This is the final big chapter of this story, but it will be followed by a smaller one to tie things up. I've had a ton of fun writing this story and I hope you have had as much fun reading it.

This chapter might be a little confusing if you haven't at least seen the first episode of the TMNT 1996 anime and Turtles Forever. The only way to see the anime is online so PM if you want a link to it.

-In Dimension X-

Tigerclaw roared, and with one angry slice with his sword, he tore through the last Kraang of what was once an endless army. He caught his breath and shouted to the Kraang he knew knew were somehow listening in on him. "Is this all you have to offer me? I have been waiting years for my chance to fight the Kraang and this is all I get?"

"Kraang needs what are known as reenforcements," said one of the Kraang who had been watching the battle from the facility holding Kraang enemies.

"Contact the Kraang in Turtle Prime," said the one next to it.

During the call, the Kraang were surprised to be attacked by Leatherhead. Before they could figure out how he had gotten out, he had brutally destroyed them. The mutant alligator calmly walked out of the room and met the man who'd freed him.

"Time for part two of the plan," said the man, smiling, and Leatherhead nodded.

-Turtle Prime-

The ninja turtles swarmed out of the portal like a tsunami, and formed a crowd only a few feet out (Venus de Milo and the others carrying Splinter97 snuck into an alleyway unseen and Venus was left to care for her master). The turtles were shocked to see the Kraang there as they were only expecting Shredder12. Their minds went blank with fear.

"TURTLES!" Shredder12 shouted. He had his foot pressing down on Karai's chest and she was shouting for help in pure desperation. Shredder12 chucked a few shuriken at the ground of turtles but they dodged.

"What do we do now?" asked Raphael87 in a panic. He stared wide-eyed at the desolation before him and the countless Kraang.

"We stick to the plan!" shouted Leonardo13 unfalteringly. "It will work!" There wasn't a hint of doubt in his voice. With that, he turned to the turtles from his dimension - his brothers he knew the best. "You know what to do."

Raphael13 led the charge as the four turtles came to leap on Shredder12. As the 2012 turtles followed with a signal from Leonardo12 and the 1997 turtles followed suit, Leonardo90 sent his brothers into the army of Kraang to find the Turtle Primes. Pretty much all of the turtles ran into the Kraang army at the orders of their Leonardos.

"You're going to pay for what you did to my family, Shredder!" Leonardo97 barked. The 2013 turtles finally reached the villain first and all four of them jumped straight on top of him, sending him tumbling off of Karai. The kunoichi gasped as air once again filled her lungs. She looked up to see Leonardo12 standing above her, holding out a hand. She took it and let him pull her to her feet.

"I suppose you know Shredder's not your father now?" Leonardo12 asked. He was half smiling at her and half watching his brothers fight the Shredder.

Karai held back tears. She knew her role in helping the Kraang here could mean death for everone. "I've made a terrible mistake, Leo! But I know what side I'm on now, if that matters."

Leonardo12 smiled, knowing she was genuine this time. He shook her hand, somewhat awkwardly, and then ran in to fight Shredder12. Karai told him she was off to help the others find the Turtle Primes, who had ran back into the Kraang after Shredder12 had turned up.

-Inside the Technodrome-

The 2009 turtles were still in the main control room of the Technodrome, watching the monitor helplessly as all the other turtles fought a hopeless fight, playing out to the 2009 turtles like some tragic movie. Splinter87, having broken out of his cage, had explained everything to them. Immediately, Raphael09 had wanted to run out into the battle, help the others who were risking their lives. He felt guilty to feel the pain they had but not be out there helping. But Donatello09 had convinced him it was better to stay inside the Technodrome at first. The turtles outside were trying to get inside anyway, and Donatello09 thought he could hack into the system.

So here they were now - Donatello09 was hunched below the control panel, tongue stuck out in concentration as he fiddled with wires. The others were restless.

Raphael09 watched in horror as the monitor showed Leonardo13 fighting with a Kraang and the chainsaw the alien's had on their guns grazed his arm. Leonardo09 shouted out in pain at that same moment. Raphael09 felt useless, unable to help his brother.

"Uh, guys, do you hear that?" whispered Michelangelo09. He creeped towards the metal door and pressed his ear to it. After a very tense moment, Michelangelo09 hissed, "Someone's coming! I think he heard Leo!"

"Donnie, hurry up and finish whatever you're doing!" Raphael09 shouted. "We've got to bail!"

"You can't rush art!" Donatello09 stuck out his head and glared at his brother. "But I'm almost done. Just hold off whoever's coming. You are ninja, right?"

The three other turtles whipped out their weapons, staring at the door and waiting for it to be opened. Splinter87 stood beside the machine he'd been entrapped with, wondering if this was the time to use it.

Just then the door slid open in the blink of an eye, and there stood Shredder87. He looked the same as the 2009 turtles remembered him, for the most part. But something was different about him. His eyes were blank and he showed no outward emotion - sort of like a robot.

Leonardo09 turned to his brothers. "Come on, we can take this guy!" He charged Shredder87, zigging and zagging to avoid his attacks, and sliced at his head. Somehow, the Shredder caught his arms as he fell towards him, and used Leonardo09's momentum to swing him away. Raphael09 attacked next, throwing one sai to distract the villain. Shredder87 deflected it easily and kicked at Raphael09, powerful enough to hit him against the wall.

"Wow, he leveled up or something?" asked Michelangelo09. "I don't remember him being this good!"

Raphael09 struggled to get back up but Shredder87 was there in an instant, hitting him back down. He continued to strike, swift and strong, and didn't stop until Michelangelo09 leapt in to fend him off. "Leave my brother alone!" With one well-placed punch, he sent the villain stumbling away. It was then that Leonardo09 stood up, glaring daggers at Shredder87 with his frightening white eyes.

"You will not defeat us." He tightened his grip on his katana and beckoned Shredder87 to come at him.

"The one known as Shredder must destroy the creatures known as the turtles, enemies of the Kraang!" shouted Shredder87. He flew at Leonardo09.

"Woah!" shouted Raphael09. "He talks like those Kraang things. You don't think...?"

Shredder87 swung downwards at Leonardo09 with his spikes, and Leonardo09 had to hold up his two swords to keep them back. But Shredder87 just kept bearing down, and Leonardo09 groaned with the effort of holding him back. "DONNIE!"

"I'm hurrying as fast as I can!" Donatello09 snapped. "Almost...there..."

Leonardo09 was pushed down to his knees, but continued to hold Shredder87's arm back. He was panting, putting all the strength he had into this.

Michelangelo09 came bouncing off the wall and got a good hit on Shredder's head with his nunchucks, and Raphael09 slid across the ground and hooked his leg's around Shredder87's and tripped him. Leonardo09 scrambled to his feet.

Shredder87 grasped Michelangelo09's arm as the turtle came flying in for another attack, and caught Raphael09's leg when he tried to kick him. Still dead-eyed and emotionless, Shredder87 smashed the two turtles together and left them groaning on the ground. "Destroy the ones known as the turtles!"

Raphael09 disentangled himself from Michelangelo09, watching Shredder87 stride towards exhausted Leonardo09. From behind, Raphael09 thought he saw something on the back of Shredder87's neck - small and metallic with a pink light. So the Kraang were controlling Shredder87!

Leonardo09 continued backing up away from intimidating Shredder87, until he found himself against the wall. Desperate, Leonardo09 struck out with his swords wildly.

Shredder87 reeled back, screaming. Leonardo09 had hit his mark. April87 - who everyone had forgotten was still hanging from the ceiling - shrieked in horror at the violence. Raphael09 came rushing out and pulled the Kraang device out of Shredder87's neck.

-Turtle Prime-

While fighting the 2013, 1997, and 2012 turtles, Shredder12 suddenly got a horrible stab of pain. He shouted out in agony. It didn't go away and so he just gritted his teeth and continued to fight. It hurt more than anything, even his badly wounded leg. Good for him, the pain fueled his rage even more and seemed to make him more powerful. He struck out at turtle after turtle.

He'd been feeling random bursts of pain since meeting Shredder87, but never anything like this. Why was it happening?

-Inside the Technodrome-

"Donnie, you done yet?" Leonardo09 shouted, eyeing Shredder87. The injured man looked furious now and hadn't yet come to his senses even though the Kraang weren't controlling him anymore.

