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I mean seriously, the kids are going into a profession that requires, stealth, interrogation skills and all up, the ability to slaughter your enemy's and not give a second thought about it. It's a cold world, and i saw the written test to be too forgiving and too easy really. Others may have different views, but MY OPINION, this was my view on it.

Another set of you said that Orochimaru blew the Edo Tensei way too early. Yeah, i get that, but as i said, Orochimaru is a slick bastard. Who's too say i haven't cooked up something else? You guys think you know what's going to happen because i'm following parallel with the Cannon, that's wrong... As i stated before, things are going to be different. For example, the Invasion might happen at a completely different time! The Chuunin exams might not even be interrupted! Things are going to happen that will branch off from the cannon. So when i used Edo Tensei in the forest, you can damn well bet that Orochimaru has another trick up his sleeve!

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On with the Story!

A slither of sunlight stretched across the horizon as the Sandaime Hokage stared out into the sun set. It had been a long time since he stared out into the orange line of warmth, it was a very effective way of letting the all the stress on his shoulders wash away in the warm glow of the sun. It was a calm peaceful feeling that filled his old tired body and for the very rare brief moments, remind him what retirement felt like. His thoughts brought him to the exams, and why he was forced to change it to such ruff conditions.

The main reason being Kumo and Takigakure, their views on the exam were that it was too easy going. Too easy to fool a person in a written test, it was almost foolish, and they had said that the shinobi with bloodlines would find it much easier to complete an exam while others with no bloodline might have a more troublesome time, and apart from the visual bloodlines… especially those with dōjutsu like the Sharingan, or the Byakugan all of which belonged to Konoha, would easily cruise through the first part of the test with little to no trouble at all.

They complained that it would have been one sided and too easy for Konoha Genin that possessed the bloodline to pass, so they changed the test. The test they changed it to was a similar test that they had used during the second shinobi world war, a test that Konoha ran when it was only Konoha Genin participating.

However, if he used this means of testing, it was much more risky than just sticking with a simple minded written test. Any idiot could have figured out the meaning of the written test, so it was basically no challenge... that, Hiruzen was sure of, however he could be overestimating the Genin, most of them were quite simple minded these days, but this test was more than enough to determine chuunin material.

Yes it was a dangerous test, most of the shinobi council were completely against the idea of it, because of the safety of their children were at risk, however, he reminded them that out in the shinobi world, there is no mercy; there are no people that will nicely interrogate you. And there is certainly, under no circumstances, was there going to be a time where gathering information is going to be as easy as the written test was going to make it out to be.

However, most of the shinobi council didn't agree, especially the Hyūga. The whole issue was with Kumo was basically their fallback argument! From the very start, most of the council had been in an outrage, allowing Kumo to enter the boarders with two of their Jinchuriki no less. Some of the council were beginning to doubt Sarutobi on his ability to make decisions about the well-being of Konoha!

So he made a compromise and external interference in the exam that nobody was to know about except the exam proctors and the council. He made the list of the people that would be sent to the other teams as captives. He made sure that the captors had nothing of worth to steal. To ensure the safety of Konoha even further, there was a hidden recording seal hidden in each room that the exam took place in.

Each Genin squad was monitored, ensuring that secrets of Konoha were not divulged to disguise Genin who could very well be spies from the other village. It was good to because they had managed to capture least two teams that were torturing their captive for Konoha's blueprints and weakness of the village. Those teams had Jounin arrive on the scene and escort them to the I&T department.

In all up, the exam had a number of different deaths, not to high but certainly not too low, only just enough as just as the estimated death rate was. Most were from Konoha since they had the bulk of the exam participants were from the hidden leaf, there were only two or three teams that weren't from Konoha that had failed the test and had one of their teammates die from the toxin.

Life is tough, as a shinobi; there is nothing that is easy. Death is a partner that they have to work with every single day. It's just the way it is.

However, the test proved well and everything had gone according to the estimated pass rate. They had sent the certain teams back to their own village with their dead teammate. It was hard for them to accept, but they knew full well what they were getting into. The shinobi world had no room for naivety. If they didn't know, then it was their fault for taking the chuunin exam so lightly.

As he stared out into the sun set, he felt his tired bones advising him to take a seat and start on the cursive paperwork that awaited him at his desk. Files needed to be filled out, death confirmations needed to be signed and what not… you know, all the political crap.

He turned around to see that his secretary had left a cup of tea on his desk, the steam gently rising out of it. It was getting late, he was wondering how Naruto and his team were doing, he judged that by their skill they should make it within the day or two. He sighed as he slowly walked over to his seat to sit down. It was then that he sensed it.

A overflowing power erupted from the direction of the forest of death, he could feel the violent chakra lashing out like a wild hungry dog on chains, tempted by a piece of raw meat thrown in front of it. It was blood-thirsty; it was terrible, almost as bad as the Kyuubi's.

You see, that was the thing.

It was the Kyuubi's chakra!

His head spun towards the forest to see a flock of around a thousand birds flying away from the sudden disturbance in nature. They looked like small flies but up close they wouldn't be any larger than the average pigeon. He could almost see the red chakra floating upwards to just above the top of the tree tops for the entire village to see. Almost on cue, a large fox-like face formed, his crimson red eyes looking directly at Hiruzen.

The old man was stunned as he stared back at the distance fox-like face that was shrouded in the cloud of red chakra, the killing intent could be felt all around the village. No doubt it would be littered all over the forest as well.

What was actually seconds, felt like hours for the old Hokage, he had never thought he would see those red eyes again, those eyes filled with nothing but hatred and rage, a lust for vengeance on the village that imprisoned him. A thousand words were spoken in just a few seconds.

The red chakra suddenly vanished along with the ghost like fox head. The killing intent vanished only to be replaced by a clam forest, with trees swaying in the slight breeze. The village was completely silent. Half way across the village, the Jounin senseis were gathered at an outdoor bar.

Among-st them were Kakashi, Asuma, Kurenai and Kirābī and a couple of other Jounin sensei. It was then that they saw it, the red chakra around the same time the Hokage was seeing it as well. And in a few moments, it vanished. It was at this time, that all the Jounin feared for their student's safety, the monstrous chakra had been there for a second before it vanished completely, leaving the entire village to silence.

"Did the seal break?" Kurenai asked. The other Jounin shuddered but had no idea so they shrugged their shoulders or shook their heads in doubt. Kakashi was the only one to have a different reaction. He hadn't known Naruto long, but he had a fair idea about how much control he had over the Kyuubi.

From what he had seen, it seemed the Kyuubi had good intentions. The fox seemed to want to help him become a better shinobi; to advance through the world and bring peace, just like Minato and Jiraiya-sama had always wanted. However right now it seemed like a different story. The chakra transformation in the Wave had shown Kakashi of Naruto's relationship with the Kyuubi. The chakra felt natural.

…But this…

It was the same chakra that he felt all across the village on that very same night, the nightmarish feeling of the Kyuubi's murderous red eyes staring across the village, before deciding its fate, like a court room judge. The hammer would have come down, just like the Kyuubi's Bijudama would have, if not for Minato who had 'objected' and protected the village with his life.

Kakashi clenched his fists, making them turn white from the pressure he was applying. All the Jounin turned to him for an answer, and he gladly gave them one. He turned to the forest and let out a shaky breath.

"No, the seal hasn't broken… from what I know, Naruto is just as much as a seal master as Minato-sensei. He wouldn't let the seal brake so easily. However, I think something has upset Naruto greatly… Too let out this much of Kyuubi's chakra, something must have happened." Kakashi explained. All the Jounin looked towards the forest in anticipation, any second they would brace themselves for the Kyuubi to come bounding out of the forest, ready to decimate the village and finish the job like it would have twelve years ago.

Their thirst for sake had now vanished and was replaced by a sick feeling in their stomachs.

Back across the village standing in the Hokage tower, the old man had broken out into a cold sweat, wondering what had caused Naruto to release so much of the killing intent that he had. It was so much to literally project a visible image of the Kyuubi across the village!

Just then, an entire squad of ANBU appeared in his office. His head turned sharply towards them, staring at them out of the corner of his left eye. He motioned for them to speak. The leader stepped forwards and kneeled before the leader of the hidden leaf village.

"Hokage-sama, a situation has come up that requires your immediate attention." The ANBU spoke clearly. The Hokage grumbled, he was well aware of the Kyuubi's chakra, how could he not? Everyone saw it.

"I'm already aware that the Kyuubi's chakra has caused a small panic among-st the villagers. I want half of you to go and settle them down. The rest will follow me into the forest to see what has caused such an outburst of Naruto-kun's chakra." The Hokage said taking a few steps before he was stopped by the ANBU captain.

"With all due respect Hokage-sama, there's another important thing you need to see. Please follow me; I will lead to you to this disturbance." The ANBU captain said. The Hokage raised a worried eyebrow at this but nodded. Within seconds, the entire office was empty as every single person in there had vanished with Shunshin.

Block, dodge, and avoid, Kawarimi. Everything Naruto could think of and it still wasn't enough to avoid all the attacks, assaults and ploys his parents had thrown at him. An impeccable combo that he was not dealing well with at all, he was losing fast and if he didn't find a way to read their attacks, he would soon fall. His mother was a powerhouse, there was no blocking her punches, even with the Nine Tailed chakra mode on.

Her flexibility was destroying Naruto in hand to hand combat. He would use everything he could to avoid her strikes, he even used his chakra arms, but she took advantage of that and always use the arms to pull herself towards him and promptly smash him in the face. Every attack he used, she would counter almost flawlessly.

The area around them was trashed, littered with remains from trees, dirt and rock. He was breathing heavy. He had Hiraishin seals all over him when he and Minato came to a Taijutsu battle, but it would always end the same, Kushina would appear out of no were and knock Naruto backwards, breaking an extra two tress and scaring the land.

He didn't even have time to get up; he was hit with overly large Rasengans' left and right. He didn't have time to think, he didn't have time to plan a counter attack because there was no interval to formulate a plan. No matter, even if he ran, Minato would appear before him with Rasengans' in hand.

He couldn't even buy the time to remove the Hiraishin seals that were place on him in the first place. The battle had lasted five minutes and Naruto was almost ready to throw in the towel, and curl over and die.

But he couldn't, he couldn't give up or abandon his friends. The man had taken the advantage and slipped past his defense and gone straight after Sakura and Sasuke. He had tried to catch up but he only ended up getting himself hurt as he had ran straight into his mother's fist, only to be volley balled backwards into his father's Rasengan.

Naruto was currently lying in a crater which his own body had made when he was, for almost the twentieth time, was thrown into the ground by his parents flawless teamwork. His chakra was getting weaker by the second, and his confidence was fading. His checks were wet, mixed with tears and his own blood as he stood up once again.

A couple of meters above him, Kushina and Minato stood side by side on a branch. Both of them had sorrowful expressions on their faces as they stared at their child. The child they had given birth to, and now they were ordered to kill him.

Naruto spat out a lump of blood from his throat and looked up at his parents.

"How the… hell, am I supposed to win this? Fuck… I feel, so weak… I can't even read their moves... their so unpredictable!" Naruto thought with a breath. He felt tired, absolutely exhausted, he couldn't take much more of this abuse.

"Fight sochi! You have to beat us! Otherwise we will be forced to kill you! You have to fight back! Naruto!" Kushina cried as she launched backwards into an attack. Naruto only just registered this as he blocked the punch with one of his chakra arms. He retaliated as sent his own punch back only to have it hit aside as Kushina's body weaved around his fist. His face was met with her knee.

He flew backwards, the unrivaled strength of his mother sending him to the ground. However he heard the sound of a Rasengan forming from behind him. In mid-air, Naruto's eyes opened to see Minato in a stance, a Rasengan in hand, ready to shove it into the back of his head.

"Naruto! Quick, dodge before it's too late!" He warned, however Naruto couldn't dodge, instead, a chakra arm launched from his back, a Rasengan in it as it collided with Minato's. The two balls of rotating chakra collided, sending Minato backwards. Naruto breathed for a second before landing on his back.

He propelled himself upwards and stared at Minato, only to see his body puff into smoke. Naruto's eyes widened.

