Hello to everyone who has decided to grace this story with your eyes and your presence, I am truly happy unless you actually decide to hate this story, but oh well. Just a few things i would like to clear up before you start reading.

Anyway, this is my first attempt at a Naruto fanfiction, in truth I actually use to hate on Naruto, but one day I decided to give it a go, and I actually found myself finishing the anime and Manga in no less than a month. The irony eh? Haha, never pictured myself writing a Naruto fanfiction if I had a gun to my head, haha.

Anyway, this story is basically what would happen if Naruto and Kurama developed a partner/bond relationship at an early age like Bee and Hachibi, or kind of a similar relationship to what he has now during the fourth shinobi world war.

So yes, this is a story where Naruto is going to be really strong on terms, of Sannin level and will rival Orochimaru and other Kage. However this doesn't mean that he is or ever will be Godlike because he WONT be. Yes he will have Kyuubi/Kurama aiding him, but he will have trouble with people like Pein and Obito/Tobi, Madara etc. Like in the summary he will be strong and intelligent and YES this is a NarutoxHarem, there will be a number of girls of my choosing, and I will develop their relationships, they wont just fall head over heels for him, except for maybe a select few.

Also actually like Sakura as a character, she will not be bashed in this fic, instead she will develop a strong bond with Naruto that if I decide later on, will be turned into a girl in the Harem. I don't generally get why she's bashed other than the fact that she's a Sasuke fan-girl and that shes a weak annoying character in the series, but in this fic I plan to rectify that. She will start out as a Sasuke fan-girl but she will change extremely quickly.

And lastly, yes Sasuke Bashing, so sorry if your a Sasuke fan, I have nothing against you and I will not judge you for your like of Sasuke, we all have our opinions on him, just like there are people that hate Naruto as a character, I just generally hate Sasuke and want him to die in the most painful way possible so he will be the scapegoat of this story. So if your a Sasuke fan, this isn't the story for you and I advise you go find another story.

Anyway, that's all the ranting I will do for now, On with the story!

Chapter One

He was running, as fast as he could. His little seven year old legs were starting to give out. He hated this day, today was the worst day of his life, well, every time this day comes around, he feared it and always tried to hide, but they always managed to find him.

The screams, the insults, the curses were being thrown at him from every direction as he ran for his life. Why was his life like his? Why was he always called "The Demon"? From the stolen manga he would often pick up and read if he had the chance, he didn't look anything like those evil, horn bearing devils that ran around with tails and pitch forks.

No he just simply looked like a boy, a boy with blonde hair, and three whisker marks on both of his cheeks. His deep blue eyes didn't give away any demonic aura or anything like that; he had two arms and two legs, clothes and a nice outgoing personality. However no matter how hard he tried, people would stare at him, throw things at him, as if he were a walking plague.

Why was he so different?

What made him so distinctively different that people marked him this way? This had been happening for as long as he could remember, and up till now he had accepted it, and proudly said that he was going to become the Hokage one day and prove to everyone he was worthy of acceptance.

There were times he hated the villagers, there were times he wanted to gorge their throats out and leave nothing behind but a bloody mess of flesh and bone but those were just revenge thoughts that spawned in moments like these. He was running from a mob, of villagers and ninja so to speak.

He sped around corners, vaulted over fences and ran in any way he could to try and loose these people that wanted to claim his life. He wished Hokage-Jiji could save him any time now. These nights were like a nightmare that he just couldn't wake up from. He would turn and find the killing intent too much to bear as he kept running, tears staining his baby soft cheeks.

He finally pushed through and ran into a shinobi training ground. For which one it did not matter as he ran towards the gate and vaulted over it and ran into what looked like a forest. He kept running and running until finally he could hear no one behind him.

The boy had disappeared from the sight of the pursuing ninja but they were no fools. Despite wanting to destroy that demon for all he was worth, venturing into training ground forty four was absolute suicide. No ninja chuunin or below would even think about taking a few steps into that forest, let alone a villager.

"Stop!" One of the leading Chuunin ninja's yelled as the mob stopped outside the fence of training ground forty four. They all looked at the ninja in question would mild annoyance.

"Why the hell should we stop!? That demon child must be dealt with!" One of the villagers yelled as the others immediately cheered in agreement, some of the shinobi backed away with haste from the fence blocking the mob from the forest.

"Well, be my guest if you want to follow that demon in there, but that's the forest of death… more than likely you will get yourself killed. Don't worry; he's more than likely to die now that he's in there… Our job is done." One of the chuunin said as they all turned to find the Hokage standing behind the crowd with a frightening large number of ANBU standing behind them.

"H-Hokage-sama! T-This isn't w-what it looks l-like!" The leading chuunin spluttered with fear at the killing intent his leader was emitting at the mob of villagers and stray shinobi. The Hokage gave no emotion as he opened his mouth to give a command.

"ANBU, seize everyone in this group, villagers and shinobi alike and escort them to the I&T department, make sure Ibiki and Anko discipline this lot of… trash and make sure that they don't every think about doing this again." The Hokage ordered. The second he gave the order, the ANBU were on the mob like flies over left over food; in a matter of seconds, all the villagers and stray shinobi from Genin to Chuunin were tied up and already being escorted to the worst place in Konohagakure for anyone to be.

The Hokage turned to two trust-worthy ANBU who stood at his side, kneeled down, awaiting orders.

"Neko, Dog, find the tracks of Naruto-kun and bring him back safely, do not leave until you at least… find a body." The Hokage said with a grim frown, not believing he could have said those words. It was his job to keep him safe and right now he had been doing a slack job at it, so life as a Hokage was always, there are just so many things that you will eventually lose track of one more little blonde boy with whiskers.

"Hai Hokage-sama!" They both said before disappearing leaving the Hokage alone standing outside the Forest of death, hoping for the best news possible.

