Author's Note: I really wasn't going to post this any time soon because I wasn't finished with the whole story, but I decided to just go ahead and post it anyway. I've already written 33 chapters out of 58. Almost there. Anyway, characters will mention things in this story that took place in my other story 'Luigi's Mansion Adventure'. So, if you want to know what they're talking about, I suggest you read that. If not, then that's perfectly okay! Anyway, enjoy this story of mine, readers. :)

Super Mario Sunshine Adventure

Prologue: Welcome to Isle Delfino

Way up high in the beautiful blue ocean that is the endless sky, a pink plane flew towards some kind of destination. The weather was warm and just right and birds were singing from all around. There was some clouds visible in the sky, but not too many to make shadows and everything gloomy. Things were nice and good.

Inside the plane, Mario was sitting on a mushroom colored seat comfortably and Peach was seated right next to him on another one. Sonic the Hedgehog was occupying the seat behind Mario and two babies; Baby Peach and Baby Daisy were sharing a seat while giggling with each other and shaking their rattles. Unfortunately, Sonic had to sit next to them while Amy sat on his other side.

"Huff, I say! Huff, I say!" Toadsworth huffed and puffed as he trekked along in front of Mario, going over and taking a seat on Princess Peach's other side. He got comfortable and released a loud breath, shaking his head.

Mario, Peach, and Toadsworth were on vacation and decided to invite Sonic and Amy along and also suggested that they bring Baby Peach and Baby Daisy along too. The two baby princesses would've been crying and complaining and screaming for hours if they weren't allowed to go.

The red plumber brought his attention to a TV in front of him, watching as something began to come on. He wasn't sure what it was, but he was beginning to get interested.

"Ooh! Look at that!" gasped Peach as she put her eyes on the TV.

Suddenly, a dandy picture popped on the screen that read: WELCOME TO ISLE DELFINO.

"Hey! That's where we're going, right?" Sonic piped up suddenly from the back. "There isn't a lot of water there, right? Better not be! This is a vacation and I intend to ENJOY it!" he was complaining already.

Mario rolled his eyes. "There shouldn't be THAT much water there, Sonic."

"Yeah," threw in Peach. "Just relax and enjoy the ride."

"If you say so." Sonic breathed, folding his arms and then glancing to his left to see that Baby Peach and Baby Daisy were currently playing a game of 'rock, paper, scissors'. He cracked a smile at the two children.

The screen on the TV flashed to a large plaza where Piantas were standing about. The one in the middle was a blue Pianta and was now talking to the audience in front of the TV, "Welcome to the sun-drenched tropical paradise of Isle Delfino!"

As Mario watched, he thought he caught a glimpse of something dark and unrecognizable running about from behind the Piantas. It was strange, but it was there. Blinking a few times, Mario just brushed it off as seeing things.

"We're so pleased to welcome you to our beautiful home!" the blue Pianta continued in a very cheerful and welcoming tone of voice.

The screen then flashed to beautiful locations and the blue Pianta went on with his speech. "Come enjoy a natural wonderland to which we've added the world's finest resort facilities, a spectacular amusement park, and succulent seafood!"

When the picture of scrumptious looking seafood appeared on the screen, hearts appeared in Mario's eyes and his mouth watered. Boy, would he enjoy eating all of that! He couldn't wait to get to Isle Delfino! It was going to be awesome!

"Wow, we're all going to have such a great time! Don't you think so, Sonic?" Amy questioned the blue hedgehog beside her, latching onto his arm tightly and giggling happily.

Irked, Sonic jerked his arm out of her grasp and shook his head. "Uh yeah…!" he muttered.

"This and more awaits you on Isle Delfino!" the blue Pianto babbled as the screen moved back to the scene of him and the other Piantas. All at once, they all started doing some kind of strange dance, which Baby Peach and Baby Daisy laughed at. "Come relax and let us refresh your body and spirit…"

As Peach continued to watch with everyone else, that same shadowy being ran and jumped across the screen in the background and Peach's eyes widened and she held in a gasp. Her face morphed into an expression of bafflement and she breathed out, "Mario…!?" the thing looked a lot like him, but that couldn't be!

Turning around in her seat, she looked around at all of her other companions and wondered if they had seen it too. First, she put her eyes on Mario who was just sitting there daydreaming about seafood. Obviously he wasn't paying attention at all to what was happening on the TV.

"That…that shadow…?" Peach said quietly, moving her eyes to Sonic who was too busy trying to get Amy off of him who was attempting to smother him with kisses and hugs. Next, she looked over at Baby Peach and Baby Daisy and they were only giggling and pointing their little fingers at the TV, talking about how the Piantas were funny-looking. "Why was I the only one who saw that?" Peach questioned herself as she moved her head to her left, peering at Toadsworth who was just staring straight ahead as if nothing was happening.

