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Chapter 1: Return of the King

With a grunt Naruto fell to the ground holding his side as he tried to remove the senbon that had etched into his skin. It was rather painful as he tried to pull it out only to feel a flaming sensation take over that area causing him to grit his teeth. At the same time Naruto was having a hard time trying to get back up as the rest of his body also had assorted senbon embedded into it.

Across from him Sasuke wasn't faring any better as he looked over at his friend who was struggling. 'Damn dobe! Hurry up and get up otherwise this is going to get really bad!' Sasuke thought as he managed to get back up into a standing position.

Watching the two from the safety of his mirrors Haku was curious at what the two would do next. Both of them were reaching their limits, and Sasuke's sharingan could no longer keep track of him. Knowing what he must do Haku hesitated as he did not want to take either of the two's lives.

'I do not think I can simply destroy the kindness in my heart as I first thought.' Haku grimaced. 'Perhaps I can simply make them give up or force them into a death like state to fool Zabuza-sama.' Trying to decide on the issue Haku was torn between his loyalty and his heart, and whatever actions that would follow would carry different consequences.

Seeing that Haku hadn't moved yet Sasuke flew through hand signs before ending on Tiger. "Fire Style: Fireball jutsu!" Sasuke exclaimed before breathing out a stream of fire that converged into a raging sphere of heat and flames that raced towards the mirror that Haku was in.

Caught off-guard by the charging fireball, Haku dashed to another mirror and proceed to throw a couple senbon to throw off Sasuke. Seeing them coming towards him Sasuke tried to deflect them with a kunai, however two of the three senbon met Sasuke causing him to gasp in pain. Seeing his friend in a bind Naruto pushed himself up as he wanted to assist him.

Haku seeing this attempted to keep Naruto by throwing a few senbon towards him, however, at the same time a sudden breeze came from the sea sending the senbon off course much to Haku and Sasuke's fears. Instead of heading for the the space right next to Naruto's ear, they were now heading for Naruto's jugular and other vital areas.

Naruto, still fumbling, did not see the senbon approaching him and was ignorant of how much danger he was in right at that moment. Sasuke seeing this happening right before his eyes reacted as fast as possible and pushed his friend out of the way only to have the senbon imbedded into his body. Naruto's eyes widen as he saw his rival fall right before his eyes.

The shock was present for the first few seconds before Naruto made his way towards his friend trying desperately to see if he was still alive. "Come on teme, enough joking around and get up already!" Naruto murmured to his fallen friend. Turing him over Naruto's face was covered in shock and fear as looked at his friend. The senbon had completely altered their predestined course due to the sudden wind, and the result were senbon imbedded into Sasuke's stomach, chest, side, and jugular.

After being turned over Sasuke's opened slowly revealing a slight glaze as he struggled to breath. "What are you doing dobe! You should be watching your back!" Sasuke warned as he struggled with his speech. He could feel it, some how he could tell that a senbon penetrated his right lung causing it to collapse and be flooded by internal bleeding.

"Sasuke, why?" Naruto started getting Sasuke's attention. "Why did you do that?!"

"I don't know, my body just reacted." Sasuke choked out. Sasuke had an urge to swallow but when he attempted it caused the senbon to shift around in his throat causing him to gag for a moment.

Naruto gasped at seeing this as he wanted to rip out the senbon so badly from his friends throat. "Sasuke! Stay with me damn it! You still want to avenge your clan right?!" he yelled.

Sasuke was absent in thought for a moment as he thought about his "destined plan". When he thought of it he realized how pointless it was to try and kill his brother when in reality he should have just asked him the reason for doing it. Thinking back to that time he had allowed his brother's words to affect him to this point, changing him from what he use to be.

"Naruto," Sasuke stuttered. "I wont be able to avenge my clan, but I don't care anymore." It was then that Naruto realized that Sasuke's breaths were becoming shallower after each time he spoke.

"What do you mean you don't care? Are you just going to give up without a fight?!" Naruto asked him, only for Sasuke to smile sadly up at him.

"I've finally realized that everything that I wanted to do was pointless now is all." Sasuke admitted. "I shouldn't have been so quick as to blame my brother for everything without learning more about what happened that night."

"Sasuke..." Naruto whispered silently as he watched his friend's eyes begin to glaze over.

"I have really enjoyed our friendship Naruto, and I'm sorry that I'll be leaving you to train Konohamaru all by yourself." Sasuke apologized softly. "Make sure you teach him the right way of doing things and not just your stupid way about."

"Quit talking like that buddy, you know that if it's just me I wont be able to make him a badass like you." Naruto explained, although at this point Naruto was no longer able to hold back his tears as they ran down his face.

