It had been two long years for Felicity Smoak ever since she had left behind everything that meant anything in her life. Two long years since she had last been online, watched television, listened to music or seen another human adult other than Roy. He had become her rock. In the middle of nowhere, he was the only person she could depend on at all. She would have starved to death after a few days if he had not have been there to hunt. She would only have had rainwater to drink if he had not have been able to trek to the nearest clean stream. Neither of them had been able to start a fire at first, but they were both able to now. She knew she should have listened to Oliver and Diggle when they wanted her to learn more useful life skills. Daily she thought about the two men, wondering if Diggle was okay, if he was still confined to a bed. She wondered if Oliver ever visited him, how Oliver was coping with no IT geek girl to depend on, how his battle with only Sara by his side was going. She missed them both all of the time. She missed electricity. She missed her creature comforts, the safety the outside world brought. There was one small and dirty mirror in the hut that Felicity tried not to look in too often. She had changed too much over two years. She did not like looking at her dull, lifeless brown hair and skin that was pastier and paler than most corpses; Roy's had gone the same from the lack of sun.

There was something peaceful about her new life, something that she almost enjoyed. Except for the fact that she had no idea what the new Doctor was like, or who ended up on the Iron Throne. She had written her own endings in her mind many times over, including the ending of her own story.

Tending to the fire, because it was always cold in their little hut even in the summer because all of the ancient old trees around it always kept the sun away, Felicity suddenly became aware of a presence. Roy was always just appearing, in a stealthy Arrow like way thanks to Mirakuru and his super-soldier ways. But she had always been used to it. She always thought, hoped for a moment that it was Oliver standing there when she turned around. So she stood and turned, and then froze.

It was not Roy standing in front of her with a fresh collection of firewood. The man who stood before her had a fresh red scar on his cheek and he looked old and almost haggard. "Where's Roy?" she stuttered out of her mouth.


It had taken him far longer than he had expected; two years since he sent Roy off with Felicity, two years it had taken to finally defeat Slade, the man who wanted to destroy his life. Soon after Felicity had vanished, Diggle had become safe enough to be moved. He had regained consciousness, but the arrow shard was still too close to his heart for them to operate, he was basically confined to a bed, unable to move without risking the shard moving, too. There had been many nights when Oliver had wanted to talk to his friend and ex-bodyguard, but he needed to remain distant. Sara was right that Slade would not kill someone that was already out of sight. And so he still refused to speak to his mother, keeping up the pretence of hating her for betraying his father with Malcolm and lying about Thea. She thought he truly hated her.

It had taken about six months before Oliver had finally found Thea, a needle in her arm, her hair scraggy and falling out, pale and bruised, but alive. He had taken her to the only person he could trust with her, the man he had once killed, the man who was truly her father – Malcolm, and Moira had hated Oliver ever since. That was everyone he cared for out of his life other than Sara who was the only person he could truly count on, truly trust and the only person that he could depend on and invite into both sides of his life.

By day he was still the billionaire Oliver Queen, working hard in his position at Queen Consolidated. A year after he discovered Slade was back, he had learnt that Isabel was working for him, that she had bought into QC on Slade's orders to further hurt him. There was nothing he could do about it, except try and keep his company afloat with someone on the other side trying to destroy it. For the most part QC had survived and come out the other side better than it had gone in. Isabel was out of the picture now. QC was all his again.

By night he was the lone Arrow. With no backup other than Sara. He refused to involve either of the Lances for which Sara was pleased, but they would give Lance information when they needed to. They never asked it of him. The Lances had to remain safe; neither Lance knew that Sara was back. Laurel still believed her sister to be dead.

Sara had been his one and only constant in the two years since he had sent Felicity away. The only person who knew him truly, the only person that he could talk to and put his life in the hands of. He no longer had the IT geek to help him search for answers by day or be by his side by night, but he did still have someone to keep him sane. She encouraged him to forget about all of those for which he cared, that it would be the only way to truly keep them safe. Sometimes it seemed as if she were taunting him that Slade had already won: Oliver was alone bar her. But Oliver refused to believe it, he refused to consider that Slade had won. He would not become bitter in his quest to defeat Slade.

