Anthro Pokémon Stories #1: Chapters 1-5
(this file contains prologue and chapters 1-5)

Anthro Pokémon Stories:
#1 - The Mess-up

An Anthro Pokémon darkfic by Flashfire


It was dark outside. The wind was howling and it was generally a very tossed-up atmosphere. Other then that, it was quiet. Inside the room, it was silent to, save for a clock ticking every second on the wall. He was pacing back and forth, thinking. Near him was a table. On it, pen and several sheets of paper. After several minutes of pacing, he sat down at the table and started writing…He stopped after a bit, and thought for a while. He then carried on writing…


This is what has happened since I was born. Why I am writing this, I don't know, but it will be useful to someone. For a better understanding of this, I'll go through the history I know of…

1970 - Silph Co. was founded. Sold Pokéballs, invented in 1950. Before 1950, you had to acquire trust and hope they would stay with you. Needless to say, some of the great battles took place before then…
1977 - Leading scientists from Silph set out to create better catching balls then the previous standard pokéball. Two ideas were set up: The Great Ball and the Ultra Ball. Neither would always catch, but they would catch more often then the Pokéball.
1978 - The Great Ball was released and sold. Original cost: $20 each. Cost now is about $5. And the design never changed. Just the fact the other balls were released dropped the price.
1980 - The Pokemon League was established. 4 people headed it, Lorelia, Bruno, Agatha, and Sabrina. At this time it ran itself. It was independent of Silph Co, or any of the rapidly diminishing pokémon goods manufacturers that were left.
1982 - Lance was accepted into the Elite Four prima to Sabrina being too powerful. Sabrina went off to run the Saffron Gym. Word was never heard from her until some time in '96 but it was known that she kept running the gym. Only Ash and a few others ever got a Marsh Badge. Probably because she was Elite…

1985 - Lancashire, England. - 16 Sep was my birthday. As you can guess I personally know nothing of this day or before it…only what I have been told. What else happened this year - The level of pokémon eligible to compete in the Pokémon League was raised to 100 from its previous level of 75. Mainly because all the Elite's lv75 Pokémon stayed lv75, but were probably rated higher anyway. Meaning nobody was going to be able to beat them. Yet no one did for several years anyway...

1990 - Silph Co. invented the Ultra Ball - capable of more then the Great Ball, sold at $25. From the release of this, competition against the Elites became tougher. People weren't expecting too long before they were beaten.
1995 - The first trainer won over the Elite Four. His name was Gary Oak. Ash Ketchum, the second trainer to defeat the Elite Four, beat him and the others about a day or two after. Ash stayed champion after this for a long while
1998 - Several trainers won over Ash using overly leveled pokémon. One had a strange not-yet-seen pokémon that was described by the experts as a "Missingno". Ash was reinstated as the champion after these trainers were found out.

~ 2000 - I turned 15 in this year, and was given my pokémon trainers license. Then I set out on my journey. I don't need to detail it, I was given a Pikachu and an amount of money, and then I went around various places catching more and selling some off. You may think that was harsh to the Pokémon, but there isn't really any other way to make a living out there. I kept the best and trained them up, using them to get more, I continued on…

2001 - Ash Ketchum was assassinated - Links led to the group he had beaten but nothing was proven. Gary was also seen prior to Ash's demise, for the first time since his loss against him, nothing was proven there either. Since Gary disappeared again soon after, the first female trainer to beat the Elite Four, Meg, was placed in the champions position.
2003 - Silph Co publicly release their Master Ball. Sales went through the roof. Silph Co made so much profit, they became a global industry in pokéball making and dealing. 98% of all pokéballs were Silph Co. All Great Balls and higher were Silph too, as they had patents on them. Silph Co became the largest business in the history of the world so far. The only people with more money were the over-bribed politicians. Politics had become screwed when the government was bribed to make bribing the government legal. From there, it started to decline. Silph Co used this gap in the government to expand. Late in this year, they gained part power in the government itself. 30% of people were willing to let Silph Co handle everything. The others weren't so sure. Neither was the government in power. Global government was only forced in last year, and Silph had some control already…anyone could try and guess where it would end up…
2005 - Meg attains 4 years in the champions spot. Silph Co. took over sponsoring and running of the Pokémon League. Open challenge is made of a ¥10000 prize for beating the Elites, including Meg. No one succeeded to do so that year. Silph Co increased their hold on the government, and things stopped declining. At the end of this year, Silph Co took 90% majority in the government. They were doing okay too. Though they made sure the main thing sold were pokémon goods - Particularly Master Balls. They did make lots of profit off of them, after all. Except the number of wild pokémon was starting to diminish. So soon the profits would stop. And there would be no wild pokémon left. Silph Co said they would come to an answer to this but they never did.

16 Sep 2006 - Though I covered 35 years in the above, I will cover up to now in a long story format…


1)- The Return - 16/09/06

I arrived back in England for my 21st. It was only fair that I do that, I mean everyone else went home on their birthday, why shouldn't I? Mom wasn't surprised to see me, though she hadn't for three years, I had been training extra hard for this week, I was due in Florida by Friday, only 4 days, I was fighting the Elites and had beaten the first four in consecutive matches. I was given a week leave from the battling to heal up and do something. Lucky me.

In the 6 years I had been pokémon training, I had caught only 35 pokémon. Though I only ever used 6 at once, and they were always the same six: Senkouhi (Flareon), Myuutsu (Mewtwo), Hinoko (Jolteon), Hayai (Eevee), Kakon (Burakki), and my first and still best pokémon, Mashu (Raichu). Mashu was my first pokémon, I got him as a Pikachu but he had a run in with a thunderstone in early 2002 and evolved. He didn't mind though. And it didn't change him too much either. My next best was Myuutsu. Wild Mewtwos are very hard to come by…But since they started cloning Mewtwos instead of Mews, about 6 years ago, they managed to find the Mewtwo that would obey…And I happened to have passed by a colony, one of many that was set up to have these Mewtwos exist everywhere…Anyway, I got one…
"Well, it's your 21st, eh?" Dad said. I wasn't really bothered about it, I was too busy thinking of whom I was going to have to face.

