My name is Allana and I am an earth fairy. I live in the land of Sestonah, and belong to the kingdom of Eydis. You see, Sestonah is made up of the 3 courts: Eydis(the earth court), Pyralis (the fire court) and Haldis (the dark court).The 3 kingdoms of the court border each other, and beyond the domains of the kingdoms are stark white snowy landscape, ruled by blizzards and snowstorms, making it near impossible to live. It is also where the exiled are sent. The dark King, Niall is the only court whose members can be found from all 3 kingdoms, for obvious reasons. The fire court is ruled by Emperor Brimble and Empress Rosen, their daughter Aislynn is next in line for the throne. Now the Earth Court is ruled by Duchess Savanna whose daughter Ivy is of course next in line for the throne. The Duchess makes all the laws regarding earth, metal and water fairies. A 100 years ago, water fairies(which were a rare kind of fairy already)were deemed too dangerous to the land of Sestonah, as they were believed to cause floods , droughts and cyclones but could not actually do so. The Fire court readily agreed this and the dark court welcomed the deaths that fed their desire for chaos. All water fairies were killed and each time a young fairy was found to have control of the element, they were immediately executed. Currently there is not one water fairy alive, except for me. You see, I escaped, thanks to my father. Fairies gain their elemental power on their fifth birthday, in which special guards called elementals are sent to test for which power we control. Now these elementals are only sent to children who have at least 1 parent who belongs to the earth kingdom. Both my parents belonged to the earth kingdom, my mum passing away 2 years after my birth could control rock while my dad could control plants. He also controlled another element that was forbidden. The element of illusion. I am what you call a protégé, I inherited my mother's ability to control rock, but I also had the ability to control water. Instead of gaining my powers at the age of 5, I began displaying it when I was 3 years old. On the day of my fifth birthday, the elementals came to test me. They placed several items in a line along a table. I remember walking to the first bowel which had some plants in it. I placed my hand slightly above the plants but nothing happened. I moved to the second thing in line, a cage with a wild bird inside. I held out a finger to the bird but it screeched and attempted to bite me. The next items were a few pieces of rock. I placed my hand above the rock and it slightly rattled. Even at that age I could do so much yet I had to tone it down as to not bring attention to myself. Feigning surprised I let out a squeal and made my face into one of shock and excitement. I even yelled "daddy! Daddy look what I can do!" and my dad's amused smile at my acting. The last test would be the most dangerous. There was a bowl of water and I nervously made my way there. I could barely control water and my emotions triggered the water. I looked behind me, at my dad staring at the bowl of water anxiously. If I failed this last test, both my father and I would be executed.