'll be mad whenever you tell her that she could've talked to me, but you were too stubborn to tell me where she was. See ya idiot." Sasuke walked through the forest, heading back to the bridge builder's house.

Naruto turned his head, eyes fixated towards the top of the tree. The blonde concentrated his chakra then ran towards the tree again.

Sakura sat at the top of the tree, standing on a thick branch covered in leaves. The whole place was very open, and high above the rest of the forest. The only thing that could spot her up here were the birds probably. A blush crept across her face when she started to think of doing it at the top of a tree. Sakura shook her head, trying to get the dirty thought out of her head.

'H-he probably won't even make it to the top anyways…'

'Let's hope he does! CHA!'

Sakura blushed once again, looking down at her lap, 'Stop it, stop thinking, stop thinking…' Sakura sighed then looked up at the sky. 'I wonder how long it's been already…I wonder how Naruto's doing?'

At the base of the tree, Naruto panted heavily, standing a few feet away from the tree. "Damn it…at this rate…Sakura-chan is gonna be stuck up there forever…"

Naruto growled angrily. He started to remember how Sasuke calls him a loser, how Sasuke saved him, and how Sakura loves Sasuke based on some stupid fan-girl crush. The blonde looked at the tree, his eyes as hard as steel as he ran forward, screaming loudly in anger. The blonde shot up the tree like a speeding bullet, causing branches and leaves to be pushed past his breakneck speeds. His drive, his determination was resolved as he pushed himself harder and faster up the tree. It wasn't even about the sex…well it was kind of about the sex, but it was mostly about showing up Sasuke and impressing Sakura! Okay, fifty-fifty.

Sakura laid back on the tree branch, staring at the sky with a bored expression on her face. Suddenly, Naruto shot up next to the branch, shaking it slightly. The kunoichi clung to the branch, screaming for dear life. Sakura looked up, seeing Naruto high above the tree with his fists pumped high into the air.

"YEAH! I did it!"

"Naruto?!" Sakura looked in shock as the blonde started descending and landed on the branch across from his teammate. "Naruto…you seriously…got up here…"

"Yeah I did," Naruto exclaimed triumphantly. "It's all thanks to you Sakura-chan!"

"No problem," Sakura replied with an embarrassed blush. The two stared at each other for a moment before Naruto's eyes lit up suddenly.

"Oh, Sakura-chan, you promised uh…" Sakura's blush darkened and a smile crept up on her face.

"I guess I did…"

"Y-you don't have to if you don't want to Sakura-chan…" The kunoichi moved closer to Naruto until she was inches from him. Sakura leaned forward slowly, her heart racing. Naruto's eyes widened while his heart started beating like a drum.

"I want to Naruto," Sakura whispered as she captured his lips.


Sakura blushed as she pushed against Naruto, who finally started kissing back. Naruto snaked his arms around Sakura's waist, causing the kunoichi to blush and press her body against Naruto's. The blonde slowly moved his hands down to Sakura's rear, squeezing her cheeks. Sakura gasped a bit in shock, involuntarily breaking the kiss. Naruto seized the moment as he started kissing Sakura's neck and collar bone. The kunoichi shuddered, clutching Naruto's shoulders tightly. Naruto started licking up from her collar bone to her jaw, leaving a trail of kisses along her cheek while still massaging her butt.

'God damn, he's so good!'


"Naruto," Sakura whispered with a surprisingly sexy tone. Naruto stopped, looking up at Sakura, who started to unzip her top. The pink haired kunoichi pulled her blouse down past her shoulders, showing her bare breasts. Naruto drooled and nearly bleed out through his nose at the sight. "You want to play with them…?" Without another word, Naruto latched his hands to each of them, causing Sakura to moan.

'I can't believe that I'm doing these things with Sakura-chan! It's like a dream come true! Her boobs are bigger than I thought they were like an A-cup, but they're like a C…I think. I don't know how to tell these things apart!'