At this time, the Elites were same as they had always been, apart from Sabrina early on, but that was sorted then. I had gone through and beaten the first four. Under old rule, you would have had to fight the current Pokémon Elite Champion, which then was Ash (stress the was, he was assassinated 5 years before), straight after. However, they had to change that last year, when trainers were being beaten by Meg's first pokémon, against all 6 of theirs. So Silph Co gave you a week to heal up. I was currently in that week. I had 3 days left in England before I was going to set back off for America. I was going to use it to train; and believe me in saying that we were going to train real hard...So after the initial hellos I slipped to the local gym.


2)- The Gym - 16/09/06

It wasn't too far to the local gym. Just half a mile walk and you were on the other side of the road it was on. Couldn't miss it. Normally all the trainers from nearby that didn't go nomadic and travel around, as I had done, came here to practice, learn new things, and generally hang around. Myself, I hadn't been here for about a year. Understandably so, seeing as I had been elsewhere for most of that year.

(Background info: There were a total of 25 gyms in England. Of these, only 2 gave badges. The others were League-sanctioned training gyms. The US had 8 gyms that gave badges. In the East, there were only 6 between the whole of that area. And, yes, Australia had one of them.

Now, the UK had it's own mini League, which only required winning badges from the two gyms we had. Though those two counted for entry to the US one too. Though you needed to get 6 more. This wasn't the easiest thing in the world, but it was done. And then I faced the Elites, as I said, and I was due to face Meg in about a week…)

I turned the corner around the street, I expected to see the gym on the left hand side, thus I did - Except the gates were locked and there was a sign, visible but not readable from this distance. What was Daryl up to now, I thought…

(More background info: Daryl was the Gym Leader at this time. I had met Daryl back at training, when Rebecca was the leader. Daryl was always disorganized but he was loyal to the gym, Rebecca liked him, it was plainly obvious. She had left when Silph Co had offered her a position up at the head Silph office, in their research or something. She passed control to Daryl and left. I had to make a note to visit her one of these weeks.)

Reaching the gates, I looked around. The gym inside was in bad condition, the roof was holed and several bits of the walls were missing. I got over the initial shock and read the sign. It read like this…

This Gym has been closed by the SPLC (Silph Pokemon League Council) for the following reason:
The gym leader, Daryl Keokua, has not been heard from by the SPLC for several months. A representative was sent to visit; Daryl was not there, just his 4 pokéballs (empty). Local enquiries indicated he had been missing for a while. The representative thought it best to close this down until another trainer of the town took stay here instead of moving around, as Daryl was the only able trainer to keep the gym.

There was the standard SPLC address, and stuff. The sign was torn slightly, and was dated 6 months ago. Meaning he would have left not long after I set back out a year ago. I read again. He left with his pokémon but without his pokéballs? That made no sense…Hold on, 4 pokéballs? He only had 3 pokémon; they were Flareon, Vulpix, and Arcanine. Then I realized. He'd caught another. Good for him. But then, he only ever caught fire pokémon, and there hasn't been any fire pokémon around here for ages…Maybe he got a different type. It's always smart not to be weak to water…

I looked around for several more minutes, before turning away. At the other end of the street, when he got there, I heard a shout, "Hey, kid…" and turned to where it had come from. Standing there was this old man, 70+, cane and all.
"Yeah…what?" I asked, rudely but not snapping.
"There's a rumour about what Daryl went for. I know that it is true, I saw it…" he said.
"Well, go on - What would that rumour be then?" I asked.
"The hole in the roof…that was made by a fire bird. The legendary Moltres! I saw it, I did!" he said.
Being the knowledgeable sort, I was aware that Moltres used to reside atop the Stadium, or it did 3 years ago, before Silph offered refuge to the legendary trio, and the fact remains that they haven't been seen since. Silph say they're ok every single press conference, so I would think they are…But that small fact made his story kind of hard to believe…
"And Daryl, the other pokémon, how did they leave?" I asked.
"We don't know - Though I'm sure the bird burnt them all to ashes…there could be no other explanation…"
I turned to head away, "Thanks for the info…Oh yeah, do you know which pokémon he caught to make it four that he owned?"
The man shrugged, "Last pokémon he caught was a Pidgeotto…"
Thinking, I walked away.


3)- The Inevitable Return to US - 16/09 onto 23/09

Well, this week was a quick one. It consisted of lots of training, on a grassy field, called just that, "GRASSY FIELD". Someone to be funny had written on the sign so that it read "GRASSY FIELD OF NO RETURN" - Needless to say, we returned back to the house, on the evening of the day before the one I was due back for the final battle. I packed food and things, enough to last me a couple of days, Mom threw some extra in, Dad tossed me 6 black catching balls.
"Master balls, son - Keep better control of those 6 you keep with you…" he repeated from the advert.
"Dad…they're in great balls and I have full control on them…" I told him.
"Just in case…besides, the black looks better then that green anyway." he responded.
So, fine, I transferred my 6 to the black balls, inside the machine that was made for that very purpose, and handed the green great balls back to him. Doing this then was to prove to be a major problem in the upcoming future…
I headed out and set off walking towards the airport, everything packed. I let Mashu out of his ball, and placed the ball back in my pocket. He hopped on my head and I continued walking. The airport was not far from here, only about a mile, but it seemed like forever as the endless slurry of buildings continued on and on down this particular road. This place had been hit rather hard by the depression caused by Silph taking control and passing all deals to them rather then the locals. There had been 8 local firms around here, 7 had closed up, and one of them was still open but losing business rapidly. Especially when Silph set up a chain PokéMart or 6 where the others had been. It was rather a grey day, too, but considering the pollution levels of your average mid-depression town in 2006, that wasn't surprising. Eventually I walked through the gates of the airport and headed over to the transatlantic flight of the day.

