Hey guys! Sorry this has taken so long to go out, but I've been very busy with exams and stuff. Thank you for all being very supportive and I hope the wait hasn't been too agonizing! I also couldn't just leave it on 29 chapters. 30 is MUCH better!

This is the last chapter, I'm hoping that there will also be a sequel called We Have Each Other that I will write, depending on how much time I get.

"Merry Christmas!" Isaac exclaims as I open the door for him.

"Come in, come in," I smile, letting him into the Lightwoods' house. I lead him into the living room where everyone is gathered. Jace smiles brightly at me. He comes over and swings an arm around me.

"Hey man," Isaac greets him with a fist bump, using his bionic arm.

"Look, we match!" Jace exclaims, lifting up his own bionic leg. "It's like we're twins!"

"Totally, dude!"

"And the bromance is born," I laugh, rolling my eyes. The doorbell rings.

"I'll get it," Jace volunteers, pulling me along with him.

"Grandma!" Jace grins as he opens the door to reveal Imogen. She smiles widely as Jace gives her a hug.

"Merry Christmas, Clary," she greets me, giving me a hug too. "Let's see this ring!" she adds, making me put my hand out to her so she can examine it.

"Ah, the Herondale ring, my old man proposed to me with this! It runs in the family,"

"It's an honour to be given it," I reply honestly.

"You are most welcome," she assures me, and then smiles, stepping past us to greet the others.

Later on that night, Imogen produce two homemade woollen Christmas jumpers, making both Jace and I turn a deep shade of red. She eventually manages to force Jace into one. He looks adorable, especially in the red and with the reindeer and everything. I used the bathroom as an excuse to prolong my dignity. I'm happily chilling in the kitchen with Alec, when Jace comes thundering up to me, a determined smile on his face, holding the dreaded Christmas jumper.

"I'm not letting you get away that easily!"

I shriek and make a run for it, not entirely sure where I'm headed. I find myself in an empty hallway, the lights dimmed so low that I can barely see. Jace appears to have disappeared.

"Jace?" I call, worried.

Suddenly he jumps out of nowhere, tackling me to the ground.

"Gotcha," he laughs triumphantly, forcing my arms through sweater.

"Nooooo! My dignity!" I try to pry him off me, but he doesn't let me go, instead admiring his handiwork.

"Aww, you look cute! See, now we have matching sweaters."

"Get off me!"

"Nope," he says, leaning in. Someone clears their throat.

"Fianc├ęs or not, I think most of us would rather you two didn't make out in the hallway," Alec grumbles, although he's smiling, "We were just about to start a game of cards. You guys wanna play?"

Jace gives me a peck and then detaches himself, offering his hand to help me up.

The house is buzzing with festivity as we all sit down for Christmas dinner, bonding over the turkey and sprouts, which Phin made a point to avoid, Max following her rebellious lead in the 'save the sprouts' protests.

"Presents time!" Maryse announces, moving everyone into the living room. Phin and Max immediately scrabble around to find the presents with their own labels on them.

"Here's one for you," Jace says, handing me a very neatly wrapped one, in the shape of an A4 piece of paper. I carefully take the paper off to reveal a painting that I recognised very well. I glance around the room, wondering who got their hands on this.

"What is it?" Jace asks, wrapping a new scarf someone got him around his neck.

"A painting,"

"Oh, who by?" he says, coming to examine the piece of art over my shoulder.

"My mum," I answer. It was a painting she made a few months before the accident of the sunset on a lake at Luke's farmhouse.

"I found it in the attic. I thought it should be returned to you," Maryse says, coming up behind me.

"Thank you!" I exclaim, giving her a hug and trying not to cry.

"Anything for me?" Jace asks, kissing me on the forehead.
"No, I thought I was the only thing you wanted," I joke. He laughs.

"You are."

"But I did paint you this," I say, handing him a painting replica of a picture Izzy had take of us holding hands. His eyes widen.

"It's perfect," he says.

"Clary!" Magnus calls before pushing a present into my face. I take it and unwrap it, laughing at the contents. It was album I've been working on with Magnus for ages now.

"Don't deny that you love it; Cherry Bandit will be famous! You'll be famous!"
"I thought we agreed on Cherry Bandit and the three bears?" Jace protests.

"It's only the three bears when you go on tour, darling."
"Not fair! Cute album picture though," he compliments.

"Of course it's cute! I'm in it," I laugh.

"Oh dear, he's rubbing off onto you already!" Magnus complains, before having to move over to stop Phin ruining all his glitter.

Clary and Jace are going to have children. Review any suggestions you have for baby names! (twin girls) I'm choosing my favourite two!