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The blonde swore loudly underneath her breath as she tried to open the front door of her apartment with her handful of brown paper grocery bags. She swore again, this time more loudly as she dropped one of the bags onto her foot at the same time as she lost the grip on her key.

It was then that her cell phone began to blare loudly from the contents of her messenger bag. The main chorus of "Hot Child in The City" filled her ears. She ignored it though as she tried to pick up the key. It was either just her mother calling her or Polly, her best friend. Both could wait though, she thought. It took her a few more tries before the blonde was successful in not only picking up the key but sliding it into the lock of the door and opening it. Pushing open the door further with her hip, Piper Chapman made her way inside with the groceries bags in her hands. She slammed the door close with her foot as she quickly made her way into the small apartment and plopped down the bags all at once onto the kitchen counter.

She wiped her brow with the back of her hand as a heavy sigh escaped from her chapped lips. It was a thousand degrees outside and a million inside her apartment. She couldn't believe how hot the city could get during the summer time. She was pretty sure that it never got this hot back home in Connecticut or New Hamptons. Piper had just moved to the city a week ago. Her parents had wanted her to wait until later on in the fall time to move. She had only gotten home after graduating from Smith just three weeks earlier. But the blonde had needed to do this.

She had been bursting to move to New York City since the age of eight when she had first taken a day trip there with her mom. She had fallen in love with the city that never sleeps and had made it her life mission to move there one day. As soon as graduation had hit, the blonde had been looking up apartments. After looking at a few, she decided on one that was located in the heart of Chinatown above a Dim-Sum restaurant. It wasn't exactly a Penthouse on Fifth Avenue or anything glamorous, but to a recent graduate like herself it was paradise. This was Piper's first ever place that she didn't have to share with anyone else. It was all her own.

And she loved every square inch of the crappy apartment. The rent was also cheap, which was a plus for her. She was currently jobless. Her parents had told her they would help her out with the first month's rent, but after that she was on her own. Piper had some money saved up from the odd job or two she had worked during the school year, plus all the money she had saved up the past two summers working at a summer camp, teaching art to kids.

So she wasn't completely broke.

But she did need to find a job soon. She couldn't face having to go back to her parents' house and their looks of 'we told you so' plastered on their faces. She couldn't have that. She needed to show not only them but everyone, really, that she could support herself and make it big in the city.

For you see, Piper just didn't just have a dream of moving to New York City. She also had a dream to become an artist. She had gone to Smith originally to pursue a degree in English Language and Literature, thinking she would later on get a job in publishing or something. But that soon fell through when she got introduced to the arts by her first year dorm-mate at the time, Nora. Nora had been doing her BFA and had convinced Piper one night to tag along to an open figurative class with her. The blonde had always enjoyed drawing and painting but had never called herself an artist or anything. But after that night, her mind-set had changed. She had fallen in love with the human figure and drawing it. She soon found herself registered for a few art classes. She had already had a full schedule by that point, but she didn't care. By her second year, she had switched her major from English to studio art. And then just to keep her parents' happy and to avoid letting her English credits go to waste, she completed a minor in it.

Once the blonde had unloaded her parcels, she opened the window slightly, allowing some fresh air into the small space. Another downside of living on her own: she didn't have AC. The apartment filled with the sounds from the streets below. She stood there for a second, looking out before turning her attention to the make-shift studio space that made up a good portion of her living space. She really missed her studio that she'd back at Smith. But studio spaces in the city were expensive, so working in her apartment would have to do for now. The space really just consisted of the corner of the apartment by the window. There was an easel propped against the wall, where a painting was already in the works. There was also a small table where Piper had her brushes, paints, and palette laying out on.

Piper studied the painting-in-progress for a second before tilting her long blonde hair forward and twisting it upwards into a messy knot. She then got to work on the painting.

Danger in the shape of somethin' wild
Stranger dressed in black, she's a hungry child

Piper looked briefly over her shoulder towards where her messenger bag lay on her kitchen counter. She had forgotten to check who had called her last time. Whoever it had been was trying to get a hold of her, again.

No one knows who she is or what her name is
I don't know where she came from or what her game is

The blonde debated between going to answer it and just continuing to paint as she stood there listening to the Pat Benatar song. She assumed it was just Polly. If it was her mother, she would have phoned the landline. It was mostly definitely Polly, she thought. She hadn't spoken her best friend in a couple of days. Which wasn't really that long, but the two girls were use to calling and talking to each other each day. Piper loved Polly. They had known each other forever. It was just that Piper felt like they were drifting apart. Especially now when all Polly seemed to talk about was her upcoming wedding.