It wasn't very busy, not many people travelled in or out of this town by plane, I was due in Florida in roughly 2 days, the time I would wait gave me a chance to get there and get a room sorted for the couple of days. By no means was I nervous. I had heard of how Meg fought. Hard, intelligently, psychically - That was to be my biggest disadvantage coming into the fight - The rest I could counter with my own. As I sat in the waiting room, with 10 minutes to wait, I thought of what would happen if I won. Then, if I lost. I was not making myself anxious here; I was just considering things. I would leave it to the day to get bothered about it.


4)- The Meeting - 23/09/06 (Day 1)

At this moment, I was walking down the street towards the Elite's Gym, in Tampa. I knew where it was, I had been before, defeated the first 4, then gone away and come back. It was that time, where I would have to face the Elite champion, Meg. I was walking along, I felt no nervousness still, I was fully prepared, and I believed I could win. I walked into the large building, where there were about 6 people waiting for me.
"He has returned…Welcome, Matt," one of the Silph overseers said.
"Thanks…" I had seen all these people last time, so none of them were Meg, I was sure of that.
"I feel you may wish to meet Meghan before you battle…I am sure it will be a most interesting one…"
He wasn't indicating whether he was referring to the battle of the meeting with Meg…I did not ask…He turned and shouted towards the back room, "Meghan, could you come out here, please…?"
Everyone looked to the back room, I followed suit.

From the depths of the back room, out walked Meg. She was about 5'11, brown eyes, and brown hair; she was wearing a yellow blouse and a long cream-yellow skirt, much the same as many of the Silph Co female employees wore. The first thing you had to notice was the piercing look her eyes gave. Of course, there was not many a thing in this world that could bother me, so I acknowledged it but was not affected. She seemed startled at my reaction, which surprised me, but I didn't feel it important.
"So…I am to fight you, then…" she said, quietly.
"Correct…" I managed to say before the main person, Mr Silph effectively, called from a speaker set high up.
"Welcome Matt. Please proceed into the arena area; Meg will do so too, take your position upon the red square at the near side of the stadium, then just battle. I shall be watching, so make it a good loss…" He trailed off the end bit, laughed, and the speaker shut off.
"Weird…" I thought.

Then I stepped into the arena. It was quite a large area, very tall, with space marked for 4 separate arenas, though today we were going to be on the centre one. I took position upon the lit red square on one side of the arena, and waited for Meg to take her position. This she did, and facing each other, the arena was cleared. The square, and an area around it, rose up to a height of about 9 feet. Then, a railing slipped out of the floor, ensuring I wouldn't fall off. Meg spoke from the far end,
"This shall be a 2 on 2 battle - Please nominate 6 pokémon from which you shall select."
"My six…we have Senkouhi, Myuutsu, Kakon, Hayai, Hinoko, and Mashu." I knew I was not obligated to reveal which pokémon they were. "You can be sure I shall use those 6, as they are all I carry. Ask Lance what he thinks of them…"
Heh - I had beaten Lance hands down with just Senkouhi. Mashu was resting up from the fight with Agatha, I needed a strong pokémon to use against the ghosts, and so I had…
"Flareon, Jolteon, Mewtwo, Eevee, Burakki, Raichu - Just say so next time…" Meg said, with authority.
My jaw hit the floor. Well, not literally, mind.
"Psi is wonderful, don't you think? Oh, wait…you wouldn't know…" Meg responded to my thoughts instantly. I shuddered, before thinking a loud, "GET OUT OF MY HEAD" which made Meg step back a step.
"Now we have stopped with the mind games, shall we battle?" I asked.
Meg looked pissed off, "Sure…Lugia, go…"
She tossed a blue ball into the air. A flash, and out popped a large blue bird. I looked, thinking. She caught a LUGIA? Well, only one way to try this…
"So…My pokémon shall be…Myuutsu…" Picking up the black ball, I tossed it out. The platforms lowered to 2 feet. Evidently this was because they would be attacking in the air. Now, time for the fight…

"Myuutsu, Psychic Blast…" I said. Meg said nothing, as Myuutsu floated up in the air, gathering energy. From the tips of Myuutsu's balled palms came a bright blue light, as the energy started to swirl around his paws. He drew them back, and then threw them forward, towards the psychic bird pokémon of Meg's. Lugia flew aside under it's own command, and then flew up towards the roof. Meg was not moving much at this point. Then I thought. Psi again…She's telling them their attacks through psi?