" IT!" Donatello09 crawled out from under the control panel. "The Kraang will have a hard time with the Technodrome now! We've got to get out of here, fast!" He caught the Kraang device that Raphael09 threw to him.

The turtles started running towards the door, but Shredder87 - who was blinded with anger and pain - caught Raphael09 by the neck. Leonardo09 and Donatello09 started fighting. Michelangelo09 looked up at April87, swinging back and forth on her rope. They couldn't just leave her here.

Michelangelo09 jumped and rebounded off the wall. He grabbed her rope and held tight. He started untying her, while trying to calm her down. "It will be okay, April. I promise."

Splinter87 knew it was time to use the machine that he'd been entrapped with for so long. It could be very useful. He ran to it and turned it on and stepped in, hoping it would work fast.

"Wait, what am I doing?" asked Michelangelo09, on the verge of untying April O'Neil. They were dangling twenty feet above the ground, at least! He gasped as the knots - now really loose - came undone anyway. Michelangelo09 instantly let his training take over. He turned himself so he was diving headfirst towards the ground, making himself aerodynamic. He quickly caught up to April87 and caught her. He landed on his shell and groaned. April tried to stand but after two days dangling in the air she had no strength left in her. Michelangelo09 got to his feet again and ran with her, towards his brothers.

Donatello09 and Leonardo09 were still fighting to get Raphael09 out of Shredder87's grasp. The red-masked turtle was being held in a choke-hold, fighting for breath. Suddenly, a blur shot out - straight at Shredder87 - and sent him flying. The villain hit the wall and the turtles turned to who had attacked him. They gaped in surprise. It was Splinter87, but not a rat anymore.

Shredder87 groaned and looked up. "Splinter? Hamato Yoshi?" His head lolled to the side and he fell unconscious.

Hamato Yoshi led the turtles out of the room. They ran through the halls of the Technodrome, taking down each Kraang they saw, as they rushed towards the exit.

-Turtle Prime-

Shredder12 crumpled to the ground as a group of turtles leapt on top of him. He felt to the ground and gritted his teeth as each of them struck out at him, hard as fast. Shredder12 endeared it all, thinking of what to do. It was then that he felt his pain peak to a new height, not from the turtles' attacks but from some outside force. He shouted out - not able to bear it any more - and sent the turtles flying in all directions. Catching his breath, he looked up to see Leonardo97 above him, his one sword raised high above his head. "You killed my brother." The turtle's voice was calm but Shredder12 could see his inner turmoil.

"And now I will kill you," finished Leonardo97.

Shredder12 shoved himself to his feet as the sword came down. He stuck out and hit the weapon right out of Leonardo97's grasp. Leonardo97's eyes widened in horror as the villain pulled his arm behind his back. Leonardo97 cried out as he felt the snap. Through all the pain, he didn't even realize Shredder12 had kicked him away until he opened his eyes to find himself on the ground a good distance away, in a cloud of dust. He tried to get to his feet, but when he put his weight on his arm, he crumpled again.

"Leo, you okay?" Michelangelo97 was above his brother in an instant, holding out a hand. In his other hand was Leonardo97's sword.

Leonardo97 took his sword back in his uninjured arm. "It's just a sprain, if that. Don't worry about me." He didn't like the worried expression on Michelangelo97's face. He looked down at the floor. "Go check on Splinter. Make sure Venus is protecting him."

Michelangelo97 ran one way and Leonardo97 the other - back into the fight.

Leonardo07 ran through the crowd of Kraang. He swiftly dodged the bullets and struck down any that were in his way. But it wasn't enough. He looked to his brothers charging behind him. "Mikey, you go left. Raph, go right. Donnie, come with me. We've got to spread out to find the Turtle Primes. Just don't go too far - I still need to lead."

Michelangelo07 nodded. He turned to the left to see so many Kraang spread across the street, in between the buildings - almost all of which were destroyed or on fire now. He was only allowed a moment of hesitation before the Kraang started shooting at him. Michelangelo07 expertly dodged the bullets and ran into the new crowd, and was swallowed up almost instantly. Everywhere he looked there were more of them, blasting at him and closing in.

Through his panting breath, Michelangelo07 wondered aloud. "How many of these freaking robots are there?"

"Less than there were in the beginning." Out of the mob of robots came another turtle, knocking a few robots down like it was nothing. He was short with a grim expression, and was black-and-white to match the world around him. No doubt this was one of the Turtles Primes - Leonardo, judging by the katanas.

"Woah!" said Michelangelo07. This was the one of the oddest-looking turtles he'd seen yet - but he still felt familiar in some way. "Where have you been? My brothers and I have been looking all over for you, dude!"

Leonardo Prime held up his sword to deflect a bullet and then pointed with his right arm - Michelangelo07 couldn't help noticing a large gash - towards the Technodrome. "We've been trying to take that out, but it's no use."

Michelangelo07 looked up at the huge Technodrome, thinking."What about the portal thing? Is there a way to take that out?"

"Donatello didn't see one." Leonardo Prime frowned.


"I hear Shredder is here," said Leonardo Prime, changing the subject. "Take me to him."

Venus de Milo was crying, hunched over her unconscious master deep in a dark, depressing alleyway. All these powers, and she could do nothing for him.

Even through her sobs, she could hear the soft, plodding footsteps and looked up to see Michelagelo97 approaching. He crouched next to her. "It will be okay."

"How can you think that? Our brother has died and Splinter could join him soon!" She looked up and gasped when she saw Kraang approaching. They had realized she was in the alleyway.

Suddenly, two figures jumped in from the side, taking out the two dozen Kraang in barely a minute. They turned and smiled at Venus de Milo and she saw that they were the two other Splinters - Splinter C and Splinter12. Obviously both in pain because of Splinter97 but fighting through it.

"Go fight, Venus. We'll take care of your master."

Raphael12 came storming towards Shredder12. The villain thrashed outwards with his spikes, but Raphael12 dropped onto his shell. He propelled himself upwards and kicked Shredder12 under the chin. Shredder12 stumbled. Michelangelo13 and Raphael97 came in for another attack, but Shredder12 sent them flying fairly quickly.

Donatello13 ran in from the side. "Time's up, Shredder!" With a mechanical whir, he turned on his newly updated Gravity Gauntlet and aimed it at the villain. Shredder12 soared into the air, surrounded by a purplish light.

Donatello12 moved his arm downward and Shredder slammed to the ground. Donatello12 slammed him down a few more times, then struck him against the wall. Shredder12 was furious. Donatello13 stopped laughing when he saw the fire in the villain's eyes, but he continued with what he was doing.

"Donnie, look out!"

"Huh - ?" Donatello13 turned around, but was too late. Dozens of Kraang surrounded him, swarming all aroung him. The turtle couldn't fight them all back and during the struggle one of them pushed him to the ground. He used his arm to break the fall and grimaced when he saw the glass shatter on his new Gravity Gauntlet. Shredder12 fell back to the ground instantly. The Kraang began to drag the defeated turtle away, and the rest of the 2012, 2013, and 1997 ran after him. Shredder12 began to give chase.

On the outskirts of the fight with the Kraang, Leonardo03 saw what was going on with the Shredder12 and the other turtles. It was obvious they needed help. He nodded to his brothers close by and they broke away from the Kraang and rushed the Shredder.

Donatello03 toppled Shredder12 to the ground and pinned him there with his bo staff. The others began to attack but Shredder12 pushed them away and jumped to his feet.


Leonardo03 whirred around to see the 1990 turtles coming up to help.

Leonardo90 smiled at Leonardo03 as he ran past. "Your turn," said Leonardo03.

With that, Leonardo90 stopped and watched his three brothers run towards the villain. He shouted a command to Michelangelo90 and one to Raphael90. The two turtles ran into Shredder12 from either side, Raphael going for Shredder's wounded leg and Michelangelo03 striking at the head. Then Leonardo90 turned to the 2003 turtles on the side and gestured towards Shredder12. They all ran in to join the 1990 turtles.

"Mikey, go for the head!" Leonardo90 shouted. "Raphael, watch out!"