Hot child in the city
Hot child in the city
Runnin' wild and lookin' pretty
Hot child in the city

The song continued to play for a moment longer before going to voice mail. Piper sighed. She really should go and check who phoned her. But at the same time, she didn't want to. She figured she would do it later as she turned back to her painting.

Piper blew cold air on her latte as she sat outside of Starbucks and pored over the wanted ads in a newspaper that someone had left. It was a later on in the afternoon now. She had painted for a good few hours before deciding that she needed a break and a change of scenery for a bit.

She was desperate for anything.

She didn't care where she ended up working just as long as she got paid with money and still had time to work on her paintings.

She wasn't picky.

She took a quick sip from her latte, burning her tongue a bit as she reached for her bag and rummaged inside of it for a pen. Finding a Sharpie, Piper pulled off the cap with her teeth quickly then circled a job ad that looked promising. It was for some bar called Coyote, and they were looking for a waitress.

Piper had never waited a damn table in her life, but she figured it couldn't be that hard. She had been a hostess at a Red Lobster the summer before going off to college.

How different would being a waitress at a bar be?

Piper circled a few others ads, but she really thought the waitressing one would be her best bet. Plus it would get her some tips. The more money, the better.

The young blonde sat there outside the Starbucks for the rest of the afternoon. She slowly drank her latte as she people-watched and did some rough sketching in her sketchbook. She loved the city. She found it be such an inspiration. There were all different kinds of people here.

She loved it.

Her blue eyes were focused on a group of women seated on a bench across the street. There were three of them and all very different. They were talking and laughing loudly at something.

They were all beautiful, thought Piper to herself as she quickly turned to a blank page at the back of her sketch book and quickly began to draw the three women.

One had long dark hair that faded into turquoise at the tips. Piper couldn't make out the colour of her eyes, but she imagined that they either blue or green eyes behind those black-framed glasses she wore. Piper couldn't seem to take her eyes off of this one. She was captured by her sexiness. She was not only beautiful, but confident. There was just the way she seemed to hold herself that Piper was in awe of.

She allowed for her eyes to linger on the woman for a moment longer before turning to the other two women. These two were much shorter than the rockabilly one. One had a bushy mane of blonde hair that reminded Piper of a lion. The other woman had short brown hair that came just to her shoulders and wore bright red lipstick on her lips. The blonde and the brunette were seated very close to one another. They looked to be a couple of sorts, thought Piper as she continued to draw them. The blonde had her arm wrapped tightly around the brunette's waist.

It was an intimate gesture.

As Piper continued to watch and draw this trio of women, she couldn't help but think about her own best friend back home in Connecticut who she had yet to phone back. Polly had been her best friend since the age of eight, and she missed her terribly. She knew no one in the city. She had moved here alone. She had wanted to start her life and not wait around like Polly was. Polly, like Piper, was a recent graduate. But instead of moving out to the city with Piper like they had planned on doing when they were kids, Polly was getting married to her high school sweetheart, Pete. Piper was happy for her friend, but she couldn't see why Polly was settling. They had once had big dreams, but Piper seemed to be the only one fulfilling them now.

Polly still lived in the small town that they had grown up in. Polly was still dating her first boyfriend. She was even still working the same job as she had when she was sixteen, a receptionist at her dad's law firm.

Piper couldn't see her friend's reasoning for all this. She didn't understand how her best friend didn't crave change, crave a different life than the one she had in high school.

Piper fucking did.

The moment she had graduated from high school and gone off to Smith, she had cut all ties to her former life. She had broken up with her long-time boyfriend, Larry, and said goodbye to the teenaged Piper Chapman.

And now here she was, four years later, living her dream. She was living by herself in the big city. She was a practising artist. She might be broke at the moment and hadn't sold a piece of work yet.

But she was happy, and that was something.

As Piper continued studying the three women, she found herself wishing she was in on their joke. She wanted to be sitting with them on that bench, laughing. She wanted to know everything about each of them. They looked like the type of girls that didn't give a shit about anything or what others thought and knew how to have a good time.

They were the cool kids, and she wanted to be apart of their club.