How would he reclaim Felicity if he were the bitter and broken man who had once returned from five years on an island?

So he had moved into Felicity's apartment. He had needed to move somewhere due to his 'hatred' of his mother and before sending her away, Felicity's bed had been theirs most nights. Other than moving in some of his belongings, his clothes, some weapons, he kept her apartment exactly how she had kept it. He was keeping it ready for the day that she returned. And he never allowed himself to think that perhaps the day would not come. Whenever the thought started to form, he would look around at the place that screamed 'Felicity' and smile, knowing that he would see her again. Or he would look at her desk in the Arrow's Lair and see her sitting there, Diggle standing next to her and he knew that he would reclaim his life and his love.

Even when the fighting was done, once Slade was defeated, when Oliver had recovered from the battle to end all battles, he knew he still had to get his life back. He had no idea how to find Roy and Felicity, but he knew that he would. So before he had settled down to rest, the battle weary Oliver had set things in motion on Felicity's precious computers. He needed to find her and Roy, Thea needed him to almost as much as needed to himself.

It took another two months before he found any kind of trace, and then another month to get him to where he now stood, his eyes finally on her untouched beauty. She turned around and he wanted to run to her, cover the few steps and crush her with his arms, but he had no idea how she felt. He had spent two years in an emotional limbo, waiting for her, doing everything for her. Had she?

"Where's Roy?"

She looked different to the Felicity in his mind, to the few images in her apartment. Without make up and her trademark blonde hair now brown and duller, Felicity looked completely natural in a way that he had never seen her before. Even her once brightly coloured shirt had faded with time. It could be the two years of waiting to find her, or missing her, but she looked more radiant and beautiful than at any other time in his memory. He was sure that he looked different, too, he had aged more than two years in the twenty-four months and he had new scars. Most of them could not be seen, but the fresh red scar on his cheek was visible to the whole world. It had been a tough one to explain as Oliver Queen, CEO of QC. He had not slept more than four hours at a time in years and it showed on his face.

"He's gone home."

"This is home."

"He's gone home to Thea."

"You found her?"

He nodded, happy to see a smile cross her face. Had he made a mistake in coming to find her? "I almost fell into one of his traps, but then he saw me coming, too."

"He's been a good protector; you chose well."

"I came as soon as I found you."

"Like you promised."

She was making no move towards him and it made him hesitant to move to her, even though all that he wanted to do was envelope her in his arms and never let her go. If she thought of this hut in the middle of nowhere as her home, though, perhaps she did not want to return with him. "I've thought about you every day," he admitted. The smile on her face reassured him slightly, but she still made no movement. "I've made it safe for you, for us. We can go home." He held out his hand to her and she bit her lip, her eyes moving from his hand and back to his eyes.

"It's not that easy."

"Yes. Yes, it is. I've been living in your apartment. Nothing's changed there. Well, except the clothes and toothbrush I keep there. The freezer's filled with mint choc chip."

"Oh, my God," she smiled. "Two years and honestly that is all I want to eat right now."

Closing the distance to her, ignoring the fact that she had made no move to him because he needed her, Oliver held her by the arms and pulled her to him. Their lips met and he was pleased when she did not stop him, when she shrugged his hands away and wrapped her arms around his neck. Hearing a noise, he abruptly stopped the kiss and whispered, "There's someone nearby." It might simply be Roy, Oliver knew that, but it might also be someone else. It would never matter that Slade was gone, Oliver would always think the worst.

"Like I said, it's not that easy." She moved away from him and gestured for him to sit on the couch that for two years had been Roy's bed at night; there was only one bedroom. He sat down cautiously and she sat on the small coffee table in front of him, their knees touching.

