Lying on my bed, I gaze up at the ceiling, my feet dangling off the side. I cover my eyes as I groan at my stupidity. I should have put up a fight 2 weeks ago when Sir Rheagan had 'suggested' we be daring for once by him not giving me a bite, which would effectively prevented me from getting pregnant. And here I am, 5 weeks later, pregnant. Well, maybe. I could just be late right? Yea that's it, I mean I've been late a couple times before…and I probably just have food poisoning… for the entire week. "Ergh I am such an idiot" I mumble to myself, even though I know I'd just be punished if I had said no to him. Looking at my father's chunky watch around my arm I sat up, I was due to see Rheagan in 20 minutes for another one of our 'sessions' which was when I was planning to tell him the not so good news. Jumping up I pulled out a light green strapless dress that came up to mid-thigh. I got out of my jeans and tank top and changed into the dress. I sat down in front of the mirror, my skin which was unusually pale made my light blue eyes seem even lighter. I had apple red lips and my long hair which was naturally white and blue, was dyed dark brown since I was small, again, as to not bring attention to myself because white hair was associated with water fairies, which is ironic since most water user's sported blue hair and very few had white hair. I finished doing my makeup and stared at my reflection. Rheagan, who was 19, was a good guy and although I was scared at the prospect at being a 16 year old mother, I knew he had a good heart and would look after the kid, even though it would be illegitimate, I assured myself. Ready to tell him I got up and made my way to his bedroom. I knocked twice and the door swung open. Rheagan's eyes roamed every inch of my body and his grin widened. I stepped inside and he pulled me close to him. Before the werewolf could do anything I placed a hand on his chest, creating space between us "I need to tell you something" I said nervously as I chewed on my lip. Surprise showed on his face and he raised an eyebrow "it can wait" he said. Taking a step back, I looked down and whispered "I'm pregnant." This is not the way I planned things to go I thought to myself as I sat on the floor hugging my knees. After I made my announcement he questioned me for an hour before running out the room to get his aunt, who was a nurse to make sure I was telling the truth. An hour and a half later she confirmed that I was indeed pregnant and she continued to do an aura scan which confirmed the kid was his. Rheagan then sent guards to 'escort' me to my room until I was summoned to wait outside a meeting room. Rheagan was currently in a meeting with his father, an Earth Kingdom Elder as well as the King to decide what to do. I would be called in at the last minute and given the verdict. 10 minutes later I entered the room, I saw a large wooden desk, seating at least 20 werewolves as well as the fairy king's representative and other official looking faeries. The representative sat back and said "There has never been a fairy-wolf hybrid child and we have no idea what danger this child could bring. The servant girl can either abort the abomination within her or be exiled beyond the boundary of Sestonah." My mouth dropped open; my heart thudded faster and faster as blood roared in my ears. Nobody noticed as I stumbled back and tears sprung to my eyes. My mouth opened and closed, no words coming out. I turned my head slowly towards him when I heard his voce, "she will abort." Nodding his approval the representative stood up and the others followed suit. My eyes flew open and I yelled "no!" Surprised everyone turned to me and silence settled in as everyone stood in shock. Too far gone from any common sense I cried out "I will not have an abortion! I refuse to kill my child! How dare you make that decision for me Rheagan! How could you be such a heartless bastard you asshole" I spat out at him as I used my powers to pull a large piece of the stone and flung it at him. He ducked and got out with barely a scrape, except that the edge of the rock had drew blood from a gash in a line across his cheek. Anger fuelling me, I felt power surge through my veins as I reached for the water from the goblets which were placed on the table. Lifting my left arm, I threw the ball of water to the unsuspecting wolf, the water a tight mask around his face as I attempted to drown him. Realization dawned on me that not only had I yelled at a noble but I had called attacked him too. Worst of all is that I had attacked him using my powers. I stumbled back, my hand covering my mouth, terrified and shaking. Guards grabbed my arms on either side as Rheagan's gaze pierced me, shocked. I opened my mouth and then closed in. Swallowing I looked down. I could feel his gaze on me as the guards pushed me roughly towards the door, almost dragging me through hallways as they approached the dungeons. Frozen with fear, I stared straight ahead. Dread settled in my stomach and I was unceremoniously pushed forward into a cell. I stumbled forward but caught my balance and spun around, rushing forward and gripping the bars, desperate to get out.