Time had passed and autumn was drawing in, the leaves on the numerous trees littering the grounds of Hogwarts had begun to turn, now, instead of bright greenery, there were dazzling shades of gold, browns and oranges both on the trees and carpeting the lawns beneath them. The weather was cooler and the students now donned gloves and scarves to walk the vast expanse of lawn around the castle.

Since that evening in the trophy room where Harry and Draco had confessed the truth of how deeply they were affected by each other's presence things had progressed slightly between the two of them, but still they held back, even though each kiss left him more breathless than the last Harry was still 100% sure on his decision to take things slow and steady he was ready for things to happen when they felt right and he was glad that Draco didn't make him feel rushed. Although this was mostly his decision, Harry still left each meeting with a lot of pent up tension that had no release. So, it was with a sigh of relief that Harry greeted the beginning of the Quidditch season. Quidditch gave both the boys something else to concentrate on it was seemingly the perfect release. For now.


Since their break-up Ron and Hermione had begun to form an uneasy truce, it was tentative and in its early stages and purely for Harry's benefit, it had perhaps been helped along by the fact that Ron had decided to strategically avoid Pansy at all costs as, after hearing her confessions on the hospital wing and his subsequent break up with Hermione, he wasn't exactly sure what he wanted to say to her. Ron and Hermione were far from friends but currently they were civil enough to make Harry's life marginally easier.

Harry was content with his life, happy in his relationship and keen and rebuilding what was lost between Ron and Hermione. Blaise and Neville were going from strength to strength and Harry had an overwhelming desire to speak to Neville and find out if he and Blaise were having similar 'problems' to himself and Draco. The only thing that marred Harry's days was his constant worry for Sirius, each day there was no news was bittersweet for Harry, on one hand his godfather had not been caught and sent back to prison for a crime he did not commit but on the other he was still out there, probably sleeping rough and fending for himself he could be injured or even worse and it kept Harry awake at night.


Draco entered the Trophy Room one Friday evening to find his boyfriend looking absolutely miserable. Harry was sat, slumped against the wall, eyes closed with the most dejected look on his face. Draco crossed the room and crouched in front of the smaller boy, he reached out his hand and slowly stroked a thumb across Harry's cheek. Green eyes flew open and Harry smiled, leaning in to Draco's touch slightly, 'bad day?' Draco asked as he lowered himself to sit cross legged in front of Harry. Harry snorted and pushed himself forward to kiss Draco firmly on the lips. 'You could say that,' he replied with a wry smile. Draco pulled himself around so that his back was against the wall and pulled Harry in to his lap. He rested his chin against Harry's shoulder and breathed hotly on Harry's ear causing the smaller boy to shudder, 'do you want to talk about it? He asked pulling his boyfriend flush against his chest. 'hmmm?' Harry asked, momentarily distracted by the feel of Draco's hard torso behind him. Draco chuckled and sat up a little straighter, 'seriously though Harry what's wrong?'

Harry sighed and lay his head back on the broad shoulder behind him, 'so much' he grumbled as he stretched his shirt legs out across the stone floor in front of him. Draco laced his fingers with Harry's 'like?' He prompted. Harry closed his eyes with yet another sigh, 'where do I even start?' Draco chuckled and placed a kiss on top of Harry's head, 'the beginning is normally the way to start.' Harry dug an elbow in to Draco's ribs but it was half-hearted and there was no malice behind it , 'smart ass' he grumbled, settling further in to Draco's embrace to start at the beginning, 'Well obviously I'm still worried for Sirius, The Prophet posts so many sightings each day , but how many of them do you believe, if any at all?' Draco squeezed Harry's hand lightly, 'he escaped the inescapable, if anyone is ok out there then it is Sirius,' Harry tilted his head to look up as his favourite shade of grey ' I know, but I can't help it, he doesn't even know I know he is innocent, he must be thinking all sorts.' Draco didn't know what to say to reassure his boyfriend, he brought his hand up to run through the deceivingly soft mop of hair that rested beneath his chin. 'I know babe but he will one day, I know it'e easier said than done but try not to worry about it until you see him,' Draco felt rather than heard Harry's resigned sigh and once again wrapped his arms around the boys middle; 'So what else had got you looking so glum?'

'Ron and Hermione,' Harry replied missing the rolling of Draco's eyes.

'What now? I thought they were sort of getting along?'

'They were,' Harry sighed again, it was swiftly becoming his new habit, 'but there was an incident involving a cat and a rat today and now they aren't speaking, so on top of not being able to go to Hogsmeade I'm now stuck between my two best friends yet again.'