"A Shadow clone?!" His mind raced. He looked around, he couldn't see anyone, and he couldn't even sense anyone until the last second. His head spun just in time to see red hair fly passed him. He looked around once again, red hair was in his vision, but it was only on his peripherals. His eyes widened.

"Genjutsu!" He summarized and hand a hand seal. He started to call out the release before he was hit by something. He couldn't even see what it was, it was a burning feeling. He was hit with a high ranking Katon jutsu credit to Kushina.

Before he even knew what hit him, a Rasengan slammed into his stomach, sending him backwards into yet another tree. This time the tree trunk stopped him, he slammed into it causing tree bark to fly away from the impact and Naruto's mouth to open as all the oxygen from his lungs left him and for blood to spill out of his mouth.

He dropped from the small hole he made in the tree and landed on his feet, but his knees buckled beneath his weight. He couldn't keep up this fight much longer. The red hair in his peripherals had vanished and only a few meters before him, his parents stood together side by side.

"Please… sochi, you have to defeat us. I don't want to watch myself kill my own son…" Kushina sobbed. She sounded absolutely torn about what she was doing, hearing his mother have that sort of distraught tone in her voice broke him even further. However her body posture was anything but sadness, she looked like she was ready to kill, but her face was full of sadness, grief as she watched her bloodied, beaten and abused son struggle to stand up.

Minato had the same look on his face. Every second, his mind raced to figure out how to stop this, a seal or anything! He didn't want to watch him and his wife kill their only son against their own will! It was inhumane! However he could not find the answer, it was like there was a wall blocking a certain side of his conscience and another wall blocking a section of his power.

"Then tell… me how… to fucking, counter… your attacks!" Naruto breathed out spitting out some more blood. He was bleeding all over. He couldn't help the fresh tears roll into his eyes. He lacked the serious conviction to do any damage to them. His mind was in overdrive, he couldn't even think straight. His parents were before him, killing him and he didn't know what to do.

For all the intelligence he had, all the mastery he had, he just couldn't bring himself to harm what looked and felt like his parents. Despite his body being covered in Kurama's chakra, he was still cut and bleeding all over. His ribs were cracked, slowly being healed by the fox's chakra. He had multiple cuts on his lips, his eyes blurred from tears and fatigue.

"Come on Naruto! Think straight, otherwise we both die here! Listen I understand they were your parents, but their dead! They died a long time ago! You need to go at them with the intent to kill or Sakura and Sasuke are going to be left to that mad man! You NEED TO FIGHT!" Kurama yelled at the blonde.

Naruto clenched his teeth and wielded his eyes shut as tears poured from them. His heart was slowly breaking and it was agonizing to go through. He felt shattered, like he was falling down a dark hole with no walls to latch on to. He felt… empty.

"I…can't, do it…" He told himself, he had lost all the ability to fight. The nine tailed chakra cloak vanished. He collapsed to his knees, like he was about to be executed. It was indeed that way. Minato and Kushina rushed to attack, and time slowed down, his emotionless eyes, staring out the ground awaiting his fate.

Kurama was barging against the cage, trying to snap Naruto out of the self-pity he was putting himself through, but the sounds reached deaf ears. Naruto had fallen into the hole of darkness. How pathetic, for as far as he came, he was going to die here, and he was going to accept it…

"This is… it, I can't even fight back… how pathetic. All those years of training, bragging about my dream to bring peace to the world… and I can't even confront my own parents. What the hell am I? I'm a coward." Naruto answered his own question. The jaws of death closed in as Minato was getting closer with a Rasengan in hand. Kushina had unsheathed a sword as was ready to run him through. Both had tears in their eyes.

Suddenly Naruto found himself on his knees in water; he had lost all the color in his face as he stared blankly into the water. He felt the eyes of Kurama on him; he slowly looked up to see the fox growling at him.

"Kura…ma." Naruto said, completely void of emotion. The fox growled and roared at the boy shocking Naruto into a daze. Naruto's eyes only slightly widened as the giant fox got as close to the cage's entrance as he possibly could, the blood-thirsty red eyes glaring at Naruto. The blonde was about to open his mouth before the fox roared again.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!? IS THIS THE REAL YOU? ARE YOU A COWARD? ARE YOU THE TYPE OF PERSON WHO GIVES UP AFTER THEY GET THEIR ASS KICKED? THE UZUMAKI NARUTO I KNOW WOULD NOT BE SITTING HERE ACCEPTING DEATH!" Kurama roared in anger. Naruto's eyes widened, but said nothing. He remained on his knees, like a child getting scolded by his mother for doing something bad.

"UZUMAKI NARUTO WOULD FIGHT BACK! EVEN IF THE ODDS WERE STACKED AGAINST HIM, BECAUSE HE ISN'T THE TYPE OF PERSON TO GIVE UP, TO LET DEATH WALK ALL OVER HIM LIKE A DOORMAT!" The fox continued. The tone seemed to spark a fire inside of the young blonde as he sat there taking in the harsh verbal lashing the fox was laying out on him.


"I'll ask once more… are you really Uzumaki Naruto? Because right now, you aren't showing me that you are. Are you really going to give up against them and die and leave all those people who you care about, alone? What about the Hokage? What about your dream! People care about you too! If you die here, you will be failing them! If you die, then how will you ever bring peace to this cursed world and become Hokage?" The fox rumbled. He never pictured himself as the motivational type, but right now both their lives were at stake, and he was no one to go down so easily, and he knew Naruto wasn't either.

Naruto's eyes widened, Kurama was right! How could he fail here? After all he had been through, was he really just going to let himself die here? Was he really going to let his parents kill their only son? If he let them kill him, they would be able to rest in peace, even in the afterlife! How could he let that happen? How could he let the only people who loved him more than anything in the world suffer so much?

"I'm am Uzumaki Naruto!" Naruto said in an outburst making Kurama slightly smirk a little, but it didn't show. Naruto went and stood right in front of the cage that held the large fox in it. Kurama leaned his head down so he was eye level with Naruto.

"I will fight, I don't know how but I will!" He said with new vigor. Kurama grunted, his fox eyes narrowing at Naruto.

"Prove it to me." The fox said as he kicked Naruto out of his mindscape. Naruto looked up; time seemed to slightly speed up as his two parents were only meters away from him now. He grunted and summoned the Biju's chakra once again, his body lighting up in the familiar flame. His eyes narrowed in as time sped up completely.

He vanished just as the two attacks hit the spot where he was once kneeling. He flew into the air and formed a hand seal; he was gazing back down at his parents who slowly turned their heads to see the blonde in the air above them.

"Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! (Multi Shadow Clone technique)" Naruto yelled as close to two hundred clones formed, all with nine tailed chakra mode active. In an instant, they all had two chakra arms with two Rasengans' forming in each one. Each face of the clones littered with determination.

"Take this!" They all shouted as they all came back down in fast speeds that were accelerated by physics or gravity; however Kushina went through a pair of hand seals, at lighting fast speeds. She breathed in and let out a giant torrent of flame.

"Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu!" She exclaimed as the flame launched at all the clones, extinguishing them all leaving a large cloud of smoke. However the real Naruto wasn't among them, the two look around desperately, their bodies not obeying their commands. Minato was about to use Hiraishin to locate Naruto before two voices sounded from behind the two.

Naruto and a clone shot towards the two at impossible speeds, each with a ball in their hands that clearly wasn't a Rasengan. Naruto's eyes narrowed with determination as he and his clone shot forward at impossible speeds, closing the gap between him and his parents.

"Chō Mini Bijūdama! (Super Mini Tailed Beast Ball)!" The two said as they hurled it towards their intended targets. Minato just managed to avoid the hit by destroying the clone at impossible speeds, however Kushina wasn't so lucky. Naruto's small Bijūdama hit her dead on. Her eyes widened, with both fear and joy as the insane amount of power exploded against her.

She was flung backwards, even further than any Rasengans' could send her. Her body breaking and snapping on each collision with every natural object she hit, be it tree's or rocks, it broke her body in more ways than one. When she stopped, she was lying on the ground, motionless.

Naruto, almost tearing at what he had just done, turned his attention to his father who looked at Naruto with pain in his eyes. He forced his head sideways to see if Kushina was okay, and his heart slowed when he saw her motionless, a small steam of smoke coming from her motionless body.

Wasting no time, Naruto launched at his father, who easily countered and pushed him aside. The small blonde twisted his body as he landed on a tree and rebounded off launching at Minato once again. He was met with a Rasengan to the chest; however Naruto puffed out of existence, revealing a log. Minato's eyes widened.

"Kawarimi!" He thought in realization. He heard something above him as he looked up and saw Naruto coming down at him with two Rasengan's in both hands. Minato leaped out of the way at the last second, slamming a kunai into Naruto's back. It pierced the boy's back; he let out a scream…

…before he puffed out of existence, leaving behind a rather large smoke screen.

Minato didn't have time to react as four Naruto's came at him from North, south, east and west! They all had Mini Bijūdama's in their hands. Time slowed down as Minato took out four Hiraishin kunai and flung them at the ground in front of the oncoming Narutos'.

He vanished, and in a split second he reappeared in the middle, and all four clones puffed out of existence. He was left standing in the middle, there was complete silence, however the Yondaime Hokage was not prepared as two hands burst out of the ground beneath him and grabbed onto his ankles.

Minato's eyes widened, quickly flashing away to another spot, only a second later to hear, a Rasengan forming behind him. He slowly turned his head to see Naruto in motion to slam the Rasengan into his father. It was at this moment when Minato realized what had happened.

On the Minato's right ankle, lay a black marking, or more specifically, a Hiraishin seal. Minato wasn't sure to be worried or ecstatic that Naruto, his own son… a twelve year old boy, had so cunningly used his perfected technique against him so well! He slowly turned his head to see Naruto in motion.

"I got you now!" Naruto said as the Rasengan was mere inches away from his father's back. He couldn't escape now, where ever Minato flashed too, Naruto would be right behind him now that he had successfully managed to mark him with a seal.


Millimetres away from contact!

Naruto was interrupted by a foot hitting his cheek sending him into a nearby tree. The crack of the tree and the snapping of tree bark and wood could be heard. Naruto slowly fell off the yet another hole he had made in a tree and looked at his attacker. His eyes widened when he saw red hair.

"No way… I hit you with a mini Bijūdama! You should be at least out cold, why do you look so perfectly healed!?" Naruto questioned as he started to panic. Kushina stood at the back of Minato who turned around and stood at her side. He seemed confused about it as well. The amount of power in the Bijūdama should have been enough to put her out of this fight permanently; it was a direct hit after all.

She frowned slightly.

"I'm not quite sure myself, although I seem to have regenerated quite quickly. I think it maybe the technique's doing. Naruto, I think the only way to beat us would be to seal us away." Kushina said. Naruto paled slightly. How the hell was he supposed to seal away two seal masters and not have them counter it?

"The only way you would be able to do something like that would be to first knock them down. Notice how long you had before Kushina managed to get back up and fight again? She was out while the technique healed her. The only time she you would be able to seal them is once you have hit them with a powerful enough technique, then you can seal them. But a seal powerful enough to seal one of them will take at least two minutes with no interruptions." Kurama said with a slight growl. Naruto cursed.

"That's impossible! The Mini Bijūdama hits should be a K.O! If they only stay down for a minute… even if I managed to get them both I would only be able to get half way through sealing one before the other one gets up! I can't win!" Naruto said as a bead of sweat rolled off his brow.

"You will have to stall them! I have no doubt the entire village has sensed your extended use of my Nine Tailed chakra mode, no doubt they have sent a team to investigate the disturbance. If you are lucky, someone like the Hokage will turn up to help you. If not, your only option would be running, and even then, with Minato's Hiraishin, that's almost impossible. To run you would need to remove his seals first, but that will take at least twenty seconds, and that's not enough time and I doubt they will be willing to give it to you." Kurama said.

"So basically the moment I started this fight, I had a very small chance of winning." Naruto said. Kurama grumbled before answering.

"Actually as it stands now, you never had a chance at winning. Fighting them head on is suicide and you already know that. They are two Kage level shinobi and right now, your only option is to play for time or find time to remove the Hiraishin seals on your body, and run for it." Kurama said grimly. Naruto breathed out and in and narrowed his eyes at the two. He had wondered why they hadn't attacked yet.