"You really are a dobe aren't you." Sasuke stated catching Naruto off-guard. "I know full well that your stronger than let on or rather than you yourself know. Remember Mizuki sensei." Naruto was surprised as he had never told anyone about that event with the scroll, especially since he was told to keep quite about it.

"I was practicing my stealth technique when I saw you, I saw everything Naruto." Sasuke explained. "You can reach the title of Hokage if you truly set heart to it, remember that, because unlike me you have a dream that can be reached." Naruto was finding it hard trying to respond to this as he kept choking his own words every time he wanted to say something.

Sasuke could see this and just smiled at his friend. "Don't worry Naruto it doesn't hurt anymore." This was heartbreaking as Naruto was watching his friend's life slowly drain away. "Although I would like to ask you to do me a favor, find my brother and ask him...ask him why he did it, please." Even though he was unable to reply properly Naruto nodded his head so that Sasuke could understand that he would do it.

"And one last thing, I would like to give you something...before I die." Sasuke mentioned as he raised his hand up to Naruto's forehead just as his brother had done to him years ago. The words were there and Naruto could make them out but it didn't register as he saw the final traces of light in Sasuke's eyes leave and his hand falling from his forehead limp. The rest of his body followed suit as his natural heat went away, only to be replaced by the cold touches of death.

He had given Naruto his last words and a gift that made shake in sadness and despair. Sasuke's face showed that in those last few moments he was right, and that he did not feel any pain when he passed. Leaning down Naruto took hold of his friend for the last time as he wept over his friends death.

Haku had been watching the whole time. He dared not move from his spot as he watched Sasuke's final moments up until his death. The guilt that riding from this was ever present as Haku clutched his chest. 'I never meant to kill either one of them, only scare them into surrendering, but now I've taken that boy's life.' Haku thought as he trembled within the mirror.

Elsewhere, deep within the recesses of Naruto's mind something began to stir. The Kyuubi, also known as Kurama, sensed Naruto's negative emotions and awoke to see the boy crying over the death of his best friend. "How pathetic, crying over a weak friend who let himself die, what a waste." Kurama retorted. "However, this would be a prime time to subject the boy to my power so to give him a taste of how powerful it is."

The waters within the mind began to stir catching the attention of the Kyuubi. "Has the child already learned of a way to enter this place?" Kurama wondered before slowly coming to a different conclusion. "No, this is something else." Suddenly, without warning, the entirety of the mindscape began to shake violently alarming Kurama as the darkness beyond the light of his cage began to twist and take shape.

A sound eerily similar to a primitive growl resonated in the chamber sending a chill down Kurama's spine. In fact it made his heart skip a beat as a giant clawed hand extended from the darkness taking up most of the left side of the chamber that was within Kurama's sight. Large dorsal fins began to rise up from the ground illuminating a repeated light blue hue as though each dorsal fin was being tested. Then finally another large clawed appendage appeared on his right.

Then Kurama heard one of the loudest bellows he has ever heard, at first it was low and quite, but then it changed into a full on roar as the large figure fully emerged towering over the now small cage. It soon became apparent to Kurama that he was trembling, something that he hasn't done in a long time as he gazed up into a much larger pair of eyes.

Haku looked on at the two boys feeling regret for what he had done when his senses screamed at him. A cold, destructive, foreboding feeling had appeared almost out of no where as Haku was taken back by the sudden emergence. It was then that he noticed the sudden change coming from Naruto.

Naruto still had his head down, but Haku could feel the hatred radiating from him. Slowly blue hued energy began to manifest and morph around Naruto. It covered his head, chest, arms, and legs before forming a powerful tail clearly surprising Haku. It was then that Haku began to notice that Naruto's wounds were healing at an accelerated rate that was far from normal.

Slowly Naruto's physical features began to change as his hands grew claws and his feet talons. The teeth inside of his mouth sharpened as took on a primitive appearance. His hair was slowly transitioning from its bright blond color into a dull white that was nearly matching Kakashi's in comparison. 'There is something wrong with this boy!' Haku thought as he continued observing. 'This power is destructive and the hatred is crushing!'

Looking up at towards Haku, Naruto gave him a horrific glare as he revealed that his eye color had also changed. They were no longer caring bright blue that Haku had seen before; now they were blazing orange and filled with hatred. Haku was taken back as he kept staring into Naruto's eyes the more he felt like he was staring death in the face. Taking out a couple Senbon Haku prepared to attack until he realized that Naruto was right in front of the mirror with his fist held back preparing to strike him down in one hit.