" Minato, Kushina… I am already failing your last wishes… dam these villagers, they just cannot see past hate!" One Sarutobi Hiruzen thought as he clenched his fists tightly, his knuckles going white with rage. After those final thoughts, he disappeared with a swirl of leaves, heading back to the office where mountains of paper work would greet him.

Naruto had come to a slow walk as he continued through the forest, looking back every few seconds just to make sure no one was following him. His eyes were like pinballs, darting to what ever made the slightest of nose. He was scared beyond belief at where he was, it was so dark he could barely see a few feet in front of his own face. He was also very cold, his shirt was drenched in sweat which was now freezing his skin as cold winds would rush past him and make him shiver.

As he continued to walk, he thought as to how he ended up here, normally he was saved at the last second by people wearing masks, and a particular one kept popping up, a cat mask that the person wore and he had come to call Neko-nee-chan because of the person's feminine voice. He wished she was here with him right now, because he was frightened, he just wanted this to end, he just wanted to go home and sleep in his bed and eat Ramen. Instead, get gets stuck in this scary dark forest with strange noises popping up all around him.

He felt like he was being hunted, a sick sense of blood-lust would occur behind him, but when he would turn, he would find only darkness. He kept on going though, hoping to find an exit to this dark hell. The silence was killing him, he wanted to be able to hear people again, he wanted to go to Ichiraku's and ask the old man for his favorite dish, Miso Ramen with extra pork.

His stomach growled as he rubbed it and wiped some dried tears out of his eyes. He stopped and looked around, he was lost, hopelessly lost and from the way he was going now, he seemed to get only deeper and deeper into the forest and his chances of survival were slim to none and he knew it. A child exposed to the horrors of the world at a young age, but having the courage to stand up to those horrors and tell them he was going to conquer them and become Hokage… the boy had real spirit, but there is only so much a seven year old can do.

Sooner he heard another growl, but this didn't come from his stomach, he turned around slowly, to face the largest bear he had ever seen. He hadn't seen a bear at all, except from some nature and wildlife books he had read with little interest and he knew that a bear this size was unnatural.

Naruto backed up, wide eyed and whimpering, fresh tears coming to his eyes as he fumbled backwards. The bear only seemed to come closer, his bloodthirsty red eyes screaming for blood and food as it walked forward, eyeing Naruto as if he were a piece of meat.

Naruto turned and ran, screaming for his life. He heard growls and huffs from the bear as it gave chase to the young blonde. Naruto turned his head to see the bear, to close, it was a few feet behind him, but he could see through the darkness that this wasn't the case; the bear was only toying with its food as it ran faster. Naruto turned his head back and closed his eyes, his eyes watering.

He didn't want to die; it was too early for him…

He hadn't even made Hokage yet…

Scratch that, he wasn't even a ninja yet.

He wasn't even ten, his life had barely begun.

Naruto then lost his footing as he suddenly felt himself falling, but there was no ground to catch his fall. Naruto had stumbled off a small cliff. He feel, screaming for help, but on the way down, the back of his head hit something solid.

He stopped screaming as his vision blurred, his body felt light, all energy drained from the boy, he was surprised that he had managed to go on for so long. He always knew he had abnormal stamina, and that he kept playing for hours when other kids would tire out after about an hour and a half. As he fell, he felt his eyelids closing.

"It's not fair… why couldn't I live long enough to become Hokage? Am I… Am I really- a demon? Is this the fate of demons?" Naruto thought as he fell. It had only been a few seconds before he hit some cold and wet. It engulfed up, swallowing him and pulling him down under and along. He had fallen into a river that led to god knows where, but that wasn't on Naruto's mind right now, all he wanted to do was live and become acknowledged, to become Hokage and become the best ninja in the world, surpassing the Yondaime. However to Naruto, it seemed it had all been taken from him before he even had the chance to try.

Slowly, darkness took the boy as he sank further and further into the icy cold water and into what he thought was the next life.


Naruto's feelings and nerves had come back to life, but he refused to open his eyes, he was lying in water. Perhaps the river had washed him up somewhere in the forest?


What was that sound? It echoed as if he was in some kind of enclosed room or hallway, it felt strange, he could feel something, something heavy and thick, like the air was stale and hard.


There it was again, that sound he wasn't in the forest anymore otherwise he would be hearing some kind of water flow if he had washed up on a back somewhere.


Slowly Naruto opened his eyes, snapping them open instantly as he sat up and looked around. He was in some kind of swear, a hallway with a number of walkways leading to other places. His hands went to the back of his head where he thought he had hit something on his fall down to the river. He was surprised when he felt no bump… but then again he did have a knack for healing rather quickly after taking beatings from mobs and stray ninja he would come across.

Naruto slowly got to his feet and started off down the hallway, looking around in case a threat would approach and he wasn't prepared. He was going to be a ninja, or would be a ninja, he would have to keep his senses up if he was going to stay alive, or stay or of harm if he wasn't already dead.

He came to a dark tunnel and looked down it. What was different from these tunnels was the fact that he felt some enormous pressure coming from down this one. It felt heavy, like a fire was pressing down on you, making you want to take the closest weapon and end your life just to escape. Naruto just stood there looking down the hallway, he wasn't sure if he wanted to move or not, but he wanted to know, he needed to know what was down there, as if some instinct was telling him.

Slowly he started off down this tunnel and in no time, he entered a large room, so large it could almost be taller than the Hokage tower, if not several times bigger. In this room stood a large cage, and in the middle of this cage, a slip of paper was stuck to the middle of it, with the Kanji "Seal" written on it.

"Come closer child." A voice said. A bead of cold sweat rolled down the back of Naruto's neck as he swallowed the fear and approached the cage, he had no idea what was on the other side, but if the size of the cage said anything to the young blonde, it was that whatever was on the other side was easily taller than a few buildings if not more.