"Toadsworth, did you see…?" the princess noticed that Toadsworth was now daydreaming about things just like the red plumber. Fed up, Peach returned her attention back to the TV and shook her head, releasing a sigh.

A few hours later, Peach's plane made a smooth landing and Sonic was busy staring outside of the window in complete horror, seeing all of the water around. The blue hedgehog began to regret ever agreeing to go on this vacation with Mario and his buddies. Suddenly, out of the blue, the plane came to an abrupt halt, causing everyone to tumble out of their seats. No…nobody was wearing their seatbelts…

Sonic crashed onto the ground next to Mario and Amy landed on top of him. Baby Peach and Baby Daisy bounced out of their seats like bouncy ball and bounded into Toadsworth. Peach gasped and had fallen forward onto the ground on her stomach next to Mario.

"You are heavy…!" yawped Sonic as he tried to get the pink hedgehog off of him.

Amy gave him a dangerous look. "What was that?!" she questioned him sharply.

"I-I mean…you're as light as a feather!" Sonic corrected himself, laughing sheepishly. "Now get off me please, I can't breathe properly!"

Amy huffed and removed her body from the blue hedgehog, kindly helping him to his feet afterwards.

"What happened?" Peach asked, lifting her head up quizzically and wonderingly.

A few minutes later and everyone was out of Peach's plane and on the white runway. In front of them, there was an enormous amount of goo-like substance covering the road in front of them, blocking their path. Two Toads were standing in front of it, examining it while Mario and Toadsworth discussed about what happened.

A Toad with a red head turned around to look at everybody else. "What's this icky paint-like goop?" he queried, frowning in disgust.

"It's moving!" caterwauled the other Toad.

Toadsworth jumped at what the two of them said. "Now now, boys! Don't touch that stuff!" he exclaimed, shaking his head rapidly.

Amy walked over to the group while holding Baby Peach's and Baby Daisy's little hands on each side of her. She huffed in annoyance because of what happened, but then her eyes widened at the sight of the icky goo stuff blocking their path.

"What in the world is that?" Amy asked no one in particular, a frown jumping onto her facial features.

"Who knows?" Sonic talked while coming up to stand next to her.

Peach, who had been listening to Mario and Toadsworth's conversation, moved her gaze upwards a little and caught sight of someone that looked a lot like Mario standing on top of some object while staring straight at her. Nervous, Peach turned away and looked at her companions who were still engaged in a deep conversation.

"Um, excuse me, but…" Peach tried to get their attention while looking back at the being that looked like Mario. However, he was not there. "Huh?" the princess was very flummoxed now and she pursed her lips.

"Is everything okay over here, Peach?" Amy asked her friend as she sauntered on over with the two babies. "You look a little bit nervous."

Peach shook her head. "Nothing…I just thought I saw something, that's all."

"Oh…" Amy shrugged and then gestured towards the little ones beside her who were now complaining about how they were hungry. "The little ones are starting to get cranky. I think we should hurry up and do something about this mess and everything, you know?"

"I agree." Peach nodded her head.

"I am most concerned with the well-being of the princess in this dreadful heat," Toadsworth was telling Mario while making erratic hand gestures. "Mario, if you would, cross over to that shore and find some assistance." That was an order.

Mario nodded. "Leave it to me!"

Peach turned to look at Mario, a worried expression dancing across her features. "Mario, be careful! I have a bad feeling about this…"

"Don't worry, Peach! Nothing's gonna happen." Mario informed her with an assuring smile. Peach felt a little bit better after hearing that from her hero and nodded her head. After that, Mario turned to look at Sonic who was approaching him slowly.

"So, what now?" Sonic asked.

"I'm gonna have to cross the shore and seek out some assistance," Mario answered, shrugging. "I already know that you're not going to be joining me!"

Sonic folded his arms. "Of course I'm not! Are you crazy? I would NEVER set a foot in that water! I can't even swim!" the speedster remarked, shaking his head.

Mario rolled his eyes. "It's just water!"

"I hate water!" Sonic shot back.

"So you don't use it to wash up or anything?" Mario questioned him, raising an eyebrow high in pure perplexity and everything.

"I do! Yeesh!"

"Okay, okay!" Mario threw up his hands. "I guess I'll be doing this alone since you're terrified of water and everything! I sure wish Luigi could've came with us on this vacation!"