Leonardo90 was commanding from a distance but Leonardo03, in the heat of the battle, was commanding his brothers. But the two groups of turtles from different dimensions melded into one team perfectly, no flaws to be seen.

Leonardo03 swung out his leg and tried to trip Shredder12, but the villain dodged. "Mikey!" Michelangelo03 ran in to hit Shredder12 away from his brother. The Shredder began to fight one-on-one with him, but Michelangelo03 wasn't a match for him. With a shout from Leonardo90, Donatello90 leapt in and - with a satisfying thwack - hit Shredder12 on the shoulder with his bo staff and distracted him from Michelangelo03. The fight continued like this for a few minutes.

"Donnie, take my hand!" shouted Leonardo12. He had caught up to the Kraang who were dragging Donatello13 away.

Donatello13 reached out as far as he could and took it. Several more turtles took Leonardo12's other arm in turn, adding so much weight the Kraang were no longer able to drag Donatello13. The rest of the turtles ran in to fight them off of the purple-masked turtle.

"Booyahkasha!" shouted Michelangelo13, his nunchucks a blur of orange. He knocked down five Kraang and turned to give Michelangelo12 a high-three.

The final blow was delivered by Michelangelo97, rushing back into the fight with Venus de Milo. She turned around and electrocuted a few more Kraang that were closing in on the group.

"What now, fearless leaders?" asked Raphael13.

Leonardo12 peered into the distance to see a new group of turtles handling Shredder12. Then he looked to the Kraang army, which was thinning but still vast and powerful. "Now we attack the Kraang."

Michelangelo07 met up with his brothers, introducing them to Leonardo Prime. Then the group began to run towards Shredder12 and other Turtle Primes came out of nowhere to join them.

Just as the group broke out of the mob of Kraang, did Donatello07 screech to a halt and point to the Technodrome. "Look!"

All of them stopped and stared at the Technodrome. It sent out a huge missile, with zigged and zagged through the air before turning right around and striking the Technodrome. It blew up and did a fair amount of damage to the thick metal wall. "What the - ?" started Donatello Prime, but Leonardo07 interrupted.

"Some of the turtles must have gotten inside! I bet a Donatello hacked the controls!"

"Perfect!" The turtles began to run again, their spirits heightened by the new advantage in the fight. The neared Shredder12 quickly and found him fighting with the 2003 and 1990 turtles - with no side clearly winning.

Leonardo Prime struck Shredder12 - quick as a blur. The villain jumped in shock and dropped to the ground to avoid the wildly swinging swords. He kicked Leonardo Prime away. The turtle flew through the air and landed on his feet, skidding a meter or so before rushing back into the battle with no hesitation. Leonardo90 shouted out and sent Raphael90 in for an attack, but the turtle was knocked down fast. With that, Leonardo90 was tired of shouting from the sideline and decided to join the fight. He leapt spinning at Shredder12, slicing at Shredder12 repeatedly.

Donatello Prime hurtled a handful of shuriken at Shredder12 and rushed in. Leonardo Prime quietly commanded the rest of the turtles to sneak up behind Shredder12 while Donatello Prime distracted him.

But no one was ready for what came next.

"SHREDDER!" screamed Karai, waltzing out of the Kraang army. She held up her short sword and pointed it at him. "You're mine!"

-inside the Technodrome-

"Kraang, the controls for the Technodrome have been overriden somehow." As this was said, the floor shook as a small missile the giant vehicle had randomly sent out came back and hit them.

"That is obvious, Kraang."

"The ones known as the turtles are also defeating the army of Kraang. Reinforcements are needed."

The Kraang tried to contact their counterparts in Dimension X but were told that reinforcements could not be sent because there was currently a huge war being waged against one revenge-driven mutant - Tigerclaw.

Then no Kraang responded to the second call sent to the facility where many of the portals were and where the Kraang enemies were kept. It was like no one was there.

Little did they know, in that very same facility in Dimension X - Leatherhead and the man who had freed him were roaming free now that they'd destroyed all the Kraang. All they needed to do was find the portal room.

The ground in the Technodrome shook again. How much more could it take?

Shredder87, in the main control room, groggily opened his eyes. At first he was confused, and then the memories came rushing back to him.

The Kraang had controlled him! He'd attacked the turtles, the very creatures he'd been trying to protect from destruction.

He peered up at the monitor and the horrific battle it displayed and then saw the controls, with panels torn open all over the place and wires rearranged. It was sparking dangerously.

"I have to get out of here." He stood up and trying to balance as the ground began to shake violently.

At that very moment, the 2009 turtles, April87, and their transformed Splinter87 broke out of the Technodrome into the fight outside. The swerved between the Kraang, searching for the other turtles.

-Turtle Prime-

Karai raised her sword and ran at Shredder12, revenge in her eyes. "You lied to me for sixteen years!" She swiped at the Shredder but he quickly sent her sword flying to the side. Before Karai could even react, he pressed his two spikes on either side of her neck. She looked into what little of his face she could see - at the hideous burns he'd sustained when he'd destroyed her family. "You were no match for me, child."

"Go ahead," Karai said, calmly. "Finish me off."

Shredder12 hesitated. He couldn't force himself to do it. She was the child of Hamato Yoshi - not hers - but he still loved her deep down.

Karai saw the Shredder12 struggling. She knew he couldn't do it. "NOW!"

With that, all of the turtles nearby charged. Shredder12 shouted in surprise and Karai slid out from between his spikes just before he spun around to hit Leonardo03. The blue-masked turtle was hit so powerfully that he soared a good distance through the air and slammed into a building. He slid down to a heap in the floor and Michelangelo97 ran to help him. Leonardo87 ran into the fight with his brothers and ordered the Leonardos sharing Leonardo03's pain to back up. Venus de Milo and April O'Neil ran up and attacked Shredder12 - attacking like lightning with their tessen - but when April O'Neil was knocked down, the Donatellos, Michelangelos, and Raphaels ran in.

The 1989, 2007, comics, and Turtle Primes were still fighting the Kraang. Leonardo Prime - gritted his teeth against the pain he shared with Leonardo03 - was charging through the army towards Shredder12, after receiving directions from Michelangelo07.

Meanwhile, the 1989 turtles were struggling at the very heart of the battle field, Kraang at every turn. "There's too many!"

Leonardo89 sliced one Kraang in half and stopped to catch his breath. "You're right. We've definitely cut down their numbers, but half of the turtles are fighting Shredder now."

"Watch out, bro!" Suddenly, Michelangelo89 leapt at Leonardo89. He grabbed his brother and ran as fast as he could for a few moments before stopping. He turned around to see a missile from the Technodrome hit the area where the turtles had just been. It decimated all the Kraang within thirty feet of the blast and left a crater.

"The Technodrome is going haywire!" shouted Raphael89, running up to meet his two brothers. Despite his many injuries, he was fighting the Kraang as best as he could.

Donatello89 came running up to the group. He picked up one Kraang on his bo staff and sent it flying into another one like a catapult. "I think we've taken out half of the Kraang! And I checked out the portal and the flow of Kraang from it has definitely slowed down!"

The ground shook as another missile hit the ground in the distance. "Maybe the Kraang will defeat themselves for us!" shouted Raphael89.

-In the Technodrome-

"Kraang need what are known as reinforcements. The dimension known as Turtle Prime is proving more difficult to conquer than Kraang previously expected." The request was so important it had gone straight to Kraang Prime. Her face took up the entire monitor in the small room. All the Kraang looked to her in desperation.

Kraang Prime looked like she didn't know what to do. "Dimension X is having trouble as well, Kraang. The hideous mutant known as Tigerclaw is decimating the army of Kraang and there has been what is known as a break-out in the facility holding Kraang enemies. Many Kraang have been sent there to hold off the creature from making it to the portals."

"Kraang Prime, Turtle Prime is a dimension that needs to be destroyed in order to destroy the ones called the meddlesome turtles once and for all. Kraang needs to defeat the turtles before they halt Kraang's efforts to conquer Earth any further."

"Kraang can't afford to send reinforcements," said Kraang Prime sternly. She had made up her mind.

"Can the one known as Kraang Sub-Prime be sent to Turtle Prime?" asked one Kraang. "Kraang Sub-Prime is as powerful as a thousand average Kraang soldiers."