"I can't run… twenty seconds to remove the seals he's put on my body isn't nearly enough time. The Hiraishin is instantaneous teleportation. I could make thousands of clones and he would take them all out in a matter of seconds.

"On the other hand, playing for time is a gamble, I'm basically put on the defense, and it's almost impossible to guard against their attacks and there's a chance no one is going to turn up. Fuck I hate this, I can't believe of all people I have to fight my parents… This is pissing me off! That guy is so going to pay if I make it out of this alive!" Naruto cursed. Kurama growled.

"Clam down, otherwise we both die. Fighting these two is going to be almost impossible, but if you play your cards right, we may just live to see another day." Kurama said. Naruto braced himself for another attack. He seriously doubted that he was going to live past this day without some serious luck on his side.

The combination of his parents was a duo were to not be underestimated! Minato so fast, blinding even! His attacks were incredibly powerful and he was always in the right position when Kushina would push the enemy back. Kushina was basically the hard hitter, the initiator, or the brawler when she went into attack. She would push the enemy into a corner and Minato would appear and finish the opponent off.

It wasn't just the way they attacked; it was just their teamwork and coordination that was deadly. Not one single slip up or mistake was made when attacking Naruto, he couldn't even see a single flaw to take advantage of, so he was practically forced to take the blows and counter according to the hits he took.

He took a defensive stance, his parents following along with an offensive stance. He narrowed his eyes as he braced himself for the worst. The feet of his parents shifting balance from defensive to offensive, obviously they were about to attack.

"Round two then…" Naruto breathed out as he shifted into a protective stance. His parents didn't answer, instead they leaped forward straight into an attack.

The family met with a bang.

A pink blur shot through the trees, closely followed by a black and blue blur. They were racing at top speeds towards the center of the forest. It was difficult for them to run with the weight of knowing that Naruto might possibly be lying dead in a ditch right about now. The sinking feeling that he was possibly dead right now and they would be running for no reason at all!

Sakura and Sasuke however, had no choice but to run. They could feel what was chasing them before catching up to them at an incredible pace. It was almost like they were running like headless chickens, trying to escape from a cheetah. They were getting nowhere extremely fast.

Sakura's mind drifted back to Naruto, and the two people he was fighting. She had seen the pictures in his apartment, the pictures of his parents, when Kushina was pregnant with Naruto, the photo that had Kushina, Minato, Jiraiya-sama and Tsunade-sama in them.

Sakura had gotten their faces down to memory, so when she saw those two in the white coffins; she almost couldn't believe her eyes. It was almost to shocking to even continue to stare at the two Kage level shinobi. Nothing however could tear her heart away from the amount of blood-lust Naruto had released at the time.

It had almost been suffocating to the point where she wasn't sure that it was Naruto standing in front of her anymore. That foul red chakra, she could feel the hatred, the killing intent, the unrivaled fiery rage burning inside that monstrous red chakra. It had made her kind of woozy, light headed to be around.

For a split second she wondered if there was something else about Naruto that he hid from her, like something extremely dark. The emotions she felt was unlike anything she had ever encountered before… emotions given life, flying around her head like flies. It was almost too painful to bear.

It was at this moment when she was brought out of her thoughts when the same man that had confronted them before, shot past her and landed on a tree branch in front of her, causing her to stop dead in her tracks. Sasuke landed right next to her with a scowl on his face.

"What the hell do you want from us?" Sasuke growled. The man snickered to himself, almost mocking the young raven haired Uchiha. It was like playing a game of cat and mouse. This man was the cat, and they were the defenseless mice trying to escape. There was no winning against this man; his power and chakra out shone their own by miles!

"What I want is simple. I want you Sasuke-kun." The man chuckled darkly. Sasuke took a defensive stance along with Sakura. The man licked his lips as he stood in front of them on the opposite tree branch. Sakura narrowed her eyes at the man. His demeanor sounded familiar, his attitude reminded her of someone she had read in a book.

"You… who are you? Tell us!" Sakura demanded. She was tense, almost on the verge of shaking, but she had learned a lot, and that is if you lose confidence in your abilities during a battle, or right before one, you might as well call a funeral agency and book your own coffin because that's where you were going to end up.

The man laughed before narrowing his eyes on the young pink haired kunoichi.

"Me? Why… I'm a simple Genin looking for some simple competition. I'm interested in Sasuke-kun because he is the last Uchiha… well, the last non-powerful or innocent Uchiha that is." The man snickered. Sasuke's eyes narrowed dangerously.

"You know Itachi?! How do you know about him?" Sasuke scowled dangerously. The man snickered before answering, he licked his lips with his long snake-like tongue, it sent shivers up Sakura and Sasuke's spines, there was something clearly not right with this guy.

"You could say… that I was once a colleague of his. There was something I wanted from him, but I wasn't able to get it from him. He was too powerful, too cunning, even out doing something like me…" The pale man said. Sasuke's eyes widened before he slowly reached up and covered his eyes, as the man's eyes widened with insane laughter.

"I see, you are a true genius, you catch on quickly. However, you're too weak as you are now…" The man said stepping forward, making Sakura and Sasuke take an unconscious step back. If they had any hope of getting out of this alive, then they would have to work together. Even with them working together, it seemed like the odds were against them.

"Sasuke, if we're even going to stand a chance, we need to take this guy on together. Hopefully Naruto can catch up to us when he's done. However I doubt that he will be here any time soon considering who he's up against." Sakura said nervously. Sasuke nodded as he activated his Sharingan, preparing himself or an extremely hard battle, however, what he saw with his bloodline made his skin crawl.

"He's wearing some sort of disguise… oh, my god… that's not even his real body!" Sasuke gasped. Sakura suddenly felt sick all of a sudden. What did that mean? Was this man wearing someone else's body as a disguise? The very idea made her want to hurl!

The man's twisted smile crawled up the side of his face. He began laughing until it broke out into a hysterical evil laughter. He calmed down after a few seconds before gazing at Sasuke.

"Kukuku, nothing can fool those eyes of yours Sasuke-kun… what other secrets of the Sharingan are there? What are its limits, I have to know… show me what kind of things, those eyes of yours can do!" The man said as he shot forward at speeds that no one could have countered.

Sasuke's eyes however, proved to be the saving aspect as he managed to throw himself out of the way, just in time for the man to land right on the spot where he had been standing. The man stood up straight, only to see Sakura hurling towards him, a fist out stretched.

He easily swerved out of the way and let the girl fly harmlessly past him. However, before she could get completely past him, he brought up his leg and nailed her right in her abdominal. The painful feelings from her previous injuries from the last exam were still taking a toll on her and added to the pain that she was now feeling.

She opened her mouth as spit and saliva flew out. She was thrown upwards towards another overhanging branch, but she managed to gather her bearings and flip upside down and land on her feet. She took off once again, shooting right back down at the man, a fist out stretched.

This time the man dodged, as her fist hit the wooden tree branch. In a matter of a second, as soon as her fist connected with the wood, the bark and the loose wood under her fist shattered and the entire tree branch was snapped off, sending it towards the ground.

The man observed her quietly when he landed on another branch. He smirked in amusement and curiosity when he saw her inhuman strength, and who exactly it reminded him of.

"So, she's training using Tsunade-chan's methods. Very tricky, I shouldn't let her hit me. Even a brat like her could cause some decent damage if I let my guard down." The man thought with an evil smirk. However, before he could ponder even further, his senses went crazy as he spun just in time to intercept a round house kick from the Uchiha.

His Sharingan was blazing while looking at the pale haired man. Sasuke quickly made some hand seals and inhaled a large breath. The man's eyes widened as Sasuke let his jutsu soar, at almost point blank range.

"Katon: Karyū Endan! (Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet)!" The Uchiha roared as five flame bullets shoot from his mouth, hitting the man in the face all five times. The man let go of the Uchiha's foot and stumbled back clutching his face. Sasuke smirked and made a few more hand seals before holding his right hand.

A chirping of birds sound could be heard all around the area as Sasuke then raced towards the man to deliver the final blow. He projected his hand forward intent on finishing the battle right then and there. The Uchiha's hand pierced the man's chest.

"Chidori!( One Thousand Birds )!" Sasuke yelled as his hand pierced the man's chest. He smirked as there was no scream, no nothing. However that smirked faded into horror as the man suddenly melted in a brown liquid. Sasuke's eyes widened as he jumped back in realization.

"A Doton Bunshin… but when did he-!?" He thought as he looked around to find the missing man. His Sharingan trying to find the source of chakra he had felt not seconds ago. He had been there, that was him that he had hit with his Katon jutsu… he knew it! He didn't make contact with the clone… did he?

He spun around when he heard a evil laughter coming from behind him. Standing only meters behind him was the man, he was smiling wickedly at the raven haired Uchiha. It just never seemed to end! This nightmare of a person, felt like he was toying with him! It pushed him to new heights in anger.

"Sasuke-kun… Sasuke-kun… I am slightly impressed. Kakashi-kun did teach you well didn't he? What potential you have, however you could have so much more! I could train you; help you reach your goal in killing Itachi! Isn't that your goal? Why are you letting yourself be held back by this cursive village?" The man asked. Sasuke narrowed his eyes.

Mind games… they weren't going to work on him. This man in front of him clearly wanted something from Sasuke and now he was baiting him with an offer to help kill Itachi, it sounded like a sweat deal, but he thought ahead in future. What if he killed Itachi with this man's help? What then? What would this man want form him after that?

"Sorry, but I don't care what you have to say. I'm already one of the best Genin in my village, if not the entire shinobi nations for my age. I don't need any help from you. I'll for fill my dream on my own, the way I see fit." Sasuke stated coldly. The man frowned and sighed. Sasuke brace himself for anything.

"I see, and then I'll just have to convince you another way." The man said as he man a few hand seals. Sasuke tensed, but was thrown off balance from shock as the man's head extended from his body and shot forward at Sasuke like a snake slithering to catch its prey.

The man's mouth opened wide about to clamp its sharp jaws down on Sasuke. The raven haired Uchiha raised his arms in front of his face to block the oncoming attack. He could feel it getting closer, the oncoming face; it was like a disgusting snake, wanting to devour him. He closed his eyes and waited for it to be over…

"Shannaro!" A voice came in from behind the Uchiha. The man's face widened as he tried to retreat back to his body in time, however he wasn't so lucky. Sakura's fist implanted itself in the man's face causing the man's face to warp like a black hole. It looked incredibly painful. If your face warped like a black hole from a simple punch, then the force was create enough to shatter your skull, no questions asked. It was as simple as that.

The head was send right back to its body, and even when it reattached itself to its body, the force from Sakura's punch still hand enough force to keep the head flying backwards, and this time it caught the body as well, dragging the man off his feet and into a nearby tree.

The certain area of the tree where the man landed shattered on impact sending tree bark and wood everywhere. There was a sound of bones cracking, or maybe it was wood cracking, but either way, the two Genin of team seven cringed when they heard the sound, they weren't sure if it was the man's body or the tree he had landed on.

"Come on Sasuke; let's get out of here while we have the chance!" Sakura said as she turned and grabbed Sasuke's hand and shot off towards the center of the forest. They never did look back to see the man's body, that was stuck in the tree, melt into a brown liquid as the very same man stepped out from behind the tree that his clone had been punched into. He had a scowl on his face.

He scowled in their general direction as he sighed in his thoughts.

"I forgot about her… what a pest. I was so close to marking Sasuke-kun as well. What a shame…" The man thought with a bored look. He then smirked evilly as he bit the side of his thumb and made a few hand seals before slamming his hand into the ground.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu! (Summoning Technique)!" The man said as a giant puff of smoke appeared in the forest where the man was located. He smirked as he looked down at what he had summoned. It was a giant white snake, easily the size of a few buildings. He smirked as he stared in the direction that Sakura and Sasuke had fled.

"Follow those two; I don't want them to get away." The man ordered. The Snake hissed in response.

"Understood… Orochimaru-sama." The giant snake said as it shot forward after the two members of team seven to give chase.

Arriving at the scene, the Hokage was met by three dead bodies, all of which were participants in the exam. They were easily identified as Kusa Genin, and that was what worried the Hokage the most. He sensed an underlying message that these bodies represented, some sort of message that they were supposed to represent.

