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Don't you think it's kind of strange?

How sometimes when you wake up, you know you had a dream, but you can't remember it.

Where do you suppose those dreams go?

But there's one dream I remember very clearly, as if it was happening right now.

"Klonoa... Klonoa... wake up. You're having a nightmare." My mama says as I am separated by someone I called "Friend." I return to this world, eyes red and tears soaking my cheeks. I wish I could tell her what had happened, but I can't speak anymore. I sob until I vomit on the floor. Mama hugs me, then rubs my back and sings.

Her song reminds me of the one that separated me from Huepoe.

Huepoe; He lied to me. He lied about my past. He lied about everything.

Well, maybe not everything.

But I'm still not sure. He said I didn't exist in that world.

He said that wasn't my reality.

He must of been lying about that!


"It's OK, Klonoa. It's OK. It was only a dream."

Was it really all just a dream? Well, I know this for sure:

I forgive him.

Even though Huepoe lied to me, he's still my best friend, fake memories or not.

I feel like I'm not gonna see him for a wile, though.

I'm gonna miss him.

But he will always be in my heart.

Dear Reader,

You are reading the life of a boy. A boy who is mute and cannot walk, and yet, he can. A boy who will face times of trial, joy, and sadness. A boy called:

The Dream Traveler

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