Title: The End of the Beginning

Spoilers: General early season 2 spoilers, I started this after watching 2.09 so this diverges from there.

Warnings: Drug Use, Deaths, Angst, USTy moments Olicity

Rating: I'll say T for the "adult" themes, bad language and a few moments.

Category: UST mainly I guess

Summary: Trying to understand her new role in Oliver's world leads to more changes for Felicity Smoak, but then someone starts attacking all that she knows. Has her deeper involvement with him put herself in the firing line?

Disclaimer: All characters and the universe they exist in belong to the CW, Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg and DC Comics. This piece of fan-fiction was created solely for entertainment purposes and no money was exchanged. No copyright infringement was intended and the original characters, situations and plots are property of the author. This piece of fan-fiction must not be archived without the author's consent.

Author's Notes: I haven't written in years. This is the fic I started a few months ago, but posted Two Words first. This fic is more like the fic of old for me (if you've read my other fandom stuff). This is mainly Olicity with some other characters making appearances when the plot needs it!


It was the middle of the afternoon and Felicity was sitting at her 'new' desk; it had been her desk for months now, but Felicity was still very unsure about the whole thing. It had all been Oliver's idea, he needed her closer. Not because he was her boss. Oliver needed her closer due to him being The Vigilante, The Hood; Felicity was still unsure. She loved her old job, she loved her old desk and the private little room that was all hers. Now, well, she thought as Felicity turned around at her desk to the large floor to ceiling window, now she had a fantastic view over the city, lots of natural daylight and lots of prying eyes. She was not a secretary. She was not a personal assistant. She did not make tea. She did not keep a planner. She did not answer the phone politely.

Sighing, Felicity knew that she loved the city sprawling out in front of her and that was why she was doing this. Who needed future job prospects anyway?

"I don't pay you to daydream," a shrill, tight voice said from behind her.

Turning back towards her desk, Felicity saw Oliver's new 'partner' standing there looking and sounding all perfect as she always did. "You don't pay me at all; Oliver does."

"You mean Mr Queen?" Before Felicity could say anything in reply, she continued. "Speaking of, where is Oliver? I need to speak with him. Now."

"He's not in the office right now."

"Where is he?" She demanded in the same tone; everything was always a demand. She continued before Felicity could answer again. "As his executive assistant you should be aware of his every move. Don't you have his daily itinerary there?"

If only anyone else knew of Oliver's every move; only she and Diggle did. "Oliver's," she stressed, "itinerary is constantly changing and he is out of the office on personal business. I can take a message."

"But will you remember to pass it on?"

"Excuse me?" Felicity demanded. She might not want the facade job that Oliver had given her, she might not want to do elements within it, but it by no means meant that she couldn't not do any of it.

"What exactly are your qualifications for this role, Ms Smoak? Or is your only qualification one that is better understood on a bed sheet than a sheet of paper?" Felicity's jaw dropped open, was she really being accused of sleeping her way from the computer department to a lower position of glorified secretary? "Although, you're not exactly his normal type, are you? Hardly as glamorous as his ex. Laurel Lance isn't it?"

Without a moment's thought about her female boss or the rest of her work day, Felicity stood up and stormed out. She was not going to be accused of sleeping her way into a job by anyone, let alone Isabel Rochev, the woman who definitely had slept with Oliver. There was only one person that could actually do anything about it other than Felicity herself quitting and walking completely away. Oliver had stated that it made far more sense for her to work closely with him professionally due to their work together saving Starling City. Sadly, Felicity agreed so she could not quit her job. She needed to speak with Oliver about Ms Rochev, despite how that made it seem as if she were running for help. She was perfectly able to fight her own battles, proving that on many occasions with Oliver himself, but he was the one that had got her into this mess so he could help get her out of it.

After trying his cell, and Diggle's with no answer, Felicity made her way to Verdant, and their secret lair underneath. Oliver was not there either. Standing there in front of her state of the art computers, Felicity truly missed her original day job at Queen Consolidated. She simply hated being confined to that one desk with the amazing view all day long. She detested being spoken to in a tone by Isabel and plenty of other people when they rang. She wanted to vomit and throw things when members of the press managed to get through the switchboard and ask her highly inappropriate questions – there were still some areas of Oliver's life that she wished to know nothing of. Worst of all, she missed feeling independent, being her own boss and knowing that everyone knew she was capable. Too many believed she was sleeping with her boss and therefore truly incapable of being a personal assistant. She had no-one's respect anymore.

Sneakily months earlier, Felicity had installed applications on both Oliver and Diggle's cells so that she could trace them should she ever need to. Neither man knew, it was her emotional way of ensuring that both of them would be okay in the often dangerous situations they found themselves. It was only done so that she could find them if there were a problem, and never for personal reasons. This was a special circumstance, Felicity told herself as she activated the app and ran the search on Oliver's.