Bel had waited a long time for the perfect moment to tell his best friend of eighteen years and lover of twelve that, for the past five months, he had been seeing someone else. Of course, when it came to Belphegor, his 'perfect moments' were in fact the worst moments he could have chosen.

"Mammy~" The two were curled up in Mammon's bed, the smaller male tucked tightly against the blond's chest, the two having just finished a passionate love session. The indigo-haired man had his face – eyes hidden behind a large hood he never seemed to take off – buried against his lover's chest, a tad more relaxed than usual. "Mammy, the prince has to tell you something important~"

"I'm listening," Mammon mumbled. "What's wrong?"

Bel took a deep breath as he tangled his fingers in Mammon's locks, pulling the older male closer. He sighed, knowing that no matter how he phrased it, he was going to hurt Mammon anyway; he may as well just be truthful about it without beating around the bush.

"...For the past five months, I've been seeing someone else..." Bel glanced away as he felt the slighter body in his arms tense. "I-"

"-Why didn't you tell me...?" Mammon didn't sound upset – he sounded as if he were so angry, it was taking all his strength not to lash out at his lover. "Why didn't you... tell me...?"

"O-oi, the prince is telling Mammy now!" Bel admitted. "It's just... Mammy, the prince wants to break up..."

Bel expected for the older male to become angry at these words, but what he hadn't expected was for the other to become violent. He whimpered as a small fist punched him in the face, fighting against all instinct which told him to kill.

"Mammy, stop it!" Bel demanded – while he had never hurt Mammon before, the blond was the violent one of the two, and he wasn't used to being the one hit first. "Don't hit me!"

The indigo-haired male pulled out of his boyfriend's arms and climbed off the bed. He grabbed his discarded clothing from the floor, turning to glare at the younger man. "Get your shit and leave. Don't fucking come back, Bel."

Bel rubbed his face tenderly as he frowned after the smaller male. He felt blood dripping from his nose, but he didn't focus on it; he instead grabbed his phone from the bedside table and dialled his adoptive parent's number. It was late at night and Bel was probably waking the other up, so he expected the shouting and abuse he got when his call was answered.

"Squ-Squ...?" Bel sounded so sad, it quickly shut the raging man on the other line up. "...Squ-Squ, Mammy and I broke up... Can you help the prince move his stuff?"

"..." For once, the long-haired man named Squalo spoke a quiet voice. "...Yeah... Yeah, I'll be there soon. You'll be staying at ours again?"

"Mhmm... Thank you, Squ-Squ..." Bel ended the call before he followed Mammon's example and dressed himself. He left the bedroom, passing the older male in the hallway as he went to wait outside in the cold for Squalo to arrive.

The blond thought about texting the lover he had been seeing for all this time, but he decided against it; Bel knew his other lover would be fast asleep, trying to rest for a big day of school tomorrow.

It wasn't that Bel didn't love Mammon anymore – he did! – it was just that, after so long of being together, Bel had grown bored and wanted someone else. He hadn't meant to hurt Mammon, but he just hadn't known what to do until now.

Rain started falling as a car drove down the deserted neighbourhood, the headlights bright as the car pulled up next to the curb Bel stood on. The silver-haired male and his scarred lover got out of the car, Squalo coming to pat the blond on the shoulder in his attempt at soothing the younger.

"You alright, brat?" Squalo asked, his tone tender for a change. He frowned when Bel nodded, knowing not to push the subject. "Get your car from the garage; we'll load both of them up and get out of here as soon as we can."

"Okay..." Bel hadn't thought it would hurt this much to break up with Mammon – it was like his chest was being ripped apart with every breath he took. He went back inside the house, grabbing his keys from the coffee table, doing as instructed.

It didn't take long to get all of Bel's belongings with three hands helping out, and soon enough he found himself taking back his old bedroom at his adoptive parents' house. He didn't sleep for the rest of the night, instead feeling as if he were going to throw up.

The blond was thankful he still had the support of his adoptive parents.


"Fran... Fran. Fran! Wake up!"

"Hmm-wha...?" Teal eyes snapped open as their owner pushed himself into a sitting position, the blanket hanging off one shoulder as Fran looked around in confusion, eventually focusing on the man standing in the doorway of his bedroom. "Master...?"

"You turned your alarm off again, didn't you?" the blue-haired male held a disapproving look in his heterochromatic eyes.

Fran yawned as he rubbed at his eyes. He shook his head before he answered. "No, Master... I just didn't set it at all last night."

The man – Mukuro - sighed. "Alright. I'll let it go today. Now get ready for school. Don't make me come back in and have to wake you up again."

Fran nodded. He swung his legs out over the edge of his bed, grabbing his phone from beneath his pillow as he did so. He usually got texts from his lover each morning before he woke up, so he was surprised to find there was none today.

"Stupid senpai must still be sleeping..." Fran couldn't help but feel disappointed as he threw his phone back onto his bed and instead left the room to have a shower.

When the boy came back into his bedroom, he found he had an unread text from a number he didn't recognise on his screen. Opening the message, he found it was from Bel.

Hey, Froggy~ the message started, I broke up with Mammy last night, so I'm staying with my adoptive parents until I can find my own place. I must have left my phone there last night or something because I can't find it anywhere. This is Xanxus' number, so please don't use it or he'll get mad and yell at me. I'm going to be busy for a few days so I can't see you, but I'll text you once I find my phone or buy a new one. Love you, Froggy~ -Prince

Fran smiled to himself as he closed the message, knowing that Bel had said not to reply to the number. He wondered if Xanxus knew Bel had his phone or not, but that wasn't the important thing here; it was going to be a lonely next few days until he could see Bel again.