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And to no one's surprise really… Bahorel's words held truth, well, mostly. Grantaire and Enjolras only had eyes and attention for each other in the hours following Grantaire's awakening. Only doctor and nurses that came to check on Grantaire were able to break the two apart, except for their hands, not even the strongest jack hammer in the world could separate their hold of each other.

Grantaire remained in the hospital for another month, rebuilding his strength both physically and mentally. Enjolras never left his side, he almost failed a class for it, something that would've shocked the group if they'd been told this fact just two months previously, but now, seeing the look of pure and utter love, care, and admiration that swelled in Enjolras's once cool blue eyes every time Grantaire smiled at him or made progress in his recovery, they knew he'd rather fail a hundred classes to see his cynic smile and heal.

Enjolras was by his side when he began to attend AA meetings, and he held his hand as Grantaire emptied his stash (almost, Bahorel and Courfeyac saved the most expensive.) Enjolras even (willingly) sat for several portraits (in little to no clothing for the most part.) for Grantaire's final project.

It was nearly six months after everything happened the six month anniversary of Jaques Grantaire's death to be exact. Enjolras didn't realize this, but he was very concerned (and possibly frantic) when he found his boyfriend of a year sitting quietly in the middle of their living room, no lights on and shaking slightly with sobs.

"Taire?" He asked timidly, kneeling to his love's side.

"I miss him Enj." He whispered, meeting his love's eyes with his bloodshot ones.

Enjolras understood, he remembered the news and the funeral, worse, he remembered how much of an ass he was towards Grantaire. But what burned Enjolras the most was remembered the events after.

Enjolras quickly took his boyfriend into his arms and pulled him tightly against his chest.

"I know Taire, I know, but you know what?"

"What Pollo?" Grantaire whispered, breathing in the relieiving smell of paper, ink, and old books.

"He's up there smiling at you, because he loved you Nic. He loves you still."

Grantaire bit back a sob, staining his love's shirt with his tears.

"Then why's he gone Enj? Why?" He sobbed.

Enjolras held him tighter, pressing his lips to the cynic's inky curls.

"Sometimes it's just our time, but R, no matter what you were told, I know your father would never take his life because he was disappointed in you, R, I know for a fact he loved you more than anything. He was never ashamed of you Taire, he was prouder than any other father out there."

Grantaire continued to soak the blonde's shirt, but his sobs subsided.

"And he and I had something in common." Enjolras started hesitantly. Grantaire unburied himself to look his boyfriend in the eye.

"What?" he asked hesitantly, fearing the answer.

"We both love you with everything in our hearts." Enjolras whispered, leaning to capture Grantaire's lips in his own.

Grantaire's eyes had gone wide; he knew Enjolras loved him, but to hear him say it, that made all the difference.

"I love you too Pollo." Grantaire sighed, moving to rest his head in his love's lap.

Enjolras played with the curls on Grantaire's head soon moving his fingers to trace the outlines and features of his face. Leaning down once more, lips inches from each other, Enjolras whispered,

"I'll never give up on you."

Grantaire's hand snaked up to catch his love's cheek and, both with sighs of content. They had each other and in the end, that's all that would ever matter.

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