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How it all started...

Now we turn our attention back in the alternative universe (I will call it MUA2) at S.H.E.I.L.D headquarters where Norman Osborn is about to explain his reason on why he and Miles are in this universe.

"Yes, I have a lot to explain so I need everyone to listen closely since I can't waste time trying to explain everything multiple times." Norman orders, for the events that happen in his world, is not a memory that he cares to reflect on, causing the other heroes to pay close attention to what the mad man has to say.

"In our world, there was a symbiote outbreak that causes thanks to Eddie Brock who you all may know as Venom. At first civilians of New York began to act crazy with no one understanding why the sudden change in behavior, but then reports came out about how that these people were affected by the symbiote virus and slowly New York pretty much the state of the symbiotes. I wasn't there when everything was happening because I was in the middle of getting cured of the goblin serum in me from a secret project though I have witness on news villains like Electro and Vulture become corrupted from the virus." Norman explains to the heroes, who all had shock expressions on their faces, before turning to Logan with a sad look.

"Hell Logan you too had fallen to the symbiote virus." He admits showing how serious the outbreak was.

"What!?" Logan shouts not believing what he just heard. The others were speechless as well.

"There's no way the symbiote could easily control Logan!" Jessica defends her man in an angry tone. The heroes knew of the symbiote effects and though they weren't trying to discredit Peter who was the first to be exposed to the suit so of course, he wouldn't understand the effects of it, but with all that Logan has been through as well with the knowledge he has learned about the alien substance, it would take a lot for Logan to fall to its influence.

Norman and Miles both can understand their reactions. "Under normal circumstances, you would be correct. However, as the virus continue to grow the stronger the symbiote control as well as the type of symbiote creatures that formed which would explain why one as Logan can be just as infected as anyone else." Norman expresses the seriousness of the virus.

"Damn that's crazy," Luke mutters not wanting to think of what a symbiote control version of him and Jess would be like. Jessica didn't like the idea either, for she has seen what it does when Peter had worn it.

Miles signs saying, "Tell me about it, I had to witness innocent people become those things. Especially my former mentor." He quietly says the last part catching the heroes' attention.

"Who was your former mentor?" Steve asks, pretty much speaking for everyone who was wondering the same thing that would cause the young man's mood to shift like it did.

Osborn quickly intervenes on his protégé behalf. "We will we get to that later. As I was saying the longer the outbreak had spread, the stronger the infection came to the point where Shield had to team up with the Thinker to create a device called the Sonic Emitter that would wipe out all the symbiote without killing the hosts and stop the outbreak. Unfortunately, it was destroyed while at the same time Venom somehow invaded the Helicarrier. At that point, the Helicarrier blows up killing Venom in the process though the only thing it did remove Eddie from his position as the leader of the symbiote army and allow the rise of new leaders. The Crimson King and Queen."

Symbiote War Backstory

*A month after the destruction of the Helicarrier*

"Lover it will only be a matter of time before we finally make the rest of New York ours and lead our symbiote army to take over the world." Symbiote Queen told her as Crimson King stood on top of the building watch some soldiers from S.H.I.E.L.D become infected.

Crimson King though knew it was true on what she said, had other thoughts on his mind. While she wasn't paying attention, he couldn't help but stare at her new body that had been enhanced with the symbiote bonding he done on her and thought, "Damn the things we could do that body!" which brought him back to his original thought. Yes, he and his true love now rule with him as Queen of the symbiotes but he wants more than that with her, he wants an actual life with her. Now that they are both wanted criminals, life can be short for them so he wants to make his moments with his love last a long time and be more than just a "take over the world life".

He then turns her body towards him preparing to ask him an important question. "My love, in time this world will be ours. However, before we began that life there's something that I want to ask you and it's a serious question."

Crimson queen found her self-shock and nervous about what he wants but knows that she would do anything for him. "Yes lover anything."

Crimson King for the first time in a while felt his self-nervous even with bonding with the symbiote that usually gives him the confidences that he needs to do what he needs to do. "Well, you see we..."