Sonic now appeared curious. "Why couldn't he anyway?" he wondered.

"Well, he was still tired and worn out from his adventure during that mansion fiasco when you and I were stuck in that painting," Mario shivered at the memory, recalling King Boo's ugly face as he watched him and Sonic struggle to get out of the painting. "A true nightmare!"

"Oh yeah…that…!" Sonic shuddered. "I get it. Tails couldn't come either and neither would anybody else. Well, except for Amy, that is…"

Mario nodded. "So, are you sure you don't want to join me on getting to shore?"

"Nope!" was Sonic's immediate response.

Sighing, Mario turned away from the blue hedgehog and started making his way around the big goop. While the plumber did that, Sonic decided if he could help in any way from where he was. Speeding over back to the Toads, they both looked at them with worried expressions dancing along their facial features.

"Ick, Sonic!" one Toad gagged. "It's all…goopy."

"We came all this way, and now look! Everything's spoiled!" the other Toad complained like a child that couldn't watch his favorite cartoon on a Saturday evening.

Sonic breathed out a sigh, putting his hands on his hips and allowing a frown to jump onto his face. "This isn't good at all. Already there seems to be trouble. I have a feeling something worse is going to happen…" he muttered to himself, green eyes moving back towards the plane where everyone else was standing at. Amy was currently in a conversation with Peach and the two babies were playing tag. Toadsworth was busy fanning himself because he was very hot.

Turning away from the scene, Sonic came face to face with a Pianta woman. She appeared to be choleric and highly frustrated. When she caught Sonic the Hedgehog staring at her, she howled like a vicious dog, "What're you waiting for? Do something!"

"Yikes…yes, ma'am!" the blue hero sped away from the Pianta and went on ahead to see if Mario was through with what he had been told to do. Not seeing him yet, Sonic came to a halt in front of a blue Pianta who was playing some kind of instrument. "Hello…"

"Welcome to Isle Delfino!" the Pianta greeted him kindly, chortling.

Sonic gave him a wave. "Thanks for the welcome!"

"Step right up and get yourself a free tourist map!" the Pianta revealed.

"Really? Sweet!" Sonic held out his gloved hands, ready for the map.

The Pianta ceased playing his instrument and pulled out a rolled up map. He dropped it onto the hedgehog's hands and grinned a wide grin. "There you go! To view the map, just press Z Button!"

"Z-what?" Sonic was flummoxed.

Seeming not to hear him at all, the blue Pianta went back to playing his instrument, chortling to himself about something. Sonic didn't see what was so funny, but he opened the map he was given and looked at it, seeing that he and his friends were currently on the Delfino Airstrip.

"Surrounded by WATER…" Sonic reminded himself, putting the map away into his invisible pocket.


Huffing and constantly pouring with perspiration underneath the dreadful and unforgiving harsh heat, Mario trekked over to some large crates and passed by some Piantas that all glowered at him darkly for some odd reason. Mario had no idea why he was receiving such negative looks, but he shrugged and brushed it off as nothing. They probably have never seen his kind before. Well, that's what he thought anyway.

Going over to a Pianta to ask for some assistance or something, Mario caught a glimpse of a sign taped to a small building next to him. Getting a better look at the sign, Mario's eyes widened. It was a poorly drawn picture that looked exactly like…him! Plus, underneath the picture of him, the word 'WANTED' was displayed dangerously.

"What in the world-"

"Huh? Have we met somewhere before?" a bronze colored Pianta decided to cut him off, staring at him suspiciously as if he knew Mario or something.

Mario jumped a little in surprise and peered at the Pianta, completely removing his attention from the poster. "Uh…no?" he answered the Pianta's query.

"I feel like I've seen you somewhere…and recently, too." the Pianta appeared to be very skeptical and highly wary of the plumber, which confused Mario to no end.

Leaving the Pianta to himself, Mario hurried over to a yellow male Pianta that was just continuously jumping up and down in the air and having a tremendous fit. "Excuse me, sir," Mario began hesitantly. "Could you help me and my friends out?"

The Pianta gave him an outraged look. "Help?" he blared. "Help you? Are you crazy? We're the ones who need help!" he boomed crazily.

Mario shrank back in surprise and mild fear, wondering what had gotten into this guy!

"Take that water pump and clean the airstrip, you…you!" the Pianta looked like he was about to explode with pure and outrageous fury.

The red plumber left before the yellow Pianta even got the chance to finish that sentence. Mario found the water pump the delusional Pianta was talking about and almost flinched in shock when the water pump device thing slowly sprang to life and started talking!