After a few steps, Naruto stopped and refused to go any further, his common sense screaming at him to halt his position immediately and watch carefully. He focused on the cage and looked past it into the darkness. After a while his eyes widened as the largest fox he had even seen, lay on the other side with a bored expression on its face. The fox was eyeing the boy carefully, as if calculating the child's movements.

Naruto took notice of the large nine tails that seemed to have a mind of their own and wave about around the back of the large fox. Naruto felt all the confidence slip from his once standing position and fell backwards, landing on his behind and trying to crawl away without breaking eye contact with the fox.

Those eyes seemed to paralyze him to a point where the emotion of fear felt like it was going to take over and kill him itself. Naruto's mouth quivered as he felt hot tears rush to his eyes as he started to cry once more. The fox seemed to notice this and chuckle in almost an amused tone.

"You fear me, don't you child?" It asked. It wasn't a question; it was more like a confirmation as it read the blondes actions carefully. Naruto seemed to nod slowly as it smiled and shifted its position and lay in an almost relaxed posture, like a dog lying on a couch.

"Do you know what I am?" The question seemed to answer itself, how could Naruto not know of the great and powerful Kyuubi? The demon fox of nine tails, strongest of all Bijuu and the very same monster that attacked the village of Konohagakure? It was common knowledge that the Yondaime had killed the monster and given his life at the same time to save the village, but if that was true… then why was he here? Where ever this place was anyway.

"K-Kyuubi." Naruto seemed to stutter out. Now he could actually say that he was truly frightened, forget the villagers, forget the forest with weird noises, this was the Kyuubi! The great nine tailed fox, capable of destroying his existence with the flick of its paw! Scratch that, Naruto wouldn't be surprised if something so powerful was able to destroy his very being with a mere thought.

"What d-do you w-want from m-me?" Naruto asked, fearing to break eye contact with the demon that was lying so casually across from him in a cage. The fox closed its eyes as if it was contemplating something. Naruto could see the fox was thinking, it wanted something from Naruto that was for sure.

"I simply want to talk with you." Kyuubi replied in an almost bored tone. Naruto was wondering what the hell the fox wanted to talk with him about. The strongest Bijuu… wanted to talk with him? He wasn't sure to be honored or absolutely shaking with fear. Naruto managed to finally gather his wits and courage to stand back up again and face the fox. Kyuubi seemed to smile at him; it was almost unnerving that the fox was being so… calm about this. He had heard stories about its rage, strong enough to take form and burn forests, crush villagers, shatter mountains, but here it was, just lying in a cage asking if he would talk with him.

"Okay, what… do you want to talk to me about?" Naruto seemed to ask with the utmost care, making sure he wouldn't disrespect the fox in anyway. He didn't want to die, well for all he knew so far he was already dead, but he didn't want to die twice.

"Your life… more specifically, why it is like the pitiful state it is in now, who put you in this position and a proposition I would like to make with you at the end, which by the time I have finished, you will be quite interest to know."Kyuubi replied. Naruto seemed to raise an eyebrow forgetting his fear of the fox for a few seconds.

How could the fox know about his life? Did he know what the villagers do to him almost every day? There were so many questions running through his head right now to be sure what to ask of the great fox Bijuu.

"Kyuubi-san, could you please explain to me what's going on? Where am I and how do you know about my life?" Naruto asked, he seemed to forget the fear, the way the fox was speaking to him was strange but he may as well talk politely back. This fox was seemingly one of the very few people that actually talked to him like a person, other people just scowl at him and tell him to scram and run off somewhere else.

"Of course, right now we are in what I would call a Dream World. This place is based off your feelings and emotions, an easier way to say it that this place would be your mind, which is where I am currently held prisoner, thanks to your Fourth Hokage." Kyuubi said. Naruto's eyebrows furrowed as he learned this information.

Prisoner… what the hell was the Kyuubi doing as a prisoner inside his head? What did the Yondaime do to put the Kyuubi inside of him? Was this the truth?

"To understand the story of how I ended up here, we have to go back seven years to when I attacked your village, on the night of your birth… But to know the full story, first you must know about your parents." Kyuubi said eyeing the blonde child with mild amusement when he said parents.

Naruto's eyes widened when he heard the Kyuubi mention his parents. It was something he had wanted to know his whole life! He had asked Hokage-Jiji thousands of times, even begged, but the old man said he knew nothing about his parents and that they were heroes and died in the Kyuubi attack.

"You know many parents!?" Naruto almost shouted. Kyuubi smiled slightly, the excitement of children, such innocence, but innocence in Naruto was all but non-existent. Naruto was beaten, kicked out of stores, thrown out of the orphanage all because they thought he was a demon. Naruto was forced to grow up quickly, but he still kept some of his childish antiques.

"Of course I know them, I spent some time trapped inside one of them… well your mother anyway, her name was Kushina Uzumaki, she was my previous vessel, although I have to admit, being impaled by chains just to keep me locked up was painful, but yes, she was your mother." Kyuubi said as he watched the child's excitement. Tears began to form in Naruto's eyes, but they were tears of joy, finally he had a name, he could work off that and find out more about her later.

"And what about Tou-san, did you know him as well?" Naruto asked with almost a childlike sparkle to his eyes. Kyuubi was amused at the child acting like a child for once in a long time. Ever since Naruto was cast out of the orphanage and even before that, he always had to watch his own back, forced to grow up into the shoes of a responsible adult and care for himself. Kyuubi shifted slightly, grumbling before he answered.

"Your father… was a great man in the eyes of mortals, he was a hero, and after all he was the one that put me here." Kyuubi said with a mild evil grin. He watched as Naruto put two and two together from the previous statement he had made. Naruto heard Kyuubi say that the Yondaime Hokage gave up his life to save the village, defeating Kyuubi and putting him inside of his head… but Kyuubi was saying his…father did… that.

Naruto's eyes widened in absolute shock and disbelief as he processed the information and then came to the shocking conclusion that he couldn't believe.