At that moment however his was rudely interrupted when his venom-sense went off and out of nowhere someone spears him off the building. Thanks to his newfound strength Crimson King while falling, turns the creature around and slams him on the concrete. Crimson King quickly realizes who it was as he stood on the familiar creature's stomach.

"You know I thought you would have learned from our last fight that you can't beat us even when you are wearing the suit as well," Crimson King said as the creature, which is Wolverine back bonded with the symbiote, goes to scratch him but Crimson King easily dodges it.

"AND I THOUGHT FROM OUR LAST FIGHT THAT YOU WOULD KNOW THAT EVEN WITH SPLITTING MY BODY APART YOU KNOW THAT WON'T STOP ME FOR I AM THE DAMN BEST AT WHAT I DO, AND WHAT I'M ABOUT TO BECOME BEST AT IS KILLING YOU!" Symbiote Wolverine yells as Crimson King remembers after beating Logan in his symbiote form he rips the suit off of him and in the process breaking Logan in half.

"Well if you thought us breaking your body was bad then it's going to get a lot worse for you because I was in the middle of something very important with my lovely queen and well let's just that right now with you interrupting we are absolutely livid," Crimson King responds in a dark tone.

Symbiote wolverine reveals an evil smirk getting reading to attack. "You think I actually care what you were about to do with your slut of a girlfriend!? The only thing that is important a concern to you is how she will plan your funeral." With that said he charges at the new Crimson King as Crimson queen looks on not worry at all for she knows her love doesn't allow anyone to disrespect her.

Crimson King's face expression becomes anger as he lifts his right hand up and suddenly the symbiote on Wolverine stops him from attacking and rips out of his body. Logan felt a lot of pain from the symbiote de-bonding from him as Crimson King slowly walks towards him to finish the job.

"You like that trick wolf boy? That's a new power I learn since I became king of the symbiotes for not only can I make someone bond with a symbiote, I can just as easily take it away from him. Sucks for you since I was considering letting you serve me but now I have to make an example out of you so the other heroes will know what happens when you piss me and my queen off." Crimson King explains in a dark tone as he gets right in front of Logan. He knew he could be overprotective when it came to Crimson Queen but that's only because he loves her.

Wolverine re-pops his crawls, still feeling the pain, and goes for an attack but Crimson King catches his arm and snaps it half. Wolverine screams from his arm breaking but gets punch hard in the throat bringing him on his knees gasping for air. Crimson King lifts Logan's head up to have him look at him.

"Any last words before you died my old rival?" Crimson King asks with an evil smile. Wolverine simply spits at his face and mutters, "Go to hell.."

Crimson King wipes his face and turns his hand into sharp claws (like Carnage) and whispers in Logan's ear, "You first." After that, Crimson King claws go through Logan's body and rip his heart causing Logan body to fall as he dies. Crimson Queen walks over to her lover to comfort him impress at how strong the symbiote made him for she knew Crimson King was already a strong man but held back his true strength.

"Now that I'm no longer interrupted by wild animals, *gets down on one knee* My queen, will you officially be our wife?"

Crimson queen just stood stun as Crimson King continue, "I know we agree that you would be queen but that's more Symbiote business. Before this, I wanted you for a long time but the old me felt that I needed to be loyal and stay with a certain someone else. When you came back during the invasion and we started teaming up again I couldn't help but give in how I really feel and that was I want you more than her. Now that we have this new life to deal with, I feel like I need to do this now and like they say there's no time like the present. I love you babe and don't want us just together as King and Queen, I want us to be together as we both always wanted... As Husband and Wife."

After hearing his deep thoughtful confession, Crimson queen felt overwhelm but in a good way. She never knew he had deep desires to be with her for she was willing to do anything to get him back again. Even with the way they got together, this time, she didn't care for what matter was that now he wants her as his wife. He was right that with them both consider strong criminals now that their life can end at any moment, which brought an idea to her head.

