As far as Saturday nights went, this was definitely not one for the photo albums. Kenzi was lazy slouched in the stool with her arms splayed out on the very rough, very uncomfortable bar with her head on her arms. Bored out of her mind. God Bo owed her for this.

She was stuck at some hole in the wall bar with overpriced drinks and no one to pay for hers. Yes, that was right, it wasn't even the Dahl. The lastest and greatest Ashhole (formerly known as Hale, but he seemed to be forgetting that) had called a Fae-only meeting, or in other words, Get the hell out Kenzi. And she couldn't go home because Bobo was getting it on with Dr. Hotpants (finally, she had to add, if sexual tension could feed the hungry Africa would be the new America) all while subtly sending the Leave-I-need-to-get-laid vibe. Kenzi could take a hint. Besides, she really didn't want to listen to another night of creaky floor boards and moaning from her succubestie, god bless her soul.

Kenzi sighed and flicked the little straw of her drink around with her index finger. The place wasn't packed enough for her to get away her usual steal-from-the-shitfaced fun, but it had alcohol and that was pretty much her top priority at the moment. She banged her high heels against the bar just for something to do, but she overestimated just how hard and well, suddenly, there was a Kenzi-sized shoe hole splintering the wood and a glare from a not-so-friendly looking bar tender in her direction. He pointed to the door, but it wasn't until pugface started inching toward her that Kenzi made a notion to get up. "I'm going, I'm going, don't get your panties in a bunch," she muttered under her breath as she stomped out of yet another anti-Kenzi establishment.

The air outside was cold enough to cut her to the bone, and it being her lucky day, Kenzi was without a jacket. Or a clear destination. She hugged her arms close to her body, but the corset-belt covered white v neck did nothing to block out the cold air. Kenzi could see her own breath and quickened her pace, turning a sharp corner into an ally. She stepped over a stray piece of trash, fully intent on marching down to the Crackshack and telling Bo off, regardless of what she may be interrupting when from the corner of her eye, a shadow moved. But it wasn't until she heard footsteps that Kenzi really broke into a run.

The ally way was damp and dark, and Kenzi's high heels slowed her down, but she wasn't about to stop. She knocked over a trash can and turned left into another ally way, and then right into another when she reached the end of the last one. But the footsteps were still behind her, heaving and looming. She saw the edge of the street, if she could just get into the light someone would notice, someone would help. Someone would find her. With the new found motivation she ran even faster, not noticing the wet plastic bag until it was under her foot. She came crashing down, her ankle twisting painfully and her head banged on the pavement. Kenzi fought for consciousness, but the darkness was overwhelming and welcoming and it was just what she needed. The last thing she saw was a pair of muddy, brown boots stopping right next to her face.