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Super Mario Sunshine Adventure

Episode 1: Dune Bud Sand Castle Secret

Arriving back in Delfino Plaza, Toadsworth and all the Toads were there to give them an immediate, worried filled welcome. Toadsworth was absolutely thrilled and relieved to see that Baby Daisy and Baby Peach were safe and sound thanks to Mario, Sonic, Pauline, and Silver. Surprisingly, Baby Daisy and Baby Peach were happy to see Toadsworth as well.

Deciding to rest for a bit in Delfino Plaza, Mario went on a minor adventure to search for some Blue Coins. He found a Yoshi Egg and hatched it by giving it a fruit, which was a pineapple. Once the Yoshi was hatched, Mario rode it and used the Yoshi to get to places he wouldn't normally be able to reach. From there, he was able to get those Blue Coins. The Yoshi, however, was seriously uncooperative and kept saying 'FEED ME' over and over and over again. Eventually, Mario had to give in and feed the dinosaur.

While the red-capped plumber had been busy doing all of that nonsense, Sonic went searching around Delfino Plaza as well, running into the Pianta cops. The Pianta cops questioned Sonic for Mario's whereabouts and Sonic pretended to be oblivious, which irked the Pianta officers. Next, the blue hedgehog had found a Shine Sprite trapped in some tower. He had to blast through the doors with his supersonic speed. Then, he found another secret place where a Secret Stage was hiding! Sonic completed the Secret Stage and obtained another Shine Sprite, which was sweet.

Pauline and Silver were walking together through the marketplace as Sonic and Mario did their own thing. Silver was rambling on about what his world was like and what the future was all about. Pauline became interested in his psychokinesis powers and Silver did his best to explain to her how it felt when using his awesome abilities.

"It feels like second nature!" Silver tried to describe how it was used. "You know, like when someone knows how to drive and they've been driving for a while, they get the hang of things and just do the proper things on the road without really putting much thought into it? That's how this feels!"

Pauline's eyebrows shot up in curious question. "I see. That seems kind of similar to my wind abilities that I somehow obtained by touching one of the Shine Sprites," she commented in a pondering manner. "I don't really think about it too much and I just do it."

"Exactly!" the silver hedgehog chattered.

"But, anyway," Pauline wanted to change the subject. "You mentioned something about a Blaze. Who is she and what is she to you?"

Instantly, Silver's expression morphed into a look of regret, aggravation, guilt, and sullenness. He removed his gaze from the black haired lady and put it down on his shoes instead, almost bumping into a random Pianta. The Pianta shook a giant fist at him as he moved on, trying to pretend that he didn't notice anything that just happened. "Well, Blaze is my best friend!" he decided to start with that.

"That's nice," Pauline smiled.

Silver bobbed his head in a nod, grinning. "It sure is! Blaze is from another dimension from me and Sonic's though. She's a princess!"

"A princess?!" Pauline was shocked.

"That's right!" Silver caterwauled. "Princess Blaze the Cat! That's who she is!"

"You talk as if you're very fond of her," Pauline pointed out after getting over her shock of this Blaze being a princess. "Do you have feelings that go beyond friendship for her?"

Silver's cheeks colored. "D-Don't be ridiculous, woman! That's…that's so not true!"

"If you say so," Pauline didn't believe him.

"Ahem," Silver straightened himself out. "That reminds me of something though. I'm still shocked that Shadow actually has a girlfriend and I…don't!"

Pauline cocked her head to the side. "Shadow? Who's Shadow?"

"Oh," Silver chuckled sheepishly, scratching the back of his neck. "That's right! You don't know who Shadow is. Ah, well. Never mind then. Anyway, back to Blaze! Ahem. Well, Blaze is a princess of her dimension, as I've stated before. She's been gifted with the power of pyrokinesis since she was born, which allows her to create, control, and manipulate fire in any way she pleases!"