Kraang Prime frowned. "Kraang Sub-prime is the only advantage Kraang has over the mutant Tigerclaw in the war in Dimension X. He cannot be sent." With that, the screen went blank. The Kraang, who had all been riveted to the screen, finally noticed something was amiss.

"The ones known as the Kraang are what are known as pathetic imbuciles!"

The guttural, high voice was instantly recognizable. The Kraang turned around to see that Bebop, Rocksteady, and Krang had broken free of their chains. The two mutants charged at the droids, attacking hand-to-hand because their guns had been taken away.

Krang smiled wickedly, his mechanical hands spinning. They disappeared and were replaced with two drills. Krang charged the first of the aliens he saw, pinning it to the control panel behind it and tearing through the mechanical body.

Shredder87 tried to get to his feet, but he was instantly dizzy. The 2009 turtles had probably given him a small concussion when they hit him so forcefully against the wall, and given that he had barely recovered from being possessed by the Krang, it was no surprise he was in so much pain.

Trying to stand again, Shredder87 groaned in pain and fell again. He clutched his head, eyes shut tight. The pain in his head was horrible.

"Come on..." he groaned. "Get up. Don't be weak." He looked up to the control panel once again. It was still going insane, wires sticking out everywhere and stuck where they didn't go. The monitor screen was flickering red - an obvious sign of danger.

Krang laughed maliciously as his drills tore through the last of the Kraang, which screamed in fear. Bebop and Rocksteady ran out of the room ahead of him, while Krang switched back to his regular hands.

In the hallway, there was a flickering red light. "Gee Krang, what's goin' on?" asked Rocksteady, glancing nervously to Bebop.

"There's an emergency. Something's wrong with my Technodrome!" He shoved the two mutants forward. "Move, bungling idiots!"

"But what about Shredder?" asked Bebop.

Not a moment too soon, a deep, painful groan echoed loudly - coming from close by. It was Shredder's voice. Krang thought a moment before finally saying to the mutants,"Fine. Go save him." He sighed and followed Bebop and Rocksteady into the main control room, where he saw Shredder87 struggling on the floor and the control panel in ruins.

"My precious Technodrome!" gasped Krang. "What happened to it?" Immediately, a lot of lights on the panel lit up and the ground shook as another missile from the Technodrome turned around and struck the vehicle it had come from.

Shredder87 - being helped to his feet by his henchmen - croaked,"Some turtles came in and messed with it, but that doesn't matter now. We just have to get out! The Technodrome is going to blow!"

"WHAT?!" shouted Krang, as Bebop and Rocksteady streamed past him with Shredder87.

Leonardo12 backed out of the fight with Shredder12, trying to get a full view of the action. He shouted to his brothers, directing them with precision. "Raph, go for the head! Mikey, sneak around and come up from behind with Donatello!" The street was already so filled with the noise of the Kraang and all the other Leonardos shouting that Shredder12 would have no way of keeping track of the turtles' plans.

Leonardo13 called out to his brothers. "Help them!" The two teams merged into one so perfectly and Leonardo13 and Leonardo12 ran into join them. Michelangelo12, Donatello12, and all of the 2013 turtles snuck behind the 1997 turtles and pounced on an unsuspecting Shredder12. The villain who had been distracted by Raphael12 trying to attack him in hand-to-hand combat, forcifully swatted the red-masked turtle to the side. Leonardo12 was instantly by his brother's side, helping him to his feet. Leonardo12 looked to Leonardo03 and gave him a signal. Leonardo03 nodded, stepping forward to command his brothers.

"Raphael, Donatello! Attack him in the front. Mikey, close in on him slowly and stealthily! I'll go for his injured leg." The three turtles instantly ran off to do as they were told, and Leonardo03 charged madly into the fight.

The 2009 broke out of the Technodrome. They tumbled onto the hard ground, swerving between the Kraang. "We're going to find the Shredder!" shouted Leonardo09. "He will pay for what he did to us. And what he intends to do to all of us!"

"Evil can never win," said Splinter87. The 2009 turtles were still unnerved to see him in the form that machine in the Technodrome had given him. But he looked so happy, although he knew that it would only last an hour. So the turtles focused on finding the Shredder fast.

Despite the perfect teamwork, the 2013 and 2012 turtles together were still no match for Shredder12. He hit them away in all directions, and the 2003 turtles were instantly there to replace them. They did the best they could and Leonardo03 got a nice hit on the injured leg, before Venus de Milo shouted. The crowd broke up just in time for her to come flying through the air towards Shredder12. Glaring daggers at the man who'd killed her brother, she landed on his chest and focused all of her energy. Blue lightning seeped from her hands straight to the Shredder12 and immersed from him head-to-toe, electrocuting him. Shredder12 screamed and batted her away. He stood there a while, catching his breath, before the turtles ran at him again - an unstoppable, untiring force.

But they still weren't enough. Shredder12 hit them away still. He saw out of the corner of his eye Splinter97 lying limp in a dark alleyway, the two other Splinters surrounding him - obviously weak with the pain they all shared.

Shredder12 smiled. "Now I can finish what I started." He stomped through the battlefield towards them, walking through the chaos as easily as it belonged to someone else's nightmares. In his wake, the Turtle Primes broke out of the Kraang army and charged at him. The 2003, 1997, 1990, 2012, and 2013 turtles - all of those fighting the Shredder12 - gaped in amazement.

"Ha, look at the Technodrome!" shouted Michelangelo07. Another missile had come out of it, turned right around, and hit the giant vehicle. "Doesn't it ever run out of missiles?" He turned back around and dented the head of one of the Kraang droids before Leonardo07 ran in to slice it in half down the middle. The blue-masked turtle straightened up, panting for breath.

"Forget the Technodrome!" bellowed Donatello07. "We've got other problems." He knocked one Kraang to the side - his bo staff a whirring brown blur - but they were closing in on him.

Leonardo07 and Michelangelo07 ran over to help their brother out. They did it, but they were exhausted afterwards. "We could really use Raph here!" said Michelangelo07.

Leonardo07's breath caught. He remembered his poor brother at home - in so much pain from his wounded leg (and probably so much more from the pain he shared with all the other Raphaels here). For a split-second, the deep hatred Leonardo07 had felt towards the other turtles before he had known the true story behind what had happened to Raphael07 came back to him, overpowering all other emotions.

"Mikey, don't mention Raph again," cautioned Donatello07. "It stresses Leo out."

Leonardo07 shook his head. "No, I'm glad Mikey did. It reminded me what I'm fighting for." He was fighting so that no one had to suffer as much as Raphael07 did. Donatello97 was enough. Shredder12 could no longer run from the consequences of his actions.

Leonardo07 began to run again - he felt suddenly reenergized, ready to fight again. "I only hope I can strike Shredder once more before we kill him. I'll make sure he knows it's for Raph."

Shredder12 strode into the alleyway and plucked Splinter C up easily. He punched the struggling rat in the stomache and tossed him against the wall. He turned to see Splinter12 - the one he hated most out of everyone here - glaring at him. He was fighting pain to even be standing up.

Shredder12 glanced down at Splinter97 - weak and bleeding on the cold ground. He smiled and stomped down.

"NO!" Splinter12 leapt forward and pinned Shredder12 against the wall before his foot even touched Splinter97. "Your quarrel is with me! Leave the others out of this!"

"Killing you is not enough anymore." Shredder12 punched Splinter12 in the face and sent him skidding backwards. Splinter C had gingerly crawled back to Splinter97's side and was caring for him yet again - assuring the half-conscious rat he would soon be fine.

"You - Oroku Saki - do you grasp what you are doing? Are you going to destroy the world over our rivalry?" Splinter12 went in for an uppercut but Shredder12 dodged to the side and kicked him back.

"I don't care what happens to the world! I can't live with the dishonor you brought on me anymore! The woman I loved is dead because of you!"

Shredder12 - angrier than he had been in hours - punched Splinter12 hard in the stomache and sent the rat skidding down the alleyway into the wall. The rat didn't get up, groaning in pain. Shredder12 turned and walked towards Splinter97, letting his spikes reach their full length. Splinter C stood up - grimacing in pain - ready to fight to protect Splinter97. But just before Shredder12 reached the two rats, a blur of black and white jumped out of nowhere and slammed a wooden bo staff against his face.

