Hey! I wrote this story to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise on March 30, 2014. It is such a huge landmark and TMNT deserves a big high-three for making it this far with so much success. I saw the best way to congratulate TMNT was to write this story, set as a sequel to the amazing movie Turtles Forever. It encompasses so many famous (or infamous) versions of the Turtles and looks at just how cool their history really is. Turtles Forever!

A heads-up: Once multiple iterations of turtles are together, they will be identified with the year their version came around at the end of their names. Example: Michelangelo87 will be Michelangelo from the first cartoon, and Raphael03 will be from the 4Kids 2003 cartoon.

Forgive me if some of my writing for different turtle versions are a bit off. I haven't had a lot of experience with some of the versions.

Donatello sat alone in the Lair, with only his thoughts to keep him company. It was nearly midnight and everyone else was asleep after a long day of training. Donatello, though, was wide awake. He had tried to sleep, but his mind was buzzing so much that it was practically impossible. He'd come to the Lair to just think, until he got tired.

Donatello leaned back on his swivel chair, absent-mindedly staring at his sad reflection on a television screen as his mind wandered off. He was so confused, he didn't know what to think any more. There were more turtles out there, countless dimensions of Donatellos, Leonardos, Michelangelos, and Raphaels, all so different, but yet the same. How could this be? How could he live fifteen years and meet some of the strangest creatures in the universe, but not himself. The versions of himself that were short and goofy or dark and threatening. He'd lived with this information for a month now, ever since that life-changing adventure in which he'd met Donatello Classic, as he liked to call the short, pudgy one he'd grown so close to.

He missed him. It was like living his whole life until he finally met his long-lost twin, only to be tugged away from them again after only a few hours.

All month, ever since they'd split apart, Donatello couldn't stop thinking about the Classics. Every time Michelangelo had gotten on his nerves, or Raphael had been rude, Donatello had wished he'd had Donatello Classic there with him to talk to. Someone that understood him.

Out of that battle with Shredder, when two teams of turtles finally learned to work as one, they'd finally defeated their one arch-nemesis. But Donatello didn't care about that anymore. He just missed Donatello Classic and the others. He'd give nearly anything to see them again, just to make sure it wasn't all just a dream...

It couldn't be, because Donatello could see the Inter-dimensional Portal Stick, the thing he'd invented with Donatello Classic, on the table a few feet away. And that's when Donatello had an idea...

"Mondo excellent, compadre!" Michelangelo Classic shouted, giving his friend - his brother - and enthusiastic high-three. He turned and began to rush down the street, his short ends of his orange bandana swinging with each step. There were plenty of people out on the sidewalk, since it was the middle of the day. They gasped as the turtle ran past them, but didn't seem all that surprised. It was like they saw him everyday. He was just part of the city. "Cowabunga!"

Michelangelo Classic, about thirty feet away from his friend now, turned and shouted to him,"Coming, Mikey?" He laughed and began to run again, the sunlight shining down on him. He looked so happy. Life was nothing but fun and games to him.

Michelangelo03 looked down at his feet. He felt so jealous of his counterpart self, able to walk the streets so freely. He'd been spending a good fifteen years learning how to conceal himself in the shadows. Walking around in the middle of the day was practically forbidden to him back home. But, Michelangelo very much wanted to catch up with his friend, to be by his side laughing and scarfing pizza. He took a step forward.

All the people on the streets stopped and gasped. They pointed and shouted. "Look at that!"

"What is it?"

"What a freak!"

Michelangelo03 was confused. He faltered in his movement, eyes wide. "What the shell? You people don't freak out when he walks down the street!" He pointed towards where he'd last seen his trans-dimensional counterpart, running happily down the sidewalk. He wasn't there anymore. Michelangelo Classic's body was no longer sillouetted against the bright setting sun.

Michelangelo03 felt alone now. Darkness seemed to fall all around him, the moon taking place of the sun. Panic entered his mind. He ignored everyones' cries of disgust as he began to run, pushing people out of his way. "Mikey! Mikey! Where are you!"

It felt like he ran for hours. Until his lungs burned and his breath was sharp. His long orange bandana end fluttered in the wind, blocking his view sometimes. Michelangelo03 finally stopped, breathing hard. His friend was gone. He turned and began to walk away, head bowed as the ever-present citizens insulted and condescended him.

And that's when Shredder fell in front of him. "You pathetic turtle, prepare to face the Shredder!"

"AAAAAH!" Michelangelo sat up straight in his bed.

His eyes dashed around the room, picking up every little detail. Shredder wasn't here. Finally, Michelangelo realized it had just been a dream. Just a dream. It was, because Shredder was dead, and Michelangelo Classic was gone forever. He couldn't see his friend again - the Turtle Primes had forbidden them to travel through the multi-verse again after that last disaster had almost ended with Shredder defeating the turtles, for good.

Michelangelo stood up and walked out of his room. He decided to grab some pizza and calm down. No way would he be able to sleep if he was still freaked about Shredder. He still had to discern dreams from reality.

And in which category did Michelangelo Classic belong?

Donatello stared down at the invention in his hands, contemplating what he was planning to do. Was this right? He balanced the creation, which looked like a gray and green flashlight with lots of attachments. He knew he missed Donatello Classic, but the Turtle Primes had told him and his brothers to not do anymore interdimensional travel. And now that Donatello thought about the Turtle Primes, he realized he missed them, too. Just not nearly as much as the goofy, funny turtle team he'd come to know so well in such a short amount of time.

