[A/N: This is the first time I've written an OC Chapter before in this fanfiction, so don't blame me if it's to short, long or doesn't make sense]

Kyle and his brothers were then walking in a hall in a high school.

They then heard something.

"Yo Kyle!" Yelled an African American talking in rap waving, with a burly blonde with a jacket next to him.

"Hey Zeck, hey Steranko!" Yelled Kyle as he hi-fived with the African American.

"Nice see you, Kyle." Said Steranko with an Russian accent.

"Yeah, you took longer then usual to get here." Said Zeck.

"Oh, we had to move." Said Kyle.

"Oh, sorry." Said Zeck.

Kyle then waved him off.

"It's ok, it's more beautiful then our last one." Said Kyle.

They soon began to walk in the hall.

"So Zeck, how's the hi-tech suit coming along?" Asked Kyle.

"Pretty well, it might be finished by tonight." Replied Zeck.

"Oh, good." Said Kyle.

"If you want, I'll give a preview tonight." Said Zeck.

"Sorry, I can't I have to help with the rest of this stuff." Said Kyle as he walked away.

"See ya." Said Kyle as he waved.

"Ya know Steranko, Kyle always seems to bail on us for years." Said Zeck.

"Da, Always seems to leave us for Family." Said Steranko as he raised his eyes in suspicion.

"I say tonight, we follow Kyle to see where Kyle, is going." Said Zeck as he and Steranko nodded.

Later that night Zeck [With an hi energy techno suit, with purple energy on the lines and a purple Mohawk and some kind of jetpack on his back] and Steranko later followed Kyle.

Zeck was then looking at Kyle through his single sunglasses.

"What is going on, Zeck?" Asked Steranko.

"Nothing yet, he's just walking." Replied Zeck.

"Where is he even going?" Asked Zeck.

Kyle then turned to an alleyway in a fast pace.

"He's on the move!" Yelled Zeck.

They soon began to run.

They soon saw Kyle going into the sewers.

"Why is he going into the sewers?" Asked Zeck.

"Who knows?" Asked/Replied Steranko as he shrugged.

Zeck then pushed a button and his Mohawk then glowed.

He then grabbed it and threw it at the manhole cover while yelling.

The manhole cover then went off.

"Wow to the wow." Said Zeck as he spun.

They soon went inside the sewers.

They soon saw the turtles sparring.

"Whoa, five mutant turtles." Said Zeck.

"I bet their holding Kyle prisoner." Said Steranko.

Zeck then nodded and turned invisibility.

He soon knocked out all four turtles.

Kyle then heard the noise to hear the arguing.

"Zeck, Steranko?" Asked Kyle.

"You know them?!" Asked/Yelled both of them.

"Don't hurt them, their my friends." Replied Kyle to the turtles.

He soon looks at them.

"What are you two doing here?" Asked Kyle.

"The better question is, how do you know these freaks?" Asked Zeck.

"These are the siblings I told you about." Replied Kyle.

He soon raised his hand to them.

"This is Leonardo." Said Kyle to Leo.

"Nice to meet you." Said Leo as he waved.

"Donatello." Said Kyle to Don.

"Pleasure to meet your aquatinted." Said Donnie.

"Michelangelo." Said Kyle to Mikey.

"What up, dude?" Asked Mikey but was slapped by Raph.

"The one and only Raphael." Said Kyle to Raph.

"Hey." Said Raph.

"And Venus De Milo." Said Kyle to Venus.

"Pleasure to meet you." Said Venus as she bowed.

"Are Italian are something?" Asked Steranko.

"No, they are from a battered book from a drainage." Said Splinter as he walks to them.

They both screamed and fell unconscious.

Kyle then went to them.

"Zeck, Steranko?" Asked Kyle as he shook them and then slapped them to wake them up.

"He's a giant talking rat?" Asked Zeck in stutter.

"This our father, Master Splinter, he used to be a human named Hamato Yoshi." Replied Kyle.

"I assure you two I do not bite." Said Splinter.

"So what do you think?" Asked Kyle nervously.

"Pretty cool." Said Zeck as Steranko nodded.

"You do?" Asked Kyle in confusion.

"You live with five turtles and a rat, it's pretty cool." Said Zeck.

"So we're still friends?" Asked Kyle as he shrugged.

Zeck then nodded.

"Yeah we're still friends." Replied Zeck as he Steranko and Kyle Hi-fived.