Naruto massaged Sakura's breasts gently, then wrapped his lips around one of her nipples. The kunoichi gasped with shock, then started to moan as her teammate started to suck on it like the eager child he was. Sakura looked at Naruto who seemed to be entranced, sucking on one nipple while pinching and playing with the other. Sakura bit her lower lip, fighting the urge to scream. Suddenly, the kunoichi felt something hard between her legs. She looked down, seeing a bulge in Naruto's trousers, which appeared to be unnoticed by the blonde himself. Sakura smiled then started swaying her hips, grinding against the covered shaft. Naruto threw his head back suddenly, releasing Sakura's nipple and moaning as he was hit with a sudden wave of pleasure.


Encouraged by Naruto's moaning, Sakura started swaying faster, pushing her hips down harder. In retaliation, Naruto grabbed Sakura's hips and started grinding against her. Sakura gasped suddenly, then bit her lip to keep from moaning. She was able to handle grinding against him, but now that he was pushing against her sex now, it was harder to fight back. Sakura bit her finger, moans still escaping her mouth.

"Sakura-chan…" Naruto had already unzipped his pants and his long, stiffened member pointing directly at the kunoichi. Sakura's face went beat red at the sight of it and her head started pounding.

'It's so big…and it…it looks so…'


Sakura gulped, still staring at the stiff rod, not realizing that Naruto was climbing over her. The blonde hovered over Sakura now, who was blushing madly.

"C-can we have sex Sakura-chan…?"

Those words floated around in Sakura's mind. She always imaged and hoped that her first time would be with Sasuke. When she made this deal, a part of her knew that Naruto wouldn't be able to make it up the tree so she didn't worry too much. Now that she was faced with the moment where she might have to give up her virginity to someone other than Sasuke…

Naruto looked down when Sakura started moving, seeing the kunoichi pulling down her shorts from her waist. Naruto's face started to heat up as he snapped his head back up, staring into Sakura's eyes.

"I wouldn't be very happy if we didn't have sex Naruto," Sakura replied with a perverted smile on her face.

Once her shorts were down to her ankles, Sakura started kissing Naruto, reaching a hand down to his hardened member. She grasped it gently, causing the blonde to moan quietly into her mouth. She started stroking it for a second before guiding it towards her sex. Naruto was too weak to resist, even though he had no intentions to. The tip of his rod was at Sakura's entrance, rubbing it gently. Sakura quivered as surges of pleasure shook through her body. Luckily she didn't have to worry about having to break her hymen, since she had to have it broken when she became a ninja. It hurt like hell, but at least her first time would be more pleasure and less pain. Naruto looked into Sakura's eyes who nodded once in assurance. Naruto slowly pushed forward, eventually penetrating Sakura's most sensitive area. The kunoichi wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck and her legs around his waist instinctively, screaming at the top of her lungs.

"S-Sakura-chan," Naruto moaned before he started swaying back and forth gently. "Y-you feel so good down here Sakura-chan!"

"N-Naruto! OH GOD!"

'Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww CHA!'

Naruto's hips started swaying faster, causing Sakura to yelp out a bit in shock. Naruto panted heavily, his arms around Sakura's back as his hips moved at a steady rhythm.

"S-Sakura-chan, I-I can't control myself! This feels too good! My hips are moving on their own!" Sakura threw her head back, screaming as Naruto started going faster. The blonde started grunting with each thrust, drool oozing from the corners of his mouth. "You're so tight Sakura-chan!"

Sakura started moving her hips against Naruto's. The blonde felt his climax coming and began to pull out. Naruto wrapped his hand around his shaft then started stroking it as fast as he could, using Sakura's juices as lubricant. The blonde came in no time, firing a thick stream of his seed on Sakura's chest, then another onto her face. Sakura closed her eye as the thick string got dangerously close to her eye. Naruto had stopped stroking, but his member kept spasing and kept shooting all over Sakura. Finally, the blonde had stopped, sighing heavily as he fell back onto his hand. Sakura looked to be dazed, her mind was foggy. She thoughtlessly gathered the thick residue from her face onto her finger and hands.

'The scent of his semen…is amazing…'

"S-Sakura-chan," Naruto asked, seeing his teammate's dazed trance. "Are you okay?" Sakura nodded then crawled over to Naruto.

