Through Evil Eyes

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Chapter 6: So….Nice Weather?


The Rookie Nine were currently facing a group of teachers they had never expected. Across from them on the castle's training field was Meiling, Sakuya, A young woman with dark blue eyes and short white hair and carries a katana with a cherry blossom insignia and flower attached and a wakizashi, wearing a dark green and white skirt with several ghost insignias along the edges , a matching sweater vest along with a white shawl around her shoulders like Alice had and a black ribbon placed off-center on her hair followed by a formless phantom, and a girl who looked to be about ten with brown eyes, long ginger hair with a giant pink bow tied with a chain with a blue cube on the end, has two horns coming out, decorated with a dark purple ribbon on one and a chain on the other and wears a tattered black singlet and a long black skirt with dark purple trim and has chains on both wrists that are hanging on a red pyramid and a yellow sphere with a belt on her waist.

The white haired young woman is Konpaku Youmu, a half-human half-phantom as shown by the formless spirit always with her human body. The young looking ginger is Ibuki Suika, an oni and one of the Four Devas of the Mountain. The oni reached behind her back and pulled out a purple gourd with a couple of ancient spell tags on it. She put it to her mouth and began to drink.

"Ah! Sake before a fight is the best!" Suika chirped happily. As an oni she was a heavy drinker and her gourd had a limitless supply.

"Hey! Mark-san how can you let a minor drink?" Kiba asked causing Mark, Alice, Marisa, Okuu, Cirno, Daiyousei, and Shadow Rain to laugh. The Prismrivers had moved back to their home, the Poltergeist Manor but visited often. Kiba raised an eyebrow as did the three senseis who were also on the sidelines. He turned towards everyone else before Aburame Shino, a brown haired boy with sunglasses wearing a grey jacket with a large collar, and shorts decided to speak up.

"I think that despite her age she is well over the minimum legal age to drink." Shino said. It had been a month since everyone had become clued into the existence of the Gensokyo and they had taken the new visitors rather well.

"Also just because she drinks doesn't mean she can't kick your ass." Mark chuckled out. He was wondering how'd the gennin would do against the four experienced fighters. "Okay the rules are simple. Aim to kill, you won't die due to my runes casting a non-lethality barrier. Should you gennin land three hits on a member of the opposing team they are out. If you four knock the living hell out of a rookies they are out." The thirteen nodded. "Then let's get the party started! Begin!"

The combatants did not move an inch as they all analyzed each other. Before Sakuya seemed to disappear in a blink only to be right behind the gennin. Surrounding them was an obscene amount of knives. The gennin and jounin present were both shocked and impressed.

"What just happened?" Kakashi asked as the gennin tried to avoid all of the knives but all were at least three times. "She didn't move at all. Not even the Hiraishin ability of the Yondaime is that fast!"

"That's because it isn't speed." Alice said. "Sakuya has the ability of Temporal Manipulation. She can freeze and move time to suit her needs. That's why she is head maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, a mansion that is owned by vampires and taken care of by fairies."

"She's also an ex-vampire hunter. Remilia was so impressed by her she didn't kill her, took her in and changed her name. I have no idea what the original is and I don't much care. Sakuya is my friend regardless of her past and name." Mark said before wincing at Meiling had kicked Kiba into Naruto and Shikamaru before the trio flew into wall. "That looked painful."

"Confodere!" Hinata invoked as she attacked Suika with her signature weapon. Suika smiled before pulling out a card.

"Vaporous Sign: Six Leagues in the Fog!" Suika called out before taking a swig of sake and turning into a mist cloud as multiple others appeared. The clouds began to fire balls of light at the Half Magician who barely dodged them. She didn't see that she was lead into a trap as Youmu as she struck with her twin swords. Hinata barely had time to block but was saved by Naruto who had Excalibur out.

"Damn….I wasn't expecting our number advantage to be useless." Shikamaru said avoiding a flurry of throwing knives. He however missed Meiling and was sent upwards by her Roc Fist technique. She then blocked Satsuki's kick to her side.

"Colorful Sign: Colorful Wind Chime!" Meiling intoned as her chi began to flux and was the color of a rainbow before she began to spin causing the chi to turn into a whirlpool. Satsuki was thrown back into Sakuya who kicked her up into the sky where Suika intercepted by grabbing the Uchiha before slamming her to the ground.

