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The music was blaring loudly from the jukebox.

It was the next day and the staff of Coyote was getting ready for the night a head. There was hardly any customers at the moment. Just a few German tourists and a couple of locals.

Alex was in the middle of cleaning up a spilled drink, as her eyes followed Nicky. Ever since last night, she had been concerned about her friend. Nicky was acting strange. She seemed to be in some sort of daze. Alex had seen Nicky like this before, but that had been a long time ago, a very long time ago. She didn't want to jump to any conclusions and think that Nicky was using again or anything dramatic. But that was where her mind went. She had seen her at her worse, they both had. They both knew how to read each other and Alex didn't like what she was reading right now from Nicky.

She had first noticed a difference in Nicky's behavior last night at Boo's, but didn't want to confront her in front of everyone and she wasn't really sure if there was something there or it was just her mind jumping to wild conclusions.

Nicky didn't feel Alex's stare on her.

Her mind was too preoccupied with other things to really notice her surroundings, not that there was much to take in. She was in the middle of clearing off a table, or trying to at least. Normally, she had her tables cleared as quickly as possible,so she could hang out with Alex at the bar, talking. That was one of the perks of being a waitress at the bar, she got to joke off half the time with her friends. However, she had too much on her mind and wasn't up for talking.

She wasn't trying to avoid just Alex. She was trying to avoid everyone today.

She had almost called in sick, but she knew that would have pissed off Red and she was still trying to stay in the Russian's good books. Plus, she had gotten into a fight with Lorna that morning and the apartment was suddenly feeling very small. So work seemed like the next best place. At least at the bar, she could keep somewhat busy and not have to deal with Lorna.

"Fuckin' asshole," she swore suddenly as she looked at the tip she had just received. She wasn't the greatest waitress out there, and maybe she could put a little more effort into the job, but she did try she thought. Putting the folded dollar bill into the back pocket of her skirt, Nicky gave the table one last wipe down before finally making her way over to Alex.

"Whatcha staring at Vause?" asked the blonde, finally noticing Alex perplexing stare on her.

Alex tilted her head and raised an eyebrow. She didn't answer Nicky immediately. She wasn't sure if this was the moment she had been waiting for last night to confront Nicky or not. She still wasn't sure what she was confronting. Nicky didn't seem to be in any sort of daze as she stood in front of her, smirking.

"Come on Vause. What's up with the look? Do I have something in my hair or something?" asked Nicky, as she threw her order pad and pen down onto the surface of the bar and climbed onto one of the stools.

"Nothing," lied Alex. She realized that it wasn't a good time to get into here. She turned her back towards Nicky, pretending she was looking for something. "I'm just…looking for something." She knew it was a bad lie and Nicky could probably read right through it, but she didn't know what else to say.

The blonde just snickered behind Alex's back, watching as she pretended to look for a bottle of liquid that obviously wasn't needed.

"So how's Piper?" asked Nicky, already knowing the answer. She had seen Piper last night. She knew that the blonde was good. Chapman's life seemed to be going well, unlike her own.

"She's good. How's Lorna?" asked Alex, finally turning and facing Nicky.

Nicky shrugged her shoulders, clearly showing that she didn't want to talk about her girlfriend. "We had a fight this morning…"

Alex arched an eyebrow, finding this very interesting to hear. She and Lorna never had a fight. "Wow. What happened?"

"Nothing. It was something stupid…you know how Lorna can be…"

Alex didn't know how Lorna could be, but she pretended that she did. So she kept quiet and nodded her head, her eyes still piercing over at Nicky. She was worried about her. She had a deep sense that Nicky was using again. Her large brown eyes were hooded slightly, like it was taking all her energy to keep her eyelids up. There was also a slight twitch to them that she hadn't noticed before until now, that she could tell Nicky was trying not to make obvious.

