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First Shinobi War Arc

Chapter One

Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha, founders of Konoha, the strongest Shinobi to walk the land since the Sage of Six Paths; a strong bond broken in one epic battle. Hashirama stood six foot one, had tan skin, dark eyes and waist length black hair styled in a center-parted fringe that framed his face. He wore dark red armor over a simple black suit. The armor was constructed from numerous metal plates formed into multiple protective guards along his body; the chest, shoulders, thighs and forearms. Each collar of his shoulder guards had the Senju symbol emblazoned on them.

Madara Uchiha stood five foot nine, was fair-skinned, had black eyes and waist length black, spiky hair with shoulder length bangs on either side of his face. Like Hashirama, he too wore maroon armor but underneath was a purple suit. On his back was an orange war fan emblazoned with three red tomoe on it, like the Sharingan.

Madara defected from Konoha after being abandoned by the Uchiha clan and returned years later to challenge Hashirama in battle; they did so in a place that would later be known as the Valley of the End. The battle would push both legends to their breaking point. Between Madara summoning Kyuubi, the nine tailed fox, and Hashirama's Wood Release, the battle waged into the night scarring the land permanently. Eventually the battle came to a close with Madara standing over a fallen Hashirama, but due to his weakened state he failed to notice it was a clone. Madara lurched forward and coughed out blood and looked down to see Hashirama's katana through his chest; with a shocked expression, Madara Uchiha slowly fell to the ground after the blade was taken out; Hashirama won but at a heavy cost.

Hashirama stumbled over to Mito Uzumaki whom used her fuinjutsu to seal the Kyuubi within herself once Madara lost control. Mito, who was Hashirama's wife, was a beautiful woman who stood at five foot six and had long red hair with pupiless eyes; her hair was arranged in buns with hair pins in them and three clips in the front Mito wore an elaborate, high-collared kimono with the Uzushiogakure symbol on the back of the obi which was tied around her waist. A diamond mark was on her forehead and two fuinjutsu tags hung from the buns if her hair.

"It's done Mito, my love, the bond between Madara and I forever broken."

Mito smiled sadly, taking Hashirama's offered hand to help her to her feet. Hashirama brushed a stray hair off Mito's face then kissed her lightly on the cheek; due to her sealing the Kyuubi, it put a strain on Mito's body thus making her fall asleep due to exhaustion. Hashirama looks back at Madara's body then towards Konoha and smiled.

"Our bond may me broken old friend, but I cannot dwell in the past as the future is much brighter. I am truly sorry for what fate had to befall you Madara, may Kami take your soul and rest in peace."

Hashirama took a deep breath then jogged to Konoha despite his many injuries; if he stayed any longer, he would have saw Madara start to move and attempt to get up.

"Damn you Senju! You have bested me but my life is not over; mark my words, I will return and when that day comes, only hell awaits you."

Madara got on his hands and knees but coughed up blood as a result, the stab wound more severe then he once thought. Eventually, Madara managed to stand and used the last of his energy for Kamui to teleport to a hideout he has used before.

Konoha – Hours Later

It was dawn, countless villagers and Shinobi waited for their First Hokage and Mito Uzumaki to return; everyone was nervous, they all feared that both wouldn't return yet had a sense of confidence knowing that the two would be alright. A Shinobi spotted someone coming in carrying someone in their arms; he instantly recognized who it was albeit the missing armor and wounds.

"It's the Shodaime and his wife, they have returned!"

Cheers go out, people hugged each other, and Shinobi started to rush towards their Hokage to render aid. Hashirama heard these cheers and smiled then looked at Mito who also had a smile on her face.

"It seems the will of fire continued to burn even as I battled..."

"Shodaime-sama, do you need assistance?"

"That can wait, I must greet my people to let them know that I am alright and fit to lead this village."

"But sir, your injuries!"

Tobirama interrupted and came to his brother's defense. Tobirama was six foot tall, a fair-skinned man with white, shaggy hair, dark-colored eyes and three red markings on his face; one under each of his eyes, and one on his chin. He wore armor like Hashirama but it was blue with a white fur collar; this was accompanied with sandals and a happuri. Tobirama was a stoic individual and had a habit of crossing his arms.

"Shinobi-san," Tobirama stated calmly. "If my brother so wishes to ensure the villagers that he is relatively unharmed then he may do so. Come brother, let us greet Konoha together."