"My father was the… Yondaime Hokage?! I don't believe it! How can someone so respected in the village sacrifice himself for his son, and then for everyone in the village to hate that son?! Did I do something wrong? Am I the reason my father is dead and everyone hates me?" Naruto thought as a mixture of tears, both happy and sorrow flooded his eyes once again.

"Naruto… The villagers hate you because they think you are me. They think that me being sealed into you makes you me. It's common for villagers to misunderstand, but since you are also tormented by ninja, it's wrong and they should know better. Our situation is no different than a kunai and a scroll. If I am the kunai and you are the scroll, when the kunai gets sealed into the scroll, does that make the scroll a kunai? It's a simple matter of misunderstanding of how sealing works." Kyuubi explained to the child who was staring at his own reflection in the floor.

Naruto looked up at Kyuubi, staring him dead in the eyes, not even fearing the fox anymore, he felt so dead inside for some reason. He finally knew why he was hated by everyone; he was hated, ostracized, beaten, and hunted because of this fox being sealed inside of him.

"But I'm not you… that are so unfair, how can they think I'm you and not Uzumaki Naruto! I'm me, not you, just as you are you and not me!" Naruto said trying to explain the situation to himself. Kyuubi grumbled a little.

"You are exactly right, but they fear what I did to their precious village. I'm not going to lie to you Naruto, I killed a lot of people when I attacked the village, and they villages fear me because what I can do, and fear spawns anger and anger spawns ignorance… it's just how you humans are." Kyuubi said. Naruto looked at Kyuubi with new found hate which Kyuubi shrugged off, he had received worse, but he would rather keep a nice good relationship with his new jailor if he was going to get him to agree to the proposition at the end of the story.

"Why the hell did you attack the village then!? Weren't you supposed to be sealed inside my Kaa-chan? Why did you get out and attack the village!?" Naruto growled at the Bijuu. Kyuubi had to admit, this kid was making progress in getting rid of fear, not ten minutes ago had he been quivering on the floor, almost pleading for mercy.

"It was not a matter of what my agenda was with your village, it was a matter of someone else's stupid plot for revenge, from what I can tell. During pregnancy, a female Jinchuriki's seal is weakened to the point where it is possible for the Bijuu to escape from its host. I had a similar chance when you mother was giving birth to you, however your father was keeping the seal in place so it was rather hard to break free.

At the time, I was filled with rage, anger, I wanted to destroy everything when I escape, and I wanted to kill everything I could find. When I did escape however, your mother had already given birth and the seal was rebuilding itself back to normal…

However, I found that I was more or less forced out of your mothers seal and when I got out, I find my freedom is shortly lived as a man with a single red eye that hid behind an orange swirled mask. That eye reminded me of one man, a man called Uchiha Madara. Before I even realized what had happened, I was pulled into a Genjutsu and was force to do that mans every command.

I was then summoned to your village, and with no control over my body, I was commanded to lay waste to it, but luckily your father managed to sever that Genjutsu and my mind was returned to my control. However before I could make my escape, I was pinned down by leaf shinobi and eventually I found myself pinned down by your mother's famous chakra chains and before I even knew it, I was sealed into you." Kyuubi explained. Naruto was trying to see if the Kyuubi was lying in anyway just to try and get good leeway with him, but the story seemed too connected and consistent to be made up, on the other hand, if he really was sealed into him at birth, he had seven years to come up with a decent excuse. However, Naruto was willing to give Kyuubi the benefit of the doubt, whether or not it would kill him later, he didn't care, his life was garbage anyway but that didn't mean he wouldn't give up on his dream to become Hokage!

"At first, I was in a rage; I couldn't believe I was sealed again! I tried to find every loop hole I could in this seal and claw my way out even if I killed you, at the time I couldn't care less for an insignificant child like you, I found myself to mighty and two powerful to be held down by a mere child." Kyuubi chuckled as if it was a memory he was looking back on and laughing at how stupid he had been. Naruto just seemed to glare at the large fox for saying such harsh things about him.

"But after a while I found none, and I resigned to my fate as yet again, I was sealed, with no way out. After a year or two, I started to think, I started to contemplate why it seems to be like this, why the greatest of Bijuu such as myself has to get captured and sealed into a human like some sort of monster, force to become a weapon for a village of shinobi. As the more I thought, the more I came to realize that my rage was clouding my judgement, all I thought about was killing, but it was then I realized just maybe why I was put into you. Maybe the old man sage was right and I was just being ignorant and foolish." Kyuubi said with a sigh, Naruto could tell that it was this part in the story that could explain why Kyuubi seemed so different to the stories he had heard.

"I thought maybe I was meant to do something, maybe there is a purpose for me being here, just like with Kushina and Mito… maybe I was meant to help them in a way, the old man placed his trust in us to keep the peace in this land, but after a long time I turned bad, I felt rage, but now I feel like I did back then… I feel like I finally understand what old man sage was talking about… we Bijuu are meant to carry on his will to keep the peace, but we have not done that, we help wage war, even now we still do… and it was then that I had felt a great shame, a feeling so foreign to me that I had trouble understanding it at first… regret… I regret not helping Mito, I regret not helping your mother… maybe if I did, she would still be alive and you wouldn't have to have had such a lonely life. But now, I can change that, It seems the old sage has been watching over me and has given me another chance to make things right, to help bring peace to this world, and I believe I can help you achieve it Naruto." Kyuubi said with a slight wasn't sure what to make of this; he saw this as making friends with the Kyuubi, becoming friends with the nine tailed fox demon… was he really a demon? Well he admitted he was but he is saying he was changing.

Naruto weighed his odds. If the Kyuubi turned out to be lying and ends up trying to get out, he will die and the Kyuubi will be free to do whatever he wants but on the other hand, if Kyuubi was really telling the truth then Naruto might be able to succeed and become Hokage, and finally become recognized and acknowledged, and the idea of world peace with no fighting sounded like a great idea to. After a few minutes of silence, Naruto made up his mind as he looked up at the Kyuubi and smiled.