"Power-up complete," it talked, staring up at Mario's face. "Thank you for purchasing this item from Gadd Science, Incorporated."

"Gadd? Why does that name sound so familiar?" yawped Mario.

"Yo, Mario!"

Hearing Sonic's voice, Mario spun around and almost got knocked over by the fast hedgehog. Sonic stopped abruptly and flashed Mario a grin.

"Find any help?" he asked.

"Nope!" yipped Mario. "But I found this thing…and it talks! Mama mia!"

Sonic brought his gaze to the machine that was still staring directly at Mario. "What in the world is that thing? I can't even describe it…"

Mario shrugged.

"Preparing to register customer information," the thingamajig went on. "Scanning and classifying subject data…subject identified as Mario, resident of the Mushroom Kingdom. Data storage complete."

"Is this some kind of new version of a computer or something?" questioned Sonic as he rested an elbow on Mario's shoulder and leaned against it, still eyeing the machine on the ground.

"Huh? I don't think so, Sonic," Mario gave him a look. "I don't see a monitor anywhere, nor a screen…"

Sonic rolled his eyes.

"I am FLUDD—a Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device." The device introduced itself, nozzle moving with every word it spat out.

"I'm just gonna stick with FLUDD." Sonic decided.

Mario nodded and gave FLUDD a smile. "It's nice to meet you, Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device."

"I hope to be of assistance." FLUDD commented.

Without any more words, the plumber picked up FLUDD and strapped it onto himself, smiling a little. It was pretty comfortable on his back and everything. Mario imagined what kinds of things he could be doing with FLUDD.

"Proceeding with user instruction." FLUDD talked from Mario's back.

Afterwards, FLUDD showed Mario how to use it and stuff. Sonic watched the whole thing in mild interest, wondering how their vacation turned out this way. When Mario was through learning how to use FLUDD, Mario strolled on back over to the blue hedgehog.

"So, everything's good?" Sonic wanted to know, curiosity painting his voice.

"Everything's good!" Mario echoed.

"Try washing off that "M" to test your skills." FLUDD talked suddenly.

Mario looked over his shoulder at the device and then allowed his eyes to roam elsewhere, finding the back painted "M" sprawled across a blue object. He turned towards it and then sprayed the "M" with water, cleaning off the object completely. Plus, a coin popped right out and Mario took it while grinning. The plumber washed off another "M" on another identical object and received another coin for it.

"This thing comes in handy!" commented Mario.

"Sure does!" said Sonic. "But it's water, so…"

Mario rolled his eyes at that, but then thought of something. He snapped his fingers and grinned. "Hey! I can clean the airstrip with this thing!" he announced in pure glee. "Instead of finding help, I'll fix this whole thing myself!"

"Is there any way that I can help?" asked Sonic, tapping his foot on the ground impatiently.

"You don't like water, so…" Mario trailed as he dashed over to the goop that was blocking the runway. He pulled the trigger of FLUDD and used FLUDD to clean off the giant Graffiti of an "M". Just looking at it reminded him of the wanted poster on that building with a picture that looked just like HIM.

Sonic suddenly dashed over in less than a second and pointed to a Pianta's head sticking out of the Graffiti. "Mario! There's someone in there…" he yawped.

"Oh?!" Mario hurried over and sprayed the spot with water, watching as a Pianta pulled himself out of the goop. Now he was all covered with Graffiti and everything. However, Mario fixed that by giving him a bath by using FLUDD and everything.

"Brrrrthp! Bleeah! Whoa! I really thought I was a goner!" the Pianta exclaimed, bursting with pure joy. He gave Mario a wide smile, grateful. However, when he really got a good look at Mario, his expression twisted up into a look of heinous rage and he pointed a large hand at him. "Hey…Hang on! It's you! This whole mess is your fault!"

Mario and Sonic were both shocked at this Pianta's absurd accusation of Mario. They were also pretty much perplexed and entirely having no clue as to what was going on. "What are you talkin' about?" Sonic wondered. "Mario had nothing to do with this! We just got here, for crying out loud!"

"It's true!" added Mario.

"There's a difference between right and wrong, you know…" the Pianta was hearing none of it and he stuck up his large nose in the air and sauntered away, muttering something nasty about Mario underneath his breath.

Sonic glanced at Mario. "What's up with that?"

"Who knows? Anyway, I'm starting to have a really bad feeling about all of this," Mario informed the blue hedgehog. "Ever since we got here, I've been receiving nasty looks. Plus, I saw a wanted poster with my face on it!"


"It's true!" Mario retorted, nodding his head. "It's all so very and cruelly true. Still, it didn't look EXACTLY like me, but it was still me, you know."