Lugia headed up and up, turned abruptly as it would have hit the ceiling, then swooped down towards Myuutsu, glowing blue now.
"Myuutsu, watch out!" I shouted up. Myuutsu turned around and managed to swing out of the way, knocking Loggia's wing as he did. Lugia spun out and swooped awkwardly over my head before regaining control and flying back towards Myuutsu, powering up some sort of beam in its beak. My response time was bad, so I shouted out to Myuutsu at the moment he was hit by Lugia, from the other side. Lugia flew aside again, before turning back and unleashing an ice beam. Myuutsu spun around but was hit. It continued for a while, and I heard a clunk. Myuutsu was encased and it had dropped to the floor, not breaking. But, I should have been able to have Myuutsu use psi. Except, he seemed more stasis like then trapped-in-ice like. I returned Myuutsu, and watched the ball turn to ice. Didn't bother me, I could heal it later. For now, the battle would continue.
"Go Mashu - Show that Lugia the power of lightning…" I whispered to Mashu, still on my head. He hopped off my head and onto the arena floor. Lugia was wasting no time. As soon as Mashu was out, it went for him like a shot.
"Mashu, Lightning Strike, on three…" I said, as the Lugia closed in. Meg watched silently, obviously still psi-commanding the Lugia.
"1, 2…" I held as it drew in…Mashu's cheeks started to spark in their usual manner, "3!" As I said three, Mashu put a paw up, and released the lightning. Lugia had no chance to pull out at that distance, and the lightning cut its speed as it removed energy and damaged the Lugia. Meg cussed under her breath.
Lucky break> I heard her say in my head. (Not half as lucky as a frozen Mewtwo, eh Meg?) I thought, knowing full well she could hear. She stayed quiet, and gave me the icy look. I went right back to the battle.
"Mashu, Thunder Vortex…" I asked of it. Mashu drew out both paws and a spiral of electricity came forth from both of them, crashing together in a vortex about 7 feet up. Then, for no reason, Mashu was flung into the vortex. I saw Meg smirk as he was flung out of the other side, Lugia still flying around.
(Oi…That's illegal and you know it) I thought to seemingly myself. Oh, but is it? Try proving I did anything…> she thought back. She had me there. I then thought of something else. Something I had been trying in the training this week. It was at extreme risk to myself, but it would be enough.
"Mashu, to me" I said. Mashu popped back onto my head.
You are calling him back?> Meg thought. (Don't be ridiculous…If you can obviously do that and say Lugia did it, I can bend that rule too…) I informed her.
"Mashu, remember the Thunder Swap tech I was trying to teach in training?" I asked him. He nodded, fully understanding. "Well, do that. Now. Sitting on my head." Mashu looked reluctant. Meg looked on, bemusedly.
"Go on…" I pressed. Mashu stood up, sighed his Raichu sigh, and thundershocked me. Meg watched, thinking I had just lost because of pokémon rebellion. I laughed. I wha? I didn't know she thought that.
(Do get out of my head - I'm starting to get what you're thinking now…) I asked. I didn't transmit that…> Meg said. Electricity continued to surge down me, noticeable for all around the arena. In the spectation box, they watched, intently.
"You see…" I said. "The reason I get on with raichus, pikachus, etc, is mainly because I carry my own electricity. How? Cuz you get resistant to it after the first year with this one. If you're using your own psychic, I should be able to use my own electricity…"
"You can't prove I used anything…" Meg replied.
"Lugia does NOT learn potent psychic ability at that level. Mewtwo does. Mew does. Lugia doesn't…" I replied.
"Anyway, it was evident it was you…Prove to me, then, that this isn't Mashu rebelling and trying to shock me, and that what I'm going to do is just a coincidence. Because, I will say that is what it is…"
Meg stopped, thought, and then sat on air. "Go ahead…"
I smirked. "Gladly…"

Meg took control of Lugia again, and she got it to swoop towards me. I stuck out a hand. "You will not have seen this done…" I said. Mashu let out a cry, "Raiii…" I braced myself, before Mashu shunted the amount of surge several times, "…Chu!" I decided to finish the word, as the thunderbolt shot from my hand and encapsulated Lugia. Mashu hopped from me and landed atop the Lugia as I released. Meg saw what had happened, and looked as bewildered as I had done when I discovered her psi.
"Mashu, Thunder now!" I cried out, gripping the railing. I still had a lot of electricity to clear out, Mashu thundered Lugia but it was weak. Meg looked on, "Ha…Mistake…" she pointed out.
"Not quite…" I threw a hand forward again and a thunderbolt headed for the two. Meg saw the inevitable and tried to command Lugia to shake Mashu off but the bolt hit him and passed to Lugia. As I ran out, Mashu jumped off Lugia and back towards the platform, as Lugia fainted in mid-flight and plummeted. Meg caught Lugia with a return before it hit the floor.
"That was incredibly smart…" Meg pointed out. "I didn't think anyone was capable of keeping that much electricity in that manner…so I never thought that would happen…"
"Your last pokémon?" I asked.
"Oh yes…Kichigai, go…"

Meg tossed out a yellow ball and it hit ground. Out popped a Raichu.
"I have a Raichu too. While it doesn't know that attack you have just done, it should more then serve to beat you…"
Both Raichus floated into the air. I looked to Meg, who was evidently responsible.
"I wish the match to take place where both are vulnerable. Test of stamina, if you will…They are both in the same position…" she said.
"As you wish." I looked doubtful.
This battle had become weird very quickly - So what better way to cap it then with an airborne fight with two not usually airborne pokémon? At least, I thought that then…

So, the battle started. Meg was sitting down, she was using a lot of her abilities to keep the two in the air, and still commanding psychically, so that I didn't know what the pokémon was going to do next.
"Mashu, Thundershock!" I said, still a bit tense from this increasingly weird situation. Mashu spun backwards in the air, then launched a thundershock at Kichigai. The other Raichu dived out of the way and went under Mashu, before coming back up behind him with a short sharp tackle. Mashu was knocked upwards, and Kichi began to charge up…
"Mashu, Thunderbolt, take...uh...him, her, it?" I looked to Meg.
She's female…> Meg said.
"Mashu, Thunderbolt her…" I said. Mashu would have no qualms about fighting here. Such was the way in Pokémon. battling…Kichi was blown upwards again, hitting off the ceiling before coming to a stop in front of Meg again, before floating to the centre. Mashu floated to face her. Kichi started to charge up.
"Mashu…" I heard Meg again, by accident, Kichi, thunder…> I thought this was a mental error, slipped because of her efforts to keep them up, and continued, "Thunder…To counter…" I slipped that deliberately. Meg looked up at me, facefaulting, then realised her own error and continued to hold them up. The two raichus continued to charge up…

Elsewhere in the building: (Appended to records from a future date)