"Well, I can't really tell if you're lying or not, everything sounds very convincing. If you really just wanted to get out then I bet when I'm at my weakest you'll just take over me and rip yourself out of the seal and I'll die…" Naruto said but before he could continue, Kyuubi interrupted him.

"Actually, you're only half right. If I was indeed lying to you so to speak, and when you're at your weakest decide to take advantage, if you die, I die as well. That's how this seal works. Your father, the Yondaime Hokage was a Fūinjutsu master. He placed the Shiki Fuujin (Dead Demon Consuming Seal) on your body when he sealed me into you when you were born. He also placed Hakke no Fuin Shiki (Eight Trigrams Sealing Style) over the seal for extra protection. He was truly a seal master, so if I take over your body by force and kill you, I'll die as well." Kyuubi explained. Naruto seemed to tilt his head to the side, not understanding the names of the seals placed on him. They must have been powerful seals for it to keep something as powerful as the Kyuubi inside of him.

"Alright… I see, well I guess I really have nothing to lose then. I guess this makes us friends right?" Naruto asked hopefully. Kyuubi would be one of the very small amounts of friends he actually had. In fact he would go as far as saying Kyuubi was family since his mother had him sealed inside of her.

A small tear dropped from his eye as he thought about that word…


A word filled with love and protection, and what Kyuubi was doing right now might just be what families do… at least that's how he saw it anyway. He wasn't angry at his father, he wasn't angry at his mother… it was their job to protect the village, especially his father, the Yondaime Hokage… he still couldn't believe it! That man must be brave, he gave up his life for his village to save it and place the Kyuubi inside his son… that man must have some serious faith in him if he believe he could take on the responsibility of bearing the Kyuubi, however now it didn't seem so bad.

Kyuubi seemed nice, but for all he knew it could be a trick, but what could he have to lose? Right now, he was probably dying at the bottom of a freezing cold river in the middle of some forest. If Kyuubi betrayed him, he would take the teme with him. Now Naruto was about to make the most life changing decisions he has ever had to face in his life. Trust the Kyuubi?

Or call Kyuubi a liar and walk out right now.

Naruto smiled, he knew what he wanted to pick, he wanted someone close to him, someone he could count on when he was down, someone who could in courage him to beat his enemies, and the way Kyuubi had been talking to him tonight, he was glad he had chosen the former.

"Alright Kyuubi… eh, do you have a name instead of just Kyuubi? I mean calling you by the number of your tails just seems a bit odd. Do Bijuu have names?" Naruto asked as he squinted at Kyuubi's fox tails waving around as the lazy fox just lay with his head on top of his paws.

"Kurama." Kyuubi, now as he dubbed Kurama replied. Naruto smiled as he gave thumbs up the fox and gave the fox a traditional Uzumaki grin.

"Nice to meet you Kurama-san, I hope I can get to know you better-attebayo!" Naruto said with a grin. Kurama scoffed, he heard it all the time from the outside of the seal. That cursive verbal tick that he inherited from his mother was incredibly annoying. At least it wasn't 'dattebane', but he was sure it was going to get on his nerves.

"Nice to meet you too Naruto… now for the proposition… As of right now, the way your father left the seal, I am able to send you forty percent of my maximum chakra as a max. We can mix our chakra together and strengthen our bond and allow to semi-transform. You would only need use twenty percent of my Yang chakra to allow you to go Bijuu-mode." Kurama explained.

"Bijuu mode?" Naruto asked with a comical question mark on top of his head. Kurama sighed and chuckled at Naruto's simple minded brain. He would really need to teach this boy a few things.

"Basically it's a mixture of our Chakra were both of us are willing to blend our chakra and it will allow you to transform per-say. It increases your strength, speed and sensing abilities to new heights, although, you will have to train how to use it." Kurama explained. Naruto was in a state of glee. He was going to be trained by Kurama! He would be able to protect himself now and show everyone that he was strong!

"However I am not trained in the shinobi arts, so I will not be able to help you with jutsu… that is something you will have to learn on your own. I can however help you with extensive chakra control so you will be able to utilize the Bijuu mode to its full potential." Kurama continued sensing the disappointment in Naruto. Kurama smirked when a number of different chakra control exercises came to mind. Maybe he still retained his sadistic side as he chuckled lowly to himself.

"So you're going to help me in parts of my shinobi training? Do you really think I have what it takes to become Hokage and change the world?" Naruto asked in wonder. Kurama sighed and smiled. If his past self-had seen the way he was talking to this child, Kurama was pretty sure the old him would be disgusted at the weakness he was showing at helping a lowly human… maybe he should thank the Yondaime Hokage for showing him just how weak minded he was when he was still full of rage.

"I guess you could say that, and yes, I believe that you can become something very great." Kurama replied. The large fox grumbled as he watched the child jump up and down in glee, a little part of him wanted to squash the boy and tell him he was being childish… but then again Naruto was only seven and he had a lot to learn about the shinobi world.

"Arigato Kurama… I don't know what else to say to express my feelings." Naruto said with a smile. The boy had finally found a friend, a friend he would stick with for the rest of his life, someone who would help him. Kurama grumbled and turned his head away.

"Bah! Such words, don't thank me it feels weird after what I have done." Kurama said feeling uncomfortable with the praise. Naruto frowned and pouted.

"Hey I was just trying to say thanks, you know, for being my friend and explaining to me what happened. I've wanted to know all my life why people hated me, and I've also always wanted to know who my parents were…" Naruto trailed off as he saw a fist made by Kurama that was held just outside of the cage. Naruto looked confused and looked to Kurama to explain his actions.

"This is the first step to our bond. Bump fists and I'll open a chakra network between us, but this seal will restrict more than sixty percent so I'll only be able to give you forty. I am almost made of chakra so forty percent of it is actually quite a lot. With your large chakra reserves as it is, forty percent of my chakra easily is double the amount of your chakra." Kurama said. Naruto looked like he only just understood what the large fox had just said and slowly nodded.

