Well, I'm trying to revive this account with a new fic, and considering I got the new FE:A game for Christmas last year, I decided to post something I had lying about in my computer for long, long months. I wanted to finish the 30 stories before posting this, as I'm writting it for 30_kisses comm at lj, but pretty much everything there is dying so... Anyway, here's the first oneshot.

I hope you enjoy it.

Of course, needless to say, the main pairing for this in Eliwood/Lyn (I have to play FE7 again, soon, I miss it). There are other, and might be more, but all pretty much revolve around those two.

This one's short, le gasp!, which is very surprising for me. So, yeah, again, I hope you enjoy it!

Disclaimer: Nothing but the plot is mine. Otherwise, I'd be rich.

"the green chest monster i: beginning"

(ch23b – four-fanged offense / this isn't supposed to happen)

theme #04 – キミとボクのキョリとアノコ/our distance and that person


She should have expected it.

This thing between them has been building up ever since they returned from the Dread Isle.

Really, she should have seen it coming.

They cannot seem to help but gravitate towards each other. It's not so obvious in-battle, as everyone is following Mark's orders, going from one place to another; he insisting on being on the front lines and she scampering around helping anyone and everyone. But outside battles…

She always gravitates towards him, finding a place next to him while they eat, while they travel, and even while they stop to rest. She's so obvious about it, one has to wonder how nobody has seen it, how nobody has noticed the loving stares, the light blushes and gentle smiles (and that necessity of hers to always, always find a way to come into contact with him).

He is different, subtler. He also gravitates towards her, but in a more subdued way, with less frequency, as he finds it in him to spend some time with everyone in the party if possible. He is also obvious in a way; how he expresses around her, how he always seems to be gentle with her, chivalrous, always with a reassuring smile for her. How he always seems to come to her rescue.

Really, it is a wonder how no one has noticed their interaction (their quiet talks, the time spent together, they way they seemed so oblivious to everything but that thing between them), no one but her, that is.

She notices it, them. Her looks and blushes and smiles (and need to touch him, always). His demeanor and gentleness and chivalry and reassurance (and always, always going to her rescue). And the time they spend together and their quiet talks and obliviousness. She notices it.

Because she watches them, even though she doesn't need to, doesn't have to, doesn't know why (she shouldn't), but she does, and she notices it.

But she doesn't really acknowledges until now, as she follows Hector further into this town on the border of Bern, in search of someone who could tell them something about the Black Fang. When she turns around and expects him to be there as she starts to talk (because he's always been there before, if not bringing up the rear then leading them, but he is always there, completing the trio, being a sort of barrier between her and Hector so they wouldn't hurt each other with their straightforwardness and brutal honesty; always there, right next to them—right next to her). Instead, she finds out he's stayed behind.

With Ninian.

(So what if they had spent time together before, uh? All those stolen moments talking and sparring and relaxing and enjoying the fact that they could be comfortable —themselves— around each other. That doesn't mean anything other than they are close friends. He never treated her any different than Hector, never said anything about feelings. And she certainly doesn't feel for him any different than she feels for Hector. They're just friend, good friends.)

She sees them talking and Eliwood is sighing and Ninian is laughing and then he's smiling and she's blushing—they're both blushing, and…

(Just good friends. So there's no reason to be upset, she should be happy for them. For Ninian, because this is the first time she's seen her laugh since she met her and she deserves a little bit of happiness what with all that has happened to her. And for Eliwood, because now that his father died, now that he knows the kind of responsibility that has befallen on their shoulders, he needs someone who can make him smile and feel at ease, someone who can make him forget about this war, if only for a little while.)

…and when Eliwood takes Ninian's hand and lifts it slightly, giving her a dashing smile, before bringing it all the way up and kisses it, Lyndis knows—

(She's not in denial. She doesn't feel betrayed. She's not hurt. She's not. Never mind that there seems to be something threatening to tear her chest open every time she sees them together and that that something has just gotten remarkable stronger and it hurts —Gods, it hurts— so bloody much, but it really doesn't because there's no reason for her to feel hurt. Really, there isn't. So, she will simply turn around and keep walking, a smile on her face and a proud stride in her walk, and she will ask the villagers about the Black Fang and life will go on and everything will go back to how it was before—)

—something inside her breaks beyond repair.


the end.

For now.

Well, I'll try to update regularly, I have some other oneshots ready for this, but I need to check them for mistakes first. If you see any here, please tell me to correct it, I may have missed one.

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