He was met with one of his trusty students Jiraiya and another competent Jounin Anko at the scene of the crime. It was obvious who had done this, he had seen it before. The faces of each Genin had been removed, almost ripped off their own bodies. It was truly a horrific sight indeed. He had seen this type of inhumane work a long time ago, in the shadows of Konoha.

It was the work of his past student Orochimaru. He balled his hands making them turn white in anger.

"This… why is he here? Of all times to return to Konoha, he has chosen now and he's in that forest. Jiraiya-kun, are you aware of what Orochimaru might want to gain by participating in this exam?" The old man asked. The white haired Toad Sannin snorted with a shrug.

"I heard he wanted something, I've been intercepting messages about certain things the snake has been working towards. He quit the Akatsuki for various reasons, but one of them was because he was beaten by Itachi. I think he wants Sasuke for something, but for what I don't know… maybe leverage? You know, about the so called massacre?" Jiraiya said poking at his teacher.

Jiraiya was well aware of the things that his teacher did as Hokage. The order on the extermination of the Uchiha clan went against everything he ever believed in. Sarutobi had brushed it off saying that it was necessary for the growth of Konoha, and that if it was under Uchiha rule, war would be waged too often and Konoha would fall.

The Uchiha were unstable and basically to sum it up, a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. They were always an unpredictable bunch and their faith in the Sharingan was misplaced and overestimated. They relied on the Sharingan to do things for them, and awakening it was achievement that acknowledged you as a true Uchiha.

So for the good of Konoha, Hiruzen made a horrible decision to annihilate the clan all together, and for some reason, Itachi, the number one prodigy of his generation had volunteered to do it. And so, Itachi went and slaughtered his entire family, his mother, his father, but there was one person he could not bring himself to kill, and that was his little brother.

Sasuke… The brother he really truly loved, as was willing to become a Missing-nin to keep him safe.

It all traced right back to the roots of Konoha, where the Senju and the Uchiha once ruled the village with an iron fist, the first Hokage, the Shodaime, Senju Hashirama and his so called best friend Uchiha Madara. When Hiruzen was a student under Senju Tobirama, the Nidaime, he described the Uchiha's dōjutsu as the curse of hatred.

It was a fair judgement to make of course. If taken into account on the Uchiha's side, the Sharingan can only awaken in a life or death situation where 'said' person is feeling hatred, or resent for the person who is about to take 'said' Uchiha's life. The ability is both a curse and a gift and came with considerably powerful powers.

The powers of the Sharingan could copy any jutsu, any hand seal if seen only once! It was like an advanced version of complete photographic memory! With a dōjutsu like that, it would be easy to learn any kind of jutsu because all you had to do was witness the person casting it jutsu. However the only thing that the Sharingan cannot copy is those jutsus that require bloodlines… like Lava release, or rubber release.

That's when it hit Hiruzen, like a bomb-shell, the easy answer was staring him right in the face, if this was indeed Orochimaru's work, and he was indeed here at these exams, during this very moment, then they were all in serious trouble.

Orochimaru had once told him, when they had caught him performing illegal experiments, he had once said to Hiruzen, "I want to learn every single Jutsu there is to know…", it was so obvious now! The answer was staring the old Hokage right in the face and he didn't want to believe it.

Orochimaru was after the Sharingan!

All this came to the old man in more or less, a minute. Hell, he wasn't called the 'Professor' for nothing. If anything the man was incredibly smart, he had just wished he had figured this out sooner so he could do a better job of protecting Sasuke as well as Naruto!

With a scowl and a grunt, the old Hokage turned to Jiraiya.

"Jiraiya, we will make a trip into the forest and confront Orochimaru together." Jiraiya nodded as Hiruzen turned to Anko. "Anko, I want you and every single ANBU available to set up a perimeter around the forest of death. No one gets in, no one gets out. Am I clear?" She nodded with a swallow.

She really wanted to go pay her old sensei a visit, but it looks like the old man and the perverted hermit would get to him first. She didn't like to admit it, but if there was anyone that deserved justice, it was them, giving it to her old sensei.

She may have been his student, but the old man and Jiraiya had been his teacher and teammate. It was their responsibility to put the old snake down, and she hated that she wasn't allowed to help do it, but doing this… in a way of its own, she was helping to put her old sensei where he belonged.

"Hai Hokage-sama." She bowed and disappeared. Hiruzen turned to Jiraiya and the white haired sage turned back. They each had a grim look on their face, none of them wanted to confront Orochimaru again, but there are things that you have to do in this world that you didn't like, and one of those things was dealing with a psychotic teammate who delighted in causing pain and misery.

Without another word, they both vanished, shooting through the forests at high speeds.

The area that the young blonde Jinchuriki was currently in was turned into a full out battle field. There was no rest for him as the relentless assaults by his parents provided absolutely no rest or space in time to think up a strategy.

He was on his last legs there. He was finally starting to feel some kind of chakra exhaustion and fatigue starting to approach him. The battle had been going on for a full fifteen minutes and he found himself being pushed to the absolute limit, and what irked him about this situation was that his parents didn't seem tired in the least!

His Nine Tailed Chakra mode was fluctuating from all the chakra use. The forty percent he was allowed was still at its max but his base chakra was starting to run out. It was a dangerous gamble if he kept this up. Sure, Kurama had chakra in spades, Naruto had chakra and stamina in spades as well, but it didn't come close to a Biju's level of chakra.

If this kept up for ten more minutes, he had no doubt he would be running solely on Kurama's chakra, and the fox had once told him that if any battle came to that, that was the time to retreat, because if you had run out of your chakra, then that means if you drop the chakra cloak, then you are in danger of dying!

Ever since Kushina had said that fūinjutsu was the only way to beat them, Naruto had been going at this battle from a different angle. However, against one, if not two fūinjutsu masters, it was incredibly hard to even tag them with a simple chakra disruption seal. Every sort of seal that would handicap them, they would notice instantly and remove without the slightest hesitation.

The only time he managed to come close to sealing one of them was when he had managed to catch both Minato and Kushina off guard, and it was by pure chance. He made haste to seal Minato away because he was the most dangerous and most annoying. To protect himself while he did that, he summoned close to two hundred Kage Bunshin and tried his best to distract Kushina.

However when she got up, she made short work of the clones, and by short work, he meant like a few seconds. Kushina would get up, make a single hand seal and destroy every single clone. He was starting to think if he would actually die to the hands of his own parents.

Once again, here they were. Naruto, badly beaten, bleeding, bruised and bashed stood staring at his parents. They stood only a few meters away, unharmed, not even close to exhaustion and looking like they had just started the battle. The blonde Jinchuriki was breathing heavily.

"How does this fucking technique work? My father is supposed to be trapped in the Shinigami's stomach for eternity! This summoning jutsu… how does it work? What's its weakness? They have unlimited chakra, they heal from any kind of wound, they even regenerate lost limbs! How the fuck can I win?!" Naruto cursed internally. He was really starting to panic now.

"Naruto, you have serious organ damage, one of your lungs have been punctured. The only thing that's keeping you standing right now is my mixture of chakra in your bloodstream. It's slowly trying to repair the damage, however if you suddenly lose the chakra cloak then you probably pass out. You have to be careful!" Kurama warned.

Naruto grunted in response, he was seriously losing this battle and getting his ass kicked! He wasn't surprised though, his father was an SS-ranked Shinobi and he had no doubt that his mother was at S-rank level as well. His father was known as the strongest Hokage ever and right now, he was facing off against him and his mother, and something told him they weren't even fighting with all of their power!

Before he even knew it, Kushina was on him and slashed him with her sword. He quickly drew a kunai and deflected it, kicking her backwards. Next second he was being attacked by Minato from behind.

He spun one eighty degrees in less than a second and engaged the man in a Taijutsu battle. Over this fight, Naruto had learned to use his chakra arms more consistently and they proved to be quite useful. They acted as a third arm so when he and his opponent came to an arm lock, Naruto was guaranteed to come out the winner.

However, the battle was still two on one, and Naruto was heavily damaged. Whenever he would finish with one, the other would attack so suddenly and often catch the blonde off guard. When both of them attacked at the same time, using their impeccable combination to destroy his defense, the only thing he could do was retreat and even then it was almost impossible.

While Naruto and Minato were locked in a Taijutsu battle, Kushina shot forward attempting to slash the blonde in the back. She went for it, only to be intercepted by three chakra arms. Naruto had his eye on her from out of the corner of his peripheral vision.

However, Kushina, being as flexible as she was, was able to twist and bend her body through all the attempts to garb her by the chakra arms. She weaved past his guard and implanted her sword right through his left shoulder. Naruto screamed and kicked Minato away.

A chakra arm shot from his back, and since Kushina was in range and proximity which rendered her impossible to dodge, she was hit before she could even see it, and was sent flying backwards. She hit the dirt, tumbling backwards a little before she stopped. She slowly got back up and stood tall and firm, like nothing had happened.

Naruto was clutching his left shoulder with his hand, blood pouring profusely from it as the nine tailed fox's chakra rushed to the spot to heal it immediately. He felt his control over his chakra cloak slightly slip for a second as the nine tailed chakra mode fluctuated.

His breath hitched for a slight second as he felt the full effects of having a punctured lung and broken rips. It was true; Kurama's chakra was enhancing the power of his lungs and organs to a new level.

Right now his left lung would normally be unable to take in air, but with Kurama's chakra slowly healing it he was able to bring in a little bit of air, and slowly have it exhale. His right lung was damaged, but not punctured. It was already hard to breathe as it was, but now it was like he wasn't just battling his parents, but his own body to just stay up straight.

"Dammit, I'm dying…" Naruto said out-loud. He well and truly was, if he kept this up for much longer, he would definitely die, and he was dangerously getting close to the gap where if he used anymore chakra, he would be getting dangerously close to chakra exhaustion.

Naruto collapsed to his knees, he could stand up anymore, and he just couldn't. He was out; he was done; now he threw in the towel. He couldn't continue this. Just fighting them tore him up inside, he lacked the intent to kill them, and with that came consequences and those consequences lead him to the predicament he was in now.

It wasn't that he wasn't trying to defeat them, he was, it was just that he was terribly out matched and even Kurama saw it. At his age, his body was still developing and there was so much a twelve year old could do, and this was probably the limit. Unless he released the seal, but he hadn't completed the key for it yet, so using what he had now would definitely kill him.

Kushina had now shot forward, and so had Minato, the latter with a rather larger than normal Rasengan in hand, and Kushina with a sword, ready to impale. As they closed in on their only son, the two had managed to force their eyes shut. Even in Edo Tensei, they couldn't afford to live the rest of their lives in the afterlife, fully knowing that they had killed their only son.

"I need to get out of this somehow… man this fucking sucks, dying here of all places. I certainly never saw this coming, maybe I could have been more prepared if… if I knew." Naruto mused. As the jaws of death got closer, Minato and Kushina were smacked away by two blurs.

Naruto looked around for his saviours and saw angles, or, well that's how they appeared in his eyes. The two looked giant, full of confidence and anger. The two new comers had just managed to save the blonde Jinchuriki's life by a few seconds. When he figured out just who they were, his smile brightened to the point where it would make Gai jealous.

"Hokage-Jiji, Ero-Sennin!" He exclaimed with a hint of relief and happiness. 'Said' Ero-Sennin turned around and made a face at Naruto.

"Hey you stupid brat! Don't call me that! I just saved your life!" Jiraiya shouted indignantly. Naruto smiled weakly before closing his eyes and passing out. His chakra cloak vanished as he face-planted in the dirt he was kneeling on. Jiraiya shot over to examine his body. He frowned when he saw what kind of injuries Naruto was carrying.

He had picked some pointers up over the years when being teamed with Tsunade, and being constantly beaten and healed by her. He had learned more about the anatomy then most men knew just by being beaten to death by his teammate and then having said teammate heal you again and tell you exactly what she did to you. The injuries Naruto donned, where borderline critical.

"Sensei, Naruto's in critical condition, he needs some serious medical attention!" Jiraiya exclaimed. Hiruzen grumbled a little as he looked at what the problem was before him. He couldn't exactly believe his eyes, but he had sensed their chakra when he entered the forest, he just didn't want to believe it.