"This chakra network I will make will allow me to control your chakra flow, so when you enter Bijuu mode, I can help you in certain areas so you don't end up killing yourself by overloading your chakra network and coils by accident." Kurama continued. Naruto nodded as he took in this information. He was still so happy to have a friend like Kurama, someone willing to actually help him reach his goals. He didn't care what he had done in the past, he could tell the fox was trying to make up for it now and he'd be dammed it someone tried to fix that.

And on that note, Naruto replied with a simple fist bump with Kurama. Almost after a few seconds, he felt a huge change.

What felt like a river of life and power exploded around Naruto's form, his form changed as he was suddenly lit up in a yellow/orange flame? His blonde hair stood on end, waving around in a non-existent breeze. Strange black lines appeared around his body and mainly focused around his mid-section.

It was a feeling of pure ecstasy; his whole body looked like it was on fire. The orange flames would dance around his shoulders; his hair was standing and waving in a breeze. He felt alive, he felt powerful, and he felt like he could take on the world. He looked back at Kurama with a smile so bright it could dwarf the sun.

It was then he noticed something, he could feel something coming from Kurama… it felt like happiness? Mixed with something from relief to pride, Naruto wasn't sure what to make of this, but before he could ask, Kurama seemed to answer his own question.

"In that form, you can feel other people's emotions if you focus hard enough. A useful skill when you are trying to figure out true intentions and see if people are lying." The large fox said with almost a smile. Naruto examined his body; he had never felt so good in his life. He actually looked like he was on fire.

"T-This is amazing… I feel like I could take on Hokage-Jiji and come out on top! I feel like I can do anything!" Naruto said with excitement and pretended to spar with the air around him. Kurama watched with mild amusement as the boy jumped around the outside of the cage like a child on some sort of sugar high.

"Well, you certainly rival a Kage in terms of the amount of chakra reserves you have, but in terms of actual skills… you're actually the same as before unless you actually know how to control your chakra. Don't think that in Bijuu mode you suddenly gain the skill and power of a Shinobi, you will still need to train to become powerful." Kurama said as Naruto stopped and looked down in disappointment. Kurama growled at the quick change of attitude.

"Stop that infernal self-pity! I am here to help you remember? Now I think it was time you wake up and return to the world of the living before you drown, it's been long enough as it is. I will train you in chakra control, but the rest is up to you, I will help you when I can." Kurama scolded the young blonde. Naruto comically shook his self-pity away and saluted the giant fox.

In a matter of seconds, Naruto found himself waking up, his lungs screaming at him for air. How long had he spent talking to Kurama? Surely it was more than twenty minutes; he should have drowned by now. Never the less, he twisted his body in the water and frantically swam back to the surface.

As he broke the surface, he pulled oxygen into his lungs. It felt much better to be able to breath, he was sure he was going to die, but thanks to Kurama he had found a new resolve, well actually it was the same but he was given motivation. He was going to become the best Shinobi ever and surpass his father, and he was going to do it with the help of Kurama.

He managed to push himself to the river bank and crawl up onto the mud and collapsed in a heap. He didn't feel that exhilarating feeling he felt in his mind when he bumped fists with Kurama. He didn't see that orange fiery glow to his body anymore. He tried to activate it but found he actually had no idea how to do it.

"You need to have decent control of your chakra if you want to enter Bijuu mode, Naruto." Kurama's voice echoed throughout his mind. Naruto didn't reply, he just lay on his back looking up into the night sky, past the tree tops and into the black sky with shiny dots.

"I see, I'll need better chakra control then, I should get to work!" Naruto thought with new determination as he tried to force himself up. Kurama sighed inside of his mind.

"Baka! To get the control needed for Bijuu mode, it will take at least a few months' worth of extensive chakra control to even be able to activate it. The reason why it worked in your mind was because I activated it for you. Of course since now that the link between us is working now, I could always activate it for you, but I'd rather you learn how to do it yourself… and plus, you're about to have company." The fox said as it retreated to the back of his mind.

No sooner after the fox had said this, two figures suddenly appeared next to the downed Naruto. They both had masks on, one of them Naruto managed to faintly recognize as he gave a weak smile to her. He tried to reach up and grab onto her but his energy failed him.

"Neko-nee-chan… I'm tired…" Naruto spoke with a dry croak to his voice. Even though the women was wearing a mask, he could somehow feel a small smile behind her mask as she carefully picked up the blonde boy in her arms and stood up.

"It's alright Naruto-kun, rest now… you are safe." The soothing female voice relaxed Naruto as he gladly took her advice and feel into a slumber. He did not return to his mindscape, but he simply just slept, Kurama had said all he needed to say and decided to let the boy rest, he was going to need it when he decided to kick the boy's ass into gear and get him started on chakra exercises as soon as possible.

"Let's get him back to Hokage-sama; he will want to know that Naruto-kun is still alive." Neko said to Dog/Wolf. The man with silver hair and the one red eye nodded as they both disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

Naruto woke up as the sun hit his eyes in a painful manner. Had last night been a dream? He dreamt that he met the nine tailed fox who turned out to be really nice, and he even told him his parents!

"So my parents huh… Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minato, or the Yondaime Hokage. That must have been a crazy dream." Naruto thought to himself as he looked around. He realized instantly he had been here a number of times when he got in trouble for pulling pranks. Naruto's blood ran cold; he was in the Hokage's office on a futon next to the desk.

"That was no dream Naruto, and if I were you, I would get some more sleep because as soon as you have your energy back, the amount of time spent pulling pranks, will be spent training you in the first steps of becoming a shinobi." The fox said inside his head. Naruto's breath hitched, so it wasn't a dream and he really now knew who his parents were.

Naruto smiled as he began to chuckle. All in one night he had learned so much, he wondered why the fox would tell him those things, but it didn't matter, he and the fox were partners now and they would take on the world together!

