Through Evil Eyes

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Chapter 1: Please….Let Me Truly Experience Freedom.


It was a rowdy night at the Scarlet Devil Mansion in the Gensokyo. Normally Remilia Scarlet, vampire and head of the mansion, would never allow such a thing but tonight was an exception….it was a farewell party to a friend of her's. The next day, Hyuuga Tsukihitomi, was to marry the head of her clan, Hyuuga Hiashi, and never be able to leave her clan's compound again. This angered Remilia and those within her mansion to end to the point that one of them almost went to annihilate the Hyuuga clan. It took them all and outside help to stop them from going. Remilia stared out the window at the party noticing the person wasn't there. Remilia wore a pink mob cap and matching dress with bright red trimming and a large red ribbon on the back of her waist. Her hair is short and light blue and her eyes are blood red. On her back are bat like wings. Despite being near five hundred she appeared to be a ten year old though she acted much older.

"Why aren't you out there?" Remilia asked out loud. "Tsukihitomi would like to be able to see you before she is shut away forever." The vampiress turned around to face a young man with brown hair that was spiked and wild on top but with a long ponytail that went to his waist. He wore black boots with strange white spiked bone armor on them, a pair of black cargo pants with six belts crisscrossing each other though one had a buckle in the shape of the Konoha symbol, a white button-down shirt that was untucked with the top button undone, a black jacket with red trim, black fingerless gloves with razor spikes on the back of the knuckles, a black metal bracelet with colored prisms on his left wrist. His eyes were a hauntingly empty grey.

"I would prefer to have saved her from her fate instead of celebrate it." The young man said scathingly. Remilia looked down as tears filled her eyes. She wanted the same thing as him but knew that wasn't the path to take.

"Mark…I know….I want the same thing but…we can't. We have to maintain peace between our worlds. Incidents here the Gensokyo are normal…..but were we to unleash that insanity into the Elemental Nations who knows what would happen." Remilia explained to her good friend Mark Frey Knowledge. Mark sighed and scratched his head.

"Guess I never thought about that. I hate to admit it but you're right. Better go and enjoy the festivities. Are you coming?" Mark asked his old friend. Remilia nodded a yes before joining him as the two headed downstairs to the courtyard.


Hyuuga Tsukihitomi was enjoying her last night of freedom. Tsukihitomi wore a white kimono like most Hyuuga and had the same pearl eyes as well as beautiful indigo hair. She was eating some well made sushi as she watched the chaotic celebration from a corner. She smiled as she watched the various antics. She was surprised at all of the guests who had come.

Tsukihitomi remembered the day she first entered the Gensokyo. She was only ten at the time and was sheltered unless she was taken to functions to learn how to be a proper Hyuuga. She remembered wishing she had friends, real friends who didn't care about her family. That's when her hands began to glow a bright green. She clapped them together and slowly separated them as a tear opened in front of her. She walked through into a library where she was confronted by Mark Frey Knowledge. Mark sat her down and asked her how she had entered the library of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. When she explained to him what had happened he told her that she was the Gatekeeper.

Mark brought her a book that told her that long ago during the feud with the Uchiha and the Senju a group came from the Gensokyo, including his mother Morgan Le Fay Knowledge. When Uchiha Madara was defeated and the Kyuubi no Kitsune was sealed into Uzumaki Mito the group left but Morgan gave a gift to a small Hyuuga girl who was taken with her. She called the power Gatekeeper. However soon after Morgan died. The two worlds were on different time axis's so when the girl used her power it had been almost a hundred years. However when Gatekeeper was used the Gensokyo's time axis synched itself to the Elemental Nations.

Mark introduced Tsukihitomi to his sister and the others of the mansion. As the years passed she met more of the Gensokyo's inhabitants becoming friends with them. However she had developed a crush on the first person she had met in this new dimension. On a man who had various titles like God Slayer and Scythe of Scarlet. She didn't care that was over a century old.

Tsukihitomi was brought out of her reminiscing when she felt a similar dark power approach her. She turned her head to see Mark walking towards her. She smiled at him and smiled a wolfish smile back.

"Surprising for the guest of honor to be hiding in the corner." Mark said shaking his head. Tsukihitomi shrugged as she sat up and put her plate on a table. She motioned for him to follow her. Mark followed her out to the lake where she turned to show that she was crying.

"It's not fair! I don't want to marry him!" She said hugging the magician youkai and crying into his chest. Mark held her close as he looked down at her. "All my life in the Elemental Nations has been hell! I belong here with Remilia-chan, Patchouli-chan, Alice-chan…and most importantly you Mark!" Mark's eyes widened at that. How was he the most important one? Tsukihitomi looked up at him before kissing him. "Mark…I love you. I have loved you for years." Mark was in shock. He had developed feelings for Tsukihitomi sure but he had long since accepted that she would never want to be with someone who was near two centuries old.

"Tsukihitomi…..I…I love you too." Mark said causing Tsukihitomi to freeze. She always thought he was with another member of the Gensokyo. He was almost two centuries old so she thought he would never want to be with a human. "I love you so much…but you know I can't interfere." She nodded.