Piper continued to sketch them and watch from afar before they got up and left. The rockabilly woman said something and punched the lion-maned one in the arm before waving goodbye and began to walk away while the other two left in the opposite direction. She watched as lion-mane and red-lips kissed before walking hand-in-hand down the street.

Piper stayed there for a second or two longer before closing her sketchbook and shoving it back into her bag. She then too left and headed towards home. The sun was just beginning to set over the urban landscape.

"Fuck!" cursed Piper as she raced down the hallway of the building and located the right room.

She was running late for the figurative class she'd signed up for at the YMCA. The blonde had gotten her timing wrong. She was still getting used to the vast subway routes that ran underneath the city and had gotten off on the wrong stop. She didn't have any money to get back on, so she had to walk. It had taken longer than she had thought it would.

Once she located the room, she quickly stepped inside. Everyone in the room looked up and over at her, and Piper felt her cheeks flush slightly in embarrassment at this. Her blue eyes swept across the faces in the room before landing on the instructor. She smiled apologetically at the small thin woman with short wispy blonde hair.

The instructor just smiled back at Piper before gesturing for her to take the last empty drawing bench in the room.

Piper nodded her head before quickly moving from the doorway to the bench and immediately began pulling out her supplies, a pad of newsprint, and charcoal. She straddled the bench and laid the pad down on the table of the bench, clipping it with a bulldog clip. She then angled the table so that its edges rested on her thighs and faced the small stage in the centre of the room where the model for this drawing session would be.

It was empty.

It looked like Piper wasn't as late as she thought she was. A sense of relief washed over her as she looked around the room at the others. They were in a circular formation around the stage.

Piper took this time to twist her long wavy blonde hair off of her face and into a messy knot at the back of her neck. She couldn't stand to draw with her hair in her face. As rummaged in her backpack for a hair tie, the front door opened again. She heard the instructor, who had a very squeaky voice, she noted, address the newcomer warmly. She couldn't make out what the other person had said, but she assumed this was the model, who let out a raspy chuckle.

The room was silent yet again as the model went off to the small changing room in the far corner of the room.

Piper looked down at the display on her phone for a moment, reading a text message that Polly had just sent. She quickly replied to it before turning off the ringer of her phone and throwing it back into her canvas messenger bag. Polly wanted to know why she hadn't called her back. Piper replied back that she would later on that night because she was busy at the moment.

Piper then looked up at the instructor, who was now standing in the middle of the room, addressing the class.

The instructor was a very tiny woman who introduced herself as Jones and began explaining how this class was a figurative drawing class for any level- from beginner to advanced. There would be no critiquing or such. Everyone was allowed to simply draw how they wanted.

She explained that the model would do two fifteen-minute poses, taking a break in between each of them. There would then be another break before the model did a longer pose, this time for forty-five minutes. They would first be starting off with a few two-minute poses just to get the drawing juices flowing.

Piper couldn't help but feel excited by this. She hadn't taken a figurative class since her third year of university. She was excited to get drawing again, especially back into the practise of drawing the figure as her work now mainly focused on large portraits.

Piper smiled as she caught the instructor's eye before looking up at the model, who was now standing in a pale blue kimono beside Jones.

"Everyone this is our lovely model for the night, Alex."

Piper found herself gawking at the model. It wasn't because she had just disrobed and stood naked in all her glory on the stage. The blonde wasn't shy about the human body. Four years of art school would change a person's views on nakedness. She was perfectly comfortable with having a beautiful naked woman stand in front of her.

She was gawking because she knew this Alex. Well, not personally. But she had seen her before. This Alex was the dark-haired, blue-tipped beauty from earlier that day. The one Piper had been marvelling at from across the street. The blonde found her cheeks flushing as she continued to sit there frozen, staring. Alex didn't have her glasses on, but Piper was sure it was the same woman. How many girls in New York had blue tips on their hair?

This had to be the same girl.

Piper found her heart pounding as she continued to allow her eye to drink in the beautiful work of art before her. Alex was hot, she thought. Usually models in figurative classes were older women with sagging breasts and extra weight around the waist. Alex's tits were on the bigger side, yes, but not saggy by any means. They were lush and perfect, thought Piper. And don't get her started on the rest of her body. Alex had one of those bodies depicted in classical paintings. She wasn't skinny, but she wasn't fat. She had curves in all the right places.