Hashirama nods and both walked to the village gates to see smiling villagers and Shinobi, it was at this time Mito woke up. The villagers cheered but it soon stopped after Hashirama raised his hand in the air.

"Do not fear for my injuries, people of Konoha, they are of no concern to me. I am just happy to see that my village still stands. You, people of Konoha, are what make up the parts of my body; you believe in me and in turn I believe in you. This is what it means to be Hokage this is what will make Konoha prosper."

Another round of cheers go out, some even follow Hashirama, Tobirama, and Mito to the hospital to make sure their Hokage got there in one piece. Once they got there, Hashirama's first son, Kenta, greeted them with tears in his eyes. He was five years old, stood at three foot three, and had short black hair and dark eyes. He wore a simple black shirt, blue pants as well as sandals; he also wore a blue headband with the Senju clan symbol on it. Hashirama smiled and ruffled Kenta's hair.

"I will be alright, my son, my injuries are of no concern to me; all that matters is this village and your future."

Kenta sniffled and hugged Hashirama's right leg, "I thought you died!"

Mito made her presence known "Aw, I know dear but everything will be alright; how about we get some ramen after dad and I rest, huh?"

"YES! You're the best mom!"

Tobirama and everyone else get a good chuckle while they are lead to their rooms, it was here that Tobirama and Hashirama had a private chat while Mito and Kenta were together in a separate room.

Tobirama sighed and sat on the bed Hashirama was recovering in; his injuries was only chakra exhaustion, some cracked ribs, and deep to minor lacerations, the armor helped protect his body.

"So, Madara is gone then?"

"I'm unsure my brother. I struck a grievous blow but like all Uchiha, they somehow find a will to live; may it be the will of fire that I often preach or some other motive."

Silence permeated the room for a couple minutes before Tobirama spoke up about Kenta.

"Your son, so full of life like we once were; now, we only lay destruction in our wake."

"Whenever you live, there will always be war." Hashirama sadly chuckles at that fact. "Plus, who are you calling old; we are both in our early thirties."

Tobirama shrugged his shoulders then looks out the window to Hashirama's face on the Hokage Monument.

"Clans still clash even though villages exist now, even worse is that relations between them are strained at best." Tobirama turns and looks into his older brother's eyes. "Will Kenta be prepared for when he comes of age?"

Hashirama closed his eyes, "I will teach my son to become my legacy, all my children, even the villagers will grow strong under my guidance."

"Thinking of giving Kenta a brother or sister, eh? Though I cannot blame you for if Kenta falls on the battlefield another shall take his place."

Hashirama nodded and silence permeated the room again, after a while Tobirama stood up and patted his brother on the shoulder.

"I must be off, and don't worry about your chair, I will keep it warm for you."

"Think of it as practice when you take up the mantle brother; by the way, how's that paperwork coming along?"

Tobirama scowled and stormed out the door, leaving behind a laughing Hashirama; Mito and Kenta came in soon after with smiles on their faces. Kenta quickly jumped on top of Hashirama making him wince in slight pain but he had been dealt worse.

"Train me daddy so I can become as strong as you!"

Mito smiles, "Now sweetie, let father have his rest."

Kenta pouts but smiled after Hashirama ruffled his hair.

"So, you want to be as strong as me huh?" Kenta nods. "Do you promise to give it your all and not question Mito or my guidance?" Another nod, "Can you tell me what you will do with this training?"

"I want to protect this village and show everyone that I am as strong as you!"

Mito shook her head with a smile, "Power isn't everything son, it's your actions that make people respect you."

Hashirama nodded, "Protecting the village is a mighty goal but say you had a brother or sister, what then?"

"I would protect them too!"

Hashirama and Mito looked at each other with a smile; both mentally filed a decision on when they would have their next child. After a brief moment of silence, Mito motioned for Kenta to come so Hashirama could get some rest; the door clicked closed leaving the Hokage to ponder on the battle he recently had.