Pauline ruminated on the words that escaped Silver's mouth, trying to form a picture of this Blaze the Cat character in her mind. Whenever she tried to though, she would come up with nothing except for normal-looking felines. "She sounds like a very interesting person!"

"She is…" Silver murmured softly, recalling their argument. "Blaze is also sometimes anti-social. She's calm, elegant, and levelheaded and tends to conceal her true feelings. In some cases, she behaves uncharacteristically, but she's a really good person!"

"You want to see her again, don't you?" questioned Pauline, wriggling her eyebrows in a playful manner which caused Silver to blush like crazy.

Silver waved a hand at her. "Er…uh…" he shrugged. "Of course I want to see her again. She's my friend!"


"She told me she was going to Gelato Beach, so maybe we could go there next, you know? I'm sure she's still there!" Silver exclaimed, eager to see the purple feline again. "Plus, I…really want to talk to her about something."

"Does this 'something' involve love?" came Sonic's voice as he strolled on over to them.

Silver stiffened up at his words. "Why would you say something like that? D-Don't be a fool!" he blurted out, stuttering uncontrollably.

"I am no fool," Sonic wagged a finger at him, smiling. "I'm just teasing you, Silver."

"Oh…" Silver placed a hand over his chest.

Mario suddenly joined the group. "Well, Baby Daisy and Baby Peach are safely with Toadsworth and the Toads now," he declared. "I think we can head on to the next area now."

"Which is…?" Sonic prompted.

"Gelato Beach!" blared Silver.

Everyone looked at him.

"It's…the most obvious choice!"

"Can't argue with that!" commented Sonic with a nod of his head.

"I'm down with that!" voiced Mario.

"Count me in, of course," remarked Pauline, giving Silver a knowing look, which he purposely ignored.

"Alright, let's go then!" announced Silver as he turned away from them and led the way to a tower in Delfino Plaza. The big glowing M was on there waiting for them.

As soon as they got close to it, the M pulled them right into it, sending them to the beautiful resort that is Gelato Beach!

The quartet was introduced to one of the most beautiful places of all time of Isle Delfino! It was sunny and the weather was just right! There was clear blue waters, soft, warm sand, and everything else that was all great and awesome. Gelato Beach was a highly ravishing resort that looked like you could just kick back and relax without doing anything really. It made everyone just want to sit and bathe in the sun's light while they watched the cool waves brush up against the shore.

There was some other interesting things about Gelato Beach as well though. The gang found out that Gelato Beach was a beach resort that was located on the stomach part of the dolphin shaped island that is Isle Delfino. They also discovered that Geltao Beach is the largest and sunniest beach on Isle Delfino and also the resting place of a great legendary Sand Bird egg, which was located inside the Shine Tower. The Shine Tower was easily visible to the group of four from where they stood. Also, red and blue Cataquacks were roaming about as well as Dune Buds. They weren't really sure what those were for yet…

"Oh, wow!" Pauline gasped in complete awe, amazed by the sheer beauty Gelato Beach portrayed. It was like a wonderful painting that had come to life! "This is so beautiful! Look at it!" she exclaimed.

"No wonder Blaze decided to come here…" Silver breathed, wanting to explore Gelato Beach some more and hoping to find his best friend. "…this place is so cool!"

Sonic released a whistle as he gazed upon the massive beach's greatness. "What a view!"

"It is quite the looker," commented FLUDD.

"Amazing!" Mario let out, wishing Peach was here to see this wonderful beach. He knew she'd love it and he also knew that Amy would've loved it too. If only they were here…

Suddenly, a brown and dancing Pianta man turned to look at them, flashing them a warning expression. "Hey, you!" he snapped violently. "Don't get the water dirty here! And don't step on the Dune Buds!"

"Now this guy's got me curious about these Dune Buds," muttered Sonic to Silver.

"You're telling me…" trailed Silver.

"Thanks for you cooperation!" the Pianta finalized before going back to his ecstatic dancing.

