I fought the bullies as I used what I learned from my grandfather. I learned about martial arts, that's what. The truth is, I was angry with them for hurting my friend, Mana, like that.

After I knock them out, I took deep breaths.

I calmed down, and I realize what I just did.

Looking at my hands, I was filled with worry and guilt.

What have I done?

Although the bullies weren't innocent people and I fought them to defend Mana, I began to feel guilty about this. I know that if I always beat up people whenever I get angry, I might also hurt anyone I cared.

"Alice?" Mana called for me.


That time I defended you.

Thank you for defending me, but I don't want to hurt anyone anymore.

I run away from her and her other friend, Rikka.

"Alice!" she called for me again.

As I run while the sun sets down, I realize what I must do.

Never again I will fight.

Never again.