Chapter 7

The Cyber Ambush

After agree to help Amy get to Trenzalore she and the red head had a long talk about demands. Soon Clara was back in command and her crew back at their posts. The Avenger and the Enterprise-C warped towards the Bajorans sector.

"Captain Oswald"

Clara looked up from her armrest console and turned her head around to look at the tactical station.

"Yes?" she asked Thomas.

Thomas looked at his console and then shook his head. Something had worried the Admiral but he wasn't saying it.


"I am sure...Well I thought I saw another ship out there".

Clara got and walked up the ramp and over to the tactical station. She joined her boyfriend at his station and checked the readings out for herself.

"Warp eddies" she said.

"The Enterprise-C isn't picking anything up" Thomas said as he got another up-to-date report from the other ship.

"Captain" said the Vulcan at the ops station. "The Enterprise-C's sensors are out of date compared to ours. They may not have the ability to do scans like we can".

"How close are we to Deep Space Nine?" asked Clara with out thinking. "Sorry I mean Terrok Nor".

"Three hours" said Thomas "tops"

"And Trenzalore?"

The bridge fell silent as everyone turned to look at Clara. She looked towards the helm. "Ensign"

The young female helmswoman was just about to answer Clara, when the bridge shook violently.

"REPORT!" screamed Clara as she pushed herself up from the floor. The lights on the bridge flickered and smoke rose up from one of the aft console.

"Ironic blast. Direct hit on the starboard side".

"I think you can safely say that there was a ship out there" said Clara as she staggered over to the command chair and sat down.

"I see it now. Cyber ships" reported Thomas.

Clara had now got into the command chair. Her eyes locked on the viewscreen as the two enemy ships made their move on the Enterprise-C.

"You know the drill" said Clara "Target their aft plasma vents and fire".

The Avenger fried her phasers at the enemy ships. However the phaser beam came into contact with a shield of some kind.

"What the hell?"

Clara sighed "what's the bet that over here, Cybermen have shield technology".

As the ship shook from yet another blast, the aft section of the bridge exploded in a large fire ball. The lights on the bridge flickered then went out. Then the emergency red lights kicked in.

"Direct hit to the primary core" said The Vulcan an ops. "We have lost main power all over the ship."

"Shields are down and we have very little in the way of fire power" reported Thomas.

"Torpedoes?" asked Clara.

"No power to launchers. We have limited phaser power"

"How limited?" asked the Captain.

"A few shots at most" replied Thomas. "Then we will have no weapons to speak of".

"Engineering to bridge, We have major damage to the starboard nacelle and the deflector dish itself"

Clara slammed her fists onto the armrest of her chair. The Avenger had still been suffering from the Enterprise's attack. She hadn't had time to be repaired. Now she was nothing more than a defenceless metal shell in space.

"All remaining power to the weapons" she said finally. "If we are going to go down. Then we go down fighting".

As she said that, there was a flash of bright white light from the viewer. Turning around Clara saw one of the Cyber ships had exploded and the second one was trying to fend off the Enterprise.

"Lock phaser and fire" ordered Clara as she jumped to her feet. "Target any weak spots you find".

Again the Avenger opened fire with her phasers. This time however the phaser blasts did make an impact in the Cyber ship's hull.

"That's it Captain" said Thomas "No more phasers".

Clara nodded but just as she was about to give out another order she saw a blue ball of light come from the aft section of the Cyber ship. Her eyes widened when she identified the orb as a Plasma torpedo.

"Oh Shi..."

There was a loud explosion and everything went dark.

Opening her eyes for the first time since the torpedo impact. Clara found herself looking up at white lights. They moved above her very quickly and some of them flickered as she moved under them.

"Let's get a full work up done" said a female voice. "We will need 22cc's of hydortracks"

Clara looked to the left to see two women running along side her, they were not in Starfleet uniforms.

"What the?"

"It's ok Clara" said Amy Pond from the other side of her. "You're on the Enterprise. You're safe"

Then she felt a sharp pain on her chest and around her breasts. She looked down to see her uniform had been ripped wide open and her exploded skin was red and disfigured. She yelled out in pain and terror.

"She has major burns to her chest and right arms. Heart rate is high".

Clara felt a cold hand take hold of her own. She looked to her left to see Amy's worried looking face.

"You will be fine" said Amy as the medical team took Clara into sickbay. "I will be here waiting for you" she called as the sickbay doors slid shut.

Clara woke up and found herself gazing up at the ceiling of the Enterprise's sickbay. She turned her head to one side to see a few of her crew members laying in the biobeds beside her. She turned back to look at the ceiling. One question was burning in her mind. "Why I am on the Enterprise?"

"Captain Oswald?"

Clara looked down at the foot of her bed, she saw Amy Pond standing there looking directly at her.

"You with us?"

Clara sat up slightly in bed, but soon felt a sharp pain shoot across her chest. She saw Amy come over and felt her hand on her bare shoulders.

"Easy, Easy. You don't want to undo the skin graph".

"Why is my crew on your ship?" demanded Clara.

Amy looked in just as much pain as Clara did. She stood back a little as if Clara was going to hit her.

"Destroyed" she said sadly. "That last torpedo".

"Destroyed?" asked Clara.

"We took out the Cyber ship then started to do emergency beam outs. However..."

"How many?" asked Clara now looking back at the crewmembers in their beds.

"We got eighty-two. Out of one hundred and ninety".

Clara's heart sank, she looked around the sickbay then looked right back at Amy. Her eyes began to fill with tears.

"Where is Thomas?"

Amy bit her lip and looked over to the central surgical bed. Clara screamed when she saw a body laying on the bed, a sheet covering it.

"They tried their best"

Clara jumped out of bed and ripped the IV line from her arm. She staggered over to the body and pulled the sheet back. She screamed again and dropped to the floor. "NOOOOOOOOOOO!"