As the days turned into months and eventually years, Konoha prospered and grew strong though tensions still remained high between villages. Kenta grew up and learned how to unlock his chakra, finding his affinity which was earth and water; sadly he did not have the treasured bloodline of the Senju, the Wood Release. He did, however, have Mito's knack at sealing which astonished Tobirama, Hashirama, and Mito. Kenta also learned the Senju taijutsu style as well as kenjutsu from Mito. He was now eight years old and stood at three foot nine with shoulder length black hair; he wore the same type of outfit he did three years earlier. In this time, Hashirama and Mito decided it was time to give Kenta what he wanted; nine months later here we are in the present with Mito giving birth to their baby boy.


Mito had a hospital gown on and followed the doctor's advice so that their baby boy would come out OK; Kenta was currently outside the room waiting for his signal to come in. Mito was holding Hashirama's right hand for comfort.

"That's it Mito, push, breathe, then relax; keep on repeating that." The doctor said.

Mito screams out in slight pain while crushing Hashirama's hand; there was an audible crack in the room which signified a broken hand.

"Mito, honey, do you mind not crushing my hand?"

"How about we switch places and then see how you feel!"

Hashirama sighed and continued to let Mito crush his hand while the contractions came again. Mito has been in labor for about thirty minutes now and finally the doctor saw the crown.

"He's crowning, you're almost there Mito, push!"

A couple more pushes later and the cries of a child are heard; the doctor quickly cut the umbilical chord then got a towel to dry the baby off. After doing so, he wrapped the baby in a blanket and handed it to Mito who cradled it within her arms; the baby had a small tuft of black hair, black eyes, and had fair skin.

"Aw, what shall we name him?" Mito asked Hashirama.

"How bout we let Kenta decide it's what he wanted after all."

Mito nodded and Hashirama opened the door, leading Kenta inside.

"Say hello to your baby brother Kenta."

Kenta smiled and took the baby from Mito's outstretched arms, it was here the baby stopped crying and opened its eyes making a giggling sound.

"Hello brother, now what shall we name you?" Kenta ponders then smiled as he looked into Mito's eyes. "Naruto, yes that sounds like a good name. Do you like that Naruto?"

Naruto giggles and managed a small smile which made everyone happy in the room.

"Maelstrom, you named him after Uzushiogakure, my home; thank you Kenta."

Kenta handed Naruto back to Mito where the baby and she fell asleep; Hashirama patted Kenta on the back.

"Come Kenta, let the two rest while the doctor takes care of things. Before that, why Naruto? I know it wasn't just because of Mito's home."

Kenta smiled and walked out of the room with his father, once outside both leaned against the wall.

"I just have a feeling that Naruto will amount to great things father, I have a feeling that a maelstrom will be needed in the future to set things right."

"Wise words my son. So, do you care for some ramen?"

Kenta gasped, "But what about your Hokage duties?"

Hashirama ruffled Kenta's hair making said boy laugh.

"Family comes before duty son; remember that if you ever become Hokage one day."

Kenta nodded and both walk out of the hospital; it would be a couple days later when Mito returned home with Naruto in her arms.

Couple Days Later

As Mito was about to leave her hospital room, a knock on the door is heard; she told the person they could enter, it was Sasuke Sarutobi. In his hands was a child in a blanket, he had a tuft of dark brown hair and dark eyes like Naruto. Sasuke was about the same age as Hashirama and stood at six foot tall. He had dark brown hair, fair colored skin, and was wearing a simple black suit with geta sandals.

"Ah, Sarutobi-san how nice to see you, I take it that's your little boy? How is your wife by the way?"

Sasuke sighed, "She died after child birth I'm afraid, Hiruzen here is the one that gives me the strength to live on."

Mito sadly frowned then walked over and gave Sasuke a hug which he returned; after they broke apart Mito grabbed Naruto from the bed and turned to face Sasuke.

"I'm truly sorry for your loss Sarutobi-san, if you need help with Hiruzen then Hashirama and I will be glad to help."

Sasuke nods and walked over to get a closer look at Naruto, when that happened both parents watched Hiruzen and Naruto reach out toward each other with their chubby hands. Hiruzen and Naruto looked at each then started to giggle childishly which made Sasuke and Mito smile.

"Aw, looks like Naruto-kun wants to spend some time with Hiruzen."

Sasuke got a gleaming in his eyes, "If it's not too much to ask Mito-san, would Hashirama-sama be willing to mentor Hiruzen when he comes of age?"

"I don't see why not, he may be stern but he is great with kids; just look how Kenta turned out."