"I hate to admit it, but we have bigger problems. Naruto-kun will have to hang on for now. We need to deal with the two who did this." Hiruzen said as Jiraiya stood up and returned to his sensei's side. The white haired sage bit his thumb and made a few hand seals before slamming his hand into the ground.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" he exclaimed as a puff of smoke appeared in front the perverted white haired sage. As the smoke cleared, a rather disappointing small orange toad appeared. Jiraiya smiled as he looked at the little orange toad.

"Yo!" Gamakichi said in a rather pleasant tone. Jiraiya bent down to talk to the toad.

"Hey Gamakichi, I know your rather small, but I'd rather not summon toad boss right now. I need your help. You need to take Naruto over there and get him to the center of the forest. Big tower, there are medics there, he needs emergency medical attention." Jiraiya said to the small orange toad dubbed Gamakichi.

He saluted the large toad sage.

"Alright!" The little toad said as hit hopped over to the unconscious boy and hopped around him for a few seconds. All of a sudden, Gamakichi's mouth opened to an impossible width and height and promptly swallowed Naruto whole and hopped away towards the middle of the forest like this was an everyday occurrence.

Hiruzen's eyebrows furrowed at how someone at Naruto's size could fit in such a tiny frog. Jiraiya had a grin on his face as he looked at his long time mentor. The old man shook his head in wonder at how something like that could even happen.

Sometimes he questioned science in this world that they live in.

"I've seen stranger things in my time, but I'm not even going to bother to ask how Naruto can fit inside that tiny frog." Hiruzen said not even looking at Jiraiya. The white haired sage pouted before turning to face Minato and Kushina. His eyes narrowed as he examined their bodies.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say this is the jutsu Tobirama-sama was working on during the second shinobi world war. I was only Genin at the time, but still I remember him working on a jutsu that revives the dead… but that still leaves the question on why my old student Minato is here right now. He's supposed to be in the Shinigami's stomach because he used the Shiki Fūin to rip the soul of the Kyuubi and deposit it in Naruto." Jiraiya observed. Hiruzen nodded grimly.

"I was thinking the same thing. This is definitely Orochimaru's work. No doubt he's found a way to remove souls that have been trapped in the Shinigami's stomach. This is bad, Jiraiya… I remember the only way to beat these summons is to seal them." Hiruzen said. Jiraiya nodded in agreement.

"I'll take Kushina, I'll seal her away quickly, keep Minato off my back while I do my work. He has the Hiraishin so just be careful sensei. Once I'm done sealing Kushina, I'll help you with my student." Jiraiya said. Hiruzen chuckled slightly and turned to Jiraiya with an amused look.

"Be careful you say? When did you gather the courage to tell your sensei to be careful? I'm not called the 'Shinobi no Kami' for nothing you know." Hiruzen scoffed as he ripped off his Hokage cloak to reveal his shinobi armour and uniform resting underneath. Jiraiya laughed a little.

"How long has it been since I've seen you in that hmm?" Jiraiya chuckled slightly. Hiruzen did the same with a smile.

"Too long, my student… too long." And on that, student and teacher clashed with the mother and father of the nine tailed Jinchuriki.

They could feel it; Sasuke and Sakura knew they were getting closer to the center of the forest. Every now and then when an opening in the trees above them would appear, they would be able to get a glimpse of the tower. It had been a little over a day and a half since they entered the forest and already everything they had planned had fallen apart.

Sakura was worried sick about Naruto, all she could think about was if the smart, stubborn blonde was safe or not. How he would fair against the strongest Hokage which just happened to be his father, and he had to fight his mother. She had no doubt that Naruto was incredibly strong… but to fight them… and especially at his age and skill level?

She had little belief that he was actually going to survive!

Sure he was powerful, intelligent and incredibly skilled, but that didn't mean he was anywhere even close to scratching the surface of the level that the Yondaime Hokage was considered to be standing on when he was still alive. The first ever shinobi to be graced with and SS-rank bingo book status with a 'flee on sight' order.

Something inside of her sunk when she felt the large, distinguishable chakra of his and the Kyuubi's mixed together, drop significantly to dangerously low levels. It was like he was hanging onto life by a thread, she had half a mind of turning around and rushing back to his aid, if not for this damned snake on their backs.

She looked back and out of the corner of her eye, she could see the snake shooting towards both her and Sasuke, ready to devour them for supper. The killing intent in the snake's eyes and the conjurer of 'said' snake to go with it, it was almost enough to take out a kunai and end her life!

She was broken out of her thoughts when Sasuke tackled her out of the way, just in time to avoid the giant jaws of the snake slam into the tree branch they had just about to land on. The impact of the large snake almost caused the tree to collapse, but the tree held still as Sasuke held Sakura in bridal style as he stuck to the tree's surface.

"There's no running away from this guy is there? We have to figure out a way to beat him." Sasuke said as he put Sakura down. She instantly channeled chakra to her feet and stuck to the surface of the tree alongside him. She nodded grimly.

"Yeah, I don't know what he is, or what he wants with you… but I can easily tell that he's more than just a Jounin… in fact…" She said as her mind drifted. The man was standing on top of a snake, and if memory served, no snake this large ever existed… unless it was summoned forth by a jutsu, and the only person who had the ability to summon snakes was…

Orochimaru of the Sannin…

Sakura's thoughts went into overdrive. The man in front of them was no other than Orochimaru of the Sannin, the traitorous shinobi of the leaf who was forced into a missing-nin status when he was caught by the Sandaime Hokage while performing illegal experiments, biological experiments and genetically altering tests that were often performed on small children.

They were experiments that would range from infusing DNA from animals and putting them into humans, and from merging cells from bloodlines into regular humans; inhumane experiments that would forever be associated with the snake. There was no mercy, no guilty conscience to go with these actions. The snake simply abandoned his village to continue his sick, twisted desires.

But that left the question of why he was here right now, standing on top of a giant snake, confronting them… simple Genin participating in the Genin exams. He said he was after Sasuke and what did Sasuke have that no one else had in their team? Naruto was a Jinchuriki, so he could have been someone he was after, but no it was Sasuke!

There was nothing about her that was outstanding or special about her… she was a civilian born shinobi would talent in chakra control… but Sasuke? Sasuke was born into one of the villages most prestigious clans of all. The infamous and unrivaled Uchiha clan, who's only rivaling clan, was the Senju. And what made the Uchiha so distinguishable among-st the other Shinobi?

That's right, the Sharingan. This snake bastard was after Sasuke's Sharingan!

Of course this conclusion wasn't exactly hard to come to. She had all the pieces; she just had to put them together to make the bigger picture. Reading all those books did pay off after all, all the leaf's history and background really gave an insight on different things. And some of those insights would give motives to potential criminals, such as this one standing right in front of them!

"You're… You're Orochimaru!" Sakura gasped. Sasuke lost all the breath in his body. He was no stranger to one of the strongest shinobi of all time. Orochimaru of the Sannin, one of the three legendary ninja, a goal that Sasuke had to strive to reach ever since Itachi had managed to murder his clan.

The power and status he would need to bring his brother to justice and finally clear his conscience of all the bloodshed and darkness in his heart. He needed a clean slate, and Itachi was his key to that. Once he killed Itachi with the power that rivaled even those of the legendary Sannin… only then would he find peace in his heart.

"Are-are you serious Sakura? Are you sure that's him? Of all the people that we could be fighting right now… it had to be one of the legendary Sannin?" Sasuke breathed. Sakura got down in a shaky fighting stance ready to fight along with Sasuke. She nodded grimly.

"Yeah… just look at his summon, that's a Summoning Technique, and the only person who can summon snakes is Orochimaru, other than his student Anko and she's the proctor of this exam. I highly doubt she would be trying to kill us right now." Sakura summarized. Orochimaru chuckled darkly, sending a shiver down their spines.

"I have to give you credit little girl, not many people are able to put two and two together when it comes to me. I see you were able to piece together who I am, and why I am here, just because I said I was after Sasuke-kun over there." He remarked making the pink haired kunoichi frown.

"I don't care if you're a legendary ninja or not, you won't be getting the Sharingan. I don't know how you would go about doing that, but I assume since this is you were talking about, it has to be the foulest, most revolting way possible." Sakura spat making the snake Sannin scowl and shrug.

"Humor me on how you are going to stop me from achieving my goal. As of right now, you two little Genin only managed to tickle my amusement. That little fight back there was more or less an observation of your skills. I didn't try to attack you, but instead the other way round. You realize if I wanted, you two would be dead in seconds?" He said in amusement.

The two Genin instantly tensed as the snake slithered forward and deposited the Sannin on a branch in front of the two members of team seven. He licked his lips as he stared at them hungrily, along with his snake summon.

"So, are you going to try and fight me again? Or are you going to try something new, because right now, my patience is running thin and I can already sense, Jiraiya-baka and Sarutobi-sensei entered the forest to confront me. Obviously Naruto-kun hasn't held up very well as his chakra has completely disappeared." He said. Sakura snarled while Sasuke remained passive.

She slowly reached into one of her special ninja pouches that lay at her side. She pulled out four scrolls, scrolls which she never thought she would have to use ever. These scrolls were given to her specifically by Naruto for dire emergencies. She remembered back to what he had said about them.


Sakura had just been beaten into the ground for about the sixth time that day. It was closing in on the end of the five month period that they had been allowed to use for individual training. She was exhausted, covered in scratches and she was bleeding from the corners of her mouth. She literally looked like she had crawled through a mine field.

Naruto flashed over to the crater her body had made and rolled his eyes. She opened hers weakly and gave a weak smile as he tried her best to summon some of her energy to get herself out of the hole. Instead she was hauled out by Naruto and plopped on her feet.

She felt like collapsing on the spot, except Naruto had gifted her some chakra to allow herself to recover. She had to keep reminding him that she didn't recover at the insane rate that he did, and she had to rely on her medical jutsu to heal herself.

She sighed and put her left hand over her right shoulder. Surely enough, it started to glow green and the scratches and bruises started to fade and heal themselves. All by the meantime, Naruto had a hand on her other should and was rerouting his chakra into her own coils to give her enough chakra to heal herself.

Once she was done, she turned to Naruto and scowled at him.

"Baka, I'm sick of getting beaten into a hole by you. Every time you use that stupid chakra cloak made by that fuzzy fuzz ball that lives in your stomach, you get too powerful for me to deal with! It's so unfair." She sighed with anime tears rolling down her cheeks.

Naruto scoffed and reached into his pocket. Out of the pockets, he pulled five scrolls and tossed them to Sakura who only just managed to catch them in time without dropping them. She narrowed her eyes at him before she unraveled one and read the contents. Her eyes widened when she saw what was in the scroll.

"H-hey you know I was only joking that one time… You didn't have to do that." She said suddenly feeling guilty. Naruto scratched the back of his head with a blush.

"Well, you know it actually got me thinking… what if something like that actually worked? I know it's dangerous which was why I was going to suggest you only use it in dire conditions, you know… if you up against someone who was clearly stronger than you. Eh, think of it as like a last resort, dattebayo." Naruto said with a slight laugh.

Sakura looked at the scroll once more before putting them in her ninja pouches that held kunai and other poisons. She frowned with uncertainty at the young blonde Jinchuriki.

"You would go that far to give me some of that? You know what kind of damage that can do people other than yourself! It's dangerous." She said, Naruto smiled with a cheeky grin, somewhere in that blondes brain was still that cheeky idiot self. She knew his dobe mask wasn't entirely false. He still sometimes kept up that silly demeanor when they joked around and had fun.

Naruto's gaze turned serious.

"I know, it's a risky gamble of what that might do to you. However, it's better to use it against someone that can kill you easily, and not die, than die without as much as a challenge. I like to think of it as my own version of the 'Hachimon (Eight inner chakra gates)'." Naruto said as he turned away from her to gaze into the sunset.

"I'd like you to keep them on you… in case of an emergency… a fail-safe that you can rely on if you have no other option." Naruto turned back to her with a serious look on his face.