"You're being framed for something you didn't do!" Sonic snapped his fingers, nodding. "That's gotta be it!"

Mario shrugged and started cleaning the rest of the mess up on the runway, sighing. He aimed his water-spraying thing at the large blob in the middle of the caricature, watching as the water was doing absolutely nothing to get rid of it.

"Stubborn thing, isn't it?" threw in Sonic from where he stood, watching Mario do his thing.

Mario was about to answer, but a large Polluted Piranha Plant exposed itself by bursting out of the large blob in the center of the Goop. It released a hideous roar, shocking everyone who was around in that area. Piantas fled for their lives and the two Toads that had been standing close sprinted off immediately. Peach and Amy gasped, the babies were highly curious, and Toadsworth was incredibly disgusted.

"What is THAT?!" cried Amy.

"I-I don't know!" Peach replied, frantic.

"Mario, that is a Polluted Piranha Plant. You must fire water into its mouth whenever it opens it. That is the key to defeating this monster." FLUDD's voice came suddenly.

Deciding to listen to FLUDD's advice, the plumber did as what he was told to do. He sprayed the Polluted Piranha Plant in the mouth whenever it opened it. It shrieked and wriggled about when this happened.

"Get that thing, Mario!" Sonic hollered, wishing he could do something to help. "Man…I feel useless right about now. Oh well…" he sighed.

Mario continued on with the same thing until the Polluted Piranha Plant was defeated. It sunk back into the ground while screeching loudly. As the giant enemy faded into nothingness, the runway returned back to normal and a strange, shiny star thingamajig appeared in front of Mario and Sonic.

"What is that?" Sonic asked.

Mario didn't answer and reached out, grabbing the star thing that he didn't know the name of.

"A sparkly! It came out of the yucky!" Red Toad exclaimed from where he was, cheerful and beatific.

"Oooh! A shiny-shiny from the icky goop!" Yellow Toad cheered, awed.

"That bright object…it's not a star. What could it be?" Toadsworth questioned in a very contemplative manner, frowning.

Peach was gazing at the shiny thing in complete wonder, eyebrows raised. "It's so bright…I wonder what that thing is?" she whispered to herself.

"So bright!" Amy pitched in, staring.

"We want the glowy brighty thing!" Baby Peach and Baby Daisy squealed simultaneously, trying to reach out towards the shiny object with their little hands. Blue Toad kept them back, telling them no and that it could be dangerous. The little girls screamed and cried afterwards.

"Ah! A Shine Sprite!" the Pianta from before boomed, staring at the thing in Mario's hands.

"A Shine Sprite, huh?" Sonic talked, reaching over with his gloved hand and touching the thing in Mario's hands. Immediately, once he did, he felt warmth spread throughout his hands and travel up his arms. Feeling a little lightheaded, the blue hedgehog stumbled back, feeling weird.

Mario gave him a concerned expression. "Are you alright, Sonic?"

"Yeah…I just…I don't know…" Sonic still felt weird and he frowned, wobbly and all.

Trusting Sonic's words, Mario put the Shine Sprite away, wondering what it was exactly. That's when Peach, Toadsworth, Amy, Baby Peach, Baby Daisy, and all the Toads walked over with smiles on their faces.

"Good work, Mario!" Peach praised, hands clasped.

"Yeah! You cleaned all that icky mess up!" put in Amy, grinning widely.

Toadsworth was busy examining the machine on Mario's back, intrigued and interested. "Mm, quite an unusual device…" he observed. "Is it some sort of pump?"

"I am FLUDD. Glad to meet you." FLUDD spoke, bouncing a little on Mario's back with the nozzle moving about with each word it said.

"FLUDD?" Amy stepped over, poking the device on Mario's back. "What exactly does FLUDD do and where'd you find this thing anyway, Mario?"

Mario sighed. "It's a long story…"

Amy was about to protest to that, but she noticed Sonic standing alone while looking unsteady. His eyes were downcast and he appeared to be experiencing some kind of pain, which worried the pink hedgehog. Rushing over, Amy grabbed Sonic in a very tight hug. "Oh! Sonic, you don't look so good! Do you have a fever or something?!"

The blue hedgehog tried to breathe properly, but Amy had a very strong and tight grip on him. "I'm…fine…!" he wheezed, trying to push the girl off of him.

Amy squeezed him even tighter. "I sure hope so, my sweet Sonic!"

Sonic rolled his eyes, but still felt weird.