"They may be new at this but they are all unskilled." Youmu said as she blocked a kunai strike from Kiba before tilting her head to avoid being hit by Akamaru. "Medium's Bind!" Youmu's ghost half struck Kiba and stayed next to him. He began trying to attack it but to no avail. "Strange Half-Body!" The ghost half shot Kiba with three powerful projectiles sent him into a tree where Meiling kicked him into being embedded into the tree. The ghost half returned to Youmu's side.

"Fuck me!" Kiba coughed out. "You guys aren't even taking it easy on us are you?"

"No we are not. We were informed of this world and we all agree that taking it easy on you would be unwise." Sakuya said. "We have to prepare you for the world in which you fight where death waits for you every day."

"If you wish to become strong then you have to put your all into your training." Meiling said sagely.

"Doesn't matter if you have natural talent or power. If you neglect your training then it's all pointless." Youmu said aiming her blades at Shino.

"Time for an Akamichi special. Baika no Jutsu!" Chouji called out as his torso expanded into a giant ball shape. He was about to perform his follow up until Suika smirked.

"You mean an Ibuki special. Missing Power!" Suika exclaimed before she grew to the twice the size of Chouji and picked him up. "You really bastardized the power I gave your people you know." Suika then slammed Chouji down before kicking him like a soccer ball into the edge of the barrier. Chouji's jutsu undid itself as he fell to the ground.

"How can you use Chouji's clan jutsu?" Sakura asked nursing multiple wounds. She and Ino had taken the biggest beatings due to their lack of physical training and fan girl ideals, which while they had thrown away still presented them with problems.

"I taught it to the original Akamichi before Konoha was formed. I also passed on the secrets of Goken and Jyuuken." Suika said entering the Jyuuken stance after returning to her normal size. Naruto charged her but she spun to dodge and tapped his arm.

"Hah! What was that?" Naruto asked before he felt a searing before the spot Suika touched exploded sending him flying.

"That is the true Jyuuken." Suika said with a smile. Hinata's eyes widened. She had no idea that the Jyuuken was supposed to be that powerful. "But the Hyuuga screwed up. The founder was a beautiful woman and an old lover of mine but now it's taught she was a man and they changed the Jyuuken to the weaker version that they use because the elders want no part in a fighting style created by a woman." Suika's eyes lowered into a glare which was unlike the normally childish oni. Soon, however, she returned to normal. "Sorry. I got a bit intense there." Naruto got up as his wound healed thanks to the Kyuubi.

"That's what Hinata-chan's clan is supposed to do? If they still did that…..I doubt we'd have anywhere near as many casualties as we've had in the past." Naruto said entering his basic sword stance with Excalibur. Mark had been teaching Naruto how to wield the sword but had told him to not ask for a special style but to create his own. So far he had only seen two styles, Youmu's twin sword style and Mark's ever changing style.

"I can see why that legendary sword chose you. You are tenacious and you seem to have a dream you want accomplished." Youmu praised with a small smile before entering her stance. "But I will not make this an easy fight. My honor as a swordsman is on the line."

"Thank you, Youmu-chan. I don't want an easy path….I want to prove myself in order to achieve my dream. Something that has been hammered into me by my family here." Naruto said gaining a nod from those on the sidelines who had lived with him.

"That is very mature and wise of you." Youmu said before rushing Naruto. Naruto blocked her strike. Youmu struck at his leg with a kick but Naruto countered with one of his own. Naruto jumped back before sheathing Excalibur. He then put his hands into a very familiar handsign.

"Kage Bunshin!" Naruto called out as nineteen more Narutos appeared, each with their own version of Excalibur. Youmu nodded at the twenty different Narutos keeping her cool. She waited until just before they could strike.

"Hesitation Cutting Sword! Slash of Departing From Hesitation!" Youmu called out as her larger sword Roukanken, Lookout Tower Sword, Was engulfed in a blue aura that extended to three times its normal length before she slashed away the Naruto clones and sent the real one into a tree. "An obvious but effective tactic. If I did not know the techniques I do that may have gotten me." Naruto struggled to get up as he healed but he was still at his limit as he passed out.

"Naruto-kun!" Hinata and Satsuki called out as everyone paused to see the blonde pass out. Everyone except Suika that is.

"Gathering Oni!" Suika intones as a black hole is formed in the middle of all of the rookies and pulls them together and keeps them there. In an instant they were surrounded by knives once more except this time they had no way of moving.

"Perfect Maid." Sakuya said as the knives hit home on the rookies causing the shock of what should be lethal damage to knock them out. "They weren't all that bad. I took two hits."

"One on me but I doubt the dog boy noticed." Meiling said relaxing with a smile.