But first… he had some serious things to talk about with his oji-san.

Naruto stood up and yawned and looked around the room. It was empty except for him which was strange because he never knew the Hokage left this office unless someone needed saving. Naruto sat around on his futon and waited for the Hokage to come back, but minutes past and nothing had happened.

Naruto sighed as he stood up and walked over to the Hokage's chair. Naruto smiled weakly for a little bit as he looked at the chair and the desk.

"My tou-san sat in this very chair and protected the leaf village. One day I will grow up and do the same, I wear on my nindo, and I never go back on my word!" Naruto thought with conviction. Then all of a sudden, Naruto grinned as he sat down in the chair and looked towards the door. He changed his face to a serious demeanor and frowned.

"I am the Hokage, and your first mission is to go to Ichiraku's and get me three bowls of Miso Ramen with extra pork!" Naruto said to no one in particular. The little blonde chuckled to himself at how childish he was being.

Suddenly, he felt a soft hand on his shoulder and a low chuckle behind him. Naruto shot out of the seat and turned around all in the space of a second to find the Hokage himself standing behind the chair with a very amused look on his face.

"Hokage-Jiji! W-what are you doing here! I didn't even see you come in!" Naruto exclaimed as he pointed towards the door and back to him. Sarutobi Hiruzen a hearted laugh at the young blonde's accusations.

"Naruto-kun, I am a shinobi am I not? It's my job to not let anyone see me coming. Plus if a seven year old was able to catch me before I got to him, I wouldn't be given the privilege to be sitting in that seat now would I?" Sarutobi chuckled as the blonde seemed to sigh.

"Yeah, yeah rub in it oji-san… when I become a ninja you won't be able to get the drop on me like that ever again!" Naruto exclaimed with a grin. Sarutobi raised his eyebrows at this.

"So you want to become a shinobi now Naruto, are you sure you want to walk down this road? I mean, it's a dangerous life and you never know when you might have to take a life to save many. It's a job that requires sacrifice." The old wise third Hokage said with a serious tone. Naruto nodded and gave him the traditional Uzumaki grin.

"Yep! I want to become a great ninja and surpass all the previous Hokages, even my dad!" Naruto exclaimed further, however he did not mean to say that last part. He was so still so excited at learning his parents, and now the possibility of become a ninja.

Once Naruto had finished that sentence, Sarutobi's warm hearted smile completely changed to a look of confusion as his blood than colder than ice. He couldn't believe it what he had just heard! Naruto new who his father was? Who could have told him, there was only a select few that actually knew who his father was and it was a very well kept S-class secret to ensure the safety of Naruto's well-being.

When Naruto saw his oji-san's expression change, he knew he had said too much, but this was no time to back down, his oji-san had lied to him and told him he didn't know who his parents were and that all he knew was that they died a hero's death in the Kyuubi attack seven years ago. Naruto pieced together in a matter of seconds that there was no way on Kami's green earth that the third Hokage wouldn't know who the Yondaime was, it was absolute rubbish.

"Naruto… do you know who your father was?" Sarutobi asked, he actually didn't know any other way to ask the question, he knew if the boy actually knew then he could lie and he couldn't punish the boy for knowing, but if he actually knew then it would cause a lot of trouble. Much to his fears, Naruto's happy go lucky attitude changed into a stone cold faced demeanor.

"Naruto, tell him to seal the room, I can sense at least five people hiding in the ceiling."Kurama advised the young Namikaze heir. Naruto mentally nodded and looked towards his oji-san, it was time for answers and he wouldn't leave here until he got them.

"Oji-san, seal the room so people can't over hear this convocation." Naruto said in a serious tone of voice. Sarutobi's eyes narrowed on the boy. The air was tense, and Hiruzen wasn't sure what to make of Naruto anymore. How much does the boy know about his heritage?

Accepting the request, Sarutobi went through a few quick hand signs and touch the ground with both his hands. Seals spread though out the room all across the floor, the roof and the doors and windows.

"Privacy seals I think. Okay, it's safe to talk now."

"Alright Oji-san, I'm not going to lie to you, but yes, as of last night, I know who my Kaa-chan and Tou-san were and I'm upset that you lied to me about them. Now I'm sure you had your reasons, I mean, from what I read my father, the Yondaime Hokage did some amazing things, but amazing here could also mean bad somewhere else… what I think was my father made some pretty powerful enemies and to keep me safe, you lied to me about my heritage." Naruto said with an icy gaze on the elderly Hokage.

To say that Sarutobi Hiruzen was stunned beyond belief would be an understatement, he had hit the nail right on the head with that one, those reasons had been justified and where for a good cause but that doesn't mean Naruto will easily forgive him for this. He could have easily told Naruto and told him to keep quiet about it, but knowing Naruto, him inheriting Kushina's loud mouth and brash attitude, he wasn't sure if he could trust Naruto with that kind of information, but now it seems someone has opened there big mouth.

"Who told you this Naruto? That was an S-Class secret to be kept at all times, punishable by death… who told you this information Naruto?" Hiruzen said, edging to get a name so he could make that person's life hell before he was executed for his crimes. He was putting Naruto's life in danger!

"Well… hah, hah, I don't think you will be able to do that because this particular person so to say is someone you cannot kill." Naruto said trying to hint at who told him this information, trying not to say it out right. Hiruzen studied the boy's expression trying to decode to boy's message. However his thoughts came to an impossible conclusion and was only confirmed when Naruto pointed to his stomach.

"Y-You don't mean that-"

"Kyuubi told me the truth, he told me everything I ever wanted to know… why I was hated, who my parents were and why they were not with me and he also told me some other interesting things that you might want to hear as well." Hiruzen was stumped, another S-Class secret that the boy was not supposed to know had come to light, and even worse was it was by someone he could not punish for its actions, as its very exsistence inside Naruto was already its punishment.