Silver suddenly spoke up loudly to gain everyone's attention. "Hey, I have a question!"

"What is it, Silver?" asked Pauline.

"Why do all of the Piantas wear leaf-like skirts?" Silver voiced his question.

Sonic burst out laughing and so did Mario while Pauline just put on a thoughtful look.

"I do not believe it is a skirt," FLUDD threw in his opinion, voice barely heard over the howling laughter of Mario and Sonic. "It is just…the Pianta clothing style."

Silver was satisfied with that answer.

"Where do we go first? Didn't you say your friend, Blaze, was here somewhere?" Pauline demanded to know from the silver colored hedgehog.

Silver nodded. "Yeah!"

"There's a lot of water around here," Sonic talked when he was done laughing his head off. "I really, really, really, really, really, really, REALLY don't like it!"

Mario shot him a look. "I thought you were the Blooper-surfing legend?!"

"I am!"

"Then why are you afraid of water?!" retorted Mario, frowning in perplexity.

"Because…water is my greatest fear!" Sonic answered, arms folded. "So there!"

Silver scratched his head at what Sonic said, a flummoxed expression adorning his features. "What Sonic said doesn't make much sense."

"I know…" said Pauline.

Huffing and turning away from the blue hedgehog, the red plumber made his way off of the small island of sand they were on and waddled in the water, heading towards another small island of sand with two towering trees on it. There was also a large swing there too. As he waddled through the very clear water, the water became deeper and Mario started swimming the short distance, FLUDD still on his back. Once there, Mario found a gray box that looked oddly familiar.

"This is one of my nozzles, the…" FLUDD's voice lowered and he trailed a bit, realizing something. "…Oh, you cannot use it yet. It is only a hologram."

"Darn…" murmured Mario.

After a moment, the red-capped hero roamed the little island. When he was done, he climbed up onto the large swing and used FLUDD to spray water in a direction, causing the swing to somehow move back and forth. As the swing swung this way and that way, Mario retrieved coins that were floating in the air randomly. He also found a Blue Coin!

Done with that, Mario leapt off of the swing and into the air, releasing a cheerful cry as he descended downwards. Then, with a loud splash, he impacted the water and began treading in it, enjoying the way the water felt against his skin and clothes. He really didn't mind at all.

"Mario looks like he's having such a good time," Silver surveyed.

"What? Do you want to join him?" Pauline questioned.

Sonic rapidly shook his head even though the female wasn't speaking to him. "No way am I going in there! I can't swim!" he hollered, raising a gloved hand and conjuring up his newly obtained abilities. Instantly, the water in front of him began to part, revealing the sand beneath. Sonic started walking along the sand and towards the shore, dry and safe from the water.

"Wow, that power of his sure comes in handy," Silver watched the blue hedgehog approach the shore with the water on either side of him. "I wonder what would happen if I did this…"

Now shimmering with a blue aura, Silver grabbed the liquid on either side of Sonic with his psychokinesis powers and started pushing it towards Sonic. There was a bit of force, but Silver was strong enough to break through it.

Screeching and yowling in fright, Sonic moved his green eyes upwards, seeing the water coming down upon him. Not wasting any time, Sonic used his awesome speed to run the rest of the way to the shore before getting wet. Silver sighed in disappointment at this and Sonic stuck his tongue out at him, making a face at the hedgehog from the future.

"Well, you tried," Pauline remarked with a shrug of her shoulders, grinning crookedly.

"Yes, yes. I tried," sighed Silver.

Anyway, Pauline and Silver both swam across to the shore that wasn't so far away and met up with Sonic and Mario. Once there, they observed all of the red and blue Cataquacks on there just roaming about. They looked pretty dangerous. A blue Cataquack even started waddling towards them.

"What in the world is that thing?" Silver wanted to know.

"It's a Cataquack," Mario replied.

"What do they do?" questioned Sonic.