Nicky slump further down onto the bar stool, slowly letting her guard slip as she rested her chin into the palm of her hand, almost lying her head down onto the surface of the bar. She closed her eyes briefly, letting out a deep breath. Man, she was fucking exhausted, she thought. She hadn't slept much last night and this morning had been particular hard. She hated fighting with Lorna. Lorna was bright and perky most of the time, but she could be incredibly dark and hard to deal with sometimes, especially in a moment's notice. Lorna's mind had this habit of jumping to conclusions, crazy, messed up conclusions and once they were planted there was really no turning back from them. They grew and grew and grew until they become almost like an obsession to Lorna. Most times Nicky could set her somewhat straight, but not this time.

Not because Nicky hadn't tried, but because Lorna was right and Nicky had lied terribly to her.

"I like how your lips taste…"

It was the kind of line used in the movies. It wasn't something you heard in everyday life. Or so Alex thought as she smiled back at this mystical creature before her.

She had only just met Cori. They had met outside of that lame bar her father's band had been playing at. Alex had been minding her own business, leaning against the wall, trying to figure out what to do next. Her visit with her father had not gone well. Disappointment and guilt had filled her mind. Her mother had been right, her father was not the man she thought he was. She hated that her mother had been right. She had been thinking about heading back to her hotel and grabbing her things before heading back to the train station and heading home to Jersey…

But before she could do anything, Cori had approached her.

She must have looked pretty sorry for herself for this stranger to take pity on her. Cori had smiled and offered a cigarette, sensing that she needed one. Alex had gladly taken it. She was defiantly in need of a smoke. The two of them had then gotten to talking and before Alex knew it, she had agreed to tag along with Cori and her friends to some underground club or something. She hadn't been sure really where they were headed and she hadn't cared to ask. All she cared about at that moment was how this hot girl had noticed her.

Cori with her wild purple hair gleaming in the dark lighting of the club, smiled cat-like at Alex before leaning in and kissing her again. Her hands went straight for the back of Alex's head, grasping hard at her dark locks. Her lips sucked hard on hers, biting slightly before the wetness of her tongue was forcing its way inside her mouth.

If Alex hadn't been lost to Cori before this, she defiantly was now. She had never experienced a kiss like that before. Alex had kissed others girls before, but that was the difference, they had been girls. Not a woman like Cori was. Cori kissed with power.

Alex liked this very much. She liked power.

The two women continued to kiss like this for a few moments longer before coming up for air. Cori smiled slyly at Alex, as if knowing already the power she held over her before grabbing her hand and leading her over to where her friends sat on a worn out leather couch in the corner of the club.

Alex had met a few of them already, but she noticed as they came closer, that there were a few newcomers to the couch.

"Take a seat," whispered Cori into her ear, sending a shiver down her spin. "I'm going to get us some drinks." The older woman smiled at Alex, letting go of her hand and practically pushing her down onto the tiny space left on the couch. Alex almost fell onto her ass, but caught herself before she did. She looked around, embarrassed, but no one was really paying attention to her. Everyone was really too stoned to laugh at this tall glass of water almost falling on her ass to the floor. They probably all thought she was stoned too, which she wasn't. She had been offered a joint earlier, but had refused. She had wanted to stay sober for just a little while longer. She wanted to remember this night.

"It's Allie right?"

Alex turned her head sharply and glanced at the woman sitting to her left. She was one of the people she had been introduced earlier to. Her name was Nicky if she remember correctly. The woman was short and petite which was made up for with the wild mane of blonde wavy hair that sprouted from her head. Her eyes were a dark brown and made appear even darker and bigger by the black smokey make up running along her upper and lower lash line.

"Alex," she replied.

"Right. Alex," nodded Nicky, smirking slightly as if she thought that Alex was lying about her name. Alex just stared back at her blankly, arching her right eyebrow slightly. She wonder why this Nicky girl was so amused with her. Maybe it was just the high thing, she thought.

"So you're with Cori I see."

"Um…yeah, I guess," Murmured Alex. She guessed she was with Cori. Like yeah, she came with Cori, so she was with Cori, but that didn't mean that she was with with Cori. God, she hoped to be with with Cori, she thought. God, she sounded like some high school girl crushing. She was a high school girl crushing...God, she was lame.

Nicky smirked again as if she could read Alex's thoughts.

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