This chapter's just an intro to the story, so it's a tad short.

Just after the defeat of Ghost, Yamamoto met Mukuro's prized student, Fran. The first thing he did was laugh and reach out to ruffle teal hair, thinking the much smaller male was the most adorable thing he had ever seen.

Apparently, Fran didn't like it when this was pointed out to him.

"You're so short~ It's so cute." Yamamoto smiled in his laid-back way as he pulled his hand to his person. He didn't flinch when teal eyes locked on him, finding the other no scarier than Tsuna.

"Your seemingly paedophilic nature disturbs me," Fran replied. "Molest me and I shall get my Master to skewer you with his trident."

Yamamoto – being who he was – really didn't know what the older teenager was talking about. He instead just grinned, his soft eyes warm as he regarded the smaller male. He wasn't used to the strange feeling in his stomach, nor did he understand why his cheeks had darkened their colour slightly; all he knew was that this boy was adorable, and Yamamoto wanted to be closer to him.

The blond Varia member whom Yamamoto knew as Belphegor was cackling away in the background while Mukuro just observed the two teenagers with a careful eye – probably wary of the dark-haired teenager harming his student.

"Aww, has the Froggy got an admirer?" Bel cackled away again, a huge smirk on his face. Mukuro glared at him as he tapped his trident on the ground, probably devising the best way to kill the blond and make it look like an accident. "Shishi~! About time; someone needed to get laid!"

Tsuna and Gokudera stood by the group, the two looking uncomfortable about where this conversation was heading, while Yamamoto just laughed again. The two wondered if he even understood what Bel was talking about.

Probably not.

"You're really adorable." Yamamoto's smile became impossibly wide at his declaration.

"Go fuck yourself with a pineapple. Oww." Fran turned to look at Mukuro with his blank expression. "What was that for?"

"Watch your language, little one." Mukuro was seething at the younger, his trident having impaled the frog hat the younger wore.

Yamamoto's smile never once faltered throughout his interactions with the Varia Mist.