Sasuke nodded simply and both left the room heading back to their own homes but not without Sasuke saying goodbye to his wife one last time.

Senju Estate

Mito walked in and looked to her right to see Hashirama sitting on the couch in the family room happily sipping his tea, upon seeing Mito he put his cup on the table in front of him and walked over.

"Come to daddy Naruto!"

Mito handed Naruto over to him where he instantly started crying, this made Hashirama chuckle nervously.

"It seems Naruto isn't used to you yet." Mito sighed, "On a different note, Sasuke Sarutobi's wife passed away after giving birth to Hiruzen."

Hashirama gave Naruto back to Mito where he instantly calmed down; this brought a chuckle out of the Hokage though that chuckle turned into a sad sigh.

"A funeral will be held in a couple days then."

He turned to look out the nearby window to look toward the backyard where Kenta was going through his kenjutsu katas.

"I take it Sasuke wants me to look after Hiruzen and mentor him?"

"Hai. Oh, Naruto and Hiruzen already started their friendship off; both reached for each other in the hospital."

Hashirama chuckled lightly then turned toward Mito, "I must get back to the office; Tobirama is keeping my seat warm."

"You just like seeing him get frustrated over the paperwork."


Mito shook her head in mirth then sniffed and recoiled a little when she noticed the smell was coming from Naruto.

"You little stinker you."

Naruto just giggled without a care in the world, it would be an interesting time for the Senju as Naruto grew up.

Hokage Office

Tobirama was frustrated, well pissed would be a better word, why? The paperwork seemed to multiply by an infinite level and he was sure that his brother did this to him purpose. The wooden floor to his right ripples and Hashirama soon appeared wearing his Hokage attire which consisted of a brown and white hat and haori over a full-length brown and white gown, along with a simple red headband.

"So, how's that paperwork coming along?"

Tobirama gained a tick mark, "I hate you."

Hashirama laughed then quickly turned serious.

"Any news of the increasing tensions between villages?"

"It's worse than we thought, war is eminent; when it will commence is beyond me."

Hashirama pinched the bridge of his nose then looked out the window towards the Hokage Monument.

"I shared the tailed beasts to equalize power and believed in the hope that peace could be achieved between nations; I see that my actions were flawed, but the past is something I cannot dwell in as the future is much brighter."

"Brother?" Tobirama starts out. "War is eminent, how is the future brighter; it looks damn bleak to me."

Hashirama looks at his brother, "And that is what is different about you and I. While you are a realist I am more of an optimist of sorts, I see the actions we take as a step toward a better future. The past is a dark place that is meant to be locked up but the future is like a vast meadow filled with flowers; the one that is picked will determine a certain course of events."

Nothing is said in the office for a while but eventually Hashirama speaks again.

"Naruto and Hiruzen have already attempted to become friends, I foresee both doing wondrous things with me as their mentor."

"And Kenta?"

Hashirama smiled, "Him too."

Tobirama stands and looks his brother in the eyes, "I will be off, good luck with the paperwork."

He walked out of the door as the Hokage sits in his chair doing the task that every Kage hated; he just couldn't wait until Hiruzen and Naruto were five years old. That would be the year that their training would begin.

Time Skip: Five Years Later

Naruto and Hiruzen were quite the handful as they were growing up and the two were difficult to separate when together. Naruto started to look like a carbon copy of Hashirama with his tan skin and short black hair, he now stood at three foot four and was wearing a version of the outfit Kenta did. Hiruzen now stood at three foot three and was wearing a simple black suit. Kenta looked after them both for a while but when they were three years old Kenta, who was 11 at the time, headed off to Uzu for extra training; he never returned as he decided to become a seal master which would take a while to do.

In the Elemental Nations, tensions were still increasing and small skirmishes have started between villages but no major loss of life had been reported. Most of the skirmishes were petty disputes about land ownerships. Konoha has been absent from these skirmishes and focused on getting people through the academy, a place which Naruto and Hiruzen would not see due to them being taught by Hashirama himself. Currently, Naruto and Hiruzen are in the backyard of the Senju Estates playing tag but a couple minutes later their game ended due to Hashirama coming to greet them.

"Hey Tou-san!"

Hashirama smiles, "Naruto, Hiruzen today we are going to start your training but chakra will come next year as you are too young. Now, can you take your shirts off please?"

