Kenzi stayed wrapped in Dyson's arms for a while –until he woke up, to be exact- but it did nothing to sooth the tension growing in the pit of her stomach. Bo was going to freak out. If she found out. Kenzi immediately shook that thought from her head, of course she was going to tell Bo. Just how, was the term in question. Call her crazy, but "Hey I just got back from being kidnapped, which, you know, only took four days for you guys to figure out! There any ice cream left? Oh and before I forget, you know Dyson? You know Dyson. The guy you love and spent like, six months crying over? Well, I fucked him!" didn't seem like the best approach.

Kenzi groaned inwardly, this wasn't how it was supposed to go. She was the sidekick that always had her bestie's back, not some shallow class-a boyfriend kisser. Except not this time.

Bo was going to kill her or throw her ass out on the street corner or snap her kohl pencils in half which was the equivalent to ripping her heart out and stomping all over it in Gucci knock offs. Not that Kenzi didn't deserve it. And what was going to happen when Dyson came to his senses and realized she was a weak, little human who sucked at being a human and went back to Bo? Without them to back her up, she was Fae-chow and there was no way in Hale (see what she did there?) that Mr. Ash-All-Mighty was stepping in to save her ass- no matter how cute it may look in a pair of skinny jeans. She was totally, utterly screwed. No pun intended.

With all this eating at her, the last thing Kenzi wanted to do was stick around and watch Dyson make sad wolfie eyes, or worse, if he looked at her with the expression he had last night. It was one that was fond and so full of love that it she would have to be blind to miss it, and even then Kenzi had seen it enough times to know it like the back of her had. Of course she had. It was the same way he used to look at Bo.

No, Kenzi couldn't handle that right now. So, at least to her, it wasn't even a tiny bit unexpected when she left Dyson's loft with halfhearted excuses of overstaying her welcome in a pleading tone that she would never be able to explain.