A man was working at a computer vidscreen. He was hurriedly tapping on the holo-keyboard, trying to do something important. He pressed delete and watched a bar progress on the screen. The door burst open, and the man stood up, to be confronted by three more.
"Boss wants to see you, Doctor…" said the one in the middle.
"Well, uh…I was just leaving…Can't I leave a message?" the man asked, pathetically.
"When the Boss wants to see you, he wants to. NOW." the man was overly insisting when he said that.
The Doctor turned back to the vidscreen, before tapping a couple more buttons in. He jabbed one, and the screen went fuzzy. One of the men walked up to the Doctor, "Oy, you coming or what?"
"Nothing can undo what she has done to the Silph industry…Or what she plans to do…" He punched another key and the screen blackened. The Doctor pulled out a great ball.
"No, if you wish me to come, you shall fight for it…"
The men laughed. "Seriously, you're going to beat us with one pokéball!"
They laughed harder when a Beedrill popped out. "Oh come on…" The centre man reached for his master ball at his waist, "Mewtwo, go and sort this lowlife out…" He tossed the ball. It went clunk against the hard floor, and popped open, empty, save for an energy residue on the inside. The man looked disturbed, before grabbing his other masterballs, clicking them open, and offering his men to do the same. None of them contained any Pokémon.
"You see, she had it all worked out…Beedrill, Twineedle attack on them…" The Beedrill promptly obeyed and the men fled, unable to win. The Doctor proceeded to gather his things, when a female voice called from behind him, "Going somewhere?" He spun around.
"…Rebecca…I didn't expect to see you back here…" The Doctor looked displeased.
"You thought you could trigger it yourself. Ha, you could only do it for this room…" She looked at the master balls on the floor, "So it does work…Well, that's the untested part sorted…"
The Doctor ran the vidscreen back up. Rebecca removed a small case from her sack. Opening it, it contained a key.
"The second key…Now the rooftop transmitter will spring alive…And I won't hit a 6 meter radius instead…"
Rebecca laughed, "Nope, Derek…more like 6 million…" She collected the masterballs from the floor and sprang them shut before popping them into her bag.
"We can be gone before they know anything has happened…Think of that…$45 million, just for spending some years working here…" Derek said as he tapped the keyboard.
"It's going to be nice…think of what TR can do with this knowledge…" Rebecca said, as she placed the key she had brought with her into a slot on the wall. "Derek, over here, I can't reach both at once…"
"Sure, Rebecca…" Derek came over. Rebecca kissed him suddenly then.
"Ahh…Let us not waste time, there will be plenty of time in the Caribbean for this…" Derek said, before walking up to the other key slot on the wall, pushing his in…

Back at the battle scene

The pokémon had been charging for a while now. At that moment, Mashu gained a swirl of lightning around him. I knew he was nearly at full power, Kichi was struggling to keep charging and concentrating at once…Mashu went full yellow from my perspective. Sparks whizzed from him to any available surface, and quite a number to me. Ignoring the small current, I called to Mashu, "Thunder, now!"
Kichi looked at Mashu, before doing a thunder of her own just then. Mashu was caught off guard, he used his thunder, and the arena was lit up with lots and lots of stray electricity. The whole arena was lit up, and people passing by were crowding by the doors, watching. Several stray bolts hit Meg and me and I was flung back to the railing, which I grabbed. Meg was having trouble concentrating, but the pokémon were staying in the air. I shouted to Meg.
"Are you keeping them up there?"
Meg shook her head, "Kichi…She is using negative electric charge…"
I thought for a while. Damn, they were powering up way too long. This was going to be bad for the building…Two supreme forces of electricity, of opposite charge, being forced into such a space…The results could be cataclysmic…It was all a case of which of them would get tired out first. The only thing was, I could see Mashu just floating there, lifeless.
"MEG? FIND OUT WHAT MASHU IS DOING, COULD YA PLEASE??" I cried out. Meg sat down, then stood up, "They're both locked in stasis…This much electricity is not meant to exist here…"
I cursed the ground. Why did they have to be in the AIR? Of all places…The electricity wouldn't disperse…
"Can you bring them down?" I asked. Meg tried for a while, but shook her head, "This is beyond my abilities…"
I hit the answer, "Why don't we just return them?" Meg thought for a while, then replied. "You first…"
I thought. She was still preoccupied on winning?
"Both at the same time, Meg - This is deadlock, a draw…No-one is winning, indeed they're refueling each other as the charge cycles…" I explained. Meg pulled out Kichi's ball. "Fine…A draw…Which means a rematch…"
"Fine with me - Just let's sort this out first…" I said. Pulling Mashu's black ball from my waist, I held it out.

Back elsewhere inside the building (Also appended from future date)

When they both turned the keys, the wall slid open and another vidscreen was hidden behind there. It popped into life, and Rebecca took the screen. She inputted several things, then hit another button. The machine hummed, before a light flashed over a button.
"There it is…The one to cause the final hour…X time…TR will have a field day. Just as long as they don't keep master balls with them…"
Derek facefaulted. Rebecca looked to him. "You DID send the memo about that, didn't you?"
Derek fished it out of his pocket solemnly. Rebecca wapped him around the head, "DAMMIT - Ah well, Us two will have a field day then - Just use the other one on the TR member's pokémon, and they can continue…"
Rebecca hit the button. The machine hummed violently. Rebecca detected something wrong.
"Uh…Derek?" Derek looked up. Rebecca looked anxious, "How much power has this machine got going to it?"
Derek checked the power supply in the near corner, "158,000 volts…Standard mains for the room…"
Rebecca went wide-eyed, "Uh…I developed this, based on a standard 24,000 V lab supply…
Derek looked at the machine, "It's still running, isn't it?"
"You don't understand - The frequency of the signal past the 6 meter limit is decided by the power going in - It's 6 times too high…It's going to run the ball machinery too far…And probably the machine will blow too…"
Derek thought, "So instead of being liquidized into so much energy, the pokémon will…?"
Rebecca started running for the door, Derek followed hurriedly.
"The pokémon will probably become unstable energy instead…Which spells trouble for us if we don't disappear…"
Rebecca said. They ran off down the corridor.

Inside the battle arena

"On three…We return…Must be the same time otherwise the influx could kill one or the other…" Meg said.
"Got it" I replied.
"1…2…" Meg drew closer to the three, while I kept the ball clasped…
"3…" Meg said.
"Mashu, return!"
"Kichigai, return!" The words were spoken in almost perfect unison. Twin white beams reached from each of our master balls and connected with the pokémon, spiraling them in to the balls, the loose energy dispersed in the still air.
"Phew…" I breathed a sigh of relief. "Come Meg, I think we must go to the pokémon center…"
"I'll agree to that…" She floated down off the platform and walked alongside me. We headed out of the door.