Draco brought both his hands to rest in Harry's shoulders, 'I wish you would have let me forge a signature on the permission slip for you, I can't bear to think of you stuck here on your own,' Harry sat up and twisted around so that he could get a better look at Draco, 'you know as well as I do that a forgery would be detected a mile off and I would be in so much trouble, plus I doubt they'd let me go even if I had a permission slip due to the fact that everyone think there is a mass murderer out to get me.' Draco rested his forehead against Harry's temple, 'I hate to say this but you're probably right about that and I suppose even you have to be right sometimes,' With that comment Draco was dealt another blow to the ribs, this time with a little more force but there was still no malice behind it. Draco huffed and dug his fingers into Harry's sides knowing how ticklish his boyfriend was, Harry threw his hands out to stop Draco, laughing as the onslaught continued. He writhed in Draco's lap laughing and trying desperately to fight back, suddenly she stopped dead, jaw dropping as he felt Draco grow hard beneath him.

The room was quiet as both boys took in what was happening, Draco felt slightly embarrassed by his predicament but was more interested in how Harry was going to react, Things had certainly progressed between the two of them, as in a heated kiss that resulted in one or other of them growing hard was not something that needed to be ran away from. Even so this wasn't something that they ever discussed, each preferring to leave it until 'the next time' but even so this was far more intimate than anything they had experienced before. Draco inwardly cursed his teenage body and its quick reaction to the beautiful boy in his lap who was currently staring at him with wide eyes. Draco closed his eyes willing his hardness to vanish when Harry did something he had not expected in a million years, he moved again. Draco's eyes shot open at the resulting shot of pure fire shot through his body, when he saw the blush creeping up his boyfriends neck it took all his self-control not to launch himself at the boy, 'Harry' he whispered embarrassed at the huskiness if his own voice, he glanced questioningly at the smaller boy. In response Harry bit into his bottom lip and pushed back once-again against Draco. Draco's head fell forward with thump on to Harry's shoulder as he small groan left him. 'What are you trying to do to me?' He whispered. He knew he had said something wrong when he felt harry freeze and the shift in his lap as though he was about to stand up, almost of their own accord Draco's arms shot out gripping Harry's hips and effectively holding the other boy in place. 'What?' Harry asked looking completely surprised at Draco's sudden movement, seeing Draco's face he dropped his gaze tp the floor mistaking the look in Draco's eyes for anger, I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that please don't hate me.'

If it wasn't for the look of pure fear on Harry's face Draco would have laughed, stopping was the furthest thing from his mind, along with hating Harry. He reached out a hand and took hold of Harry's chin gently tilting it so that he could see the boy's face, 'SSh no it's ok, I don't want you to get off, I mean...' Suddenly Draco found himself at a loss for words he really didn't know what to say,' I mean... it's ok if you want to,' he tried again '.. move I mean... I mean get off.' Draco had never felt so flustered in his whole life, this was ridiculous, he knew what he wanted, what he wanted to say but he didn't want to scare Harry.

Harry watched Draco struggle to find the words to say and eventually took pity on him, 'so what I think you're trying to say is that it's ok that I'm still sat in your lap?' Harry watched draco's face for any signs that he had mis-read the situation but Draco merely nodded not wanting to risk opening his unreliable mouth, 'and it's ok, if I... you know... move a bit.' Draco nodded once more mouth suddenly dry. 'Do you? … is it?... I mean is it ok? Is it … is it nice?' Draco looked up into the earnest eyes and spoke for what felt like the first time in centuries, 'It feels incredible Harry, what about you what does it feel like fir you?'

Harry took a moment before replying, 'it felt nice, different, but nice, that's what made me do it again.' Draco nodded, again he was unsure of what to say that would not break the charged moment they were both sharing. During the conversation the hardness in his trousers had almost gone but then Harry moved again, that one tiny movement sent a spark straight to the tip. It was not lost of Draco that he was rock hard and his dick was pressed against the firm buttocks of his boyfriend. He knew if Harry continued this would only end one way, 'Harry, if you carry on, there is a chance I might, you know?' It took Harry a second and Draco saw the moment that it hit him, the look of realisation and even a little fear crossed Harry's face. 'Ok, so erm,' Harry looked down at his fingers, 'so do you want me to stop?' Draco shook his head and took hold of Harry's hands, he swallowed hard and looked Harry in the eye, 'if it's ok with you it's ok with me?'

Without another word Harry began to move once more, the movements were small and stilted as Harry nervously watched for Draco's every reaction, he could not deny how nice this felt or the pleasure that was coursing through his veins at that very moment, each press against the hardness in his boyfriend's trousers sent shivers up his spine, feeling it hard against his buttocks was undeniably amazing, and if this felt this good then he could only imagine how good other things would feel, as his thoughts gave way to all the things that they might do in the future his movements unconsciously sped up, he knew this was where they were headed and was determined to enjoy every second.

Draco felt the change in Harry's movements and bit down hard on his bottom lip. The pressure was building up, he knew he didn't have long left no matter how much he wanted this incredible feeling to continue. Draco took a chance and looked up at his boyfriend and this was his undoing the look of pure pleasure on the other boy's face lit a fire within him, he felt his toes curl as he cried out. It was with Harry's name on his lips that Draco came hard into his best trousers.