"I want FLUDD…" Baby Peach babbled, trying to reach up towards FLUDD that was on Mario's back. "Baby Peach want FLUDD now…"

"Baby Daisy want FLUDD too! Wah!" Baby Daisy blubbered, trying to shove Baby Peach out of the way to get the device on the plumber's back.

Mario quickly moved away and was about to tell them that wasn't such a good idea, but then Toadsworth suddenly pointed at two oncoming figures bounding towards them from the distance. They were two Piantas and they looked very aggressive and stoic.

"Hey, someone's coming!" Blue Toad shouted out to get everyone's attention.

Everyone brought their attention to the two Piantas stampeding towards them like angry bulls…


"…I can't believe they arrested Mario!" complained Sonic in disbelief as they were now in the Delfino Courtroom. He brought a gloved hand up to his head and massaged it, feeling a headache coming. The poor hedgehog still felt very weird after touching that Shine Sprite.

"I know right?! This is so wrong!" Amy chattered, arms folded across her chest.

"Why is this happening…?" moaned Peach while shaking her head. Why was their vacation being ruined by some kind of absurd accusation against Mario?!

Toadsworth sat next to Baby Peach and Baby Daisy, shaking his head repeatedly. "This is outrageous, I say! Simply outrageous!" he claimed.

Suddenly, the Pianta Judge hollered out, "Court is now in session!"

Everyone got quiet.

A blue Pianta Attorney began talking from the sidelines, his face adorning small glasses and he had one massive hand behind back, "As you are no doubt aware, someone has been senselessly defacing fair Isle Delfino using some paint-like substance."

"This is a load of barnacles…" muttered Sonic, glowering at the attorney. His eyes looked over to see Mario standing next to the judge, a solemn expression dancing across his features. This was probably the first time the poor plumber ever got arrested! "I remember when I was arrested…" the blue hedgehog whispered to himself, recalling the Sonic Adventure 2 events.

"The accused is charged with polluting our beautiful home and yes, endangering our very way of life," the Pianta Attorney rambled on. "Indeed, how can one not be aware of what is going on? Though it is daytime in Delfino Plaza, our poor residents tremble beneath a veil of darkness."

Amy mumbled, "Quite the storyteller, isn't he?"

"Tell me about it…" Peach mumbled back.

"Expert Shine scholars have determined that this darkness has arisen because all of our guardians, the Shine Sprites, have vanished from their gathering spot at the Shine Gate," the blue Pianta Attorney babbled on and on. "The reason? It's quite obvious," his eyes moved towards Mario angrily. "This horrible graffiti is to blame!"

After a moment, the Pianta Attorney pulled out the poster that Mario had seen back on the airstrip, showing it to all of the audience that were currently attending court. "Behold this sketch of the perpetrator based on eyewitness descriptions," he boomed as if he were revealing some kind of horrible secret. "The truth is obvious. The guilty party sits among us. It is none other than Mario!"

Mario's friends went into an outrage.



"That's crazy! Mario has NEVER even been to Isle Delfino before!"

"This is an outrage!"


The Pianta Judge would hear none of it. "Overruled," she growled out. "I judge the defendant guilty as charged! I hereby order the defendant to clean this entire island."

Mario whipped his head around to look at the Pianta Judge, completely horrified by this information. "What?!"

"You can't expect him to clean this entire island all by himself!" Sonic defended Mario, jumping to his feet, but feeling dizzy after doing so. "It wasn't even his fault!"

"Yeah!" his friends backed him up.

The Pianta Judge ignored the blue hedgehog and his party. "Until Isle Delfino is completely free of his vile handiwork, Mario shall not be allowed to leave!" then the Pianta Judge slammed his mallet repeatedly into the table before her. "Court adjourned."

And that was it.

Poor Mario found himself sitting in a cell all alone in the coldness. The only company he had was FLUDD, but FLUDD wasn't really saying much at the moment. Mario couldn't believe this was happening to him. All he wanted was to enjoy himself on a vacation with his friends, but it looked like he wouldn't be able to do that. He'd be spending his whole vacation cleaning up the ENTIRE island alone!


"This appears to be quite a predicament, Mario," FLUDD started talking all of a sudden to the plumber. "Data analysis verifies that the island's inhabitants are indeed troubled by pollution. But the pollution itself is not the main problem."

Mario sighed forlornly. "What is the main problem then, FLUDD?"

"Mario, you witnessed this object at the Airstrip, correct?" FLUDD pulled up an image of a Shine Sprite…somehow.

"Yeah…" Mario breathed.

"It is a Shine Sprite," FLUDD revealed. "Shine Sprites are the source of power on Isle Delfino. They used to gather in great numbers at the Shine Gate. But, the graffiti incident has polluted the island and most of the Shine Sprites have fled. There is no longer any power to support the peaceful lifestyle of the islanders. It is most pitiable."