"So you know everything now. I'm sorry Naruto I truly am, but I promised your parents to take care of you and to help you grow, letting you have a child hood instead of being forced to grow up so fast. Gomen Naruto-kun, I truly am." Naruto nodded, accepting the apology.

"Good, apology accepted, I hold no ill towards you Oji-san, however I would like you to know the truth about what actually happened that night, Kyuubi's side of the story, so I'm going to have to ask you to remain calm because I'm going to switch with Kyuubi and let him explain to you what really happened that night of the attack." Naruto said.

Hiruzen's eyes widened to the point where they were going to pop out of his head. Before he could protest, Naruto closed his eyes. He knew it was too late as he felt Naruto's chakra change to that of the Kyuubi. Thanks to the privacy seals he put up, they also were fixed with chakra suppressers so no one could sense the Kyuubi in here. Good thing too, this room would be filled with ANBU at the even slightest bit of the Nine Tails Chakra.

When Naruto opened his eyes again, Sarutobi no longer saw the childish blue eyes Naruto once had, they were now blood red with a slit down the middle, giving off a feral feeling. Sandaime instinctively held a kunai under is desk in his best hand, in case the monster attacked, though he would have to be careful, he wouldn't want to harm Naruto's body.

"Greetings Sandaime Hokage, it's been awhile hasn't it?" The Kyuubi said in Naruto's possessed body, the voice had completely changed, it was that of the Kyuubi not Naruto. Hiruzen scowled as he gazed into those blood red eyes, bringing him fresh destructive memories of that very night seven years ago.

"Kyuubi…" Hiruzen frowned as he looked back at the young blonde possessed body. Such cold red blood thirsty eyes, calculating his every move, predicting his every thought, I was agonizing just sitting there in the Hokage chair, but he promised Naruto he would hear what the Kyuubi had to say. This morning seemed to be getting stranger and stranger by the second!

"Naruto has allowed me to talk to you and explain to you what really happened on that night, details that were missed that you should know." Kyuubi started as Hiruzen sat in his chair, listening intently and tense, ready for any attack if the Kyuubi tried something. He never would have thought in a million years that this morning he would be having a chat with the Kyuubi himself.

"Very well, let's hear your side of the story, but by no means does it mean that I will believe even a word you say." Sarutobi said, choosing his words carefully. Kyuubi simply nodded and began his explanation.

Throughout the explanation, Sarutobi was shocked to say the least to find out that the Kyuubi was controlled, forcefully ripped from Kushina's seal and forced to attack the Leaf village. As the Kyuubi kept explaining, it made more and more sense to Sarutobi. Kushina's seal wouldn't fail so easily, not with Minato, a seal master, more talented and better if not equal to his own student Jiraiya of the Sannin, a well-known seal master all over the elemental nations. The only possible conclusion was that they were attacked on the night of the birth by someone who had a grudge against Konoha, but who?

"The only person who has every managed to control me like that… is none other than Uchiha Madara, no one else can do it." Kyuubi said with a grim voice. Sarutobi couldn't believe what he was hearing. The legendary Uchiha Madara was trying to destroy the Leaf again? But that man was supposed to be dead by now, at least by old age… could he have found a way to make himself immortal?

"I don't care if you believe me or not, but as soon as I was free from Kushina's seal, before I even knew it, I was looking into a Sharingan eye and lost control of my actions. Next thing I know, I'm in the Leaf village with destroyed buildings all around me and shinobi attacking me from all angles." Kyuubi said. He also went on to explain why he and Naruto were on such good terms as of right now. He told the Sandaime that after his sealing into Naruto by the Yondaime, he began to contemplate his existence and eventually he let his hate and rage subside and made a decision to help Naruto become the best he can be. Hiruzen was not so easily swayed and didn't believe him for a second but the fox didn't care.

"Listen, I've opened up a link with Naruto so that he will be able to use forty percent of my power whenever he needs to, I will also be teaching him how to control it to make sure he doesn't destroy his body by overloading his chakra coils with my added chakra. I don't need to promise any of you anything because I know you don't trust me, but Naruto trusts me and that's all I care about." And with that, Kyuubi retreated back into the mind of Naruto, returning the young blonde boy to control.

Naruto opened his eyes once more, his sea blue eyes back to normal. Sarutobi let out a breath and relaxed back in his seat, he could not say he was happy but at least Naruto was okay.

"I take it he told you everything you needed to know?" Naruto asked. Hiruzen sighed as he looked back at Naruto, glad the eyes of the young boy he knew and loved were back to normal.

"Do you trust Kyuubi, Naruto?" Hiruzen asked, studying the boy's facial reaction. Naruto smiled and looked down at the floor.

"He was the first to tell me the truth, the first to offer his friendship to me, something no one else has done. I'll trust him with my life, and if he's lying, well I really have nothing to lose. My dad put faith in me to seal the Kyuubi inside of me, I will honor that and use all my power to protect the people that are precious to me, and that includes you too Hokage-Jiji!" Naruto grinned. Sarutobi couldn't help but grin to. That boy had a heart of gold, and he knew that he was in for an interesting few years.

"Anyway Oji-san, I've gotta go, Kurama-san wants to start me on chakra control exercises as soon as possible, so I gotta start today-attebayo!" Naruto said waving as he made his way to the door. Before he could open it, Hiruzen called out to the boy.

"Naruto… Shinobi Academy starts five months from now… make sure your there." The Sandaime Hokage said smiling from his seat. Naruto turned to him with the biggest smile on his face Hiruzen had ever seen the boy produce.

"Arigato Oji-san!" Naruto said running over to the old supposed to be retired Hokage and giving him a hug before running out the door to the nearest training field. Hiruzen chuckled as he watched Naruto go.

"Just like Minato and Kushina… always eager to improve, I hope you two are watching, because you are in for a real show." He thought to himself.

These were going to be some very interesting years indeed.

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