Shredder12 shouted. When he looked to see what had attacked him, nothing was there, but suddenly he felt something leap on his back, punching and kicking. Shredder12 pulled the creature off of himself and was amazed to see that it was a short black-and-white ninja turtle. He'd never seen one like it.

"The Turtle Primes..." Shredder12 felt happiness swelling inside him. He'd finally found them!

He turned to see Raphael Prime running at him. The turtles leapt into the air to kick him, but Shredder12 stepped forward a punched the turtle three times - his fist a blur - before sending him sliding with the third punch. Leonardo Prime ran up to attack next, but Shredder12 knocked him down. The Shredder12 then looked at the turtle struggling in his grasp - able to tell it was Michelangelo Prime from the nunchaku - then to the end of the alleyway. A large amount of other turtles were watching the fight but weren't joining in because the alleyway was so cramped. The Turtle Primes must have run in to lure Shredder12 out of the alleyway.

Shredder12's theory was confirmed when Raphael Prime pushed himself to his feet and shouted,"Come and get me, Shredder!" before running towards the street. Donatello Prime leapt down from the fire escape to join him.

Well, if you say so...

Shredder12 slung Michelangelo Prime over his shoulder and - without another option - left injured Leonardo Prime in the alleyway. As Shredder12 ran towards the other turtles, Donatello13 and Michelangelo87 stepped to the front of the crowd. Donatello13 turned on his nearly-broken Gravity Gauntlet - which sputtered and sparked to life - and pointed it at Michelangelo87. The orange-masked turtle rose into air and Donatello13 sent him flying at Shredder12. The turtle tried to attack but Shredder12 knocked him out of the air and continued to run - slamming straight into Donatello13 and knocking him to the ground. Whatever had been left of the Gravity Gauntlet fell apart as the turtle broke his fall. "Dude!" Donatello13 shouted angrily.

Shredder12 was pelted with shuriken next, but his armor blocked most of them. Venus de Milo ran in, but this time Shredder12 was prepared for her and knocked her to the side.

"This is hopeless!" shouted Mikey C, fighting Kraang after Kraang with his one good arm. "We may be winning her, but the Kraang can just send more in through that stupid portal!"

Donnie C halted in his tracks, staring wide-eyed down the street, past the expansive battlefield and the Technodrome. "Not anymore, Mikey."

Donnie C was so entranced that Raph C had to leap in to take care of the Kraang surrounding the distracted turtle. After the immediate danger was gone, all the turtles followed Donnie's gaze.

Their jaws dropped in awe.

The portal was closing, it's pink surface gradually shrinking in on itself.

Shredder12 jabbed at Raphael Prime, but the turtle caught his fist and held it back, his arms shaking with the effort. Michelangelo Prime broke free of Shredder12's grasp and leapt, whipping the Shredder with his nunchucks as he made for an escape. Michelangelo Prime was punched in the face and as he stumbled away, Raphael03 ran in to relieve Raphael Prime. Leonardo12 commanded his brothers and the other groups of turtles to swarm the Shredder12 like a tsunami, and then each individual Leonardo took command of their own brothers, coordinating their attacks as a bunch of separate teams merged into one. It flowed near perfectly, and the Turtle Primes fit right into it, but it still wasn't enough to beat Shredder12, seeing as almost half the turtles were sent off to fight the horde of Kraang.

Michelangelo87 - hurting all over, more from his counterparts' pain than his own - put up a good fight while Donatello87 and Raphael87 snuck up behind Shredder12. But they weren't stealthy enough and the villain heard them coming, flipping around to kick them. Donatello87 rolled from the impact and Raphael87 barely dodged it, and at that moment the Turtle Primes sprang in to take control of the fight again. They held Shredder12 back, grimacing with the effort. Leonardo03 - still hurting from hitting the wall - ran over.

"Let us do all the fighting! You Turtle Primes shouldn't be risking your lives like this. If you die, we all die no matter what!" Leonardo03 grabbed Leonardo Prime's arm and tried to pull him away from Shredder12, but the turtle angrily swatted Leonardo03 away.

Michelangelo Prime groaned with the effort of holding Shredder12 back. "You wannabes need help! Without us, you're as good as dead! We are ninja masters - trust us, we'll be fine, dude."

"Yeah, you're not keeping us on the sidelines!" shouted Raphael Prime.

-1996 anime dimension-

The anime turtles were rushing to get what they had come to their dimension for - the muyataishi, or mutastones. They knew Shredder12 had gotten one from this very dimension - and unless there was a power to match him - there would be no stopping him.

But getting the mutastones was taking longer than the 1996 turtles expected. The turtles had been feeling undescribable pain for over two hours now, meaning the final battle in Turtle Prime had begun without them. But they knew Shredder12 had not yet used his mutastone, because that would mean immediate death for a large amount of turtles - likely even the Turtle Primes.

So there was still hope.

There's always hope, even when you've lost everything else.

-Turtle Prime-

Shredder12 was getting angrier and angrier, his blood boiling under his skin. "You turtles will PAY!" With one wild burst of power, he broke free of the Turtles Primes' grasps, scattering them a good distance.

More turtles ran up to help. Leonardo87 - the main leader at the moment - organized all the Michelangelos into a group and sent them running towards Shredder12 - shouting "Cowabunga!" and "Booyahkasha!", giving a good amount of exhausted, injured turtles time to catch their breath.

Bebop and Rocksteady were practically dragging Shredder87 - still disoriented from being knocked out - as they ran through the expanive tunnels of the Technodrome. Krang ran ahead of them, his clunky robot body going as fast as it could.

The Technodrome itself felt like a gigantic ticking time-bomb. Krang was infuriated that someone - likely a Donatello who had snuck into the main control room - had rigged the entire thing to blow, but since he didn't know exactly when it would happen, it was too risky to stay back and try to reverse the damage.

"There's the exit!" shouted Krang. He veered to the right towards an open door - someone had already left the Technodrome through it, but who?

Bebop and Rocksteady bounded out of the exit, dropping to the ground as the ramp wasn't slid out. They ran through the chaotic mess of Kraang with Shredder87, and as Krang tentavily tried to climb out of the exit the Technodrome shook from another blast. It seemed as it the Technodrome was against itself, sending the missiles swerving right back to it.

"Gee, boss," snorted Bebop. "Dis is a lot worse than that Utrom Shredder last month!"

Had it really only been a month ago? wondered Krang. This battle put that last one to shame, and Krang didn't think the turtles would come out on top this time.

Meaning that no one would.

Krang had to do something. He looked around at the Kraang spanning the entire street, shooting at him, and felt something inside him snap. These were the creatures that had banished him all those years ago! Destroying them - even to save the turtles - would be his pleasure.

"Take out the Kraang!"

The 2009 turtles ran breathlessly through the crowd of Kraang - Leonardo09 and Raphael09 in front, taking the brunt of the attacks and keeping the Kraang away from everyone else. The mysterious pain everyone was feeling - even April87 being carried by Donatello09 - increased exponentially, but they continued to run. Hoping they weren't too late to help the turtles.

Finally, they broke through the last of the Kraang and reached a part of the street behind the Technodrome - covered in bricks from destroyed buildings, more buildings on fire framing the chaotic, colorful battle between Shredder12 and over half of the turtle team. Even from a distance, it was hard not to notice that nearly every turtle was injured to some extent.

The 2009 turtles reached the fight. By the time they got there, most of the turtles who had been fighting were catching their breath and tending to their wounds as Venus de Milo and April12 held Shredder12 down for the moment.

The 2009 turtles pounced right on Shredder12. The other turtles didn't even need an introduction - the new help was enough to motivate a good few of them to stand up again and rejoin the battle.

The 2009 turtles had set April87 down before reaching the Shredder, but the brave reporter was so shocked and her body was still so numb that she crumpled to the ground next to Splinter87 - who was human for a short time, thanks to the machine he'd used in the Techondrome.

When Shredder12 looked up and saw Splinter87, his mouth dropped open behind his metal mask. Splinter87 in human form looked enough like human Splinter12 did to cause something inside Shredder12 to snap - send the deepest anger he had been holding back for years to come rushing to the surface. He was looking into the eyes of the man who had destroyed his life for the first time in fifteen years.