"Sakura, you are my teammate and one of the closest friends if ever had, next to Shikamaru. You live with me, and we've formed a bond, and I'd like to keep that bond until the day we die. That's why I'm giving you these… in case there is no other option." He said. There was silence as the wind blew, rustling the hair of both Naruto and Sakura.

She didn't know what to say, Naruto really, and truly cared for her. She was moved by his very words, the words that he would protect anyone that was precious to him, and she was one of his precious people.

"Thank you… Naruto." She said as single tear rolled down her battered and dirty cheek from intensive training.

-Flashback End—

She narrowed her eyes as she locked stares with the traitorous snake that once belonged to the very ranks of shinobi in Konoha, the very eyes that once wanted to protect the village hidden in the leaves from any sort of threat possible. She pulled out four scrolls and tossed two to Sasuke, who caught them with his eyebrows raised.

"Unseal them Sasuke, it's our only chance to even stand against this maniac." She said. Sasuke raised his eyebrows at this but followed the command without question. Whatever was in these scrolls was obviously some sort of power that would help them beat the snake.

At the same time, the two threw their scrolls into the air and made a hand seal before shouting the same word to unseal and use the scrolls to their own use.

"Kai!" They both yelled as the scrolls unfolded with a red glow around them. The change was instantaneous and absolutely incredible to the naked eye. The transformation was very noticeable as both Sasuke and Sakura grew fangs.

Their hair had stood on end and had become very wild, on each of their cheeks; three faint whisker marks formed and had become much defined. The last noticeable feature about this transformation was the orange transparent chakra cloak that formed around them in the shape of a fox. Both of their eyes had become red and the pupils had become slits. The chakra cloak had donned one single small tail behind them.

Sasuke and Sakura had donned a demon chakra cloak credit to the scrolls that Naruto had given her.

Orochimaru was absolutely dumbfounded by this sudden change of events as he narrowed his eyes on the forms that were now Sasuke and Sakura. Their appearances had become almost feral and wild, their chakra mixing with the fox's chakra.

"Even when you are separated from the Naruto-kun, you still find a way to aid them… scrolls that contain a percentage of the Kyuubi's chakra… almost like an external chakra battery to increase all their physical attributes. Ingenious work, you really are your father's son." The snake Sannin mused in curiosity.

Meanwhile Sakura was smirking at the power running threw her veins and her chakra coils. She wasn't a Jinchuriki, but she could tell that the side effects of using these scrolls were quite obvious. Already she was starting to feel chakra poisoning, she could feel a slight tinge of her skin burning, but all of this was dwarfed by the amount of power flowing through her body.

"Each scroll contains two percent of Kurama's chakra. If I were to use all five at once, I would suffer serious chakra poisoning, and would come close to almost burning all my skin off. I would also be a 'three tailed state' and would be in danger of falling prey to the negative emotions that run alongside this form.

"Right now, both I and Sasuke are using a total of eight percent between the two of us. Four percent each and have the use of one tail. This chakra is incredibly large, and the physical additions and increases this form provides is incredible! Reaction time and all five senses have been increase to a feral level and added an animal-like sense to it… all up this form gives us an increase in all of our abilities, but after this form fades, we are left with first degree burns and heavy chakra poisoning. This form can last up to ten minutes maximum." Sakura internally explained.

This form was given to her by Naruto, who was also given permission by Kurama to use in last ditch efforts. Often, he had said that if she was forced to use this form, escape would be the number one option because if she was caught when the form disappeared, she would be in some serious trouble.

"Sasuke, we have ten minutes to knock this guy down and escape. This form has serious down sides that are only noticeable after it disappears… understand?" She said, however she got no response from the Uchiha, she turned to find him admiring his own power and form.

"Sasuke!" She screamed at the boy, quickly losing her temper, which in turn, was another side effect from the demons chakra cloak. He turned to her with a smirk on his face; he had never felt power quite like this before.

The power flooded his veins, his chakra coils felt like he had entered a state of ecstasy. He almost felt drunk with the power if he wasn't snapped out of it by his pink haired teammate.

"Sakura… this form and power… What power is this? Where did you get it?" He asked with widened eyes. She sighed and gave him the short version of her explanation.

"Naruto gave it to me as a last resort, dire situations like this one. Sasuke, this form is extremely unstable, if were not careful, we can die. We need to beat him down fast, and then escape before the side effects from this form can take effect." She said. Sasuke closed his eyes and opened them to reveal his Sharingan.

He looked at himself once more, his eyes widened when he saw just what this strange foreign, powerful chakra was doing to his body. Sure enough, as powerful as this power was, it was slowly poisoning his system. Not that he could feel it right away, but he could see it with his Sharingan. He could also feel the slight hot burning feeling against his skin.

He turned to Sakura and gave a grim nod.

"I see… I can see what it's doing to our bodies. It's a dangerous gamble alright. One slip up and we can go down here, but this power has also increase our physical abilities to new levels and our mental thinking rate to high speeds. Our reaction time has been tripled by this form. We need to at least knock him down fast, and escape before he can get back up again." Sasuke said as he got into a stance along with Sakura.

Orochimaru heard the young Uchiha and laughed. He hadn't heard something so ridiculous in his life! They knew full well he was part of the legendary Sannin, one of the best shinobi the world has ever seen, and yet… here they stand, thinking they even had a chance. He couldn't help but admire their foolish courage.

"Well, if you have the guts to stand against me, even knowing who I am, I have to say you little Genin have some iron will. I'm almost impressed; however I am not very amused." Orochimaru said with a frown. Sakura and Sasuke both growled and leaped forward to attack.

The snake Sannin's eyes widened at the speed they suddenly had gained. He was sure it was going to be a small increase in power. Was this the true unrivaled power of the Kyuubi no Yōkō? It was incredible! The two had suddenly gained Jounin level speed and were currently shooting towards him like a rocket!

He dodged easily, as he quickly used Kawarimi with the nearest log, making the Uchiha and the Haruno ruthlessly attack the piece of wood. They immediately located him, which Irked him a little, it was almost like they could sense him, he wasn't putting out any killing intent, and he wasn't exactly sure what other abilities that form gave them.

He heard a growl from behind him and spun around instantly. He was met with a round house kick to the face by the Uchiha, and then was met by a rib shattering, organ flattening sucker punch right to the stomach credit to Sakura.

The power behind the punch was simply inhuman; the power of the Kyuubi mixed with the incredible strength of Tsunade was enough to kill a man outright, however this man was the legendary Orochimaru, and he wasn't one to die to two measly little Genin with above average power.

This man lacked a spine, and could turn his body into a snake. His body would bend at impossible angles and he would slither around different attacks. The two attacked wildly, one after the other giving the snake Sannin no space at all to think.

He would use Kawarimi to get away from Sakura's strength, only to find Sasuke right on him, throwing punches and kicks and all slightly burnt the snake when he would parry or block. Every hit Sasuke managed to land on the snake damaged the snake in more than one way.

When Sakura would attack, Orochimaru would avoid all her punches and kicks, which in turn, made her absolutely furious. She couldn't land a single hit on him, and most of her anger was being amplified by the chakra cloak she had. However, the snake would brush her off, and when given the chance, knock her down and go back to Sasuke.

Whenever the snake went into mark Sasuke, he was met by a flash of the Kyuubi roaring at him when he got close to Sasuke's neck. It was like the chakra around them was alive, like it had an agenda of its own. It was that time when Orochimaru realized that while Sasuke had that chakra cloak around him, it would be almost impossible to mark him.

It was the incredible anger and rage of the Kyuubi protecting the young Uchiha from the Snake Sannin's intentions.

Since they weren't Jinchuriki, and the Kyuubi's power had been delivered from the scrolls, he summarized that he had ten minutes before he would be able to mark Sasuke, and that is what really pissed the snake off. He didn't have ten minutes, and he knew that his sensei and his idiotic teammate would be here soon, so he didn't have ten minutes.

As long as Sasuke had a small amount of the Kyuubi's influence around his body, it would be impossible to mark him. The sheer amount of corrosive burning chakra around their body was enough to burn his face off if he even tried to mark Sasuke. However, he wondered why it wasn't affecting them.

However there was another factor that was destroying his chances at marking Sasuke, and it was a certain pink haired kunoichi that, with the mixture of the demon fox's cloak around, her strength almost matched that of Tsunade. Her consistent interference was getting on the snakes nerves.

Whenever he would turn his attention to her, Sasuke would take advantage of his blind side and attack him unsuccessfully. He couldn't focus on one without worrying about the other, it was a frustrating game to play with the Genin of team seven, and he was running out of time. The demon foxes cloak was fairing to be an impossible factor to mark against, forcing the snakes hand.

Sasuke flew at Orochimaru with a Chidori in hand. The lighting in his hand was blue with a tinge of red and purple to it, influence credit to the Kyuubi's chakra. They had a good six minutes before the cloak wore off.

Sakura flew at the snake from the other side, ready to break every single bone in his body. The Kyuubi's chakra seemed to swirl around her fist as she gathered the necessary chakra to make the killing blow. Although they knew that even their combined efforts wouldn't be nearly enough to kill the man, it was enough to irritate him and force himself to defend himself.

Sakura threw her punch.

Sasuke's Chidori shot forward, aiming for the heart.

At the last second, Orochimaru smirked and dodged the attack, pushing Sasuke's arm in the process. The hand that was covered in lighting was shoved off course and headed towards someone who Sasuke really did not want to stab.

Sakura's eyes widened as the Chidori shot towards her, forced by the snake himself. The two caught eye contact just before it happened. There was a sound of tearing flesh as Sasuke's Chidori impaled Sakura right through the heart. Her eyes lost all colour and Sasuke's blood froze.

Orochimaru smirked as he landed on a nearby tree branch as he watched the situation unfold. He had to admit, it was a little cold of him to make Sasuke kill Sakura, but she was seriously starting to piss him off. Her Tsunade-like strength would prove to be a blockade in the future and he decided that he needed to take her out now.

Plus, right now Sasuke lacked the hatred needed to mark him with. It seemed Sasuke had calmed down about the whole Itachi subject; looked like Kakashi had done wonders with Sasuke over the five month training period. The masked Jounin did always have a way of turning people from the dark side. After all, he had been through it himself, he knew what it was like to walk the path of darkness.

Sasuke's eyes shook with fear as he looked at the pale Sakura. She looked at him in shock as his hand was still impaled in his chest. A stray tear dropped from his eye. He had no idea what to do. His mind was about to go into overdrive… until it happened.

The audible sound of a puff of smoke appeared right before him and Sakura vanished.

Sasuke and Orochimaru's eyes widened in disbelief, the latter being completely shocked! The snake Sannin had examined their chakra reserves the second the fight started! That pink haired girl should not have been able to create Kage Bunshin with the amount of chakra she had!

It was then that he had heard it. Right about the snake, Sakura was shooting down towards him like a speeding kunai. There was no escaping now, not even Kawarimi would be fast enough to dodge this attack. She was an inch away from smashing his face, and she did.

A loud crash echoed as the snake was propelled towards the ground like a rock being dragged down by the force that is known as gravity. He landed in a crater that his own body created from the full force of the punch.

Sasuke was still quite frozen from what had happened, however he was snapped out of his frozen thoughts when a pink and orange blur shot in front of him, grabbed his hand, and promptly dragged him off his feet.

There were no words, there was nothing to say. All their oxygen and energy could be spent talking after they get out of this impossible situation. They had a good four or five minutes left of the demon chakra cloak and they were starting to feel quite sluggish and sick. Their body was burning and their chakra coils felt like they had been stretched and abused.

They flew through the trees like mad flies, trying to escape from the disgusting snake that was currently residing in a pit of his own making. They didn't look back for they knew if they did, they were afraid they might be killed. The Kyuubi's chakra giving them the extra boost they needed to escape the jaws of death.

Finally once they had reached a safe distance, they stopped on a tree branch and looked backwards. They saw nothing but vegetation and trees. It was quiet, very quiet. Quiet enough to hear a single leaf drop and hit the ground. It was silent, and it was absolutely maddening. There were no insects chirping, no birds flying anywhere, and that's what worried the two.

Suddenly something occurred to the raven haired Uchiha who had been in a daze the whole time he and Sakura had been escaping. Something was missing from the picture, and he had only just figured it out.

