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First Morning

Donna awoke to the most unusual sound: a low hum of some sort of odd engine. It gently pulled her out of what had to be the deepest and most refreshing sleep she'd had in a long, long time. Disoriented, she rubbed her eyes and slowly allowed the room to come into focus.

It was not her room. No, her childhood home in Chiswick was far away. The remnants of sleep readily evaporated, and reality finally pierced through her rested head. She was on the TARDIS.

Donna grinned. She'd done it! She'd found him. After a year of searching and tracking down all those odd occurrences, she'd fixed her biggest regret: saying no to the Doctor.

The events of the previous evening rushed to her. It was just as she'd hoped it would be: adventurous, exciting, fun… too many happy words to count. She felt them all at once. And he said she could come with him! He even said he'd love it! She laughed to herself. All of time and space literally were in front of her. She couldn't wait get started.

But first, she looked around her room. She had no idea how this TARDIS worked, but it seemed to have some sort of psychic link to her. And it (she?) had a sense of humor. Donna had noticed it last night and was amazed. But she'd been too exhausted to fully appreciate it. This morning, she could only raise her eyebrows in bemusement at the walls.

The room was her childhood dream room. Really. Complete with a canopy bed. She'd begged her parents for one when she was little, but they had never granted that wish. And now she had one: complete with a frilly white quilt and eyelet fabric overhead. The carpet was heavenly plush and the softest shade of lavender. There were a few pictures adorning the wall. She peered closer at them.

"Really? Prince Andrew?!"

But she was delighted anyway and walked over to the bathroom. Pausing, she turned around and said "The canopy was a nice touch, but I've moved on now," she said. "Do you work like that? Things just appear?" She walked into the bathroom and enjoyed a long, hot shower. She'd break in that bathtub later. Her stomach was beginning to rumble, and she had no idea where the kitchen was, if the Doctor was awake yet, if the Doctor even slept, if he ate… so many things about this new life she couldn't wait to discover.

She emerged fully dressed and ready for her first adventure but stopped short, laughing in disbelief. The canopy was gone, replaced with a queen bed with the most luxurious purple duvet she'd ever seen. Part of her wanted to crawl back into the bed and get lost in it. The pictures had been replaced with lovely scenes of different landscapes and seascapes. Was that one a spacescape?

"I see!" she exclaimed into the air and gestured to her new furnishings. "The bed's a little big. We're just mates you know. None of that nonsense… Still you never know. I could meet some handsome man from the 60th century. Good thinking, friend!" She patted the wall affectionately and walked out.

An exquisite aroma of cooking food greeted her. And what was that sound? A male voice was singing, a little off key, I Wanna Be Like You from The Jungle Book. Shaking her head, she followed her two senses and found the Doctor dancing around a huge kitchen. He was wearing the same suit. Or maybe it was another suit that looked just like the one he'd worn last night. He never changed; the thought pleased her beyond words. She studied him for a moment, this man (no, alien) who had seen centuries of life and love and heartbreak. He had sad eyes but always remained upbeat and more than a little zany.

Oh, they were going get along just fine.

She cleared her throat, and he jumped around, his smile a mile wide. "Good morning, Donna!" he exclaimed.

"And to you, Doctor!"

"Please sit!" he said eagerly and gestured to a table and chairs.

"Is this how it is every morning?" she asked and poured herself some coffee. "You make breakfast for your friends?"

"Well, on special occasions," he answered. "And this is a very special occasion. Donna Noble's first full day in the TARDIS."

"I spent my wedding day in the TARDIS!" she protested.

"Nah, that was just a few hours, and it was hardly anything like this," he said dismissively.

"I can make breakfast too," she said, eager to be as helpful as she could.

"And I look forward to it," he said, and placed a large plate in front of her.

She gasped. "Three banana pancakes? What you trying to do, make it so I get stuck in the doors?"

He blinked. But at her teasing eyes, he exhaled and placed a bottle of syrup next to her.

"It's green!" she exclaimed in shock.

"Oh yes! Green syrup from the Sacred Forest of Ekkam Major," he explained. "Much better than that maple stuff. Although I do love maple syrup. Do you know that one tree can produce up to twelve liters of sap per day?"

She looked at him blankly as she placed a strawberry in her mouth.

"Fascinating, isn't it?" he asked.

"Thank you, Doctor, it's really nice of you to make all this," she said, warily pouring the green goo drape over her meal.

He sat down and watched her like a child anticipating someone opening a present.

She took a tentative bite. It was divine. She closed her eyes and gave a thumbs up of approval. He beamed before bouncing up and getting a plate for himself.

"So, Donna Noble," he said as he sat. "Where would you like to go?"

"Well, I did want to go to Italy."

"Excellent! When?"

"After breakfast."

He laughed. "No, when in Italy? 42nd Century? During the Renaissance? Oh, you could get Leonarto da Vinci to paint your portrait! He'll adore your hair."

She blushed. "How about ancient Rome? See all those men in togas?"

"Molto Bene!"

"Shouldn't you say something in Latin?"

He shoved a pancake into his mouth and shrugged.

"After that, I say we go get some more of this green syrup, it's addicting," she suggested.

"Sounds like a plan!" he said and jumped up. "I can't wait to see Rome."

Donna laughed, filled to the brim with happiness. "And off we go."