Shredder12 roared with unbelievable intensity and threw off all the turtles attacking him. He charged at Splinter87. "I will rip you limb from limb, Hamato! For Tang Shen!"

Splinter87 stood stiff as a statue, watching Shredder12 - beaten and gritty from battle - running at him, and a satisfied smile crossed his face. Turning himself human had definitely been a great surprise tactic. Shredder12 was distracted, and all sense destroyed. With one quick glance to the 2009 turtles, they knew what to do. Leonardo09 heroically thrust his sword out towards Shredder12 and his brothers rushed around him to get to their foe.

That was the one drop that began a rainstorm. From all directions, turtles and their allies rushed into the fight. Turtles filtered out of the vast Kraang army, hoping to get their piece in against Shredder12, for they all had a personal reason to hate him.

Shredder12 was overwhelmed. Everywhere he turned, there were turtles. One command from Leonardo12 and the entirety of the group wound together in fluid, distracting movements. Then a shout from another Leonardo would separate his respective brothers out of the group and together they'd attack Shredder12 - quick as lightning - and then let themselves be swallowed up by the big group again for another team to attack. Shredder12 couldn't run away - could barely even fend them all off.

Leonardo Prime shouted,"Shredder, prepare to be shredded!"

Rocksteady grabbed one Kraang and rammed its robot head into the head of another one. He let them slump to the ground and then ran off. Nearby, Bebop violently pulled a Kraang out of its body and drop-kicked it across the battlefield.

Rocksteady saw a missile flying through the sky out of the malfunctioning Technodrome and shouted to Bebop. The warthog ran as it landed behind him - shaking the ground and destroying a good amount of Kraang when it hit. It left a large crater and a smoldering pile of metal robot bodies.

Krang was fighting as well - letting all the anger he'd pented up against his species over so many years finally flow out. He knew there was no way to save the Technodrome - no telling when it would blow - but better to have it in no one's hands than the hands of the ignorant species of Kraang, who were bringing about their own extinction and everyone else's.

But one thing Krang did know he could do was fight. If the Kraang succeeded, it wasn't only the turtles that would disappear: the world would, all dimensions of it.

Krang only wondered why the turtles were tied to everything like that. What made the Turtle Primes so special they were the center of the universe?

Karai jumped up and swung her short sword at Shredder12. She was deeply satisfied that she sliced his arm. Once she landed, she spat,"That's for sixteen years of lies, father!" and disappeared back into the vast crowd of turtles.

Shredder12 heard a familar buzzing in his ear - the earpiece he'd used to communicate with the Kraang across dimensions. He'd forgotten it was there. "The one known as Shredder should prepare to be terminated by Kraang." Shredder12 turned to see a line of Kraang all aiming at him. Apparently, he'd been a nuisance in their plans far too long. To escape, Shredder12 trudged through the group of turtles, letting them immerse him even more. The turtles easily dodged the Kraang's bullets and dispatched them quickly, and then refocused on attacking Shredder12.

Leonardo97 was approaching Shredder12 from behind, slowly and deliberately. He barely noticed the blood running down from his shoulder from a gash. Thinking of what this monster had done to his family made him breath harder and sharper than the pain and exhaustion of battle. He shifted his hand on his sword, smiling sadly at Donatello97's purple mask he'd tied around the hilt.

Shredder12 didn't even see Leonardo97 was directly behind him. He raised his sword but as he swung, Shredder12 suddenly lurched forward. He knocked Raphael97 and Michelangelo90 to the side and then kicked Leonardo12 hard in the plastron, which caused Leoanrdo97 to drop his sword and stumble with the unexpected pain.

Shredder12 knew his time was up. Having cleared away the closest turtles, he took the time to pull out something he'd kept hidden beneath his chest plate. The turtles all stared at their reflections on the shiny surface. On the other side, there were four teardrop shaped stones but when Shredder12 looked at them, they formed into a watery, rainbow surface. Words appeared on the surface and Shredder12 chanted them in Japanese.

"Holy Guardians of Muta, please show yourselves right here, right now!"

Shredder12 began to glow purple. He rose slowly into the sky, the purple light pulsating so brightly the turtles couldn't look straight at it.

"What the shell?" shouted Michelangelo03.

The purple light began to fade away, and when the turtles got a full look at what the strang, magical disk had done to Shredder12, they felt their last shred of hope shatter.

Raphael87 backed up nervously. "Well, we're dead."

Shredder12 was now twenty feet tall, entirely covered in armor. Leonardo90 remembred something similar happening with Shredder90, when he mutated into Super Shredder, but this seemed twenty times more serious of a situation.

Shredder12 looked at his arm, his eyes gliding over the thick, shiny metal, and then peered down at the long sword he'd been equipped with. "So my trip to retrieve those 'muta-stones' was not a waste of my time, after all!" He took one thundering step forward, and all the turtles scattered, regrouping behind him.

"Thank you, Kraang!" shouted Shredder12. "Without you, I would not have the muta-stones!" He had a feeling inside him, instantly knowing what to do with his new power. He swiped the air with his sword and a zooming comet of fire lunged at a huge amount of Kraang, burning them. Some of the Kraang hopped out of their bodies before it was too late, scurrying past Bebop, Rocksteady, and Krang, who were all staring dumb-founded at the huge Shredder.

Shredder87 stomped forward, shouting at the turtles behind Shredder12 - who were trying to figure out what to do. "What are you doing, turtles? Just fight him!" With that, Shredder87 ran up and began punching Shredder12 as far up as he could reach - his armored shin. Laughing, Shredder12 kicked him away. Shredder87 hit the wall of a building and didn't move.

Shredder12 flipped around, surprisingly agile for his massive size. "You heard that pathetic excuse of a Shredder, turtles! Fight me! Die on your feet!"

Leonardo12 felt indignation rising inside him. He glared at Shredder12, his worst enemy and then turned to his brothers - all ten or so dimensions of them. "Don't fight the armor! Fight the man inside it!"

The 2012 turtles instantly lead the charge, and then the 1990 turtles joined in, and then the 2007 ones, and slowly everyone was running at the Shredder. Shredder12 swiped the air and the comet of fire appeared again, knocking down five turtles before they even reached him.

Leonardo03 leapt and grabbed hold of Shredder12's knee, and pulled up Leonardo07 with him. They began to climb, staggering every time Shredder12 moved. More turtles leapt on, stumbling up Shredder12, finding handholds and footholds.

Splinter87 - in his human form - stepped calmly in front of the huge Shredder12. Shredder12 meant to stomp on him, but the rat nimbly dodged. When Shredder12 tried again, Splinter87 escaped once more. Shredder12 was so distracted that he didn't notice Splinter12 run out of the alleyway and join the fight. Splinter C was left to take care of Splinter97.

"Father!" called Karai, not to Shredder, but to Splinter12. He halted in his climb and looked down at her, so very happy, and waited for her to catch up to him. Working together, they ascended. Despite all the danger, Splinter12 was happier than he'd been in a long time, now that his daughter had come back to him.

Leonardo03 had reached Shredder12's helmet. He swiftly pulled out his katana and slinked around to face the Shredder. Half of the villain's face was all that was not covered in armor. Shredder12 was shocked to see the turtle right in front of him but Leonardo03 swung his sword too quickly. Shredder12 shouted in pain and stumbled backwards as the sword grazed his forehead, and the sudden movement caused Leonardo07 nearby to slip. Leonardo03 dove forward and tried to catch him, but it was too late and they both fell off.

Before they landed, Leonardo03 grabbed Leonardo07 and hit the ground on his shell, softening the impact for Leonardo07. The lithe, tall turtle rolled to the side after he landed, while Leonardo03 remained still, grimacing in pain. Very quickly, Leonardo07 felt the pain spread to himself and his hands clenched with the shock of it. "You...saved me. You could have died."

Leonardo03 sighed painfully. "That's what brothers are for."

Some other Leonardos who had noticed the sudden burst of pain and had seen injured Leonardo03 quickly ran to him, dragging him far enough away that Shredder12 couldn't stomp on him.


April12, standing on Shredder12's huge shoulder, had stumbled, sliding down his arm. Her arm caught on his spikes and she groaned, but Donatello12 hurried to help her.

