This was written for a friend on tumblr

Here I Go Again

"I'm just…surprised."

The Doctor stopped mid-stride, the comment breaking his manic movements around the console. "What?"

Standing opposite him, Donna's expression was amused. "You, an ABBA fan."

The Doctor was surprised. "What's wrong with ABBA?"

"Oh, nothing!" Donna answered. "You've been all around time and space, and you like a seventies Swedish band."

The Doctor grinned. "What's not to love? Their music is so…peppy!"

Donna laughed. "Peppy!? I can say the same for you: all color and upbeat, and manic." She didn't add, that like ABBA, there was a slightly melancholic edge to the Doctor's exterior merriment.

He skipped to a lever and then waved at her. "Flip that switch."

Donna's hand raised toward the blue switch she thought he was indicating.

"No! The green one!" he shouted.

"All right! Got it!" Donna yelled back and corrected herself.

The TARDIS lurched, and Donna yipped as she steadied herself. "So, what's your favorite ABBA song?"

The Doctor actually froze, his eyes wide. He stared, as if she'd just asked him an impossible question. Maybe she had. The first question the Doctor couldn't answer.

Donna flipped her hair. "So, do you have one?"

He exhaled and all but collapsed into the jump seat. His hand ran through his hair. "Oh, I like so many. I guess…" He looked at Donna. "Take a Chance on Me."

Donna blinked, his tone and expression what she was expecting. Time seemed to slow, which may have been odd, given they were in a time machine.

But then he smiled again: that goofy, wide smile Donna always found so endearing. "I like the back-up singers." His fingers tapped on the seat. "Take a chance, take a cha-chance…" he sang.
Donna laughed and moved her head back and forth to the low beat. Was the TARDIS engine churning along with it too?

"How about you?" the Doctor asked, bouncing out of the seat.

Donna's lips pursed as she considered. She enjoyed ABBA as much as the next person. The music was fun at clubs or weddings, and who didn't smile when Dancing Queen played?

She ran her fingers along the many levers and buttons. The TARDIS hummed warmly, and Donna could feel the Doctor's kind eyes and goofy gaze on her. The faint smell of the banana chocolate chip cookies they'd baked earlier still flavored the air. She smiled. Her life was so unexpectedly happy. All thanks to this skinny alien who had literally shown her then universe and made her think she might just be worth something after all.

She looked up and met his gaze. "The Winner Takes it All."

The Doctor's eyebrow's rose. "That's a sad song."

But Donna was smiling. "Not for the winner."

They smiled at each other, the moment lovely as the TARDIS shimmered in agreement. Then the Doctor flipped a switch, and the engines slowed. "Sweden, nineteen seventy-seven." He smiled like a nine-hundred year old child. "Want to head out?"

Donna spun on her heel. "I do, I do, I do…" She sang as they walked outside.