Both boys do as told, after they did Hashirama took out two seals and applied them to Naruto and Hiruzen's chest. He added chakra to them and set the seals to level one of ten; both boys dropped to the ground instantly.

"Why do I feel so heavy?" Naruto asks then looks at the seal on his stomach, trying to decipher it but couldn't.

"Those are of your mothers' design Naruto; she calls them gravity seals. There are a total of ten levels, you two are at level one and by time you are twelve I expect you to be at level 10."

"So these seals weigh our bodies down making training harder?" Hiruzen ponders aloud making the Hokage nod.

"Yes, now stand up, put your shirts back on and give me fifty push-ups, sit-ups, and a lap around the village. After that, I will go into taijutsu; you will practice your katas in-between breaks. Since you are still young we will train until lunch time…hop to it!"

Hiruzen and Naruto nod and get to training; both wanted to surpass their fathers and show the next generation what hard work and determination led to. After this, which took about an hour, both Naruto and Hiruzen were tired but knew that taijutsu was next. Hashirama smiled at the two in front of them as he was impressed with their determination.

"Great job you two, now, Naruto I will be teaching you our clan's taijutsu while Hiruzen will be taught his clan's style but first…"

Sasuke interrupted as he arrived via shunshin, "Yah, yah, I know. Hiruzen my boy, come here I have a present to give you."

"Hai Tou-san!"

Everyone watched as Sasuke bit his thumb then initiated the Summoning Jutsu; a puff of smoke appeared which soon left to show Enma, the king of the monkey summons. Enma's body and tail was covered by white fur which protruded from his sleeves and pants. He had long white hair that reached his back, long sideburns and a goatee. He wore a black suit with mesh armor underneath, over which he wore a sleeveless kimono shirt with white fur trimmings and markings reminiscent of tiger stripes which was held closed by a sash.

"Ah, Sasuke so good to see you again." Enma looks at a slightly afraid Hiruzen. "So this is your little chimp; hey kid what's your name?"

Hiruzen was reluctant at first but his father told him to continue.

"Hiruzen Sarutobi, monkey-sama."

"Son, this is King Enma of the monkey summons; he and I agreed that you will be the one to carry on the clan's contract. Do you accept this offer and vow to never abuse the privileges as a summoner?"

Hiruzen thought for a moment then nods, "I accept but I don't know how to access my chakra yet; I don't find myself worthy."

Enma chuckles then pats Hiruzen's shoulders, "And that kid, is why Sasuke and I agreed for you to sign the contract. Now, hold out your right arm."

Hiruzen nods and does as told then soon screamed in pain as Enma bit down. When Enma released his hold a kanji for monkey was on Hiruzen's arm.

"Baka monkey…that hurt!"

"Deal with it, well my work here is done Sasuke; until later my friend."

Sasuke nodded while Enma went back to his world, "Come Hiruzen, we have Taijutsu practice to do."

As they left the Senju estates, Hashirama noticed Naruto's glum mood.

"What's wrong Naruto?"

Naruto crossed his arms and pouted, "Why don't I get a summoning contract!"

Hashirama noticed that Naruto's downcast mood made the flowers and trees around the backyard wilt slightly.

"Could it be, could Naruto have the Wood Release? I guess we will have to wait and see until next year."

"Naruto, my son, don't feel down. We Senju don't have a contract as we are powerful on our own. With your Uzumaki blood you have high regeneration as well as a vast chakra pool. The Senju also has a high amount of chakra which means that the chances of you getting exhaustion are slim."

Naruto cocked his head in confusion as he was only five years old and had trouble understanding what all that meant. Hashirama motioned for Naruto to follow him into the kitchen, once there he grabbed a knife which scared Naruto to a great degree.

"Hold out your hand Naruto and let me show you."

Naruto, after some trepidation, decided to trust his father and held out his right hand, palm up. Naruto winced as the knife sliced across his skin but became amazed at how the cut sizzled and healed; no scar was present.

"That, Naruto, is regeneration. This means that your physical exercises will have to increase more often than Hiruzen. You will see what I mean when we access your chakra next year."

"What about sealing, kenjutsu?"

Hashirama ruffles Naruto's hair, "Mito will take you to Uzu when she feels you are ready, you will learn a lot there."