Next, Shredder12 grabbed at Michelangelo Prime, who desperately tried to limp away on an injured leg. Shredder12 and Karai, finally having made it onto Shredder12's shoulders, both tried to attack from each side of his face, but Shredder12 grabbed Splinter12 with his right hand. Karai stumbled and fell - screaming - but Donatello09 caught her before she hit the ground.

Shredder12 seemed to have had enough of this. He stomped powerfully, knocking down everyone on the ground and sending those on him stumbling. He scorched Michelangelo12 with another fire attack, and Leonardo89 ran in to put out the flames before they burned more than just the orange-masked turtle's leg.

Shredder12 kicked outward and caught Raphael90. The turtle went flying and crashed into a pile of bricks of a destroyed building.

Michelangelo90 saw the whole thing happen. His breath caught when his brother hit the bricks and sent up a cloud of dust. All around him, Raphaels winced at the new pain.

Something Michelangelo90 rarely experienced spread through him like wildfire - pure anger. He ran at Shredder12, dodging his stomping feet.

"LOOK!" shouted one turtle. Those who did turned to see a small pinkish portal opening near the stalled wheels of the Technodrome. No one expected what had stepped out of it - Kinzo and Leatherhead.

Kinzo looked around and his eyes widened at the horribleness that surrounded him. He turned to Leatherhead and nodded. "We came just at the right time."

Kinzo dashed forward and streamed towards Shredder12, climbing up his leg. He chucked shuriken wildly at the villain's exposed face. Leatherhead shouted to the 2012 turtles,"I am hear to help my friends!" He grabbed Michelangelo12 and chucked him all the way up on Shredder12 to join Michelangelo90 and Kinzo. Then the gator turned and charged into the remnants of the Kraang army, smashing one after the other. Bebop, Rocksteady, and Krang got over their shock at Shredder12 and followed Leatherhead to fight the army.

Even the Turtle Primes were no match for Shredder12 as he plucked them up one by one, squeezing them in his left palm. He looked deep into their cold, white eyes. "You have lost. You were a fool for believing any otherwise could happen."

With that, Shredder12 began to squeeze both his right and left fists - the Turtle Primes in the left and his most hated enemy Splinter12 in the right. The captives struggled but it was no use. Leonardo Prime felt like he was about to faint from the pressure. Raphael Prime's world became dizzying and blurry. Michelangelo Prime hoped he had imagined the snap in his already injured leg, and Donatello was still hopelessly trying to fight free.

Then the palid, drab grays and blacks of the Prime dimension began to lose what little color they had. White spread out from the Turtle Primes and spread like water on a canvas over everything. The world gradually turned into a expanse of stark black and white, starting with the Turtle Primes.

Michelangelo03 directly under Shredder12 screamed as the green began to drain out of his legs. His feet felt like they were asleep, and then as they disappeared he lost all feeling left in them. Leonardo03 and Raphael13 ran up to pull him back, but the black-and-white began to absorb them too. Unless the Turtle Primes were freed, it would just be a fight against time, against the inevitable.

The turtles fell into chaos. Their perfectly structured plain was shattering in their panic. One Leonardo would shout for a mass retreat, while another called for immediate action to free the Turtle Primes. Unorganized groups of turtles ran up to fight Shredder12, but ran back as the whiteness spread to them. The area around Shredder12 was like a black hole, absorbing anything that entered it.

-Inside the Technodrome-

"Kraang are not winning the battle in the dimension known as Turtle Prime," said one of the anonymous Kraang.

"That is what is known as obvious, Kraang," replied another, intently watching the war play out on the monitor. The Kraang army had fallen apart and paled in comparison against the power of the enhanced Shredder12. The villain, with that much power, could easily destroy the Kraang along with the turtles. The Kraang regretted ever bringing him into Turtle Prime - they were foolish to believe that they could take him out during the battle with the Turtle Primes.

"And the Technodrome is nearing the event known as the explosion. Kraang have not yet found a way to reverse what the ones known as the turtles did to the Technodrome."

"There is no way," said the Kraang in certainty. The blob-like alien closed its vivid green eyes and thought. "It is time to bring out what is known as the secret weapon. Once Kraang uses it, the ones called the turtles will succumb to the great earthly weakness of emotions."

-Turtle Prime-

Shredder12 grinned like a maniac behind his metal mask - entranced with watching the suffering and pain of the Turtle Primes and subsequently all of his other enemies. He didn't even notice as the color began to drain out of his arm, the black-and-white spreading like a pathogen in all directions from the Turtle Primes.

In his other hand was Splinter12, grimacing and struggling with torment. Shredder12 knew if the Turtle Primes died, so would Splinter12 and all the turtles as a result, but he wanted to see his worst enemy in the world - the destroyer of everything he'd cherished - suffer firsthand.

The turtles below Shredder12 had succumbed to pain. This new agony - its source being the dying Turtle Primes - was like no pain they'd experienced so far. Their nerves were on fire, the pain consumed all they were. They could hardly move to avoid the spreading black-and-white. The Turtle Primes were already vacant of the grays and blacks they'd once been, now entirely white and outlined in thin black lines. Soon enough they would be erased from existence.

Kinzo and Leatherhead - the new arrivals from Dimension X - were the last ones still fighting. But it was no use. One fiery attack from Shredder12 and Kinzo was out, and Leatherhead finally succumbed to the pain like everyone else, fainting and sliding off of Shredder12, thudding on the ground.

It was hard to believe Shredder12 had only used his mutastone three minutes ago. So much had happened in those few minutes - possibly the last three minutes of the world. If only Shredder12 had known he would be killing himself along with the Primes, this situation could have been avoided.

Just when everything felt hopeless - the end of the world so black-and-white and obvious as the blankness absorbing the Prime dimension - hope came in a new form.

A portal.

Michelangelo12, watching the stars emerge in the night sky as he gritted his teeth against the dehibilitating pain, was the first to see the portal open on the rooftop. It flickered weakly at first, and instead of being pink and watery like the Kraang portals it was a swirling vortex of purple and black - like the portals that the Trans-dimensional Portal Stick used to conjure.

Michelangelo12 sat bolt upright. Others noticed and looked in the direction he was staring at.

Four turtles stepped out of the portal. They were short and looked a lot like the 1987 turtles, but with pants and metal plates across their chest displaying their initials. So much had happened in the last two hours that it took the big group of turtles a few seconds to register that these were the 1996 anime turtles!

"Where were you?" Leonardo89 jumped to his feet. The whiteness was creeping up his legs.

The 1996 turtles shared knowing glanced between themselves. "We decided to get some new help."

They each pulled out a stone, pink and refractive, and Leonardo96 shouted,"This is a job for the Turtles of Justice!" They began to change.

"Why can't I say stuff like that?" complained Leonardo12. "You guys make fun of me when I say stuff like that! It's cool!"

Raphael12 smiled to his brother, lit up with new hope with the appearance of the 1996 turtles. "Know what, Leo? I'll let you talk like a dork just this one time, without making fun of you."

Quickly the stones transformed the 1996 turtles, making them taller and stronger in everyone's eyes. Shredder12 froze in shock when he saw them transforming, so shocked that the Turtle Primes began to break themselves free. The whiteness began to slowly seep back towards its source. But Shredder12 closed his fist tight again - and the whiteness continued to spread once more - and the villain stomped towards the rooftops where the 1996 turtles stood.

The 1996 turtles finished transforming, and now they were almost unrecognizable. They stood around six feet tall and had the build of a human, and their masks had become spiky and metal. Engraved in all of their chests was the letter T, for turtle.

After using the mutastones the 1996 turtles admittedly looked very stupid, but everyone else didn't care, as long as they fought Shredder12 off.

Raphael96 turned to face Shredder12 stomping towards them. "News flash, Shredhead! The muta-stone modifications only last six minutes! His serious expression disappeared and he stuck his tongue out at the villain.

"And I suppose you've already used up quite a bit of yours!" said Leonardo96, cracking his knuckles as he anticipated the fight. "This battle will be over quick!"

Shredder12 slammed into the building full-on, shouting in anger. His whole world became dust and brick, collapsing in his face. He felt Splinter12 struggle out of his grasp and drop to the ground in all the chaos.

