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Chapter One: The Invitation

"Hello there listeners, this is ISO reporting to you with the latest and greatest news coverage here in Seattle, Washington. I'm Diana Raven, and this is Star Coverage! Today it has been released; the Singing with the Stars cast of the year! Great professional singers and artists pair up with famous dancers, athletes, and actors in a contest to win best vocalist in the world of fame, as well as a million dollars to give to their chosen charity."

The radio buzzed on, rumbling with the host's professionally pitched voice in the corner of the music studio, half ignored by the young woman standing in front of the mic. Surrounded by walls of glass, outside of which housed thousands of scales and buttons over a black recording table. In front of that table sat the recording developer and supervisor of the studio; a man with dark skin, black hair tied back in dreadlocks under a white cap, and calm brown eyes than held bright personality. Behind him stood the young woman's manager in a tux with smartphone in hand, updating schedules and messaging important contacts. His black suit matched his slight pale complexion; his short black hair combed back to make his sharp face stand out beyond the not unnaturally cool golden eyes.

"Ok, Elsa. One more time." The studio worker said through a small mic over the headphones he had covering his ears, the wrap-around plastic frame hanging low at the back of his neck. The recording room voiced the words to Elsa Snow through the headphones she herself wore over her long platinum blonde hair. Closing her arctic blue eyes, the twenty year old girl hummed to catch the right tune for the start of her newest single. She let herself fall back into a state of calm, where she felt completely at home with herself, and her surroundings. She had to reach emotions in her vocal performances, and she didn't do that just by acting.

No. True singing came from the heart.

Finding her center and zone, she nodded to the man behind the glass that she was ready. She saw his acknowledgement before he flipped a small switch and slid a few scales forward with his other hand. A small, round dot of red light appeared on her microphone, showing that it was recording. Through her headphones, the backdrop music of piano keys, violins, and soft percussion poured in its intro. Swinging to the familiar beat of the song, Elsa let it take her to where her latest dream and inspiration called; as the notes rolled in swiftly, she imagined a snowy white mountain high above civilization, isolated from the busy hubbub of the everyday. Peaceful, serene, Elsa let the lyrics of her newest creation fall from her lips like melted sugar.

"The snow glows white on the mountain tonight,

not a footprint to be seen..."

Little did she know that her manager, Mr. Pitch, had left the room to take a call...a call which was an invitation for Elsa Snow to appear on evening television.

"Jack! JACK?!" The boy blatantly ignored the voice shouting though his blueTooth phone piece hanging at his right ear inside his helmet.

Reaching down to tighten the straps of the snowboard around his boots, Jackson Overland, also known by his many screaming fans as Jack Frost, looked out over the crystal white mountain of pure snow. The slopes steep and thrilling, the wind howling and blowing frost and snow clusters over his visor and across his thick, brown snow pants and blue coat holding in four layers. Jack grinned, his smile creasing across his face with a breathless air.

"Are you listening ?! No, of course you're not. Why do I even try with you, Jackie?" The voice crackled through, exasperated and impatient.

"Because you love me like a son?" Jack replied with his cheeky attitude, righting himself on the top of the slope with a few well placed pulls at the board to get it to point down.

"My son would not make me worry every time I turn my back on him for more than five seconds! Yeh have five dinner requests for interviewers, two venues reserved for - hey!"

Jack pushed all his boring responsibilities to the back of his mind as he leaned forward and felt the thrill of gravity shifting as the wind carried him over the snow. Feeling the rush, he hollered his excitement to the sky, the wind laughing in his ears appreciatively as he raced down the slope. Leaning back, he left a crescent carve in the untouched snow when he turned right to move around an orange marker, the first of many on this practice run for athletes.

Diving left and right, Jack swept through the obstacles like they were nothing to him. This was where he belonged... where he could be himself.

The fun was over too fast as he reached the finish line of the practice course, sliding a final carve into the snow working as breaks for his excessive speed. White snow fanned out in a seat of cold from his breaking before Jack fell to the snow, taking in satisfying gulps of freezing air.

"Welcome back to Earth, yeh blockhead." Oh, there was the voice in his head again, Jack thought in his dazed state. He held back a groan and stood up to wipe the snow off his equipment before unclipping the straps to release his boots from his custom snowboard, wood designs with silver frost painted over it in curly wisps.

"Hello Aster." Jack mocked, picking up his board before joining the many people at the bottom of the slope. Skiers, snowboarders, families and groups of friends littered the ski resort. It was easy to blend in to the crowd with his hood up, covering his noticeable white hair.

"Don't pull that 'hello' on me yeh gallah, I ain't the one missin' the phone call from the television network wanting you on it's show."

"What!?" Jack nearly lost the grip of his hood as he jumped in surprise. "What do they want me for?"

"Yer success during the Winter Olympics got you noticed, kid. They want you on Singing with the Stars as the 'bright successful kid with a future', little that they know."

Jack laughed lightly, his bright blue eyes shimmering with the idea of singing on stage. He tried it out once, even learned to play acoustic guitar. However, his hobby of sliding through the snow became his passion around junior high. He understood why his crazy manager wanted him to take the deal with this television network. Now that winter was ending, as well as most of the national competitions behind his sport, he had a gap in his schedule outside of boring lectures to college athletes, interviews with news casters, and dinners with other famous people.

This television show would give him a good spot light, and gain him more followers in his goal to become the greatest winter athlete in the world. So what if he had to sing?

A grin promising days of mischief and fun-filled excitement plastered itself at the corners of his mouth as he answered through the phone.

"I'm in."