"Wait… where's that huge snake he was with?" Sasuke whispered. Sakura suddenly froze. How could they forget about the summoned creature! Her eyes darted around madly, looking for any sign of the giant snake. It had delivered Orochimaru to the tree branch and simple vanished. Not with a puff of smoke, but into the shadows, which left the most obvious question-?

Where the hell was it now?

Before either of them could even react, a gigantic snake erupted from the ground beneath them and shot towards them like a rocket, its jaws wide open to swallow them whole. They had no time to react as the snake's mouth suddenly enclosed around them, digesting them into its stomach. The two fell into the darkness and pink bouncy flesh that was the snake's stomach.

However, what the snake didn't count on was the corrosive burning of Kyuubi's chakra surrounding the two members of team seven. After a few minutes of them tumbling around inside the snake's digestive system, the orange chakra cloak that was protecting them lashed out and started to burn the snake's insides.

Let's just say the snake had a serious problem of acid re-flux, and promptly threw the two up. Streams of smoke came out of the snake's mouth along with the two members of team seven. It hissed and shook it's head madly, trying to shake of the pain, but after a few minutes of having the corrosive chakra burn it's insides, the snake popped into a cloud of smoke and returned from whence it came.

The two were covered in the snake's acidic stomach fluids. Sakura wanted to hurl while Sasuke looked a little green. He looked at her with a weak smile on his face before he said something.

"Well, I guess he will watch what he eats from now on…" He joked lightly. They both hurled at the same time before slowly making their way to the tower that was now in sight. They had just only made it, and as soon as they got towards the door to lead inside the tower, the chakra cloaks around them ran out and they collapsed before the door.

They managed to drag themselves inside to safety, just in time for a certain snake Sannin to land on a nearby tree branch with a rather upturned scowl on his face. He watched as they crawled through to safety, and the chuunin and Jounin who were inside to welcome the Genin to the end of the second exam, rushed to their aid and carried them off to their beds to heal up.

The snake scowled.

"This was quite an interesting encounter. I definitely wasn't expecting this; Naruto is truly an inconvenience to my plans with Sasuke-kun. That chakra cloak around him may have saved him from being marked this time, but I will be patient. Patience is the key after all. Success doesn't come to those who rush their work." Orochimaru thought as a smirk formed on his face.

He made a hand seal and vanished from sight, before anyone even knew he was there.

Every single person, be it shinobi, villager, child or even insect and animal felt the powerful chakra clash inside the forest. The ANBU were conflicted to watch the fight from afar or help their beloved Hokage and the almighty Jiraiya of the Sannin.

However, once they saw who they were up against, they promptly dropped all of their courage down the drain and settled just to watch instead, going up against the Yondaime Hokage and the Red Hot-Blooded Habanero. More of the older ANBU remembered the deadly combo from their younger days when they were still chuunin or just starting in ANBU.

It was a combo that guaranteed death to their opponents.

However, they were facing two extremely powerful shinobi, one was known as the Kami no Shinobi, and the other… well he is known as Jiraiya the toad Sannin, but most of the female ANBU knew him as a lecherous pig with no decency. The great legendary Jiraiya-sama had no respect from the female kunoichi that lived long enough to know what kind of pig he is.

However, they had to praise him on his fighting skills, which pig certainly knew how to fight and hold his own. He did after all teach the Yondaime, who was said to be the greatest Hokage ever. That being said, all of the ANBU decided it would be best to leave the fighting to the Sandaime and the Toad Sannin.

The battle between the Yondaime and the Sandaime was fairly even. The famed yellow flash was everywhere, his speed and precision unrivaled, however, the brains and intelligence of the Sandaime predicted every single move the blonde made.

"Naruto takes a lot after you Minato-kun." Sandaime said blocking countless punches and dodging a fair amount of Fūton jutsu that was fired at him. It was obvious that Kushina and Minato were unable to control their actions, however, that didn't leave a spot for casual conversation while they fought.

"Really? How was his life growing up? Was he respected and raised properly by Jiraiya-sensei and Tsunade-sama? It explains why he has become so powerful in his own right! I'm so proud he's my son." Minato said with joy as he flashed behind the Sandaime with a Rasengan in hand.

He slammed in into the man only to have the Sandaime melt into mud. Minato was kicked in the stomach and sent to a nearby tree. The Sandaime had a guilty look in his eyes as he continued to by Jiraiya his time while he worked on sealing Kushina, however the stubborn red head hadn't gone down yet and was giving Jiraiya a fairly hard time.

"Minato, I'm going to be completely honest with you. The Naruto you saw before you was a result of harsh treatment and neglect from the village. Jiraiya and Tsunade did not raise him, they left him alone to his fate as a Jinchuriki." Sandaime said with sadness reflecting in his eyes.

Minato said nothing and continued to attack.

After a few more minutes of constant fighting, Minato finally spoke again.

"Then why was he not helped? Why did he grow up alone, and especially, why does he have such a positive outlook on life? Shouldn't the lonely life of a Jinchuriki lead to hatred?" Minato said, hating every word that came out of his mouth.

The two were currently locked in a Taijutsu battle, allowing for the conversation to continue. Sandaime, while in a frighteningly powerful struggle with Minato, sighed and closed his eyes, allowing for a bead of sweat to roll down his forehead.

"I never thought I would have this conversation until the day I died. I thought I would only have to explain myself in the afterlife. However, Naruto grew up wanting to prove his existence to the village. He was neglected and ignored, sometimes, rarely on his birthday he was beaten and injured by the villagers. The only thing I could do at the time was assign ANBU to protect him." Sandaime explained.

It was easy to understand, the responsibilities of the Hokage were quite large, and Sandaime had enough on his plate after cleaning up what Minato left behind after the Kyuubi attack. He had only been in the office for a year or so before he was killed. There were still negotiations to sort out with Iwa and Kumo, which forced Hiruzen to clean up.

Having Naruto to protect was just another responsibility that was weighing on his shoulders. If Jiraiya and Tsunade had actually been the godparents he and Kushina had asked them to be, then maybe Hiruzen wouldn't have had just a guilty feeling in his eyes. The old man blamed himself for everything.

"Naruto was… a happy and bright boy for the circumstances and environment he lived in. I could only do so much. Tsunade was grieved with having both you and Kushina die, which was another factor in which aided her resolve to never return to the village, and you know Jiraiya, he had his spy network to keep up… and his books." Sandaime explained. Minato frowned slightly.

"Jiraiya-sensei said he would give up his research once Naruto was born. Tsunade-sama said she would stop drinking as well. Obviously both I and Kushina-chan were lied to." Minato scowled as both Yondaime and Sandaime traded vicious blows. Hiruzen nodded with guilt.

He had thought he had trained Jiraiya and Tsunade well and raised them to be caring Shinobi… obviously that was slapped in his face when Orochimaru betrayed Konoha. It was a hard thing to accept that despite all the power and status that legendary Sannin had, they still had their own brewing problems to deal with. They weren't kami's; they weren't invincible like the shinobi world made them out to be.

They were powerful shinobi no doubt, but they were just as vulnerable to anything else just like any other human in this world.

"They both left and never returned. Jiraiya only returned about a week ago on my personal order. He was to help in security for the chuunin exams that your son is currently taking place in. It seemed he had managed to push aside the guilt of his students death, but when he returned, Naruto gave him a beating and Jiraiya said he had no excuse… so I bet my student is going to be making up for lost time." Sandaime said. Minato sighed and blocked another few punches from Sandaime, returning them full fold.

"Well, I guess better late than never then." Minato said with a weak smile. Sandaime scoffed slightly.

"Too forgiving Minato… I know your angry inside; you're just too controlled to let it out. You always were the most self-controlled person I knew. It's what made you the best Hokage, even better than myself." Sandaime mused.

Sandaime found it quite odd that Minato hadn't asked about how Naruto had gotten so much power. He had told him that he grew up on his own with no one to help him, he had told him that many people hated Naruto and that he was neglected and abused at times, so he didn't exactly see why Minato had that glint in his eyes that he already seemed to know how Naruto had gained this power.

Over with Jiraiya, a similar conversation was told, however Jiraiya wasn't so lucky to receive the same softness that Minato had given Sandaime about Naruto's neglect. Instead, he seemed to add fuel to Kushina's increasing fire. He found himself dodging fists and kicks that Kushina seemed to be throwing herself, instead of the Edo Tensei's orders.

"YOU PERVERTED" She screamed as she threw her kicks and punches, Jiraiya dodged with a frightened look on his face. His eyes were wide and his mouth was slack-jawed comically as Kushina attempted to kill the ridiculous excuse of a sage.

"IGNORANT" She continued as she threw a high powered swipe towards Jiraiya's head. He ducked just in time for her balled fist to collide with the tree trunk that he was back up to. The tree trunk shattered and the tree fell on its side. Her hair was flowing like tentacles, wanting to grab and strangle the toad Sannin. He gaped at her insane strength.

"First was Tsunade, then that mini-Tsunade – Sakura, then Naruto, and now Kushina! What did I do to deserve this?!" He internally cried before sighing to himself, crying anime like tears as he lowered his head miserably.

"Oh right, of course it's because of that. All that peeping has given me all this karma." He thought as he jumped over another kick from Kushina, this time the force of the kick shattered another tree without it even connecting to her foot. Her rage had taken form and was now being released, intent on killing and ravaging Jiraiya.

"Oh who am I kidding, it's because I left Naruto alone. I knew I shouldn't have done that." Jiraiya thought as one of Kushina's punches actually connecting with his cheekbone. His entire body vibrated before taking off like a rocket into a nearby tree. His face had made a permanent carving in the wood before me managed to un-stick himself from the tree and fall to the ground.

"BASTARD" Kushina said breathing heavily. She had never been so angry in her life… or her… after-life. Jiraiya lying on the ground with his face in the dirt, raising a comical white flag I the air. The Edo Tensei Kushina trotted over the perverted Sannin and stood above him, her eyes glowing red. He could have sworn she still had some influence of the Kyuubi in them.

She picked him up and personally made him her knew punching bag. She knew she was being controlled by the commands of the Edo Tensei, but after what she had been told by the perverted Sannin, she was going to enjoy beating on him for a while before he actually became serious and sealed her.

After a few minutes, Sandaime saw what was happening and rolled his eyes.

"Jiraiya! Stop screwing around and seal her! We need to go and see if Naruto is alright!" He ordered. Jiraiya sighed and quickly kicked Kushina away. He promptly snapped his nose back into place. The pain was intense but he had felt worse. If there was any one that had the highest resistant to pain, it was this old pervert.

"Alright sensei." Jiraiya said turning to Kushina and closing his eyes. She just huffed and put up her stance ready to attack. She smiled slightly and so did Jiraiya.

"Tsunade-sensei was actually right about that. Beating on you makes a real good stress release." Kushina said. Jiraiya scoffed and looked away with his arms folded.

"Oh please, stress? Come on, your dead! You don't have any stress." Jiraiya said. Kushina chuckled a little, wanting to scratch the back of her hand in cheeky guilt but her body would allow for that. Her body was a puppet on strings, but for some reason her face allowed emotions.

"Yeah, I guess so… but there was a sense of satisfaction when seeing your face warp with every punch I threw." Kushina said with a cheeky smile. Jiraiya growled as his eyes twitched in frustration. He was the legendary Jiraiya of the Sannin, Toad Sage of Mount Myōboku! He couldn't take that comment lying down! He was feared by his enemies and justice to all those who do evil!

Another audible smack and Jiraiya was flying into another tree. Hiruzen, Minato and a Kushina with a fist out stretched sweat dropped at the man's ridiculous self-monologue session. It was obvious when he did it, because he got a silly day dreamy smirk and arrogant look on his face when he did.

Jiraiya exploded from the rubble with a serious look on his face as he narrowed his gaze at Kushina. He finally got down in a stance, ready to disable her and seal her permanently.

"Alright, enough mucking around, I'm going to end this." Jiraiya said with a determined expression on his face. Kushina smiled slightly. However before the fight could even commence, a figure jumped down in the middle of the two fights. Sandaime and Jiraiya's eyes widened.