The 1996 turtles had leapt up in the air to avoid the collision. As Leonardo96 descended, he slashed outward with his sword. A wave of wind blasted outward, sending Shredder12 deeper into the destroyed building. Another attack from Michelangelo96 freed the Turtle Primes, and as soon as they touched the ground, the whiteness that had been absorbing the entire dimension seeped in on itself - the threat of world destruction was handled for the moment.

On the ground, Leonardo12 pointed forward with his sword. "All right, guys! This villian is a worthy adversary, but I am confident we can defeat him!"

"Right, fearless!" said Raphael12, holding back a smirk. He waved his hand and all the turtles - the entire mass of them - followed him. The jumped on Shredder12, attacking every part of him they could. Casey Jones C and Casey Jones12 worked together to distract Shredder12 so Leonardo87 could dive in suddenly and attack. As the battle grew, the Turtle Primes stood up, brushed themselves off, and ran far away, through the remaining throngs of Kraang. Their near-death experience that had nearly killed everyone had entirely put them off from fighting Shredder12 any more. They decided to go check on Splinter97 instead.

Leonardo96 looked up at the portal, still swirling on the small part of the rooftop still intact. "NOW!" he shouted.

No one expected more turtles to pour out of the portal, but that was exactly what happened. Fast as lightning they came through the portal and instantly landed on Shredder12, attacking without hesitation.

Raphael09 backed up from the fight, squinted through the dust to see who the new turtles. He watched Raphael96 dived in to slice at Shredder12 and get hit back. Raphael96 landed next to Raphael09 and instantly stood up, barely affected by the huge hit.

Raphael09 shouted to Raphael96 before he ran back into the fight. "Hey, wait! Who are those turtles? Where did they come from?"

Raphael96 answered very quickly, as he was eager to get back into the fight before his enhanced mutation wore out. "Well, after my brothers and I got the mutastones in our dimension, we decided to do a little extra recruiting - just in case. We went to a random dimension and found those powerhouses!"

Raphael96 dashed back into the fight. The dust was beginning to clear and Raphael09 finally got a good look at the new additions to the team.

They were huge - that was obvious at first glance. Tall and overwhelming, especially Raphael. The turtle had humongous muscles and bandages tied everywhere, and some sort of leather belt draped loosely around his waist. His intimidating physique was helped by his red mask, raggedy and covering the entire top half of his face, as well as the sunglasses set on his forehead. His brother Donatello looked weak in comparison - much smaller muscles and a gangly build. But he was covered in technology - hooked to his shell, stretching down his arms, and wore thick, taped glasses. Michelangelo was powerfully built, with all sorts of stuff on him- a jacket, sunglasses, shell necklace. Leonardo exuded confidence and power, wearing makeshift samurai armor.

They were the 2014 turtles.

"Cowabunga!" shouted Michelangelo14, diving towards Shredder12.

"Why do all the Mikeys like 'Cowabunga' more than 'Booyahkasha'?" complained Michelangelo12 offhandedly. He pointed to Michelangelo13. "It's just me and this dork!" Michelangelo13 snickered and together they ran in for a team attack.

Donatello96 - superpowered by the mutastone - attacked Shredder12, kicking him in the face. Raphael12 struck at Shredder12's face, but the villain turned his head, letting Raphael12's fist dent his metal mask.

The 2014 turtles, being as huge and square as they were, fought more with pure strength than stealthy and agility. It was coming in useful with the battle, as they certainly were the strongest turtles here besides the 1996 turtles.

Suddenly, Donatello96 stopped fighting. He gaped towards the shuddering, malfunctioning Technodrome. "NO!"

"What, Donnie-san?" said Leonardo96. He turned and saw a large amount of Kraang leading Splinter96 - who Kinzo had lost quite a while ago in the Dimension Gateway - out. They pushed him to his feet on the street and put a gun to his head. "The ones known as the turtles will lose their master," spoke the Kraang stiffly. "The Kraang will destroy the turtles from the inside."

Kinzo turned to the others, determination in his eyes. He saw that all of the turtles were in shock - especially the 1996 turtles. "I've lost my master Splinter twice already!" said Kinzo, "And I won't be letting that happen again!" With that, he turned around and ran at the Kraang so fast it was like he was teleporting.

He put a shuriken in the head of the Kraang with a gun to Splinter96's head and knocked it the ground. The bullet that was shot just milliseconds before flew into the sky, grazing Splinter96.

Kinzo grabbed weak Splinter96 and began to run at full sprint. The Technodrome behind him began to shudder violently. Donatello09 winced and shouted,"Hurry, Kinzo! The Technodrome is gonna blow any second now!"

Donatello09 was right. That very second the Technodrome blew up, in a humongous show of smoke and fire. It instantly took out all the remaining Kraang. Shards of metal flew everywhere and the turtles ducked behind the building to avoid them.

"MY BABY!" shouted Krang, the fire reflecting in his eyes. Shredder87 finally woke up and went to comfort Krang ("Don't worry, Krang. That baby was so old.")

Kinzo tossed Splinter96 forward before the fire reached him. Splinter96 was save but Kinzo was badly burned in a horrific event. He fell to the ground. A few words escaped his mouth before he died.

"I learned from my new friend that it is better to die on my feet than live on my knees." He looked admiringly up to Leatherhead, who at that moment was standing on the roof of the building as he had been planning to land on Shredder12 and pummel him.

"Kinzo!" shouted Leonardo96. He tried to run to the ninja's fallen body, but Donatello96 and Donatello14 pulled him back. The fire was spreading, rolling over Kinzo.

Such an infinitesimal person in the multi-verse, did so much to save it.

"We can't do anything to save him, Leo. He's gone. Right now, we've just got to escape this dimension." Donatello14 looked nervously around at the fire surrounding them.

As if on cue, Shredder12 finally shoved himself to his feet. "Not on my watch, turtles! I will not leave here without destroying the Turtle Primes!"

"You can't win this, Saki!" Karai pleaded. "Please give up on this madness!"

In anger, Shredder12 grabbed Donatello14 and slammed him against the brick. The turtle's glasses instantly shattered and he dropped to the ground, his world a blur of the green of his brothers and the stark red of the fire.

Michelangelo96 turned to see the Turtle Primes running around the fire towards them, carrying Splinter97 on their back, with Splinter C following close behind. The turtle pulled out the Portal Stick he'd used to get to the 1996 dimension and opened a portal.

Out of nowhere, Krang, Bebop, Rocksteady, and Shredder87 ran screaming into the new portal - Shredder87's cape on fire. "We're still alive!"

"I don't know where this portal leads," cautioned Michelangelo96 to his brothers. "And the Portal Stick is really weak - we could end up anywhere."

"Just do it, dude!" Michelangelo87 ran up and pushed him through. "I want to live through this so I can see pizza again!"

"Don't you mean Kala?" snickered Raphael87 as he jumped through the portal with his orange-masked brother.

"Oh yeah, what about you and Mona Lisa?" Michelangelo87 snapped back. That shut his brother up.

Splinter87 - still cherishing his human form the machine had temporarily given him - followed them, rolling his eyes at how Raphael87 could crack jokes in even the most serious situation.

Leatherhead jumped off the building, snapping angrily at Shredder12. He would have continued fighting but Michelangelo12 shouted,"Come on, buddy!" and Leatherhead heeded to his friend's wish and went through the portal with him.

Venus de Milo was one of the last to enter the portal. She waited for the Turtle Primes to get closer, shouting at them to hurry. Shredder12's mutastone had worn off but he didn't seem to care. He made to jump at the Primes but she held him back with all her strength. After they'd gone through with her master she broke away from Shredder12 and leapt through the shrinking portal. Unfortunately, Shredder12 went through it too before it disappeared.


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In case you forgot or were confused, Kinzo lost Splinter96 to the Kraang several chapters ago in the Dimensional Gateway and then was injured in a fight with Shredder12. But he didn't go back to the 1996 dimension to heal safely like the turtles wanted him to. Instead he continued exploring the multi-verse, looking for someone to help the turtles. That eventually led him to Dimension X, where he found and freed Leatherhead.

Shredder12 used the type of mutastone introduced in the second (and last) episode of the TMNT 1996 anime, while the 1996 turtles used the type shown in the first episode. Both are acquired by different means and give the users different powers and modify them differently.