"Hinata was able to graze me with her rapier but like Kiba I doubt he noticed." Youmu said.

"I was untouched!" Suika said in a bubbly tone.

"That's not bad all things considered." Mark said as he stood up before redoing his glyphs to turn the barrier into a circle of healing. "Still they are nowhere near advancing to the next group I have in mind. Okuu, Alice, Patchouli, and Marisa would eat them alive."

"Agreed. They are no match for any one of them on their own let alone together." Sakuya said before looking at the witch, hell raven, and doll user mentioned in the group.

"Heh. True we are a scary group when put together but we are also non melee fighters for the most part." Marisa said scratching her cheek.

"I am somewhat and with the backup it will test their ability to react." Okuu chirped.

"Which I am assuming is the point. It's one thing if the opponent is bearing down on you face to face but if they are dominating the entire battlefield from afar that's another thing." Alice said gaining a nod from Mark.

"So then who comes after them?" Suika asked wondering what the God Slayer had planned.

"Reimu, Remilia, Reisen, and Suwako." Mark said with a slightly vicious smile.

"That's a pretty harsh training group." Shadow Rain said. "I mean the Shrine Maiden of Paradise, the Scarlet Devil, Lunatic Red Eyes, and the Native Earth Goddess. I hesitate to ask who's next."

"Only two people….you and Flandre." Mark said to his familiar.

"Wow. Glad it's just the two. That much power together is not healthy to be on the opposite side of." Daiyousei said with a shiver. "I'm guessing Mammon is allowed to take Shadow Rain-chan's place?" Mark nodded still smiling. "I see. Then I guess next comes you Mark-sama."

"Correct. Though I know I am not invincible, I am still one of the three God Youkai and one of the five Dark Masters. I am somewhat of a challenge to beat." Mark chuckled as everyone sweat dropped at the undersell of his destructive power. "Any way let's get them inside to rest before they have to leave and do missions." They all nodded as they began to take the nine inside as they were fully healed by the circle before Mark dispelled it. The Rookie Nine woke up and knew full well they had lost.

"Dammit! They ripped us apart." Kiba said. He was angry that they scored, in their opinion, zero hits on any of their opponents.

"It just means need to train more." Satsuki said with a sad smile. "Still at least we know we need more training instead of thinking that we are perfect and unbeatable."

"True. All it means is that some of us need to try and think of better tactics as well." Ino said. "Like Sakura-chan and I need to learn new ways to fight instead of using the Academy style."

"I see you're all awake." Kakashi said as he was flanked by Asuma and Kurenai.

"Sorry kids but it's mission time. We need to go and see what the Hokage has planned for us." Asuma said. The Rookies groaned but nodded before they left the castle as Satsuki turned into her male form. They walked towards the tower. Upon arriving Hiruzen asked to see Team Seven immediately. The mentioned team entered the mission assignment room confused

"It has been decided by the council that you are to do a C-ranked mission immediately." Hiruzen said motioning for someone to walk in. The first thing they noticed was the smell of alcohol before the person even stepped in. The person the smell belonged to was an older man with grey hair with a mustache and goatee wearing some worn out clothes. In his hand was a battle of cheap alcohol.

"I'm Tazuna and you brats are going to be protecting me while I finish my latest bridge in my homeland of Nami no Kuni." Tazuna said. While the three weren't happy about the brat remark they nodded.

"You have two hours to prepare." Kakashi said. "Then we will meet at the gate." The three gennin nodded before they head towards the castle. Satsuki had secretly moved there in order to avoid the fangirls of the Sasuke persona.

"You're back early." Hanabi said while playing card games with the fairies. Even being unable to use her Byakugan she was out playing Cirno.

"We have a little over an hour and a half to prepare for a mission outside of the village." Naruto said. "We just came to grab supplies before we head off."

"Wow! When did D-rank mission require that?" Daiyousei asked before looking at the card in her hand. Currently the four were playing blackjack and Daiyousei had a jack in her hand and six on the table. She was trying to figure out the odds on her going over if she hit.

"It's a C-rank actually. The council pushed for it." Satsuki said as she let down her henge. She saw Alice walk in and waved.

"Hello. I see you found out the council's little surprise. I actually voted for this because I know you're all ready for this." Alice said. "Now go get ready and be sure to enjoy yourselves if you can." The trio nodded before heading to their rooms and collecting the various things they needed before using sealing scrolls to carry them. When Alice had entered the library and found a book on travel for ninjas and saw the sealing scrolls mentioned she immediately brought this to the three sensei's attention and threatened them on pain of being skewered to teach their gennin the trick. Upon entering the living room they saw Mark talking to Alice and he looked worried.

