The Legendary's Children

By: Aubrie1234

Dear Readers, This is another Pokemon fanfic! This is the story of how Paul and Dawn find out new things about themselves and go on a journey to find their fathers. I will start the story now.

It began as a normal day for Paul. Just waking up in the forest, walking to the next town, then challenging the Gym Leader for a badge before checking into the Pokemon Center or sleeping outside. But this time, he was headed to Veilstone City for a bit of rest from his travels. Even staying with his brother for a while didn't seem bad, even though it thought it many times before. As he walked through the forest, he felt like someone was watching him.

Paul's POV

I felt like something was wrong, like someone was watching me. I had stopped and looked around several times, but saw nothing. I thought I might be imagining it, but it felt so real. I stopped once again and brought out my Pokedex, thinking it might be a pokemon. I was right.

"Darkrai, the Pitch-Black Pokemon." it explained, "Although it is most active on nights with a full moon, legend says that it is on moonless nights that Darkrai lures people to sleep and gives them horrible nightmares."

But it's daytime. I thought, Why would Darkrai be out right now? My thoughts were then interrupted by some sounds coming from behind me. I whipped around and came face-to-face with Darkrai.

"What do you want?" I growled.

"You are in danger, human." it told me. I was a bit shocked until I realized Darkrai was using telepathy to tell me.

"You are being hunted, and I came to warn you." it continued.

"Who's hunting me?" I asked.

"A organization of villains known as Team Galactic. They want to kidnap you, as I have overheard. No-one, not even a human, deserves to be put through what they're planning."

"Why do they want me? I haven't caused any trouble for them."

"I don't know, human. But I suggest you get to the next town as soon as possible. If they find you alone, they won't hesitate to capture you. So heed my warning." it told me. Then, it slowly sank into the shadows and disappeared.