Naruto gasped and started jumping in excitement, "Maybe I can see Kenta again!"

"Easy there Naruto, now we got a couple hours until noon; let's head back outside so I can teach you our clan's taijutsu."

Time Skip – One Year

Naruto and Hiruzen was in the backyard of the Senju estate engaged in a taijutsu spar, while this was going on Hashirama, Mito, and Tobirama chatted about their progress. The other clans were improving as well; the Uchiha, Hyuga, Yamanaka, Akimichi, Nara, Inuzuka and Aburame.

"Naruto and Hiruzen are progressing well brother, do you think that we are pushing them a little too hard?" Tobirama said.

"Not at all, in fact I push them hard as they will be our trump card in the war to come. The success in their training will give Konoha a bright future."

Mito slapped Hashirama upside the head, "You will not be using those two as weapons for war Hashirama, you hear me!"

"Ma, ma, you misunderstood me my love. Hiruzen has the monkey summons and I suspect that our son has the Wood Release."

Tobirama and Mito's eyes bulged in shock, "Explain!"

Hashirama shook his head, "Well Naruto got bummed at not getting a summoning contract last year and the plants around him started to wilt… today is the day where the truth will come out."

Tobirama cleared his throat, "If I may brother, there are two students in the academy showing progress and I would like to have them and Hiruzen as a team if possible."

"Oh? Do tell."

"Homura Mitokado and Koharu Utatane."

"I will have to check their files then and watch them as they progress through the academy."

"Honey, if Naruto does have the Wood Release how are you going to train him? I don't want my garden ruined!"

Yes, Mito had a garden in the backyard. It was small but it contained various rare flowers and she constantly made sure that her precious, as she called it, was alright. Hashirama found out how attached Mito was to her garden when he accidently stepped on one of the flowers while she was preening. Needless to say, Hashirama slept on the couch that night.

"Naruto, Hiruzen front and center!"

Both pauses their fight and rushed over to Hashirama with a smile on their face. Before they could say anything, Hashirama pulled two slips of chakra paper from his Hokage robes. The boys grabbed these and knew what to do as they unlocked their chakra in the beginning of the year.

"Go on, show me what you got."

Hiruzen went first and added chakra to his paper which first turned into dust, the particles then burst into flames. Hashirama was impressed.

"Well Hiruzen, having two affinities is rare for someone your age. Fire and Earth which are equally strong and gives a good offense and defense which we will work on; go on son, try yours."

Naruto nodded and put chakra through his paper, what happened next surprised everyone watching. One half of the paper became soggy to the point it almost disintegrated and plopped to the ground below while the other half turned to dust, but it was not finished. The remains of the paper on the ground suddenly turned into a tiny sapling which signified that Naruto had the sacred bloodline of the Senju.

Naruto started laughing and stuck his tongue out at Hiruzen, "Nah, Nah I got three affinities!"

Hiruzen huffed in annoyance while Hashirama cleared his throat to gain their attention.

"You are full of surprises my son, not only did you get the Wood Release you also have a water affinity like Tobirama's." Hashirama saw the excited look on Naruto's face, "No you will not learn how to use Wood Release until after the other two elements are mastered."

Naruto pouts and Hiruzen decided to get payback by sticking his tongue at Naruto.

"Now, before you begin learning how to control your affinities, can you tell me how far you are on chakra control?"

"Water walking!" Naruto and Hiruzen said.

Hashirama nods, "Naruto I want you to take a leaf and try to take the water out of it. Hiruzen I want you to try and make a leaf smolder and turn to ash. If you feel tired, rotate on your chakra control, physical exercise, and taijutsu."


The two boys do as told while Hashirama goes back to the office; Tobirama stayed and watched Naruto and Hiruzen while Mito made lunch. So for the next three hours, the boys rotated in between their assigned tasks then headed in for lunch which was homemade ramen.

"You make the best ramen mom!" Naruto said between mouthfuls.

"Thank you Naruto. Father might not approve but I want you and Hiruzen to head out and mingle a little after lunch, the academy should be out for a break by then."

Tobirama interrupted, "I agree, in fact I will show you to the future clan heads. Remember Naruto, Hiruzen that your allies come before the mission."

Naruto smiled, "Because the lives we save will lead to a brighter future!"

Mito laughed as Tobirama banged his head on the table muttering something about like father like son.