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Laxus P.O.V.
I stare at the wall of the guild hall thinking of all the things that have happened over the years. I blinked as I hear the guild doors open. It was to early for anyone to be here, unless they were coming to find someone.

"Who's there?" I ask into the darkness as I ready myself for an attack on someone.

"Is that any way to treat your brother?" The figure said coming into view. "It's been awhile since we've been alone without any of the other guild members."

"Yeah, but whose fault is that Thor? I've been here, I've been defending this pitiful excuse of a guild by myself." I spit towards him. I didn't want to see him, he had left the guild long ago. If it wasn't for him then Gramps might have done something with this pitiful place. Gramps might've actual given someone else the guild by now.

"I was on a mission brother. I can't help that I got S- Class way before you. How old were you again?" He smiles knowing he hit a nerve. I can feel the electricity flowing through me. "Exactly. You couldn't pass the trials, what a pity. I did so I could go on all these big jobs that pay a lot of money, and what do you have? Nothing. Because you're useless. No wonder you've got to have the Raijinshu to protect you from any harm. They're your little puppets aren't they?"

I inhale trying to calm down so I wouldn't destroy him. "Thor, don't you dare go any further. I didn't do anything to you, and neither did anyone in Fairy Tail. If you don't leave this guild alone I will be forced to excommunicate you from the guild." I bluffed thinking of all of the good people that made up the guild.

"Hey, Laxus." I hear a certain blonde exclaim as she entered the building. She was always coming early to spend some time with me. "Who's this?" she asked gesturing to Thor as she almost melted into my side.

"I'm Thor, pleasure to meet you miss. I can't believe that little brother could get such a pretty girl such as yourself." He said taking her hand and kissing the top of it. Causing me to growl under my breath.

Lucy smiled up at him. "So you're Laxus's Oniisan? Why haven't you been here lately?"

"I've been on a mission for Master. It had me away for long time. I don't remember you being here before my job, though." Thor said doing what he has always done. He's always been good with girls. He wouldn't be able to take my Lucy though. She wouldn't fall for him.