"I am well aware of the repercussions should you attack the Elemental Nations. And I know what I'm about to ask is a bit much….please….let me truly experience freedom." Mark was confused until Tsukihitomi started to undo her obi.

"Wait a minute! Are you sure about this?" Mark asked. "Don't you have to be pure for these things?" Tsukihitomi stopped and looked down. She also began shaking uncontrollably.

"My purity was taken from me already." Tsukihitomi said with tears in her eyes. "When the engagement was announced….I was tasted by Hiashi." Mark's rage grew but he controlled himself. Instead he kissed Tsukihitomi.

"I don't know if it's true freedom…but I will grant your wish." Mark said as he opened a gateway to his room. "For tonight….all that exists to me is you my beloved." Mark offered his hand to Tsukihitomi who eagerly took it before the two disappeared beyond the gate.

000000-Later that night

Mark was in his room alone when Remilia walked in with a knowing smirk on her face. "Particular reason why you have that smile?" Mark said with a raised eyebrow.

"Enjoy giving her one night of true freedom?" Remilia asked. Mark sighed and he scratched the back of his head. "I can see you're not surprised that I know. Oh well….I do hope your heart can take this. As your best friend I worry that you may be forever broken from this."

"I'll be fine Remi. I'm made of stronger stuff than most." Mark said with a small smile. "Still…thank you for worrying about me. Good night Remi." Remilia walked out of the room and closed the door.

"Good night….my friend….may your heart stay intact."

000000-Years later

He had done it! The Kumo jounin known only as Scar had succeeded in capturing the heiress to the Hyuuga. Now his village would be able to gain the Byakugan. All he had to do was make it back to Kumogakure with the girl and raise her to breed.

Inside the bag the man was holding, a little girl with short indigo hair with pearl eyes was crying her eyes out. She was being abducted and she couldn't fight back. She wished she had a way to break free or at least make him freeze. Soon she had a sudden headache

"Torpor!" She screamed from inside the bag. The jounin raised an eyebrow before he was encased in an amber crystal and the bag fell from his hands. The girl looked up to see what had happened. She had no idea that she had done that. She also had no idea that her actions were felt across the Gensokyo.

"What the hell?" Mark asked out loud. While enjoying a moonlit walk he felt the awakening of dark magic similar to his own. He rushed back to the mansion as fast as he could. As he entered the foyer he was surprised to see that everyone was waiting for him. In her chair was Remilia sitting next to the window. Next to her was another vampire in a mob cap and a red dress with white frills at the edges with short blonde hair in a side pony tail that was longer and she also had red eyes. On her back were wings that appeared to be made of iron with had eight crystals colored light blue, blue, purple, pink, orange, yellow, light green and light blue in order just like Mark's bracelet. This is Flandre Scarlet, Remilia's little sister and Mark's adoptive daughter whom he dotes on constantly.

On the couch was a young looking woman with purple hair and eyes wearing a purple night dress and cap with ribbons all over them and a crescent moon on the cap which she actually wore as her daily wear much to Mark's personal dismay. This Patchouli Knowledge, Mark's younger sister. Next to her was another young woman with long red hair wearing a black dress with a white blouse underneath and a red tie and two pairs of bat wings, one on her back and a small pair on her head. This Koakuma, Patchouli's familiar.

Standing next to the couch was a young woman with dark blue eyes, silver hair with braids on either side of her face wearing a black long sleeved shirt and black skirt and a black maid's cap in her hair. This is Izayoi Sakuya. To Mark's right was a teal eyed red head with two braids on either side tied with black ribbons wearing an olive green cap with a bronze star in the center with the Chinese character for dragon on it. She was wearing a decorated olive green dress with a white blouse underneath. She has a black ribbon tied on the collar of her blouse. This is Hong Meiling, The Scarlet Devil Mansion's gatekeeper and gardener. The last member was in a recliner and looked no older than twelve. She had long scarlet hair that reached her ankles and wore black heels with stocking, a black skirted, red corset dress with a black shawl draped over shoulders and a large black bow in her hair. This is Mark's familiar Shadow Rain, the Fairy of Shadows.

"I assume you all felt that dark magic as well." Mark said sitting down in a reading chair but leaning forward. "Do we have any idea what may have caused it? I mean last I checked I'm the only living Dark Mage." As he was the only Dark Mage he was the only one who could produce a magic signature like the one they just felt. "Also that felt like an Awakening and no new births have been confirmed in the Gensokyo."

"You're right." A woman's voice said from the hall way before a blonde woman with golden eyes wearing a purple frilled dress and carrying a pink parasol. She wore a mob cap with a red ribbon tied on the front. Everyone looked at the new arrival. This woman is one of the contenders for most powerful in the Gensokyo, Yakumo Yukari the Youkai of Boundaries. "But what is stranger still is that the magic did not come from the Gensokyo. It came from outside it."