As we were walking, two scientists from Silph ran past us and exited the building. Obviously in a hurry, I thought. From our location, the pokécentre was just down this corridor. So we went down there. I failed to notice a small humming noise coming from the waist where my pokéballs were kept. Stepping into the small room, I located the healing machines. Pokémon centers now didn't have that big a status, just a machine or two in a small room with seating and suitable entertainment. This one being Silph, there was space for at least 6 trainers and their pokémon. I reached for my master balls. They had all gone white. I picked up one, Mashu's ball I believe it was, and examined it. It was glowing a white color. Meg's were too.
"Uh…Never seen balls do THIS before…" I exclaimed the obvious. Meg looked at me.
"Something wrong here…" As she said that, the glow from the balls passed to me.
"Um…Matt…That glow looks to be spreading…" Meg said. I looked down. It was going up my arm.
"?! What is this?" I went to put the balls on the healing machine. Suddenly, everything went numb. Not being able to stand, I fell to the ground.
"Ow…What in…?" My words were lost by the mental situation I found myself in. I knew then I had consciousness in all of my pokémon at this time. I was flooded with too many of their mental responses to the same situation, and it wasn't treating me very well. Meg looked concerned, "Shall I go get one of the doctors?" She wasn't paying attention to her own situation, which was becoming similar to mine. With a weak hand I pointed, before a surge of electricity threw me against the wall. That was obviously Mashu, but what was he doing? Why in the name of Moltres was this happening??

The electricity was building. I could sense Mashu trying to take control of the situation. But he had to get through the other 6 to do it, which was taking a while. Meg stood, looking at me, either fully in shock or just stood there, because she wasn't noticing the same thing happening to her. Finally the qualms stopped, Mashu and I were all I sensed active. I dragged myself to my feet, before walking carefully back to Meg.
"What was that…?" Meg asked. I just looked blankly; I didn't know what it was. Just then I was unable to stand, I thought for a while. Mashu was fighting inside there, but why? He's fighting ME - He shouldn't do that! But this was different. He evidently had a purpose, something I didn't know about. The white glow brightened, as I went back up against the wall.
"Again?" Meg asked, anxious. I nodded, and grabbed a nearby pipe, in case I was to get flung around again. This was taking its toll, I wouldn't be able to last for much more of this barrage. Then sparks started appearing around me. Electricity was surging. Through ME. And it was doing nothing…This was weird enough, I staggered around to the other side of the pipe, still holding it. Just then, I started to charge. Wait, though, I never had enough electric to charge naturally. Was Mashu giving it to me? It didn't seem like he was trying to…I continued charging up, not even trying to. Then for a split second, I saw what Mashu planned to do, I tried to shout out but it was too late…He flooded me with electricity, and even now it hurt. Trying to keep my mental resolve up, I resisted with everything I could. Meg was obviously peeking inside my head again, she looked like she couldn't make sense of it; and at that moment, Mashu's resolve seemed to become my own. I still couldn't move, though. I wondered what had happened to Mashu. I found myself wondering what was happening to me. It was as if I couldn't differentiate inside my head who was who…I looked back to Meg, who walked over, before stopping about 4 meters away, and facefaulting. I wondered what had happened now. I looked myself over. I stopped and gawped at my left hand. Fine dark tan fur was seeping over it. Just like a Raichu…I pieced everything together, as I turned back to Meg she was heading for the door, "I'll go get someone…This is way beyond anything I've seen…" She collapsed about halfway there, as she was probably going through the same process I was. I felt for her just then, I'd already done that, she wasn't going to like the end result. My perspective of vision changed then. I brought what was now a paw up to my ear. It semi grew in my hand, before splaying out near the end. I hunted for the small spiral off the end of it, twirling it on a now-present claw; I was assured that this was happening. It's then that I fainted.