"It's okay to be timid at first," came a soft squeaky voice suddenly in her ear. Piper jumped, immediately looking away from Alex and over her shoulder at Jones.

"Sorry?" asked Piper towards her. She hadn't heard what she had just said.

"Jones looked down at Piper with her watery blue eyes. She smiled a gentle smile at her before repeating what she had just said. "It's okay to be timid at first. Just start off by drawing what you see."

Piper's eyes widened slowly as realization set in. Jones thought this was her first time in a figurative class. She thought she didn't now what she was doing. The blonde opened her mouth to set Jones straight but decided against it. She quickly closed her mouth and nodded her head in understanding.

"Okay, I'll try," she replied, smiling up at Jones.

Jones placed a hand on Piper's shoulder before moving onto the person seated next to Piper. She continued looking at her for a second before turning her gaze back over to Alex, who was in the middle of a pose.

Piper chewed on her lower lip as she picked up her piece of charcoal and waited for the next pose to begin.

"That's pretty good!"

"Uh?" Piper suddenly looked up from her drawing and towards the person hovering over the bench. A pair of green eyes met hers.

"I said that's pretty good!" laughed Alex in a raspy voice. Her green eyes gleamed with amusement down at Piper.

Piper found herself blushing underneath the other woman's gaze. She opened her mouth to say something, but no words came out. She was taken aback by the sight before her. Alex was even more breath-taking up close.

Alex continued to smirk at Piper, who continued to stare at her in awe.

"What? Do I have something on my fucking face or something?" Alex asked in a joking manner.

Piper finally realized what she was doing and blushed again as she smiled apologetically at the other woman before averting her eyes. She then took this opportunity to look around the room and was a little startled to discover that the class had ended. She hadn't heard the class wrap up. It was just her and Alex. She had been too into her drawing.

"Oh," she stated as she rubbed the side of her face and looked back up at Alex, who was still looking at her with a smirk playing on her face.

"That's right, blondie, class is over," she stated.

"I should go," whispered Piper as she downcast her eyes and suddenly rose to her feet. She began packing up her drawing supplies and shoved them back into her messenger bag while Alex continued to stand there, watching her in amusement.

"What's the rush, kid?" asked Alex. Her raspy voice sounded like sex to Piper's ears.

The blonde didn't say anything in reply as she quickly unclipped her pad of paper and began to roll it up. She avoided the other woman's eye. She felt like such a fool at the moment underneath her gaze. Never before had she felt such an attraction to another person then she did at the moment with Alex.

This baffled the blonde.

This tall, beautiful woman standing before her was a complete stranger to her. She didn't even know Piper's name yet. However, the blonde wanted to know more about her. She wanted to know if she did any other modeling beside figurative classes. Where did she grow up? Where did she live? How old was she? The list went on and on. Piper wanted to know everything about this Alex woman.

But as much as she desired to know about her, Piper was shy to find out. "Well, I should be going..." Her voice trailed off as she once again got lost in beautiful blue-green eyes.

Alex just continued to smirk at Piper as she adjusted her glasses on the bridge of her nose. Piper could help but swoon at this little movement. It was the sexiest thing she had ever seen, she thought.

"It was nice meeting you...?"

"Piper! My name is Piper!" blurted out the blonde nervously.

Alex's smile deepened at this. She was clearly enjoying Piper's nervousness around her. "Piper," stated Alex, testing the name out on her tongue, "Piper. I like it."

"My name is Alex," the brunette then stuck her hand out in front of Piper to shake.

Piper nervously bit down on her lower lip as she looked from Alex's face down to her outstretched hand and back. She then shuffled the pad of paper to her other side before reaching out and placing her hand in Alex's. As skin touched skin, Piper felt a jolt of something course through her.

She didn't know what it was or how to describe it even. It was like she had been suddenly electrocuted or something. Her blue eyes flew up to Alex's face, seeing if she had felt it too.

Alex no longer had an amused expression on her face. There was something else there, thought Piper, she just wasn't sure what it was. Alex's green eyes continued to pierce deeply into Piper's. Time seemed to stand still at that moment as they continued to hold each other's hands.

"I hope to see you again, Piper," whispered Alex as she pulled her hand away from Piper's and smiled. She then winked at the blonde as she continued to just stand there in utter shock, before walking out of the room.

Piper just stood there for a moment longer in the empty classroom, trying to regain feeling in her body before leaving herself.

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