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Stripped Desire—Prologue

"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions."

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. ~

I'm hyperventilating.

My heart is racing as I unbutton my coat, desperate to get out of it.

I take slow, calming breaths until my head clears. I look around and realize I'm in a small bathroom. I splash water on my face and start counting. It used to work when I was a kid.

When I get to 43, I realize it continues to work. My breathing is back to normal, even though I can feel my heart in my mouth.

My skin is still tingling, and I remember what Edward said about the humming. I think I know what he meant. I feel a mixture of paralyzing fear and desperate anticipation. This has been the most intense feeling I've felt in a while.

Focusing on my eyes in the mirror above the sink, it hits me. This is why I said yes. This is why I'm doing this. This sensation running through my veins is what I've been craving for without knowing.

Breathing deeply, I undo the buttons of my dark blue blouse.

Then I lose my skirt.

Left in only my black high-heeled boots, my stockings, and my underwear, I take inventory of my body.

Not a Victoria's Secret model, or a porn star but just a regular girl. A girl with healthy eating habits, good genes, soft curves, and small bones.

Spotting the white robe Edward mentioned earlier, I get out of my remaining clothes.

The material is see-through, soft and cold on my heated body. My heart is still racing, and my hands are trembling as I fix my hair into a low bun.

I count to 78 before I'm able to step outside the room.

I walk with caution back to the living room. Edward's facing the mural, his back to me, arranging a lamp, and then bending over to mess with the blankets on the floor.

I don't say anything as I walk. Staring at him gives me a sick sense of satisfaction. Like payback or revenge. Only I don't seem to affect him as much as he affects me.

"We'll take breaks, but if you need something you can tell me and we stop," he says, startling me. I didn't know he noticed I was here.

"Okay," I say, and try to get my voice not to sound as shaky as I feel. When he turns around and looks at me, I could melt.

His eyes are as intense as ever, drinking in every inch of my almost naked body.

He licks his lower lip and I burn.

He mutters, 'fuck' under his breath, and I ache.

I feel like smirking at his reaction, but I'm not capable of much right now. I focus on his eyes, watching them flicker down.

Then, some resolve takes over him and his face is the perfect picture of collected.

"Okay, let's get started."

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