Several hours later

I woke up, sluggishly. As I stirred, I heard steps, looking up when I opened my eyes, I saw 6 faces, none of which I knew.
"He's awake, finally…" said one
"Welcome back to the land of the living, Mashu…" said another, a Raichu. Or it seemed it.
I sat up, "Y'know, I had this weird dream that…" My vision slipped into focus. 5 anthro pokémon and a cross were there. I bolted up. "?!"
One of them, a Flareon, laughed. "Oy, Mattchu, you're supposed to know us…Some of us been training with you for years…"
Mattchu? Mashu? I double-took, and then I looked down at myself.
"Ok, so it wasn't a dream…" I walked over to a mirror.
Looking me in the face was a Raichu. A 6 foot one. With my clothes on. No, wait…It was ME - Me with tanned fur, dark tanned paws, my usual red and yellow clothing, and a long thin tail that wavered around behind me. Large tan ears, black on them, jet black eyes that shone, a black nose, a thunder sac on each cheek. Black-clawed paws, still 5 fingered, dark tan, partly charged. Feet now paws, long ones with dark tan at the end, 3 toed, black claws that clicked as I stepped back from the mirror. On instinct, my thunder sacs sprung into life.
"He's going to shock his reflection…" said another voice. I turned to the others. The one who said it, a Lugia/Persian cross anthro, looked away. The female Raichu anthro walked to me.
"Welcome to the real world, Mattchu…" she said.
"…………Damn, I'm confused." I admitted. I sat down on a bench. The raichumorph sat next to me.
"Well, let's start. What's the last thing you remember?" she asked.
The others went off to practice. I clocked my memory trying to remember.
"…The start of…this, this…" I stuttered.
"Ok. If you didn't guess, I'm Kichigai…"
Kichigai - Meg's Raichu…We were getting somewhere…
"And Meg?" I asked.
"Both me. Except I carry Meg's consciousness. Kijutsu, the Lugia/Persian and Choukou the mew carry the consciousness of the pokémon of mine with that name." She had let the mine slip. They were no longer hers, of course.
I started to think.
"The Flareonmorph, Senkouhi…" I said. I looked around, spotting something that looked like a Jolteon, or an Eevee, or a Burakki…
"That would be...uh...whose consciousness has he got?"
"Hinoko - Your Jolteon…Used to be…"
"And Myuutsu?"
"I never figured it out…"
That was strange. None of my pokémon apart from Mashu would be powerful enough to stand to him…So how did they gain total form over him? I thought for a while.
"You also have a pendant, I see…" Kichigai pointed out. I looked down, sitting around my neck was a pendant. White one, lifting the tag up, it was a jeweled engraving of a Mew.
"Mew…?" I wondered.
"Mine is a Zapdos…Senkouhi has Mewtwo…Moltres and Articuno we are aware is out there somewhere."
I thought again, "And what happened to everyone else?"
"The same as what happened to us - But it's chaos out there…The master balls work on anthros - Everyone's fighting, catching each other, no-one knows why…"
Senkouhi walked over.
"Are we able to go out yet? I have to practice…" he asked.
"Not unless you want to end up as someone else's energy…" she said.
"I told you, Kichigai, the pendants prevent that happening…" Senkouhi looked obstinate. He then picked up his ball and tossed it at Choukou, the mewmorph. She slipped in it, but popped out moments later. She walked over to Senkouhi and slapped him.
"What the hell are you trying to do?" Choukou questioned.
"Make a living…" Senkouhi picked the ball up and tossed it at Hiryuu. The ball popped closed, and didn't reopen. Senkouhi just stared.
"Come on you dumb Arcanine-Fearow…" Senkouhi muttered. The room fell silent. Senkouhi picked the ball up, it glowed, then faded. Senkouhi popped it open. "That is that…"
"…Senkouhi…We may as well NOT be in a safe place if we're having our own caught by you…"
"Well, SORRY…" Senkouhi tossed the ball at Kichigai. She used lightning speed and knocked it aside.
"I'm warning you…" Kichigai was evidently getting annoyed now. Senkouhi just looked.
"You won't do anything, because Mashu there would stop it…" Senkouhi said. I looked blank.
"Don't ask ME to do stuff for you. You're digging the hole for yourself, not me…" I replied.
Senkouhi looked distraught. "I still think we need to move from here…"
"I know a place we could go…" Kichigai spoke. "I have a secluded place nearby. It's nice, safe, and we can plan a lot from there…"
"To hell with hiding out, why don't we go kick some ass out in that lot?" Senkouhi was starting to annoy even me now. Kichigai turned to him, before replying, "You want to go DIE, that's PERFECTLY fine with me…"
Senkouhi flicked his right paw downwards, sliding out the claws. "I'll be perfectly fine…You need to see how good I can fight?" Kichigai didn't deter from her position, "Do you really want to lose to me? Maybe it will teach you come and not have you go out there."
I stood up, "We're not supposed to be fighting amongst ourselves here!"
"Practice, that's all…Simply practice…" Senkouhi reassured me, as Kichigai headed for the door.
"To the arena then, you want a fight, come and get it, Flash-San…" Kichigai slammed the door.
Senkouhi followed her out. The others, and myself, followed on too.


5) - The Fight - 23/09/06 (Still Day 1)

And so, we proceeded to the arena. This was the one where not real long ago, I had been fighting for the gold…I had been me…I sighed as I entered, and I saw Senkouhi and Kichigai go into the arena. In the space of such a short time, such a lot of important things had happened…and now this. I was thinking maybe they shouldn't fight, but I couldn't stop it - I hadn't gained usage of my element yet, I didn't even know if I could use it…I felt sure I could though…I tried practicing, to produce something small - I got sparks but nothing that could aid the stoppage of this battle. I took my seat with the other 'morphs, namely Kijutsu, Hayai, and Choukou, who was glaring at Senkouhi as if she wanted to blow him of the face of the earth…Right then, I think Kichi shared that view. Senkouhi just looked to everyone, settling at me and giving me a hard look, because of his not being able to get me to be on his side. Then he settled at Choukou, turning away from her piercing eyes, with a look of hatred…

"Hooray - Some action around this place for once." Senkouhi was rudely sarcastic.

"Senkouhi…" Kichi had just about had it with him, "Just SHUT UP, and get ready to be beaten…"