Suddenly, the blue Cataquack used its giant beak to grab Silver who yelped in surprise. After that, the Cataquack flung the hedgehog upwards into the sky. Silver shouted in fear as this happened and then he fell back into the sand below on his head.

"That's what they do."

"Now I know!" groaned Silver.

A Noki, who had been observing them for quite some time, walked over and began spitting out words at them. "Now, this here is what we call a Dune Bud," he informed them, pointing at a bud sprouting out of the sand. "Dune Buds are odd plants that appear only on this beach. If you water them, strange things will happen."

"Thanks for the info, dude," Sonic gave the Noki a thumbs up and a grin.

"No problem, odd creature from another land," the Noki responded.

Sonic didn't know if he should be offended or not, but shrugged it off and turned to his friends. "So? Mario, why don't you use FLUDD to give the Dune Bud a little bit of water, eh?"

"Yeah, do it, Mario," Pauline urged. "I'd really like to see what would happen."

Mario was about to do so, but a voice halted him abruptly, almost causing him to topple over.


Simultaneously and in perfect symmetry, the group of four spun around to see a lavender furred feline trekking towards them with an indifferent expression painting her facial features. She didn't seem particularly happy or cross to see the adventurers there on such short notice.

"Blaze!" Silver exclaimed, taking a step towards her. However, he took that same step back when Blaze the Cat sent him a dark glare. "B-Blaze…are you really still angry with me?"

Sonic jumped forward. "Blaze, long time no see!"

Blaze moved her eyes to the blue speedster, mild surprise taking over her expression. "Sonic? What are you doing here? I wasn't expecting this…"

"I wasn't expecting to see you here either!" Sonic talked back, smiling in the feline's direction.

Blaze pursed her lips and ignored Silver who was trying to get her attention. Instead, she put her attention on Mario and Pauline. "Mario, isn't it?" she asked the plumber.

"That's me!" Mario chirped.

"And I am FLUDD," FLUDD gave a very brief introduction to himself.

Blaze turned to Pauline. "And you are…?"

"You can call me Pauline," Pauline answered with a slight nod of her head. "It's nice to finally meet you, Blaze. Silver's told me a lot about you."

Hearing this, Blaze finally brought her attention back to the sad hedgehog. He was now gazing at her with a very solemn expression plastered upon his face. Blaze, however, ignored the look and wore an expression of indifference.

"Blaze…" Silver started, voice broken. "I didn't mean to make you so upset! It wasn't my intention either. I don't know how you want me to fix this 'error' I've made, but I want you to know that…I'm REALLY sorry!"

Blaze stared at him for a very long moment before sighing, her features softening up. She just couldn't stay mad at her good friend. Walking over, she patted the hedgehog on the shoulder kindly. "Don't worry, Silver. It was a stupid thing to get mad about anyway."

Silver's face brightened up and he pulled the cat into a hug. "Thanks, Blaze!"

Blaze was surprised by the sudden action, but awkwardly returned it, face flushing. When they parted, everyone was smiling at them.

"Aw, what a happy ending!" Mario commented.

"But it's nowhere near our adventure's ending!" remarked Sonic.

"That is very true," Pauline murmured.

Blaze heard what they said and assumed that something crucial was up. "What's going on, really? What are you all doing here?" she asked.

And so, the quartet launched into a long story of what was going on. They explained everything and left out no details. Blaze listened to every single word that was thrown out. By the time they finished, Blaze understood and was willing to give her help.

"I'd like to help you guys rescue Princess Peach and Amy, if you don't mind," Blaze caterwauled. "I can't just stay here and relax on Gelato Beach while you all work hard to finding them."

"Great!" Silver cheered. "Blaze has joined us!"

"That's awesome," Sonic gave the purple feline a thumbs up. "We need all the help we can get!"

"Yeah!" Mario was thrilled.

Pauline smiled. "Glad to have you on our side."

A smile formed on Blaze's facial features and she gave a short nod. "Glad to help."

