chapter 1

Bella's pov

driving to first beach i cant help but laugh at the song on the radio. Katy Perry's wide awake. its kinda comical seeing as i have spent the last 4 months wallowing in a pit of despair. one would think that someone died when all it was, was me being dumped. seriously i don't blame my folks for wanting to get me checked out. that shit ain't normal. loosing it over a damn boy. really that is all that Edward was. a boy. stuck at 17 and sure i may not be much older or anything but really you would think that someone who has lived as long as he has would have grown up by now. but sadly that is not the case. oh well its time to put him and his family where they belong. in the past.

reaching the beach i shut off the old truck and walk down to the sand. it's still cold out being that it is the middle of January and all but i could care less at this point. cold is something i have grown used to. the only warmth in my life is Jake. he's the sun to me. not to mention he is unnaturally hot. but just like i figured out what Edward was i soon figured out what Jake was too. the supernatural follows me everywhere.

seeing Jake i run over and jump on him hugging him tightly.

"god i have missed you bells. you're looking so much better. everything ok?"

"everything is perfect. or rather it will be. life is looking up for me. in a few months i will be done school and move on to the great big world of grown ups. scary thought hey?" i cant help but chuckle a little.

"hey come meet everyone else. just don't mind them. some are a little weird."

" more weird then vampires and werewolves?" now that one caught his attention.

"what are you talking about bells?" i can see how nervous this is making him.

" oh i know all about this world that we live in. trust me. come on lets go see your friends. im guessing by the size of them all that they are wolves too. oh and close your mouth jake. you'll catch flies." tapping his chin i hop down out of his grasp and run over towards the others before he can question me.

jake's pov

oh shit. bells somehow knows what we are and i have a feeling it might have something to do with me. though i have never told her what we are i seen to remember a walk on the beach where i told her about the legends. i should have figured that she would be the one to figure it out. now i wonder how much she really knows.

bella's pov

"hey, im Bella. jake should be over in a minuet if he can collect his brain. i think i might have fryed it." ok so one of the things i have thought about changing about me was to become more open with people. more of a people person. not so damn shy. and god damn it i am going to work as hard as i can to not blush all the time either.

"uh... hi im sam. these are Seth,Embry,Jared,Quil,Paul and Leah. what exactly do you mean you might have fried Jakes brain?"

" oh i told him out right that i know what he is and that i was sure you all were the same thing. he was kinda standing there with his mouth hanging open. so. wolves. that's cool. you're not going to kill me for being a ex- vamp girl are you? cause that would suck."

looking around at the faces of each and every one of them i can't help but start laughing. all of them have this weird bewildered look. like they cant believe what i just said.

looks like sam is the one to recover first." how?"

not what i would call intelligent conversation but i guess it works.

" i know cause a while ago, when i first moved here i got Jake to tell me why the Cullens where not allowed down here. so i got the cliff notes version i'm sure, of your legends. well me being me i cant pass up learning something new so i got a book about Quilluette legends. and i found out about the cold ones. yeah i know stupid. i knew what they were and i still hung out with them. it was the danger thing. i think i was tried of a safe life. don't ask. anyways after they left me i got to thinking. and well if the cold ones were real who's to say that the men who turn into wolves were not real too. so i paid more attention and noticed differences from Jake to me. he's way warmer then i am. he grew like mad in a short time. he eats more than like 4 men together. so bit by bit i figured it out. and from everyone's responses i would say that i am spot on."

"holy fuck! seriously i mean nothing mean by this but when i found out that you were with a blood sucker and knew what he was i thought you had to be the stupidest girl there was. no one in their right mind would willingly hang out with them. but i think you just proved me wrong. never have we had someone guess what we are. congrats on being the first"

"well Sam i thank you. i guess the cop instincts run deep in me. you don't have to worry though. i can guess that because you don't go around telling everyone what you are that it is a secret. or else Jake would have come out and told me after he changed or what ever it is you do to become all furry. so that being said you don't have to worry that i will tell anyone. i have never told anyone about the Cullens other than you all and i am pretty sure you know already what they are so yeah. no worries on the secret thing."

"Bellls i don't think i have ever heard you talk so much sweetie"

"shut it jake or you get none of this." i pull out a glass vial with a few prime buds in it.

"fuck Bella! what the hell do you have that shit for? give it here" i look at his out stretched hand knowing i cant out run him.

looking around the gathering i try to spot the person most likely to help me run.

"jake there is no way in hell i am giving you this. you are such a downer. you telling me you have never partaken?"

"not once and you will give it to me now Bella" he growls low at me

"eep!" i run and hide behind sam hoping that being hes the biggest he will keep jake from me

" ok this was not what i was expecting to happen today. never thought that i would be hanging out watching the leech lover being bad and standing up to Jakey poo. you guys with me here. we can all head to Sams and have a little fun. maybe we can see if swan here is really as fun as she sounds."

"paul fuck off man. stay out of this shit."

"i'm with Paul. let's go have some fun. hey wonder what a drunk Bella is like?"

" now you're talking Quil. come on swan let's go see if you have anything good."

i'm suddenly thrown over Pauls shoulder and being ran off somewhere while i squeal and try to hold on.

"drop me Paul and i will make sure you don't see your balls for a month. and no drinking for me. last time was not good. that saying about rum making you cum is so not true. it makes me sick."

"fuck little girl i think i just fell in love with you. your too much fun to let go now."

and so we spent the night partying hard and laughing harder. at some point there was talk about dancing bears and goats in dresses. i think that everyone was a little too stoned. to this day i still love that Phil, my stepdad let me hang out with his friends. that's how i met Craig. the best damn grower i know of.

but my night did not end with partying at Sam's house. my night ended with me screaming Pauls name in ecstasy. who knew that the one guy who i figured would hate me after hearing him call me a leech lover would be the guy i would lose my V card to. now to just enjoy the next few months before graduation and then i am out of here.