"On one condition." She answers confusing Crimson King but letting her finish. "Once we officially become marry, I want to us to have a child. For one we can live as a family if our plans to rule succeeds or fails and we have to go into hiding. Plus, our legacy can live on through our child if anything happens to us."

Crimson King thought it over for he wasn't expecting to make a child anytime soon but she did have some points and it goes back to the fact that need to make the most out of the new life they are living until things go exactly their way. Plus, if wanted a child to carry out his legacy, she is the one he would want as the mother.

"Consider it done my love, but that only if you say.." He was cut off when Crimson queen jumps on him.

"Yes!" She answers as the two kiss each other intensely. During the kiss, Crimson King shoots out a web-line, allowing Crimson queen to wrap her body around him, and swings away still kissing his soon to be wife.

"From there on the Crimson King and Queen slowly took over New York with their army corrupting or killing anyone that would stand in their away." Norman expresses as the story contiunes.

*6 months later*

6 months after the death of Logan, The Crimson King grew stronger as he took down anyone who oppose him like Kingpin, Luke Cage, Daredevil, Richard Reed, etc. As well as infecting heroes and villains to build his army like Moon Knight, Invisible Woman and Ben from the FF4 the Sinister 6, etc. Little did he know while building his army and making sure his wife was safe during her pregnancy, the remaining members of the Avengers, X-men, and S.H.E.I.L.D were planning a major battle to take back New York and stop the King once and for all.

"Lover you are working way too hard. We should have some fun for a change." said the voice of his wife who quietly wraps her arms around her husband neck.

The Crimson King turns to hold his beautiful wife and smiles. "Glad to see some things don't change, but we can't allow anything to interfere on what we have accomplished and I will be damn if something were to happen to you and our child."

She loves how he acts more protected when it came to her and their daughter but she can tell lately something has been bothering him. "Lover what's wrong? You have been acting strange lately like you are not yourself." She asks in a concerned tone.

However, before he is able to say anything, a loud boom sound is heard and in came Symbiote Moon Knight panicking.

"What the hell is going on!? "The Crimson King demands.

"We hate to report this master but somehow X-23 and those foolish rebels were able to invade us. We believe Cloak has something to do with how we couldn't see them on the radar." Symbiote Moon Knight reports which cause a worry look to appear on the King's face.

Upset that they weren't fully prepare for this attack, Crimson King gives his orders as he heads to his lab. "Damn it! They want to blindside us; find we will give them a war. Leave X-23 to me!"

"Yes Master!" Symbiote Moon Knight responds leaving their room to resume the fight.

"Ready to this lover?" Crimson queen asks in a serious tone for she notices a certain expression on her husband face that concern her.

"Carol..." He simply said.

"Excuse me?" The queen questions him with a hint of jealously in her tone.

"She's here too, we can sense her." The King explains feeling a lot of mix emotions built up inside of him.

"We will handle her for her betrayal while you handle that wannabe Wolverine leader." His queen suggests for her own person agenda.

Crimson Kings nods in agreement before turning to her saying, "Do not kill her. She can be very useful for our army."

"I will try not to, now go!" With that, Crimson King ran off to the location of X-23 while his queen reveals an evil smirk for her plan can now finally come into play for Ms. Marvel.

"Sorry love, but I have my own plans for that super slut."

*Later in The main hall*

Crimson King manage to join Moon Knight only to find him getting stab to death my Wolverine's clone Laura aka X-23. After hearing about out Logan's death, X-23 vow to kill her dad's murder herself which didn't surprise the King for he knew that at some point he would have to deal with her as well. No words were needed for they both knew that this fight would be brutal and only one person will survive.

"You know what's you have in common with your clone, you both are the best at what you do which is fail to stop me." Crimson King walks casually towards X-23, who growled upon seeing him.

"How dare you, he was your friend!" Laurel yells out thinking back to all her father had told her about him before everything happens.

"If he was my friend, he would have served me and not foolishly try to stop me especially on the day I propose to my wife talk about cock block." Crimson King said getting under her skin for he knew X-23 anger would be her downfall.

"Enough! You are going to pay for what you did to him and how you disgrace everything you used to stand for!" Laurel declares.