"Outside the Gensokyo?" Patchouli asked. "That shouldn't be feasible since Mark-nii is the only confirmed Dark Mage." Despite being a shut in Patchouli was extremely knowledgeable of the goings on in the outside world.

"Besides how could there be an Awakening outside the Gensokyo?" Koakuma asked adding in her two cents. Yukari didn't answer; she just turned her head to Mark with a knowing smile Mark raised an eyebrow before a possibility dawned on him. One he had never even considered. Remilia also started to figure it out as she saw Mark's eyes widen.

"Yukari-san….do we know what dimension the waves emanated from?" Shadow Rain asked the Boundary Youkai whose smile seemed to widen.

"It felt like it came from the Elemental Nations." Yukari said causing Mark to stand up.

"I need a way opened to Konoha immediately!" Mark demanded shaking. The possibility was looking more and more like it was confirmed. He needed to go to Konoha to investigate and see if he was right.

"Ara ara, someone is very demanding. But fine I had one set up in the backyard." Yukari said before getting out of Mark's way.

"I'll be back. Don't wait up for me." Mark said running out the back and seeing a crimson gap filled with eyes. On instinct his left hand went to his Konoha buckle that had received from Tsukihitomi one Christmas. He steeled himself and walked into the gap. It was an interesting feeling walking in the gap. It was cold but didn't feel cold. It was dry but at the same time it wasn't. It just felt….odd.


Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Sandaime Hokage, The Professor, the Shinobi no Kami….was complet6ely stumped as to what he was looking at. The ambassador from Kumo was imprisoned in an amber crystal. He was confirmed alive and unharmed, but imprisoned. The only witness was the victim, Three-year-old Hyuuga Hinata. However despite the headache the mystery as to how was giving him, the why was easily solved.

"To think they'd go this low to try and steal secrets from the village." Hiruzen muttered. He looked over to see Hinata had finally fallen asleep. The old man sighed but smiled. Her sleeping meant she wasn't completely traumatized by the event. His gaze returned to the crystal as he tried to figure out how to get the Kumo jounin out before it started to crack. "Everyone get back!" The Sandaime yelled as everyone stepped away from the crystal before it broke apart freeing Scar who had passed out unconscious. "Take him to Ibiki. He'll be happy to have a new toy to play with." Hiruzen said to a pair of ANBU. While Hiruzen was one for needless torture, this was an exception.

No one had noticed the man in black waltz past them using the crystal's destruction as a cover for his entrance. He easily slipped past the Hyuuga guards. They had no chance of seeing him so long as they kept their eyes inactive. Once in the inner courtyard Mark breathed a sigh of relief before starting to search out Tsukihitomi. He closed his eyes and focused as he tried to find her life energy. It took him a while due to him having to hide a couple of times but he eventually found her life signature and proceeded to go after her.

Mark wasn't a ninja but being a Magician Youkai had its perks for prowling around such as chameleon spells and runes for walking through walls. Finally he made it to the master bedchamber which was….empty was the only way Mark could describe it. He could see Tsukihitomi but he didn't mean empty as in no people but as in there was no life in the room. It was bland and bare…like it was only used to sleep and that was it. Mark saw Tsukihitomi's face and saw how the room reflected her right now. She looked miserable and empty on the inside. It was killing Mark to see her like this. Mark slowly began to walk up to her as he undid his chameleon spell and slowly become visible. Tsukihitomi saw him and scoffed.

"I really am losing my mind….to think Mark would be here….he's probably moved on to some youkai woman….maybe Meiling….yeah I bet she sneaks off from guard duty to be with him." Tsukihitomi said before Mark kissed her.

"Let's not give me any ideas." Mark chuckled. Tsukihitomi's eyes widened in pure shock and surprise. The real Mark was right there in front of her and had just kissed her. It took everything in her power to not squeal in delight. It helped that his expression, which had started cheery, had turned grave.

"Is something the matter? How and why are you here?" Tsukihitomi asked confused as to how or why Mark was there in the first place since he had no spells that allowed for him to travel.

"Yukari sent me to investigate something that started here….and to investigate a hunch of mine." Mark said. "Tsukihitomi….did you use a contraceptive jutsu that night?" Tsukihitomi was confused by the question.

"Why would you want to ask me that?" Tsukihitomi asked. Mark said nothing, instead all he did was cross his arms and looked at her with a "you know exactly why" look on his face. Her eyes widened as she stood up and cracked the door opened. She thought hard for a moment before turning to Mark with tears in her eyes and a victorious smile on her face. "No I didn't which means….my daughter Hyuuga Hinata….is a Knowledge. Mark you have a daughter." Mark's eyes widened. He had suspected but have it confirmed was overwhelming. He was a father….and he couldn't be in her life. The elation that he had felt for an instant was gone as he remembered that Hiashi was supposed to be her father.

"I'm happy but…now what?" Mark asked. "I can't just take her with me to the Gensokyo." Mark sighed. "Would like to but she still has a whole family here…..even if most are pricks." Tsukihitomi sighed knowing Mark was right. "But rest assured…I'll figure out something."


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