Kichi beckoned me over. I proceeded over, "Hai?"
Kichi looked, "Matt, do you have any idea how I use Kichi's attacks?" - Why ask me? I didn't know...So I said, "I dunno Kichi...Does he?" Kichi looked solemn, "I damn well hope not..."
I walked to Senkouhi. He gave me the same stern look. "You were a lot of help back there..."
I replied, not losing face, "I can't stick up for you all the time - In fact, I've never had to...Cuz back when..."
Senkouhi spoke up, "DON'T go 'back when..' with me...Back then I was under your command...I wasn't fully sentient, I didn't think fully myself...And now I see you were weak.."
"Hah? Weak? If I was weak...then why was I here in the first place..?" I asked him.
"You didn't do ANYTHING - It was the hard working no credit-given pokémon..." Senkouhi said.
"I ALWAYS gave credit where it was due! Don't blame me for the system they use, I spent most of my time looking out for you lot!"
"Yah, so you could get into a better world position in the Pokémon Leagues...A real trainer would..."
I was getting bothered with him now. I could feel the tension mounting. Something had to give...
Senkouhi moved a paw at blur-speed. I struggled to keep up, but before I knew it he had grabbed my tail.
"And look...Of all of the pokémon you have, Mewtwo, Burakki, etc...You had to form with Mashu...Hey, you could have formed more with me, that would have made more sense..."
This wasn't reasonable arguing. This was arrogance. Pure, plain, just hit me then. Was he really going to use this fight to prove his arrogance? He's trying to get us to part solo, I told that then. Suddenly I felt the dual-mind thing again. Mashu was being more then passive. That comment was directed at him, I felt he'd be justified in dealing with Senkouhi. So, I sat back inside myself...
What I did next wasn't really believable for me at that point, but I got this bit verified by Kichi later. I whipped my tail from his grasp, whipped it around his neck, the lightning shape at the end locked it in place. I thrust a hind paw at his and shoved on the back of his head, crouching to match time with the falling flareon, before crouching one knee atop head, one paw on back, tail still around his neck tightening slowly. From my mouth flew various words in Raichu dialect, something that before now I hadn't been able to comprehend. Gaining help from Mashu, I discovered what I was saying - And the way that sentence sounds, you'd think I was stoned - It went crudely,
So who's the inferior one now, eh Senkouhi? You never could beat me and you won't start just because I'm also Matt too - Though he isn't of us, he deserves the respect you gave me, even more so now I'm part of him too - You can either live with it and take your comments back or we can force it.. >>
I...don't....*ug**gack* >> Senkouhi's resolve was much stronger then any I'd ever seen. Pity he was using it in this sort of situation...
As you wish, Baka-San... >> I had no chance to react, my thunder sacs were sparking away like there was no tomorrow, I surveyed Mashu as this was done, I found what he was doing and I tried copying inside here, but I had no control as of now. He thought to himself, and so me, { Patience, Matt...After this, the merge becomes more complete again, and you learn a bit more of the Raichu attacks... }
Continuing from there, my tail began to surge with mass electrical energy. Senkouhi shouted out in pain, Mashu laughed, If THAT hurts, what happens when the electricity starts entering you? >> and to prove his point, it started to. Senkouhi's body drained it into the ground but the mere entering of it into his body was causing pain. All this had taken precisely 5 seconds, and then time started moving normally again. Kichi and the others ran over, and tried to separate Senkouhi and I, but Mashu was having none of it. Senkouhi just kept shouting throughout. { Damn it, he should have learned not to disobey his trainer by now... } Mashu answered quickly, { Matt. You aren't bound to him now, any more then I am. The world now is chaos, as you heard. It's each for themselves in the long run...He bothers you, shock him...Take pride in being Raichu...It works for me...} He laughed, I started trying to block my current thoughts from him. ~{But not for me...}~
"Mattchu, WAKE UP IN THERE!" a voice called in, I jolted forward in my mind and I found myself in control again. Before I was wrenched off by Kichi and restrained.
"What the hell was THAT?" Kichi asked me, Hayai by her keeping me restrained, Choukou over by Senkouhi.
"Well, guess we CAN use elemental attacks after all..." That raichu glint was ever present in my eyes, she picked it up almost instantaneously.
Senkouhi was heading towards the exit, "To be attacked by one of your own...I get the feeling I'm not wanted here..." Choukou headed towards me, Senkouhi picked up something from in the corridor. "Hey, Choukou, one thing..." Choukou turned to Senkouhi. A medium sized stone flew at lightning speed from the corridor, implanting itself, unluckily enough, in Choukou's eye, and at it's speed, it killed the eye, shattering it completely. She screamed, morbid, pitiful, sounding rather like the final scream...Which, in a way, it turned out to be. Senkouhi's master ball whizzed from his spot in the corridor and hit Choukou, who was ready to drop.
"CHOUKOU!!" Kichi screamed in the general direction. Choukou gave up, and collapsed as the light from the ball enveloped her, sucking her into the ball, into the nothingness and eternity of it's destination, which was to be Senkouhi...The ball rolled backwards, Senkouhi stepped back in to pick it up, before making a half-hearted wave, and walking out. Kichigai just gawped. She ran to the spot where Choukou had once been, where only remained a puddle of blood, and the remains of a shattered eye. Kichigai took one look and fled towards the exit back to the pokécentre room. The others followed, except myself, I just sat and thought for a while, just sitting in the spectation stands...
The same question kept popping up:
{ Where did I go wrong with Senkouhi... } I was blaming myself...Why? Because it was my pokémon. That other voice popped up, Mashu, { HE'S NOT YOURS - Horrible as that was, it wasn't your fault... }
I felt a paw on my shoulder. It was Kijutsu.
"Hi...I was wondering why you have been sat here for so long..."
I checked the time. Everyone else would be asleep, it was 3am...The fight would have taken place 7 hours ago...Even I needed rest now, Kijutsu more so...
"Yeah - I'll be there in one min..." I replied.
"Ok" She headed back to the doorway. I decided to leave the trace of Choukou, strange as it may seem...It was still the first day, Meg had lost 3 of her 6 pokémon, and been made a Raichumorph...A tribute? Hardly...But, in the current times, it was better then nothing at all...As I walked out, I found both Mashu and me thinking the same thing.
{We'll get him...For Hiryuu...For Choukou...More importantly, for Kichi...} I sighed again. We were supposed to be the only ones not going around catching everything in sight...If this was the way our small society was going, I dreaded to think of what the outside would be like...

Well, there's my first day for you...As I sit here and write...I think about what has gone down today...As I consider what might have to be done about the danger that is Senkouhi, I listen. I still hear Choukou's scream...lingering in the darkness, niggling at my well-being, and making me wonder why Senkouhi was who he was, and why he had come from the change like this...He had walked out of his own accord. It made me wonder what else Senkouhi could do out there...I shall not sleep tonight. I keep thinking of the situation, and what else could happen. I was starting to put other people in the situation Choukou had been in, inside my head. I couldn't stop myself continuing to do so, and the mere doing so was getting really upsetting. Mashu was screaming at the back, STOP SUBJECTING YOURSELF TO THIS... >> as I sat motionless, thinking of Hayai, Kijutsu, Kichigai, or me, in that position. After several minutes of this, Mashu seized control and thundershocked himself. I flew back against a wall, hitting my head hard. I was knocked cold. I wrote this bit the next day...I can see why Mashu did it, but it proved: I didn't have total control of myself...I was probably going to need full control soon...I slept, dreamlessly...