"What I used to stand for?" Crimson King transform his left arm to a razor blade and says in very sinister tone, "Here's a fun fact before we officially end this petty rivalry when I killed Logan he already had turned on his own kind."

"Liar!" Laurel pops back out her claws leading to the two warriors to face off in a brutal fight.

*Flashback ends*

The battle was deadly, but at the end, X-23 died fighting for her dad's honor along with the others in the rebellion that didn't become the King's slave." Norman finishes telling the story of the symbiote invasion started in his world, leaving everyone speechless in Nick Fury his self.

Jessica happens to glance over to see Logan shaking in anger after hearing what happen to Laurel in that world.

"I'm so sorry Laurel, you made not have been my universe daughter but you are family nonetheless." Logan tries to calm his self with Jessica's help as she hugs him until Norman speaks up again.

"I understand that this is a lot to take in." Norman attempts to console Wolverine despite them never being friends he understands what is like to lose a loved one.

"A lot? That's an understatement." Logan shoots back harshly.

"Babe." Jessica said softly but Logan kept going saying, "I notice in this story time moment that you have failed to mention the two of your roles in this fight. What used to fight like a coward so you chose not to be a part of the fight!?"

Miles again was not going to let pretty much call his mentor a coward when he doesn't even have the full facts. "Watch it pal, you don't know nothing about what we had to deal with!"

"Miles, settle down now!" Norman tells Miles so not wanting another showdown to occur between the two.

As soon as Miles relax his self, Norman turns back his attention towards Logan. "It's true at the time once I removed the goblin in me I didn't join in the battle but later I was able to form as you could say my own Secret Avengers team in hope that we could overthrow the Crimson King and Queen and cure everyone effected by the virus. Though this would prove to be much difficult once Shield was overtaken and pretty much blocked off communications outside of New York."

Logan growls at this but couldn't really argue back due to that logic.

"So now we are at the part where you two tell us how and why you ended up in our world. How do we know you just not pawns of this Crimson King that was sent here to try and take over here?" Nick Fury points out wanting answers now.

"Very good point there but the complete opposite to what our goal is. My secret team and I came up with a plan to recreate the device that originally was going to be used to eliminate the symbiote outbreak and take back New York once and for all. The problem is with nearly every infected or dead, it would be impossible to gather the resource needed to recreate it." Norman breaks down follow by Miles.

"So then my mentor here created Time Dilation Accelerator that opens interdimensional portals that can send things through time and space and we were going to use it to transport somewhere we could get help. Though I might have accidently activated it before property testing sending us here." Miles chuckles at his self with Norman signing over the mistake.

"Yes, with that said, we ask for your help to build the Sonic Emitter to finally end the nightmare of our world." Norman pleads as best as he could.

Everyone in the meeting process everything that was told to them and wonder if it's worth getting involve since the situation is not happening in their world, while on the other hand they could of receive help after dealing with what happen during the civil war.

Luke finally breaks the silence, "Okay say we believe this crazy ass story you presented to us. Why in the hell would we trust either of you two and why should we help you?"

"We literally surrender to Shield when we got here and yall can't even cut us some slack?" Miles throws his hands in the air in disbelief.

"You did attack some of us." Tony rubs the back his head with Logan shrugging in agreement.

"Hey, you started it, wise guy!" Miles snaps back.

"Look we understand that we haven't exactly giving any of you full reason to trust us however this is a dire situation for I feel that the Crimson King will soon learn what we did and even if you did lock us up there's a strong chance they could find a way to find us here and I would much rather keep him and his army there then here." Norman mentions which gets makes them think about the options even more

Before anyone could come up with a decision, Hawkeye calls Nick Fury with urgently, "Sir we have a problem that's heading your way!"

"Great what now!?" Nick demands only for the door to crash open with a piss off Spider-man coming through and entering the room to find the man that he was told would be here

"Osborn!" Spider-man calls out.

"YOU!" Norman shouts angry at the sight he had hoped not to see no time soon.

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