Mario listened to every word that came out of FLUDD's nozzle, frowning at the information. That sounded really terrible. Who would do such a thing? Certainly NOT him!

"The only way to ensure the return of the Shine Sprites is to keep the island from becoming any dirtier," FLUDD explained. "The perpetrator is likely at work even as we speak. And you, Mario, are being treated as a criminal."

"Don't remind me…"

"Tomorrow, we must do our best to resolve this situation." FLUDD concluded.

[The next day…]

"Go straight that way. You can't miss the mess, pal!" one of the Pianta officers growled out threateningly. "Your first job is to get rid of all that ugliness. And remember, we'll be watching you, pal. We'll know if you start slacking off."

Mario understood and then turned away, rushing off elsewhere along the Delfino Plaza. Immediately he ran into Yellow Toad who was hobbling up and down while grasping at his cheeks, a worried expression slapping his face.

"Waah! You're safe! What a relief! This vacation is crazy!" claimed Yellow Toad.

"Tell me about it!" Mario totally agreed with him.

"The princess and everyone else is waiting for you just up ahead," the Toad informed the red plumber.

Suddenly, a shout was heard from behind them and it was one of the Pianta Officers, "Get going! Clean up Bianco Square, and make it snappy! I swear! Graffiti artists just make me so MAD!"

Mario was appalled. "It wasn't even me who-"

"Get started by cleaning up Bianco Square!" the other officer cut him off rudely. "Honestly! How could anyone do so much graffiti so quickly?"

Muttering nasty things about Piantas under his breath, Mario turned away from the officers and waved goodbye at Yellow Toad, heading towards Bianco Square…wherever that was. On the way to his destination, he could see Piantas selling some kind of fruits. Mario had accidentally kicked one that had spikes on it and it went flying!

"This fruit is just like a soccer ball!" FLUDD chattered from Mario's back.

"A dangerous one!" yipped Mario while rubbing his arm where the spiky fruit had grazed him. "It almost killed me!"

If FLUDD had eyes, it would have rolled them right about now. Just saying.

Coming across Red Toad, Mario stopped by to say hi, seeing Princess Peach, Toadsworth, Baby Daisy, Baby Peach, and Amy up ahead, obviously waiting for his return. However and unfortunately, he didn't see Sonic anywhere.

"Everyone on this isle loves to do the "box-breaker"!" Red Toad belted out once Mario stopped in front of him. "Just jump up and press the L Button above a box! Ka-SMASH! Why don't you give it a try?"

Mario gave him a flummoxed expression. That sounded a lot like Ground Pounding, but he didn't voice his thoughts and decided to Ground Pound the large box beside them just to satisfy the Toad. After doing it, Red Toad clapped and laughed.

When that was all over with, the plumber made his way over to his friends, looking directly at Toadsworth and immediately wondering where Sonic was at. "Hey, guys." Mario greeted them upon returning.

"Mario!" Amy smiled.

"Hamtaro!" Baby Peach and Baby Daisy giggled simultaneously, grasping at Mario's legs.

Mario sweat-dropped at their words.

"Well, I'm pleased to see you're safe!" said Toadsworth through a sigh of relief. "I must tell you…We were walking around town earlier, and…it seems the area near the Shine Gate is still quite bright. Perhaps you should check it out, Master Mario."

"I will." Mario commented, nodding shortly.

Suddenly, Peach walked over to the plumber and pulled him into a short hug, releasing him quickly afterwards while gripping her pink umbrella. Peach had her hair tied into a ponytail today. "Oh, Mario! You're okay after all! I just knew you would be!" she exclaimed joyously.

"Yeah," talked Mario, giving Peach a small smile. "Where's Sonic, by the way?"

Amy decided to answer that question and she pointed a finger in the direction of Bianco Square. "He's over there checking out all of the disgusting Goop! Some people are even trapped beneath that icky stuff! Yuck!" the pink hedgehog shuddered, shaking her head.

Looking over in that direction, Mario could see the blue hedgehog standing near the Goop and trying to find a way on how to help the individuals stuck inside of the nasty stuff. It was then that plumber began to ruminate on who was behind all of this. Obviously it was someone that looked like him!

"It tewwible!" Baby Daisy blubbered, using one of her tiny hands to tug on Mario's pant leg. Mario started to wonder why they even brought the babies with them in the first place!

"And why is the sky so dark, huh? It's not sun-drenched!" complained Peach, remembering the advertisement they had witnessed back on her plane. "This is hardly my idea of a relaxing vacation, Mario. I want to go home right now!"