Sonic clapped his hands to get their attention, satisfied by the outcome of Silver and Blaze's situation. "Okay! So, we need to find the next Shine Sprite. I'm assuming that it has something to do with these freaky Dune Buds!"

"Which reminds me…" Mario trailed as he turned back to the Dune Bud he was about to spray water on. He used FLUDD to squirt water on it.

Blaze's eyes widened. "Wait, you don't want to do-"

It was too late, however.

Once Mario squirted water onto the Dune Bud, the sand beneath Mario's feet lurched upwards and formed a large shape, sending Mario into the air. Mario yowled the whole time this happened. When he reached the ground, nobody attempted to catch him.

"Thanks for not catching me, guys! It's really appreciated!" Mario sarcastically spat out.

"You're welcome!" Silver happily responded.

Mario groaned.

"Dune Buds do that when you pour water on them," Blaze declared calmly. "They all…form different shapes."

"That's kind of weird, but cool at the same time!" Sonic piped up.

"Also, you have to be wary of all of the Cataquacks walking around the beach," said the purple feline. "They chase you if you get too close, and they continue to chase you until they've successfully thrown you up into the air."

Pauline sighed. "Silver found that out the hard way," she told her, eyes roaming over the red and blue Cataquaks trekking along the beach.

"Mario, why don't you come over here and water this Dune Bud?" Sonic asked Mario while running over to a Dune Bud that was surrounded by Cataquacks. "I think something interesting will happen!"

Reluctant but willing, the red plumber waltzed over and everyone else followed. He used FLUDD once again to squirt water on the odd plant below. Right when that happened, a large sandcastle appeared in the distance in front of them with an entrance.

"Look!" Silver yawped while pointing. "A giant sandcastle!"

"We can see that, Silver…" sighed Blaze.

"Let's go inside!" Pauline suggested.

That was exactly what the quintet did. They all headed over to the overgrown sandcastle and ventured through the entrance, not expecting to be transported elsewhere. They were in that same white area where Shadow Mario came and stole FLUDD. Blaze wondered what was going on and all was explained to her by her friends.

When they appeared in the Secret Stage, Blaze moved her eyes in all directions, clearly flummoxed about what was currently occurring!

"Hey, look at those sand blocks!" Sonic stated, eyeing the sand blocks in front of them. "Do you think we can stand on them or something?"

"Obviously," commented Pauline. "Why else would they be there?"

"Don't worry, I'll catch you guys if you fall!" Silver announced with a smile.

Blaze peered at them. "Can someone explain to me of where we are?"

"Oh, we're in a Secret Stage," Mario answered the female cat. "Well, that's what Sonic likes to call them."

"Exactly!" Sonic yapped. "Oh, did I mention to you, Blaze, that I'm the Blooper-surfing legend?!"

Blaze gave him a puzzled look.

"Apparently, I didn't! Ha!"

Silver stepped over to Blaze and muttered, "Don't listen to him. He just LOVES to boast about how he's the Blooper-surfing legend, which is weird."

"I don't even want to know…" trailed Blaze.

"Come on, guys," Pauline said. "The Shine Sprite awaits!"

So, the quintet moved forward, stepping onto the sand blocks. Immediately, the sand blocks began to slowly fall apart because of their weight. They hurried on to the next block and then to the next. They almost didn't make it to the Shine Sprite because of all the sand blocks that they had to stand on!

"So this is a Shine Sprite?" Blaze asked while gazing at the shining object in front of her.

"Yup!" Mario replied.

"Go ahead and grab it," said Sonic.

"Yeah," Pauline urged.

"Yeah, Blaze. Grab it!" Silver poked her side, wanting her to hurry and grab the thing.

Blaze shot him a glare when he poked her, but she reached out and grasped the Shine Sprite tightly in her two gloved hands. Immediately, she felt a warming sensation run throughout her body. It felt really nice. It was then that she decided that she liked the Shine Sprites.