"You're still hard," she pointed out with a blush on her face. 'I don't know what's wrong with me. It's like this scent is compelling me to go further!'

"S-Sakura-chan it's fine, really."

"No it's not Naruto," Sakura replied seductively. "Now what are some of these other naughty thoughts you have of me?" Naruto's face started turning red as he gulped with insecurity.

"Well…there was this one where we did it…uh…from behind. N-not in the ass, but in the uh…well the same place, but from behind…" Sakura smiled then stood up and turned around so her rear was facing Naruto. Her hands were pressed against the base of the tree as she turned her head to Naruto. "S-Sakura-chan, are you okay?!"

"Go ahead and do me from behind Naruto," Sakura stated. "Don't hold back, and fuck me as hard as you want." Naruto's jaw dropped, leaving him gapping in shock. "Make me yours Naruto…"

'CHA! He's all ours now baby! CHA!'

Naruto reluctantly moved forward and placed his hands on Sakura's smooth hips. "Y-you're sure Sakura-chan…?" The kunoichi nodded once and widened her legs a bit.

Naruto prodded the entrance then pushed himself inside, moaning lightly as he pushed his penis in all the way to the hilt. Sakura threw her head up and moaned with a smile on her face she couldn't fight. Naruto moaned and started to move his hips back and forth, trying to stop himself from going crazy.

"N-Naruto, I told you that you can fuck me as hard as you want," Sakura snapped. Naruto nodded then started moving faster, clutching Sakura's hips tighter. The blonde moaned and stayed at the same speed. "M-more Naruto!"

"S-Sakura-chan! I can't hold myself back any more!" Naruto started going faster and faster until he was completely thrusting into Sakura's sex.

The kunoichi screamed, balling her hands into fists, her nails clawing through the tree bark as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Sakura's legs started to close, tightening herself around Naruto's shaft. The blonde groaned, stopping for a minute before going back to thrusting. Naruto lifted Sakura off her feet. Her back slammed into his chest, confusing the kunoichi for a moment before Naruto started thrusting upward into her. Sakura yelped out in shock, her body twitching with wave after wave of pleasure with each thrust.

"Sakura-chan, I'm gonna cum!"

Sakura clenched her teeth together, moaning in indescribable pleasure. Sakura opened her mouth to say something, but was cut off by a warm feeling entering her womb. The kunoichi screamed, her eyes rolling into the back of her head while Naruto shot his seed directly into his teammate. Sakura's eyes fluttered as she reached her own climax. Naruto fell back, using the base of the tree for support while Sakura placed her feet gently on the branch. She leaned against Naruto otherwise she would've fell from the tree and hit the ground at the bottom. Both Naruto and Sakura panted heavily as Naruto's cum dripped from Sakura's womanhood.


"Hm," the blonde hummed, fighting the urge to just fall flat on his back.

"Good job getting to the top of the tree…" The two Genin chuckled weakly. They would've laughed, but they were way too exhausted. "Now…how are we supposed to get down…?"

Kakashi awoke as sunlight beamed him in the face. The masked Jonin looked to the window, narrowing his eye skeptically. 'Did Naruto and Sakura come back at all last night…?' The Jonin got up then looked into both of his students' rooms. 'They didn't come back…they must've done some serious training last night.' Just then, there was a knocking on the door. Kakashi moved downstairs towards the front door, where the old bridge builder was already at the door. "Who is it," Kakashi questioned. Tazuna opened the door and stepped aside, revealing Naruto, half asleep, carrying a passed out Sakura in his arms.

"Hey Kakashi sensei…training successful…" Naruto fell forward, but was caught by the old man while Kakashi flashed forward, catching Sakura before she hit the ground.

'Man, never thought I'd see the day when Naruto was worn out…Sakura must be a tougher teacher than I thought…'

Yeah, not that epic of an ending. I might continue it with other chicks, making it a NaruHarem type story but I'm not sure. I'll see how much attention this one gets then decide from there.

end of chapter 1

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