"What's happened in two years that means you don't want to come home? I did all of this for you to be safe and then come home, so that there would be a home for you."

"And I want to come home. I want to be in that home with you, but things are different now." His eyes questioned her. "Roy and I left, with the cash you gave us and the false identities Lyla was able to procure. We travelled for about three weeks before we found this spot. The nearest towns are a two day hike away for Roy. The trees old and tall enough to prevent any satellite scans penetrating to the ground. Even infra-red shouldn't be able to pick up the heat from the constant fire." She cleared her throat. "Soon after we set up here, we both got sick. Really badly for at least a week before Roy started to recover. We figured it was his Mirakuru that helped his recovery. We thought I was going to do die. I couldn't keep anything down. He didn't want to stray too far to hunt or find water. I truly thought I was dying. One night he even whispered it to me and I figured I was doomed." She gave a little laugh. "I begged him to take me to the nearest town. He said no and he hated himself for it. Then one day, it all changed."

"What happened?"

"It stopped. After weeks and weeks, I finally started to keep water down, to be able to move around the hut. I was no longer confined to a bed feeling like death. Then the headaches started. Constantly. I could tell time by them." There was another noise and Felicity turned to the bedroom, Oliver followed her gaze. "Wait a sec," she asked, moving to the door. She peered in and then returned to sitting opposite Oliver. "I can remember how it all happened. It was morning; morning's the only time that any sun gets down here. And I was staring up at all of the leaves wondering quite how far up they all went. You can't see any stars at night, but I wondered if you could reach them if you climbed the tree. And then, with a smile I wondered if you could climb those trees." She paused, sighing. "And it was like I just knew."


"Oliver," she took a deep breath and took hold of his hands. "I never meant for this. And it complicates things and I don't really care. I don't want anything from you, do you understand that?" She kissed his hands, smiling hesitantly at him.

"I have no clue."

"I convinced Roy to take me to town once. It took forever. I snuck away from him and dialled your number from a payphone." There were tears in her eyes. "But I hung up before it could even ring. I knew that I couldn't speak to you and I knew you'd trace, even a hang up. But I wanted to call you."

"To tell me what?"

"When you sent me away, I had no idea, believe me, I was pregnant." He felt the colour drain from his face. "John Oliver Smoak, your son, is asleep in the other room. I mean, I hope you don't mind the name. I figured we both respect and love Diggle, and I thought it too presumptuous to make him a Queen, so Oliver. Not that we got him registered or anything. Only Roy knows about him. So he's not officially a Smoak. Or a Queen. Or even really a John. But he is my son. Our son."

The famous Felicity babble that Oliver had missed so much almost washed completely over him as the news sank in. He was a father. He had a son, a son that he had never met. Felicity was still babbling and Oliver took his hands from hers and cupped her face, kissing her lovingly. When he pulled away she was smiling in relief.

"I've told him about you. I mean as much as a fifteen month old can understand. But he only knows this. He only knows Roy and I, trees and grass, stories and make believe. I can't just go home with you. Ignore the fact that I was Oliver Queen's EA, rumoured to have slept her way there who returns with the Queen Heir. Everyone would question us forever and I can't handle that, and won't put him in that. And he has no idea of the real world out there."

Nodding he leant his forehead against the woman who was emanating motherhood. "I'll do whatever you want. We'll take things however slowly that you want. But, Felicity, you aren't my EA anymore and he is the child of two people who love each other. No one will argue that, I promise you." They smiled at each other. "I keep my promises."

"Eventually," she joked. "He, uh, he's waking up. I guess I wanted to wait, to ask you if you wanted to meet him. If you wanted to be Oliver or Daddy."

"Daddy." His response was immediate, there was no hesitation, no doubt and no question.

"I'll go get him." She stood up and paused at the door, turning back to him. "Just so you know," she warned. "He is the spitting image of you."

The End

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