"Orochimaru." They both muttered at the same time. The man smiled and made a hand seal as two empty white coffins shot up from the ground. Instantly, Kushina and Minato lost all emotion in their faces as their heads lowered. They jumped back into the white coffins as the lids closed back on them. The coffins then sunk back into the ground.

It all happened so suddenly that the Sandaime and the Toad Sannin were completely too stunned to move. The Snake Sannin chuckled a little as he turned to his old sensei and old teammate, both where glaring at the snake like he was the worst kind of disease to catch.

"Oh come now, I expect more of a warmer welcome. What's with the sour faces?" The Snake mocked. Jiraiya growled, however before he could attack, he was stopped by the Sandaime who walked forward, his face stuck with seriousness and a tinge of disappointment and depression.

"Orochimaru… what do you want here. Why have you returned?" The Sandaime asked in a tone that refused to take anything but the truth as an answer. The snake sighed and chuckled a little bit more.

"I'd like to say a happy reunion, but I'd be lying. If only Tsunade-chan where here… oh the memories." The snake laughed. Jiraiya growled as he stepped forward, a fire storm burning in his heart. He narrowed his eyes on his ex-best friend.

"Don't you even talk about her! She has had enough heart ache as it is, she doesn't need your filthy face to remind her, what she has lost." Jiraiya spat. Orochimaru burst out into an evil chilling laughter. He licked his lips as he looked at Jiraiya.

"Such colorful words Jiraiya-baka… I never thought you had it in you to say such things. So what now? Kill me?" The snake edged. It was like he wanted them to try, to try and kill the person they used to fight together, bleed together and protect each other. However those feelings were long gone.

"I'd like to see you try… you see, Sarutobi-sensei, I finished that jutsu." Orochimaru's smirk widened to that of a mad-man. He looked well and truly insane, and that's what worried the two legendary shinobi the most. A mad-man with power was never a good thing.

Hiruzen's eyes almost bulged out of his head.

"He couldn't have… Is he really Immortal?" He thought as his eyes shook with disbelief. The snake's laughs echoed through his old weary mind, eroding his mind away like water on a dirt bank. The man standing in front of him was just a reminder of the failures he had in the past, failures he needed to rectify.

"I see you have figured it out, however as much as I would like to say and catch up with old friends… I have things to do. I didn't seem to get done what I wanted to accomplish today, and you see… that makes me kind of unhappy." Orochimaru went on as he started to dissolve into mud. Sarutobi's eyes widened.

"Doton Bunshin… he was really never here in the first place." He thought as he looked at the dissolve pile of mud that still managed to have the face of the snake in it.

"This won't be the last time we meet; next time… will be your last… Sarutobi-sensei" The snake mocked as he melted into a puddle of mud. It was at this very moment that about three squads of ANBU appeared, all kneeling before the Hokage.

"Orders Hokage-sama?" The captain said. Everyone was silent, even Jiraiya who looked at the ground in shame, a painful reminder of the past, a reminder that he couldn't save his friend from the darkness… and now he was too far in to save. The only way he could save the friend he once knew and fought for, was to kill him, and let his soul rest.

The old Hokage turned to the squad of ANBU, he sighed before he gave the orders.

"Return to the village, stay on high alert. Report any suspicious activities to me immediately. Dismissed!" He said as they all shouted their confirmations before disappearing into the shadows. Hiruzen turned to Jiraiya with a sad look on his face.

"Orochimaru is too far from the light to be saved now… I assume you can see that now." Hiruzen stated. Jiraiya just sighed and looked away; saying nothing to the old man, but the silence in itself was all the answer he needed to hear. Jiraiya was finally accepting that for peace, Orochimaru must die.

"Come Jiraiya-kun, we need to see if Naruto is alright." Hiruzen stated before disappearing in a swirl of leaves. Jiraiya stood in the same spot and didn't move, his thoughts taking him on an unwanted ride through his memories. Once he was done, he sighed and shook his head sadly, before disappearing into the forest.

Naruto lay in a white bed, with white sheets, covered in white bandages, and looking at a white ceiling while white lights where shone down into the white room. Everything was white… white, white, and white. Quite frankly he was on the verge of moving around to bleed some more. That way he would get to see some color, make sure he wasn't in heaven or some shit.

He had woken up not too long ago, his body feeling like it was on fire, the worst find of fire. He didn't even know how to cry because of the amount of pain coursing throughout his body. He wasn't sure how to cope with that amount of pain so he just lay there and stared at the ceiling. He hadn't even noticed the frog who sat on the night stand next to him.

Eventually, he got sick of the pain and retreated to his inner world where he lay in the sewer water and floated around on his back like he was in some kind of children's swimming pool. His blank emotionless eyes stared at the sewer ceiling.

Behind those eyes, playing over and over again were the events of him fighting his parents. His heart beat at its normal pace, but it felt like it was about to burst and shatter into a million pieces. At the time, he was so cranked up on adrenaline that he fought back as best he could, ignoring the sinking feeling that he was actually fighting his parents.

Eventually he floated into Kurama's cage, and the fox carefully picked up the blonde with one of his tails, and deposited the blonde on his back. Naruto just lay there motionlessly, there were no words exchanged, but Kurama knew what was going through the blondes head.

Hell, he lived here, he should know.

Naruto was feeling so much pain, both physical and emotional. It was too much for a child to cope with, and he may be a shinobi and an incredible one at that; but he was still twelve, and no twelve year old should have had to go through what he had just done. It was one thing to lose your parents when you were born…

But to fight them to the death as amusement for another person's benefit? That was unthinkable, and he should not have had to deal with that.

"It's cold." Naruto said in a monotone voice. Kurama just ignored him, knowing that what Naruto was referring to was the feeling inside of his heart. A feeling so cold it could be described as ice. There was no worse feeling that being cold on the inside, especially when you are as joyful and bright as Naruto was.

Kurama had watched Naruto from the day he was sealed inside of him, to now. Nothing had changed really. Naruto wasn't someone to dwell on this too long. Sure he had his moments of self-doubt and self-pity, but he always got past it.

All those days he spent crying because he had no idea why all those people gave him those glares, all those days spent wallowing in self-pity because he had no one to be with, no one to care for him except the Hokage. It all ended the one day the clouds cleared and the sun starting shining once again and Naruto had been reborn.

"I'm going to become Hokage-ttebayo! Just you wait and see, I'll prove it to all of you!" The blonde had screamed at the crowd of people that had gathered. Kurama smirked at the small memory. The boy turned from a pathetic sack of meat to a boy of iron will. There were no more tears, no more self-pity…

There was only that harden gaze in his ocean blue eyes, the eyes of a fighter. Was there anything Naruto couldn't do? Yes, there were a lot of things he couldn't do, but that did mean he wasn't going to try and not give it his all. He was a boy that when the idea of giving up would present itself, he would laugh at hit and rudely tell it to shove it.

He wasn't invincible, no not by a long shot. That was proven today when he was beaten senseless by his resurrected parents. Kurama could only silently thank Jiraiya and Sarutobi for making it in the nick of time to save Naruto's ass. There are always people that are better than you out there, always people that you will meet that will be a step ahead of you.

The question is, how are you going to climb those steps to surpass that person?

As Naruto lay on Kurama's back, he continued to gaze up at the ceiling. Kurama grumbled as his head turned to look at Naruto who was sprawled out on his red furry back.

"Alright Naruto… that's enough, you have lived long enough to know that wallowing in self-pity and emotional sadness isn't going to get you anywhere." Kurama said as Naruto slowly sat up and grinned weakly. His eyes were still blank of emotion, he was extremely exhausted. Even in his mind, he felt weak; it was like his body was made of noodles.

"Yeah… I figured you'd come to that conclusion sooner or later." Naruto said as he jumped off Kurama's back. He landed on his feet in the water before falling to his knees. He slowly got back up again and walked towards the exit of the cage.

Before he was about to exit his inner world, he turned to Kurama who was lying on his paws like he normally did. The fox was anything but bored and Naruto – could see the gears turning in the giant fox's head. Seeing his old jailer again reminded him of what he could have done if he hadn't been so arrogant and evil. It obviously hit a nerve, but being the almighty Kyuubi that he was, he refused to show weakness.

"Hey Kurama." Naruto said turning his head to face the fox. Kurama didn't reply, instead he just turned his eye to look at the young twelve year old Naruto, regarding the boy with a simple eye movement; Naruto knew the fox was listening.

"Thanks for being here for me. It means a lot." Naruto said with a smile and vanished. Kurama stared at the spot for a few moments before smirking and closing his eyes. Naruto was growing up fast, much faster than a kid his age should be growing at. But he was no ordinary kid, no – not by a long shot.

"Tch. What a brat, uses me as his soft furry toy for closure! If I were my old self Naruto… you would have been dead a long time ago." Kurama mused to himself as he returned to his slumber. He had to excessively feed his chakra through their link at a constant rate. That made sure that during the fight, Naruto had a constant forty percent control over his chakra and Kurama's.

It made the fox tired, and now he needed his sleep… or fox nap, whatever living chakra beings do for rest.

Naruto opened his eyes to the sound of snoring. He wasn't exactly sure how much time had passed since had been in his mindscape since it seemed to be pretty inconsistent most of the time. He turned his head ever so gently to the side to see Sakura and Sasuke in similar beds of his own.

Their skin was bright red and they seemed to be coughing every now and then. His eyes narrowed before they widened at the cause. He could sense Kurama's chakra in their chakra coils. Sakura had used the scrolls he had given her for emergencies only!

He couldn't exactly growl at her for using them. If that man was capable of summoning his father and his mother to fight him, then he must have been a seriously powerful shinobi, probably on par with most S-rank criminals. However the man didn't seem familiar at all, his chakra seemed dark and just plain wrong, but he would know if that man was S-rank.

Hell, the village should have noticed if an S-rank Shinobi just waltzed right into the middle of a chuunin exam, but that left why they were targeted specifically. The man had said that they were going to be tested, and Naruto's test was if he could fight his parents, so that left the obvious fact that this man had been deliberately targeting them right from the start.

The man had said he had some sort of agenda with Sasuke. That was what annoyed Naruto the most; the man had come fully prepared, ready to take Naruto out of the equation so that he wouldn't have to deal with him. That left Sasuke and Sakura to defend themselves and from the looks of it, Sakura had to resort to using the scrolls that had Kurama's chakra inside of them, only to be used if she was in dire need of them.

Judging from the wounds, Sakura had probably split eight percent of Kurama's chakra between her and Sasuke to give them more of an advantage. She had some crazy burns on her skin, she looked incredibly ill, no doubt because of Kurama's demonic chakra invading her system, and she looked completely drained.

It was the same story with Sasuke.

How could these exams have gone so wrong so fast? First Sakura was almost killed, now he was almost killed and Sakura and Sasuke were in an unstable condition! He thought they were the best team here, he thought they could take anyone on… but that was only slightly true.

Sure they could take any Genin team on, but that was it! This man they had encountered was mindbogglingly powerful and unpredictable that he had caught them off guard from the start of their encounter. He was different, something about that man just seemed off, even now just thinking about it.

…that smile that craved blood…

…that crazed look in his eyes…

Everything about that man screamed danger and Naruto blindly fell straight into that trap. He thought he could take the man on by himself. He cursed his stupidity. He should have grabbed both Sasuke and Sakura and used his Nine Tailed Chakra mode's speed to get away from there as fast as possible.

Now here they were; he was critically injured with Kurama's chakra slowly mending his body back together. He would be better in about three of four hours, but it would take about two days to regain his chakra and Sasuke and Sakura, probably a day or two to mend their wounds. However Sakura was a medic-nin in training so she might be able to speed up her recovery along with Sasuke's, just a matter if she had the chakra to do it.

As he lay in his bed, he let his thoughts wander for a while. Thinking back on the past events, the group called the Akatsuki was after him because of Kurama, Iwa wanted his head because of his father, this man wanted something from Sasuke. It all seemed too much to think about. He was already tired from his fight, and now all this thinking was making him even more exhausted.

Before he closed his eyes to let his sleep take him once more, he thought about something. He got this feeling that something very soon was going to happen, something really, really bad. It was just a matter of time before it happened… and for some reason…

…he felt like he was going to be in the center of all of it.

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