Hey guys!

So, last chapter was pretty depressing, but I'm going along with the majority in this decision:

A Demon's Wrath is going under a serious re-write. SO, a lot more detail, and a (somewhat) slower story progression. There will be many changes, such as Percy's backstory and Hell itself due to the many plot holes.

One thing I can guarantee to you guys is this: Pertemis will still be in it, and the story title will definitely change. And I feel that this title is appropriate.

Percy Jackson: The Demon Rites.

Hell will possibly have more screen time, and there will be no more "Gary-stu" Percy (or whatever you guys call it).

I look forward to this story, so look out for it, since it will be published in around half-an-hour.

Oh, but I can guarantee this one thing however: You like this story, you will love The Demon Rites.

So, I'm going to go and continue my endless sea of revision of homework.

And lastly, if you guys want me to continue this story ad finish its path, I may - but I cannot guarantee anything guys.

SO, I'll see you guys in a bit, since the first chapter's already completed. (Yeah, I know)

~The Prince of Souls, signing off.