Quickly jumping away Haku was surprised when the sheer force from Naruto's punch left a massive indent in the bridge and had managed to shatter the other mirrors adjacent to the one that was broken by his fist. Haku was completely shocked by the sheer strength that was being shown by Naruto, and quickly threw his senbon at the angered genin.

To his surprise Naruto didn't attempt to dodge it, and the senbons were deflected by the cloak with utter ease. Haku then attempted to launch more senbon as he jumped through his mirrors only for same thing to happen at every possible angle. Naruto though has had enough. He began to slowly gather around him large amounts of energy that was starting to emit substantial amounts of heat.

Suddenly Haku noticed that his mirrors were slowly beginning to melt away, all of them! Just as Haku was about to make a run for it Naruto unleashed all of his collected energy into a bright wave of heat breaking all of the mirrors and sending Haku flying into the air away from the site. After releasing his "discharge" Naruto let loose a loud yell that resonated with his cloak making it sound like a loud and powerful monster.

As this was happening Kakashi was trying to deal with Zabuza as he carefully dodged any fatal blows from his opponent's sword's path. "Do you really think that those two brats of yours have any chance at beating Haku?" Zabuza asked him as he jumped back into the mist.

"I wouldn't judge them so easily, those two have a knack for doing the unexpected." Kakashi stated as he kept his senses sharp trying to anticipate Zabuza's next move.

It was then that Kakashi felt a sudden surge of power coming from the area where Naruto and Sasuke were fighting. 'Thing power, is it the Kyuubi?!' Kakashi thought before realizing that this wasn't the same feeling from twelve years ago. 'No, this is something very different.'

At the same time Zabuza felt the same thing, but unlike Kakashi he recognized this power very well, and every part of his body started to tremble as recollection of his past began to reemerge after all this time. 'This power! It can only mean one thing, oh no, HAKU!' Zabuza then began rushing towards the source but was stopped by Kakashi, who had sent his dogs to pin him to one place.

"DAMN IT!" Zabuza cursed as Kakashi appeared with a lighting blade in his hand. "Out of my way Kakashi!" He was desperately trying to break free of the hounds' grip but failing, to which he cursed his luck.

"Not a chance! Do you think that I would let you attack my own students while I sat back and watched?! No, this is it for Zabuza!" Kakashi replied as he pulled his arm back ready to strike.

"Are you some kind of idiot?! I'm trying to save my apprentice, not waste my time on some small fry when I'm trying to save my apprentice!" Zabuza yelled back only to realize what he said a couple seconds later.

He had always considered Haku like his own son, but he would always hide it as he wanted to make him stronger than he was. Ever since he found him, Zabuza saw something special in the boy, something that reminded him of the times when he use to be young and happy. It then made sense why he would choose to save Haku and raise him.

It wasn't because he saw him as mere tool that could be casted aside later on, but as a source to bring back the happiness he had long lost in his life. It was then that another wave of energy erupted sending massive whirlwinds towards them knocking all of them back. This had allowed Zabuza to break free and run straight for Haku.

The mist that was once covering the entire area was now beginning to disperse after that last eruption of wind sent a good portion of it away. It was amazing that the jutsu had lasted long after Zabuza had stopped supplying it the necessary chakra to keep it up.

Once he reached the clearing he was completely shocked at what he saw. Memories began flashing back to different points in his life as he recalled all of the similar events that had transpired. His worst fears were becoming true as he looked at the destruction in front of him. Flames were burning, and smoke was being lifted up into the air covering the sky. The result was an impeding shadow looming across the area with the only light coming from the flames.

After standing there for some time Kakashi appeared out of the residual mist charging Zabuza, but quickly stopped after seeing the damage around them both. "What could have done this?!" Kakashi wondered aloud. He continued looking until he finally noticed Sasuke's limp body and quickly rushed towards it. "SASUKE!"

As soon as he reached him he began checking for a pulse or any sign that his student was still alive, only he did not. He then noticed the injuries that Sasuke had sustained during his fight and quickly began to feel that he had failed him as his sensei. He blamed himself for letting him and Naruto go on and fight Zabuza's apprentice. It was then that he quickly noticed something. 'Wait where's Naruto?!'

It was then that Kakashi heard Zabuza speak. "Kakashi, that blond brat of yours...is he an Uzumaki?" Zabuza asked rather hesitantly.

Kakashi was taken back by Zabuza's sudden interest in his other genin, but answered rather annoyed. "Yes, but why are you asking?!" Kakashi demanded until he noticed Zabuza becoming tense.

"Then it's true, the King has returned." Zabuza stated as he looked onwards at a silhouetted image of Naruto amongst the flames that were illuminating the area as he continued on his blind rampage.

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