"Something wrong Tou-san?" Hinata asked her father. Mark looked at as if he was contemplating telling her.

"This mission…it kinda stinks like a rat." Mark said finally. "I'm no precognitive but my gut is telling me this may be more than a simple escort job. I'm not going to tell you three what to do. I trust your judgments but I do want you to listen to some advice…be careful."

"We will be Tou-san. We'll come back safe and sound I promise." Hinata said before leaving with her team. Satsuki returned to her Sasuke persona before they left the Lake of Possibilities. She noticed that Hinata was smiling and clutching a familiar black scroll.


When they arrived at the gate they didn't wait long for Kakashi. Punctuality was scared into him at the hands of Konoha's favorite blonde dress wearing council woman. Also to this day he has had a fear of dolls.

"Well you all seem ready to go though under packed." Kakashi said seeing as they didn't have backpacks until the three pulled out their sealing scrolls. "Ah yes….I forgot I taught you that. Any way we better get moving." The five people left the village but for some reason Kakashi felt like there may be one more person with them but he soon dismissed the thought since it was a ridiculous notion. After about an hour on the road they came across a puddle which all of them looked at.

"Are they serious? It hasn't rained in weeks and they pull this stunt?" Naruto thought before yawning and stretching his arms above his head. When they walked passed two figures began to emerge from the puddle until they heard an odd metallic sound and were fired upon by green balls of light.

"Disengaging Optic Camouflage!" A young sounding voice said before a young looking girl with blue hair in twin pony tails and matching eyes. She wears a blue dress with lots of pockets for tools around the hem of the skirt and her upper arm with elbow pads, black fingerless gloves and a dark aquamarine backpack with a golden key on the strap in front of her. She also wears a green hat, a ear mic, knee pads and blue wellington boots. In her hand is what appears to be an assault rifle. This girl is the genius Aquatic Engineer Kawashiro Nitori, a kappa. "Thank science that I invented that and this danmaku assault rifle."

"Thanks Nitori-san." Hinata said. Just before they had gotten to the gate Hinata researched her scroll and came across Nitori's description. To say she was surprised by the fact that she was a scientific mind that combined science with magic was an understatement. Same could be said when she saw the note on her Optic Camouflage. After being summoned and receiving an explanation on what they wanted the kappa immediately agreed due to her nature to assist humans. "Keep guard over Tazuna-san. We can handle it from here."

"On it!" Nitori said as she set down her bag before opening the top to reveal a rocket pod. The Demon Brothers were so surprised by that revelation they didn't see Naruto rushing them until after he drew Excalibur. The two snapped out of it and attempted to wrap Naruto in their chain but that was foiled by Sasuke who had pinned their chain to a tree with a shuriken and a kunai leaving the two wide open. Naruto went to Gozu and slashed open his Achilles tendon.

"Looks like you won't be going anywhere. Too bad for you." Naruto chuckled. Mezu tried to attack Naruto while his back was turned but was stopped by Hinata who had summoned her twin rapiers.

"Sorry but the win will be ours today." Hinata said as the sky darkened as she channeled her magic. "Fulgur Quod Poena!" Hinata invoked as she stabbed her rapiers into the ground channeling her power into them. Lightning burst forth from the ground beneath Mezu and shocked him into unconsciousness.

"Now that's some Lightning Magic!" Nitori whistled putting her rifle into her backpack and putting it on after closing it. "If you ever need my help just give me a summon. I'm always willing to assist humans." Nitori said as she threw down a steel ball that opened up into a portal.

"Thanks again Nitori-san." Hinata said before the kappa waved and jumped into the portal before it closed behind her and the ball exploded.

"Regardless of that I am impressed that you thought to have a shadow in order to assist us in case of an ambush. Very good. Not to mention how well you took care of a pair of chuunin with ease." Kakashi said approvingly. Soon his attention turned to Tazuna who was sweating bullets.

"So…..nice weather?" Tazuna asked hoping to try and brighten the mood. He failed miserably as the four shinobi glared at him. "I guess I have some explaining to do huh?" There was a collective nod before he hung his head.


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Fulgur Quod Poena: Lightning Punishment: A Lightning spell that transforms both the user's magic as well as the natural power in the earth into a rising bolts of lightning. A very useful anti-personnel spell but not recommended for large groups due to its small AoE (Area of Effect). B-class spell.

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