Back in Action Readers

Hey Reader's NaruHinaSakuFan1 here it's been year probably more than that since I last updated anything i know that some of you fan's wish u could hunt me down sooner and force me to update Enslavement and Pile of lemons but due to me getting not one but two job's actually but yea I could on go on and on about why I couldn't updated so I'll get to the point Pile of Lemon will be on the site once again, with two new chapter's to it and an updated for Enslavement will also be up as well and as you can see Naruto's Wonderful Training Exercises which I adopted from Xorncon is on the site now as well with an added chapter in the making as well. So as you readers can see updates are on the way. And also I am still taking request's and opinion's for all three stories so if you have something in mind be sure to let me know I am still wondering if I should also work on the Code Geass stories as well, seeing as they were some of my first stories and the grammar and spelling sucks so I know the Code Geass stories need work badly so yea if readers got any suggestions for those stories as well let me know. So once again I hope you reader are ready for some much needed updates I apologize for the very long delay and for the fan's that have been waiting the wait is almost over!

p.s yea I know I posted a AN saying I was still in business but I finally got everything in order took longer than expected I know but still no BS