Sad News

Hello readers, writing this one is tough for me so please bear with. I am 22 years old, a soon to be senior in college with graduation coming in December 2014, and many law enforcement or federal agencies have open positions available by time I graduate. As most have noticed, my update times have gotten farther and farther apart; no it's not my lack of inspiration or lack of motivation to write, but the fact that most of my time spent is getting everything in line so that I have a job where I've always dreamed since freshmen year in High School.

You have probably already asked yourself where this is going, and it pains me to do so knowing that I will get hate from those who don't realize that my future is more important than writing stories. Harsh, I know, but it's reality. The decision, which I have thought about for many months, is to halt writing and updating any stories on my bio and put full focus on my future.

Before you start flaming me, please realize that I've enjoyed posting on this site, reading the reviews which helped spur on my creative writing skill as well as improving it. I'll be honest, years ago I thought about creative writing and when I started on this site it was just an experiment, to see if I actually had the ability. Come to find out, I did have that skill and I know that I still have a lot to improve on. Fear not, this is not the end of my creative writing side of me...far from it; I actually plan to create my own story sometime in my life but I digress.

So, with a heavy heart, all stories will be up for adoption; they are yours to improve upon, expand upon, just let your imagination run wild. To the fanfiction community, I again thank you on showing me that I have a creative writing skill one which I could improve upon, and the confidence it gave me to pursue my own short story sometime in my life. This is RandomWriter21 updating for the last time; Godspeed future writers, Godspeed.