"We'll need to build some kind of trans-dimensional portal stick to get there, a gateway into other dimensions, but small enough to fit into most overhead compartments." Donatello chuckled when he remembered that line from Donatello Classic. At first, he'd doubted his trans-dimensional double could really make something like that, but here was the proof that he could right in his hands. Donatello could see the dents his duplicate had made in it with a wrench. Odd that someone who's idea of inventing was hitting something normal with a hammer until it did something strange could make something so incredible as this.

Donatello narrowed his eyes. "It doesn't have to be the way it is." He followed his first impulse and flipped the machine on. An image came from the trans-dimensional portal stick, playing against the nearest wall like a movie projector. At first the image was static, until Donatello could finally discern what it was.

A vast city, empty and disheartening. It was monochromatic black and white, with a dark black sky and nothing too remarkable. Lightning struck hard against a building, but there were no rainclouds, only a quick clap of thunder. Four barely discernible shadows ran along a rooftop, doing flips and incredible maneuvers as they made their way across. The Turtle Primes. Donatello sort of felt like walking towards the image, into their dimension, until he remembered that even Michelangelo there would greet him by pulling out his weapons or shouting death threats. He immediately pressed the switch and smiled as a much friendlier image spread out on the wall. A colorful, accommodating Lair. Two turtles, donning red and blue masks sat on a couch and watched television. Michelangelo Classic scarfed pizza in the kitchen and Donatello Classic worked on some strange invention in the corner.

"Here I come," Donatello said. But didn't move. He just watched them a little longer.

Michelangelo03 shut the refrigerator, two pizza boxes piled up in his hands. He was ready for a good midnight snack, thinking about watching some late-night TV until he fell asleep, until he thought he heard something in the main room of the Lair. He put the pizza on the table and snuck into the room quietly, peeking around the corner.

Michelangelo was shocked to see his brother, the logical one, standing in front of the image of the Turtle Classics' Lair, ready to walk into it. The Turtle Primes had warned them inter-dimensional travel was too dangerous! And here was Donatello, about to do just that, as the most impulsive turtle had been holding himself back for a month!

"No way you're going without me!" Michelangelo hissed quietly. He began to stealthily inch towards Donatello, careful to not be seen or heard. When he came to the right angle, he could see Michelangelo Classic in the image, eating pizza, as usual. Michelangelo03's heart began to beat rapidly. If he could sneak in after Donatello, he would get to see his friend again. Every bit of common sense left his mind in his thrill to see Michelangelo Classic.

Donatello Classic groaned, aggravated, and dropped his wrench to the table. Leonardo, sitting on the couch watching television with Raphael, turned and said through a mouth full of popcorn,"What's wrong, Donatello?"

Donatello waved his brother's question off. "Nothing. I'm fine." He lifted up his uncooperative invention up and examined it. It looked pretty much like an ordinary flashlight, but with a great deal more buttons. "How did we build this the first time?" he whispered, scratching his head in confusion. He knew he was missing something, but what?

"By hitting it with a wrench a lot," Michelangelo interjected. He approached his brother and leaned against the table, stuffing a slice of pizza into his mouth. "What's the problemo, bro?"

The purple-masked turtle sighed and rested his head in his hands. His mind was empty. For nearly three weeks, against his better judgment, he'd been trying and failing to reconstruct the Trans-dimensional Portal Stick from only his memory. It was nearly impossible, but he wasn't giving up, he was determined to see his new friend, the alternate-dimension Donatello, once again. Donatello Classic just couldn't make this because he and the other Donatello had worked as a team to build it the first time, each of them bringing their own way of inventing to the table. Donatello Classic couldn't think like his dimensional duplicate. "It's impossible!"

"Nothing's impossible except impossibility," Leonardo said, trying to cheer up his brother.

"Another classic line, Leonardo," Raphael teased, scraping up the last bit of popcorn. Suddenly the red-masked turtle turned to the wall, winking, and said sarcastically,"Leonardo comes up with these lines on the fly. Amazing, right?"

Michelangelo crossed his arms, confused, and leaned down towards Donatello, whispering,"Dude, who does Raphael keep talking to? Should we be worried for him?" Donatello nodded, hardly paying Michelangelo any attention. Raphael had been saying things to no one in particular for years - the other turtles had finally concluded, somewhat desperately - that Raphael had imaginary friends. Donatello began to tweak on the invention again, until a piece fell apart in his hands and the end of the flashlight started to smoke.

"I can't do it," Donatello said, letting the failed device fall to the table with a loud thud. "We'll never be able to visit the other turtles again." He rubbed his temples, feeling a headache coming on.

Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Raphael looked down at the floor sadly. They missed the other turtles, too, who they had grown to become great friends and teammates with. They missed them more every day, but if Donatello couldn't construct the Trans-dimensional portal stick again, the only way to see the other turtles would be to use the Portal in the Technodrome. They was a unnecessary risk, as they would surely run into Shredder and his henchmen or Krang.

"Mikey, here I come!" Michelangelo03 cheered quietly, tip-toeing closer and closer to Donatello and the Trans-dimensional Portal Stick. He could almost taste success, feel the rush of accomplishment and happiness as he imagined greeting Michelangelo Classic with a big high-three.

Donatello03 closed his eyes, letting the memories rush to him. Never before had he had a friend like Donatello Classic, someone so much like him. It was indescribable, and nothing the Turtle Primes could say or do would keep him away from his new friend. He looked behind him to see if anyone was following (Michelangelo jumped behind a chair at just the right time to not be seen). Donatello took a step forward, his foot plunging into the portal. It felt odd, sending a strange tingling feeling up his spine. He walked all the way in.

"Bingo!" Michelangelo03 cheered. He rushed forward and plunged into the portal as well, just before it closed.