Amy gasped. "Peach! Don't say that!"

"Well, it's true," huffed Peach.

Mario knew very well that they all couldn't go home yet, not until he finished cleaning the ENTIRE ISLAND BY HIMSELF. Plus, after the information FLUDD had given him about the Shine Sprites and everything, he definitely couldn't leave now! He'd have to save the day yet again…

"Uh…there's more to everything, but I don't have time to explain." Mario breathed, dreading the vacation now. He had to agree with Peach, it wasn't a vacation at all anymore, but disaster and trouble.

"Oh, you have to clean the whole island, huh?" Amy questioned the red plumber, frowning. "That's so awful! I wish there was something I could do to help."

"This is a nightmare," whined Peach, twirling her pink umbrella about.

"I know," Mario mumbled. "Well, I better go get started by cleaning up that mess over there in Bianco Square. I'll see you guys later," he turned around and started walking over to Sonic who was now staring at a Pianta's head sticking out of the Goop.

"Yo, Mario!" Sonic greeted the overalls-wearing man. "I see you got out! How're you feeling?"

As Mario halted in front of the blue hedgehog, he noticed that Sonic seemed stressed like he didn't get enough sleep. "I feel okay, despite the fact that I've been framed for something I didn't do and the fact that I have to clean up the ENTIRE island…" he tried not to be sarcastic. "Anyway, how are you feeling? You don't look so good."

"I don't know…" Sonic replied truthfully, scratching his cheek. "Ever since I touched that Shine Sprite thingamajig you got back at the airstrip I've been feeling weird."

"Why?" Mario wondered.

Sonic shrugged. "I dunno."

Mario pursed his lips and ruminated on that for a little bit before shrugging and pushing out a sigh through his mouth. He looked down at the trapped Pianta beneath the Goop and used FLUDD to spray him with water. Soon enough the Pianta male jumped up out of the Goop while being covered in a lot of it.

A disgusted expression made its way onto the Pianta's face and he tried to get the icky goo off of himself. Mario helped him out by using FLUDD once more to clean him up with water. After a moment, he was sparkly clean!

"Whew! You saved me! Thanks a bundle!" the Pianta hollered in glee, jumping up and down in gladness.

"No problem!" Mario chirped like a bird on a beautiful morning.

"FLUDD really comes in handy, don't you FLUDD?" Sonic gushed, poking the machine on Mario's back.

"Your compliment is greatly appreciated, Sonic the Hedgehog." FLUDD spoke like the robotic thing it was.

Sonic chortled before turning away and staring at the huge glop in the center of all of the mess. Then, all of a sudden, these jellyfish thingies started emerging out from the Goop, jumping up into the air and landing on poor Sonic!

"AH! WHAT THE HECK?!" Sonic hollered, running around in circles. "GET IT OFF! Ew!" he was now covered in the goop that was decorating Bianco Square. He flailed his arms about, resisting the urge to cry out once more.

"Calm down!" Mario yelled, quickly using FLUDD to spray the hedgehog with water.


"Geez, this is what I get for cleaning you up!"

"You KNOW I HATE water!"

"Yeah, but you have to be CLEAN!"

"What-evs, Mario!" Sonic waved a hand at him in dismissive manner, vigorously shaking out his blue fur, water droplets splashing onto the ground. "What were those things anyway? They just jumped me out of nowhere!"

Mario shook his head. "I don't know!"

"Better hurry up and clean up this mess!" retorted Sonic, still trying to get the water out of his fur.

"Yeah, yeah…" muttered Mario. He grasped the triggers of FLUDD and aimed FLUDD at the huge mound of goop in the center of it all, pulling down on the triggers and spraying the mound with water.

Sonic watched the plumber do so, feeling envious that he couldn't do anything to help out. Suddenly, Sonic noticed something odd. The water droplets that had fallen out of his fur were now on the ground before him, forming a large puddle that was a perfect sphere. Frowning, Sonic got a closer look and saw his reflection in it. For some unfathomable reason, he felt some kind of connection with it, like he could actually control it…

"Freaky…" whispered Sonic, lifting a hand and watching as the puddle of water rose up into the air. It was extremely odd and just illogical, but the hedgehog was actually moving the water! Instantly he had a feeling that all of this had something to do with the Shine Sprite he had touched.

While Sonic was experimenting with his new water abilities, Mario had no clue and was too busy defeating the Polluted Piranha Plant. When that was through, all of the goop dispersed, leaving everyone and everything squeaky clean! Plus, something began to emerge out from underneath the ground…